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Thank you for posting Andy Rooney's comments.  Since they so obviously still reflect the attitude of the  majority of Americans, why is it that there isn't more public outrage when our President seems so intent on convincing the rest of the world that America no longer considers itself a Christian nation?  If, as some say, he was given the right to speak "whatever" just by virtue of the office he holds....we need to rewrite the job description.

It's said that the Captain of the Titanic stated that "God himself couldn't sink this ship."  (From his mouth to God's "ears"..) If we remain silent while our President continues to denounce our faith in God, will He continue to bless America.

I'm one11/26/09

I would like to wish the LOUDON REDSKINS good luck Friday night November 20th  in their game against Alcoa, and encourage all Redskin fans to come out and show your support.  The games starts at 7pm at Alcoa .   GO BIG RED!!!!!!!!!!
Thank You,
Michelle F. - Redskin Fan! 11/20/09

To Heather Phillips,
    Your last comment was a slap in the face to the people of this community and especially to those people whose family and/or friends are overseas. You don't have to fly your American flag everyday to show respect or mourning to those who serve and die everyday protecting our freedom. Just in case you didn't know when to fly your flag at half-staff, here's a lesson: flying your flag half-staff is done in many countries as a symbol of respect, mourning, or distress. In the United States, the President can issue an executive order for the flag of the United States to be flown at half-staff upon the death of principal figures of the United States government, and others, as a mark of respect to their memory. When such an order is issued, all government buildings, offices, public schools and military bases are to fly their flags at half-staff. Under federal law (4 U.S.C. § 7(f)), the flags of states, cities, localities, and pennants of societies, shall never be placed above the flag of the United States; thus, all other flags also fly at half-staff when the U.S. flag has been ordered to fly at half-staff.

Governors of the several U.S. states or territories are authorized by federal law to order all U.S. and state flags in their jurisdiction flown at half-staff as a mark of respect for a state official or resident who has died. Since a governor's executive order affects only his or her state, not the entire country, these orders are distinguished from presidential proclamations.

Under 4 U.S.C. § 7(m) the flag of the United States is to be flown at half-staff in following circumstances:

  • For thirty days after the death of a current or former president, as occurred after the death of President Reagan and the death of President Ford.
  • For ten days after the death of a current vice president, chief justice, or speaker of the House of Representatives.
  • From the day of death until interment of an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, a secretary of an executive or military department, a former vice president, or the governor of a state, territory, or possession.
  • On the day of death and the following day for a Member of Congress.
  • On Memorial Day until noon.
  • Upon presidential proclamation, which has recently included: the death of Senator Ted Kennedy; the remembrance of the 9/11 attacks, the death of Pope John Paul II, the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster in 2003, the victims of Hurricane Katrina, the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, the deaths of Coretta Scott King and Rosa Parks, Virginia Tech massacre, and recently, the Fort Hood massacre.

Federal law requires the flag be flown at half-staff on Peace Officers Memorial Day (May 15), unless that day is also Armed Forces Day. Yearly presidential proclamations also mandate that the flag be flown at half-staff on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day (December 7), and September 11 (Patriot Day).

4 U.S.C. § 7(m) was modified with new legislation signed into effect on June 29, 2007, by President Bush, requiring any federal facility within a region, which proclaims half-staffing to honor a member of the U.S. Armed Forces who died on active duty, to follow the half-staffing proclamation.

Thankful for our rights and freedom and to those who protect and die for those reasons

RKI 11/17/09

"Thank you to the businesses who returned your flags to full staff last night. The people who respect our country's flag appreciate it."

Heather Phillips 11/14/09

A friend of mine pointed out that that flags are at half-mast for the Ft. Hood victims... Why not fly them half-mast everyday for the soldiers who die in Iraq and Afghanistan every day?

Heather Phillips 11/12/09

On this Veterans Day:
I would just like to thank all the veterans, past and present all over our great country for all the sacrifices and hardships they endure to make sure that America remains "The Land of the Free and the Home of the brave".   Everything you all do is very much appreciated and never forgotten.
Thank You and God Bless!
Michelle F. - Loudon, Tennessee 11/11/09

I can't believe lc gave that money to the visitors bureau!! the schools need that money.just how many people pass thru those doors? why can't this county do something for our children?
sherri 11/11/09

I wasn't being disrespectful of anybody. I don't even know Mary Bryant. I'm sure she is a great person but I still don't want to give my tax dollars to Visitors Bureau. I still say it would be better used for schools.

Just My Opinion 11/6/09

Re: "Just My Opinion"  - 10/23/09   

Thankfully we live in a country where we are free to voice our opinions, debate issues, and vote people into office who are most likely to make policy that best reflects the majority of the people.

Whatever your feelings about the services the Visitors Bureau does or does not provide to Loudon County, having worked for Mary Bryant at LCVB for more than four years, I can honestly say I have never heard her utter one word about anyone or anything that was in any way negative or unkind.  I hope she will be shown the respect and consideration she has shown in representing our County at LCVB.

Rebecca Watkins
Administrative Assistant to Mary Bryant 11/5/09

Well, to the poster who criticized sheriff aikens for using the "reading to the kids" ploy to gain political favor, I can't believe they would use such a thing for their political gain.  They must smell another felony indictment coming and are using the reading to offset the negative publicity from that.  This county's only hope is for a new administration to be elected.  As far as that goes, sheriff aikens will then be mayor aikens in LC and he'll start filtering the criminals in positions of power up there.

signed, Please come to your senses in Loudon County 11/5/09

This is for the parents of school children. I agree 100% with you about the fund raising. the schools tell the children that if you sell the most" junk" you get a prize. that puts a lot of pressure on them. I don't want to sell that stuff. it is high priced. I donate things to the school. I send the things that are on the list at the first of the school year and that's ok. I always try to send extra. But it is getting out of hand. Government pays for those "smart boards" and the computers. But still we have to pay for them too. where is all this money going?? what happened to chalk boards? Pencils and paper are out of date!! 3.00 to sign a yearbook is the craziest thing i have ever heard. why does the school care .they need to be worrying about the children. i too would like to see a detailed list of what these schools do with the money.
Sherri 11/4/09

I am a very concerned parent from Greenback.  I have heard several rumors that our building is going to be condemned.  That would mean that my kids would have to get bused to another school.  I want a new school, but I don't want to ship my kids to North or Loudon.  What is happening?  Is the fire marshal going to close us down and where will we go if he does??
Worried GBS Dad 11/4/09

I would Dearly love to see an Itemized list of All the School Expenditures! Do teachers pay $3.00 to sign their Pay  Checks? Thank GOD kids don't have to pay $3.00 to sign their names on their Homework! Bad enough to send a Child Dangerously out to Sell School Crap! They're NOT Salespeople! They're Under-Aged School Students. By Law aren't they Suppose to have a Permit to Sell door to Door same as a Solicitor? Because that is WHAT their Doing!!! No Over-Priced Junk Wanted Please!!!
 Get Real People!!! 11/3/09

To Concerned and Broke Parent at LHS:
If you think the cost of the yearbook is ridiculous, wait until you have to pay $3.00 so your kid can get it signed at school. When the yearbooks come back your child will have to pay a FEE to be able to get his/her book signed by fellow classmates at school, anyone caught doing so except in the designated time allotted will be subject to punishment.
Former LHS parent 11/2/09

to the "real " parent

after reading  your post my only response is ... how rude!!
u.t. might charge a high price for their stuff .but in case you do not know this is loudon high school being talked about. a prom  is nothing more than a waste of time and money, especially during this time. but i know  the well to do parents  insist on having it. they just wouldn't have a complete education  without one. you said that  the hard working people have to do their best  with little or no resources and van says they  just passed a 37 million  dollar budget. (hardly little or no resources ) being a person that  never went to the prom or any other function the school slapped together i know  the statement the person is making. it is a money  grabber scheme only a select few get the proceeds. and if a person did take time to volunteer to help out i would hope it would be for more than something as silly as a "dance". this isn't the 1950s where marty mcflys mom and dad  met and fell in love. yaddy yaddy yah. the  time and effort would be better spent on something useful.. like  teaching kids how to check the oil in their car

2cents 11/2/09

This is in response to the irate "parent" who got her feathers ruffled about costs at LHS.  Lady, you need to join the 20th century (the 21st would be a bit of a stretch for you).  Things cost money.  UT charges well over $100 for a commuter tag.  

And as far as prom goes, if you are so convinced it was "hideous" then you should volunteer your time to make it better instead of just complaining about it.  In case you weren't there, (obviously) there were plenty of volunteers (and teachers who don't get paid for it BTW) setting it up, helping out during and cleaning up the day after.  I WAS there helping and the kids had a grand time and the whole thing was super fab!  I wish I could have had such a cool prom back in my day.  And I don't know where you heard the dance made a 10K profit (you might want to tell your gossip-y girlfriend to get the facts).  You obviously have NO CLUE what it takes to pull off a dreamy dance like that.  Hmmmm.  It would also seem your opinion is not shared by the students because attendance was WAY UP over past years.  

Here's a hint:  If you don't like the cost, don't go.  These hard working people are doing the best they can with little or no resources.  (That means stuff).  They are the ones painting the props, nailing them together, coming up with a theme and decorating long into the evenings to make it a great time for the students.  Why don't you help out this year and see?  Or are you too "busy"?

A real parent who pitches in. 10/31/09

For the past few years I have notice a serious climb in charges for it seems like anything and everything under the sun.  I have three teenagers that attend LHS and am disgusted at the fact that every time I turn around I am giving money to LHS for things that I thought were part of a public education and school..  If this is a public school why are the students required to pay for parking?  I attend Roane State and don't even have to pay for parking....IT'S FREE AS IT SHOULD BE!  Last year the prom was hideous!!! and embarrassing! and after spending tons of money to help my kids look good for their prom I get pictures back that look worse than arts and crafts that a kindergarten class could do.  The amount charged just to go to prom was $40.00 and if you didn't get your ticket by a specific date the price increased.  Why? They weren't giving a final count to anyone since the prom was in the gym at the school. I don't object to charging for large events such as the prom, however if each student is to pay $ 40 per couple I would think a nice venue could be chosen, a decent menu provided and an event that last long enough to keep the kids entertained with a good time.  After prom, the principal and staff brag that they made  $10,000.00 profit off of prom.  Not cool at all!  All other schools go to nice venues and have something to brag about that the parents and students can be proud of.
 Annuals, a book for keepsake...last year $ 40.00 per book, this year $ 70.00 per book. WHY A $30 JUMP? 
And now to dress up for Halloween they are charging $3.00 or say your child doesn't want to dress up completely in a full costume, and they want to wear just a silly hat, it is still $1 or $2 ... What ever happen to keeping things fair for all.  There are parents that work hard and would like for their child to have the same opportunity as other but simply are struggling to put food on the table and keep the lights on. Not everyone can afford extra money for their kids to be included in events at school. Events that use to be free and still should be especially when it doesn't cost the school any money to allow the kids to dress up.
The things in school like pep rallies and sprit week before homecoming are getting cut out one by one.  I would think these are the kind of things that creates a positive atmosphere, that creates unity among different cultures, styles, and not to mention boosting pride and moral of the student body. I would also think that students that wouldn't normally come to a football game may want to come which would bring in more money...which seems like money is the only thing important to Mrs. Parrish and the staff at Loudon.  I am voicing my concerns with these cost only because they seem to keep coming for every little thing and never see the money benefiting the school or my child and yours (if they attend LHS) education.  When will it stop? Where is the money going? Loudon doesn't have driver's education which should be a priority to have, a track for the track team, so we can't host team meets that would create some revenue, the bathrooms are disgusting!!! They have need in dire need of attention for years! 

Other than being nickel and dimed to death... the events that were used to boost moral are being taken away for one thing or another one at at time.  No wonder students don't want to go to school, there is nothing positive to look forward too!  I would like for someone to look into this and find out why LHS is allowed to charge for everything they see fit to get money for? 
A Concerned (and BROKE) Parent 10/30/09

Getting  close to election time Guider is all over the News Herald reading to kids, giving cars to Greenback (county cars).  How about all those promises you told last election?  I hope every one knows a vote for Guider is a vote for Aikens (who can't get elected anywhere but LC)  My kid tells me lots of policemen and firemen come and read to the kids. Where's  the pictures of them on the front page.  That's because they care and not trying to get a vote. Keep using those kids Tim!

not voting for Guider, Aikens, Curits, Hall, Arden, Wilson (is He still around) 10/30/09

Lenoir City Resident 10/26/09

To the driver on Hwy# 321 sounds like you should pay more attention to your driving instead of everyone else.  That's  just dangerous lady!   

concerned milk man 10/30/09

Poor Freddie Nelson,,,TEAR TEAR :)))   Now let's see if Shannon Littleton will do the right thing!!!!!

MSG 10/29/09

what good is an unloaded gun? they are more dangerous than  a loaded one .  speaking of bashing businesses. take heed WALMART WONT  honor their battery warranty.. i have a  walmart battery on my truck has to be boosted off every morning. it is  still under warranty. i took it back. and older  woman that is the manager of the  automotive dept. says to me they charged it up and there is no problem with it.. and she wouldn't  listen to  any  reason that  i had concerning it.. too bad the next day it is dead again.. im thinking that  she shouldn't be in charge of automotive stuff.. im sure  she doesn't understand  what a dead cell is.  and that they  just want to avoid replacing batteries because they have gone up in price so much. it is not  just the small fly by night businesses that  are looking  to make the fast buck and leave now days.. every business that i deal with  has gone to this way of doing business. that is from the telephone company to the  cable company ,garbage pickup. we live in a world now that  wants to rip you off before you rip them off.. the way i see it if the gun place  wouldn't let you  carry  your gun in there.. they don't want you there either. i dont do business  with  confrontational  business  when i  can avoid  them. i believe all  people  should do the same. maybe that is why so  many businesses have went out of business as of late
sam r 10/29/09

I wanted to respond to the gentleman that went to the gun store, and didn't stay because they preferred for him to unload his gun.  First of all, every gun show that I have ever been to, checks your weapon at the door.  Not only do they unarm your weapon, but they also put a strap on your weapon until you leave.  I, myself, have carried my loaded weapon into the store.  I think they just don't want you pulling it out and waiving it around, just like you wouldn't do at Wal-Mart or any other store that you would carry it into. 

Sounds to me like, you asked a question, and they answered with what the rules are.  We weren't allowed to take a loaded gun in the class, for carry conceal permit either.  They checked our guns at the door and strapped them until the class was over.  I really hate that you missed out on checking this little store out.  We have found some really good deals there.  I think sharing the building with another business has allowed them to keep there prices down.  By posting your message, I hope that you don't cause others to miss out on a good deal, and a good business relationship.  We have found them honest, and very helpful. 

I think that this is just a little store that was trying to do there best to follow the rules, and keep everyone safe.  Seems that there are those people that just don't have enough to do, but bash small, local businesses. 

Armed and Safe 10/28/09

Every time I go to Knoxville from Lenoir City, I always notice the big pieces of construction equipment towering skyward on the right
juuust before the Watt Road exit. (Excellent advertising, and I bet they don't have to pay a dime in taxes for it - Smart!!!)

A while back of this, I saw a new yellow sign proclaiming GUNS! dangling from the bucket. Now, I like guns. I didn't really have a pressing need for a new gun (not that it ever really factored into my buying decisions), but they may have had some good deals on ammo, and right now, we ALL could use a good deal, especially one where our money will stay here in Loudon County.

So, after an afternoon doctors' appointment in Turkey Creek, I decided to sluff off the honey-do list for a moment and go check G&A
Guns out. It wasn't TOO hard to find, but I'm not going to bother to detail it here for reasons that will be apparent in a moment.

I know that several of my friends had also noticed the sign at I-40, so I began to get a little excited as I drove onto their lot, around
equipment and little buildings. Eventually, on top of the hill I found a singlewide trailer on the left, with a small sign stating GUNS in the window (I always read signs for a reason that will also be obvious in a second).

I pull up, knock on the glass door and step in. The place appears to have been converted from a home to an office and then to an office /store. In the narrow foyer, I see yet another GUNS! sign and an arrow pointing left, but this one came with a problem.

In smaller print, I read something to the effect of "All guns brought into the store must be unloaded". Funny I don't remember the exact
wording now, because I had to read that three times.

See, I have been a very, very vocal activist for the rights of civilian gun carry. I often help in the constant fight to get Armed Carry Permits, and I continue to help loosen the mostly-silly restrictive carry laws we now have on the books. So, imagine my surprise to see that attitude in a GUN STORE! This store banks its' livelihood on selling things to people that they don't want taking them in the store!!

I refuse to shop ANYWHERE a 'No GUNS' sign is installed. I, and my friends take our money elsewhere, unless its' a have - to kind of
situation, then we do what we have to in order to protect ourselves.

Today wasn't a have-to kind of day for me, so I inquired of the guy sitting to my right, "Where's the shop?" He was a nice guy, and very
helpful. I told him because of the sign, I didn't think I'd be going back there. He seemed genuinely puzzled, and yelled back, "there's a
guy here says he won't come back because he's armed."

Another man pops out of the back. He's wearing an 'Instructional Concepts' ball cap, and like me, I see that maybe he might be armed
himself. I say, I'm sorry, I'm just trying to follow your sign." He waves me off dismissively as the first guy, trying to be helpful, says, "Don't you want to go put it in your car?"

Hell no, I do not, I silently thought to myself. That's where people steal stuff when I can't be there to watch over it. More importantly,
that's too far away to be any good to me should a Bad Thing happen.

I politely declined as the second guy mumbled something about "Can't have nobody back here something something something". Sorry my memory is foggy, because, honestly, my head was reeling.

I was looking forward to telling everybody about a new honey hole, but instead, I have nothing positive to say.

I have been going to Craig's for well over 15 years, Oak Ridge Sporting Goods, Guncraft Sports (now Coal Creek Armory), and even at the teeny place near Kingston on Gallaher Road, I don't remember them wanting to strip permit holders of their weapons. Maybe be a little discreet about carrying it, but that's perfectly reasonable to ask.

So, dejected, I trudged back to the truck. I had so many snappy things to say, like, "I can carry in the park, in the National Forests, restaurants that serve alcohol, stop-and-robs with beer in it, but not where guns and bullets are??" But as I drove off, a cooler head prevailed, and I felt bad. Maybe the number two guy (no pun intended) wasn't the boss. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Lots of maybes.
So, I turned off the caller ID on my cell phone, found a number for G&A Equipment, and asked them for the gun number. I wanted to give them another chance to do right.

Now remember, this was just three minutes later. I JUST left two people standing there. All I got was a recorder for yet another
business similar to the previous names, but not G&A guns.

So... executive summary. G&A Guns: Close to home, but Will not sell to an armed citizen, and apparently does not answer the phone if you should have a problem later.

Maybe I hit them in the middle of the worst day of their lives. Maybe it was a fluke. However, I've been in a ton of stores allegedly catering to people like me, and its' my opinion that this is a typical day and attitude for them, so until they rethink and square
themselves away, not a penny of many peoples will they see.

And, in addition to saving my like-minded friends some time and aggravation by let ting them know, I'm sharing my story with you;
Vans' readers, so that you can make your own decisions as well.

Remember, what you put up with today might very well be a law you have to follow tomorrow. And, if they don't trust you to possess it
around them, then don't. There's always someone else that will be glad to welcome an armed friend, and sell them what they need to be safe.

Armed and Respectful 10/27/09

To the ones that drive the 321 route through Lenoir city and Around Lenoir City  that Never Signal or at the time of turning which you take your Sweet time coming to a complete Stop as if your waiting for a light to change I almost got rear-ended  waiting for you to make your turn !!!

And Thank You to the one that Waited Only until I was upon them barely a car's length then pulled out in front of me causing me and every car behind me lock down  our Brakes!!! 

And Thank You for the Speeders that run behind me 60 miles an hour riding my tail gate on 321 to push  me out of their way!

Thank You Dearly to the ones  that FEEL  because they are behind me that it is their Duty to Whip around me Recklessly  only to pull in front of me Slowing me down from 42 to 34, While talking on a Cell Phone or Chatting with another  Pointing at the Buildings on 321.

When you Sight -See  don't invite me !!!! When A light turns Green Don't Make a Left Turn  in front of oncoming  traffic facing you. You don't have the Right-of-way yet until  all the traffic facing you has passed you ;Remember, you're not in a Turn Lane, Only in a turn lane you do this with the Green Arrow glowing! You're going to get in an accident zipping left turns  in front of oncoming traffic  when they have the right-of-way; It'll be considered Your Fault !! 

You're Driving Manners are Very Lacking! Show Some Respect  without all this Aggressiveness While Driving  in the flow of traffic! You're not the Only ones on the road! Obey   the  Rules  of Tennessee's Driver's Handbook instead of your own. Last but not least ; To the ones that has given me the Finger while holding their hand up in the air in front of me ; Well, I consider that's your Driving   IQ !!! And they say  Knoxville  Drivers  are Unruly  and  Rude !!!  They haven't Driven  in Lenoir City yet.

 Lenoir City Resident 10/26/09

Will someone please help me understand.  Did the educators deliberately try to deceive the public when they presented their budged asking for money for raises and textbooks...when in fact, the textbooks were covered elsewhere in the budget?  If that is the case, then I believe we have a much bigger problem even than old worn out buildings, outdated textbooks or lack of cotton balls and band-aids.  If the people who are placed in charge of teaching our children are willing to deceive to get what they want, what are they teaching our children?  All the money/raises in the world thrown at people like that will not change their integrity.  Loudon County taxpayers...we have a problem!

A Concerned Citizen 10/23/09

Sounds like the Visitor's Bureau is taking a page from the school board's play book. Kind of like when the board threatened to end football and buses if they didn't get more money. The Visitor's Bureau says they will have to shut down if they don't get more money. Well boo hoo. Shut em down. I didn't even know we had a Visitor's Bureau. All it comes down to is free advertisement for certain businesses paid for by tax payers. Let those businesses pay for their own advertisement. I don't want my tax dollars paying for them. The county is giving them $100,000? I would much rather see that money go to the school building program. Most of those supporting the Visitor's Bureau in some form or the other benefit financially from the Visitor's Bureau with my tax dollars. 

Here's an idea. Close the place up for a year and let's just see if the county goes bankrupt. I bet we don't.

Just My Opinion 10/23/09

To ensure that the search for the next LCUB GM is properly conducted, the board of directors has requested the services of the 2009 Nobel Prize committee.

LCUBer 10/22/09

Bravo County Commission for finally standing up to those on the school board who were essentially lying to the public. All the commissioners should be hopping mad. But the two that should be really p***ed are Harold duff and David Meers. Both former educators who stuck their necks out to try to help the schools only to get their heads cut off after it was exposed that the money was just for raises. I cannot believe the arrogance of of school administrators. Did they think everybody was stupid and wouldn't figure out what they were doing.

Thank you commissioners who saw through the lies.

A Mad Mom 10/20/09

I would like for the school board and those "geniuses" in the central office to know that we Loudon Countians are not as dumb as they think.  Most of us have know for years what has went on and the school board and county commission continued to let it happen.  What ever central office asked for they got it!  Regardless of how it effected my child's education or my tax dollars.  I'm glad to see that county commission has finally seen them for what they are and I suggest those school board members who want to continue "the Edward Headlee way" find another hobby or pasttime because I will work to see that they are not re-elected. The Builidng program, text books and teacher raises could have happened if all of the central office personnel had not had their pockets padded.


You will be remember at election time.

Yours Truly,
TMOM 10/20/09

Congratulations to County Commission for FINALLY having the guts to tell the Schools NO.

For years they have gotten the biggest share of the tax dollar and demand more every year. Maybe they could teach their students a valuable lessons in economics and show them how to live within your means. I think the teachers are smart enough to know that with our current economy they should not be the only group possibly in the state of Tennessee to get a raise.

Loudon County needs to build new schools in ALL parts of the county. The County Commission has taken a giant step towards this and should be proud.

Mimi 10/14/09

How does Mayor Matt Brookshire run Lenoir City if he's teaching full-time at North Middle?
concerned about Lenoir City 10/5/09

Van: Thanks for the story about Obama praise songs being taught to America's schoolchildren. You mentioned the creepy similarity to North Korea, but another good parallel can be found in Red China.

Propaganda (in prose, poetry, and song) was crucial to the formation and promotion of the cult of personality centered around Chairman Mao. It also served as a useful tool for mobilizing popular participation in national campaigns such as the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution.

During the Cultural Revolution, according to Wikipedia, the song "East is Red" was played through PA systems in every city and village at dawn and at dusk. Students were obliged to sing the song in unison every morning at the very beginning of the first class of the day. I'm sure the astonishing similarities between the lyrics of Obama's Song #2  and "East is Red" are pure coincidence:

The east is red, the sun is rising
China has brought forth a Mao Zedong.
He works for the people's welfare.
Hurrah, He is the people's great savior.
Chairman Mao loves the people,
He is our guide,
To build a new China,
Hurrah, he leads us forward!
The Communist Party is like the sun,
Wherever it shines, it is bright.
Wherever there is a Communist Party,
Hurrah, there the people are liberated!

And to think how all of us right-wing nutjobs were just overreacting to Obama's insinuating himself into our public schools! I feel so foolish.

--Zeb 9/28/09

its about time Fred nelson retired. Seems like he has lost any sense that  he ever had.
I guess he retired after realizing had he been a little younger van would have knocked him out cold. Strange how people  with no brains get in  such positions of authority. I wouldn't doubt  the crooked cop that got caught  with an electric meter had something to do  with his retirement. since it did come from L.C.U.B.

POS 9/28/09

To all, I go to this site a few times a day. The blog portion seems to always be negative. Well lets talk good things. First lets brag on They do a great job and I am sure it takes a vast amount of their time. They do have a Grandchild now. Just wait until he says Papaw or Nana.
I would like to say I appreciate their work at the ball field. I miss the games but most of all the Happy Happy hot dogs, they are good.
I enjoy being able to read the digest on line usually on Monday morning. I can't always get one so I enjoy the ones I miss on Vanshaver.Com. Thanks for taking the time to scan and put these on your site.
Oh I can't leave without saying how blessed Loudon County, including the cities, is. You have beautiful lakes, parks, great places to work, most any type of restaurant food, great police protection, fire protection and rescue squad. I could go on but most of you know what you have, you just like to get on here and download your miseries.   
Thanks we appreciate the news, the blog and all the fine work you do.
Robert from Roane County   9/25/09

Well, Well, Everyone is up in the air over Mr. Newman's undeserved salary.  What about the OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND Pat Phillips (EDA) salary of $83,000.00 plus.  You want to talk about useless and a very heavy lead ball to Loudon County.  Anyone know what he does or has done for Loudon County other than dining out on taxpayer money.           
Taxpayer 9/25/09

Well I want to correct my previous post involving the incident with JJ Wiggins.  He was pulling in from the highway which makes one think that they ride around with the baby like that alot.  Too bad you can't fix stupid.  I am sure that if this has been taken care of by the higher beings that he probably had a good lie to cover up-but let me just say that in no way shape or fashion can anyone deny it when the child is killed from his and her stupidity.  Can you say child neglect?
Grandma 9/25/09

Response to D Douglass
So what about the other 89% that are not allergic to peanuts?  My advise is to not eat there…..
Just a Thought 9/25/09

The new restaurant Five Guys in Lenoir City will be using peanut oil to fry and will be serving peanuts.   For those of us that are allergic to peanuts this is discouraging news.   They also serve gourmet hot dogs, which no one else around does, and I was looking forward to.  I understand they will post a peanut notice at the door like the Texas Roadhouse does.  Eleven percent of the nation has this serious allergy, and that is why airlines no longer give out peanuts.

D. Douglass 9/23/09

it's called a law you  a different law for the law
they have and always will do whatever they want  with no worry about any punishment
the sheriff and his minions  have better things to do arresting petty shoplifters or chasing young redheaded girls around. or maybe stealing electricity. don't ask questions .they wont answer anyway

I was pulling into the Wal-Mart last night when an officer in a white expedition pulled in.  JJ Wiggins to be certain.  Along with Crystal Bingham which was holding an infant in her lap.  I was shocked to think that the two people that should have known better and do know better did such a thing since they both know the consequences that such would bring.  But further more why would a supervisor do something so stupid and does the sheriff really want this happening?

Grand Ma 9/15/09

I am writing this as a concerned parent and as a warning to other parents in the area and with students at Loudon High school.  Recently my child was approached at school by a  male student at the high school and offered prescription pills, which they declined and came home and told me about. On a separate occasion they were offered a "free sample" of marijuana by another guy at a football game. These 2 work together, one is in high school , the other is about 19-20 yrs. old and drives a red car. The one in high school apparently solicits the kids then makes arrangements to have them meet the older guy somewhere off campus so he can't get caught with stuff at school. I was lucky enough that my child said no and came to me and told me what was going on. But, I was told without proof that there is nothing that can be done about it.  I can however use this forum to warn other parents about this situation and maybe stop these drug dealers from selling to someone else's child. 
Jay, concerned parent in Loudon 9/14/09

Regarding the postings on Ms. Blair's proposed salary increase, I tend to agree that Tracy is doing a fine job as budget director, and she deserves to be compensated well. And how she manages to work for Doyle Arp and maintain her professional integrity is a remarkable feat in itself. (Does the county offer hazard pay?) But the real question is, should she be making almost twice that of the next highest-paid member of her staff? Should she be making more than the elected fee officials, whose salaries are set by the state? Maybe.

But if it was Arp's goal and the Budget committee's intent that she be paid more than Russ Newman, who no longer has planning responsibility for Lenoir City, why not just reduce his pay a couple of grand instead based on the lighter workload? And that way it wouldn't take as much $$ for Tracy to bump him on the county payroll pecking order.

-Zeb 9/14/09

Tracy Blair deserves a raise the same as everyone else deserves one.  It’s hard to pay this year’s prices on last year’s salary.   Have you been to the grocery store lately???  Gas station???  Clothing store????? – everything has increased more than 2%.  It’s also hard to “put a little in the rainy day fund” when you can barely make the check last from one payday to the next;  I am very thankful for the jobs we have, but 2% on a $10 an hour job is only $.20 or $8 a week – really now, that’s not much of a raise………….  And then taxes come out of that…………   Come on County Commissioners, you would have thought of this when Doyle Arp was remodeling the offices and installing those “stupid” columns – what an eyesore!!!

Still Amazed in LC – 9/13/09

I do not agree with your statement Mimi saying " Ms. Blair is nowhere near what she deserves".  They are also other working for Loudon County who are also hard working & conscientious but they will not see a 10% raise in their salary and probably have more experience and education.  Ms. Blair does work on the budget and then tells other department heads to cut their budget ( I guess to make sure she gets her 10% raise).
It is really a shame that the county is making a difference in employees.  It is not right and I hope people in Loudon County remember this when election comes.  Vote for people that will not make this much difference in employees

Yam 9/13/09

Maryville City Schools gets $20 million loan to build Coulter Grove Intermediate School.

what about Loudon County??..  Are the politicians in Maryville smarter than Loudon County? or Is it lack of fire in the belly with some Loudon commissioners??
Please let's do something, this is America and anything is possible...

It is so sad that more money is spent on jail inmates than our kids - our future and future of this country...


To Concerned Taxpayer 9/10/09:
THANKS for the information! I,for one, am very excited to hear that the County Commissioners are considering giving Mrs. Blair a raise. Mrs. Blair deserves much more than any amount that the County could give to her. She has more employees in a smaller area than any other offices in the county. There are many things that could improve her department. 
She is a salaried employee which I understand means that she gets just her salary and nothing more. I've been told that most salaried employees work their 40 hours per week and go home. Mrs. Blair works so many hours (not by choice but by necessity) that if calculated then she most likely earns less per hour than that of her accounting staff. That in itself is a crying shame. I know that she has canceled many vacations or days that she had planned to do things with her husband, children or grandchildren because of the work that "had to be done" either for the budget committee, county commission or for an upcoming meeting. She is also endangering her health by the number of hours she works and the major stress that she endures because of those long hours.
Not only is huge raise warranted for Mrs. Blair but she is also in desperate need of a personal assistant. That would relieve her of some of the extra hours that she is required to work when she should be home enjoying her life with her family like other normal people. If things don't change in the hours she works and her job load then I dare say we will see a major asset to Loudon County leave us in the next year and probably before budget time (ha). So if anyone reading this has any pull or can speak to anyone that does, then please encourage everyone to give Mrs. Blair more money and a personal assistant. She could also use more office space if that ever becomes available but that is least important at this time.
Mrs. Blair has brought the Finance Department a very long way from its previous director. Mrs. Blair doesn't bow down to the good ole boy system and ways. She won't do something unless she believes 100% that what she is doing is being done the right and proper way. Many audit issues have been corrected plus numerous other things since she has taken the reigns. I, for one, have a very high respect for her and the job that she does.  She will not back down from it being done right.
Yes, I do know here personally and No, I am not wanting a job nor would I even consider applying to be her personal assistant. Knowing what she does, the hours she works and what she gives up for her job is not something that I would never consider for my life. It's more than anyone that I know is willing to do.
GBD - Loudon County Resident & Tax Payer 9/13/09

You have got to be kidding that Tracy Blair deserves that much of a payday. This is not because of how hard she works; it is because she knows how to keep the mayors secrets. Unless things have changed drastically in the last year, you'd be hard pressed to find Mrs. Blair at work any two days in a row. She is always off on one excuse or another. I think that a lot of the county employees (Gordon Harless comes to mind) are extremely high paid for the amount of work they do (Keeping secrets must be hard work). It's the ones
who work the hardest that get paid the least. You just have to learn how to brownnose the mayor if you want a good raise.

Disgusted in  LC 9/13/09

I feel whatever they pay Ms. Blair is nowhere near what she deserves. The Tax Payers could not find a more  hard working & conscientious person. Unfortunately, Ms. Blair does not set the budget or it would have been done months ago.

Mimi 9/11/09

It is a shame that Loudon budget committee took  the action they did  September 9th at the meeting when  Mayor Arp requested a salary of the finance director to $67,500 due to Ms. Blair's hard working attributes.  The previous  salary FY 08-09 is budgeted as $60,954  a little over 10 percent increase.  Listen Mayor Arp and other committee members what about other county employees getting a raise instead of being asked to cut their budget( I guess for Ms. Blair's 10% raise).  I am a tax payer and I do not like this, it is wrong.  Ms Blair is no more important than the other county employees if she was shouldn't the budget have been ready when it was suppose to be////////////// if she is that great of employee.?  This is very wrong and I sure hope the full county commission members remember this when election comes because I will.  Shame on you Harold Duff for making the motion why don't you request a 2% increase for all other county employees,  the teachers received their 2% raise.  Why?
Concerned Tax payer

I see that we will be getting a Five Guys burger and fries.  I just hope they don't bring knoxville prices with em, I barely could afford to eat there.  They don't taste any different than home grilled burgers anyway.

Juan 9/8/09

Is there anybody left in Loudon County who thinks that Doyle Arp should be in charge of anything much less 911? If we have learned anything it's the fact that Arp takes care of him and his. Just think how many friends and family he could add to the payroll if he could get his hands in 911? Don't let it happen.

Roy Rogers 9/4/09

County Commissioners on a 911 board.  That is really too funny.  They can't manage the job they have so now let's give em opportunity to really hurt people.  Besides if the 911 center is an independent "agency" then why would commissioners have anything to do with em.  They will be considered private.  Also no longer public, so closed door meetings should be ok with them.  Call it Loudon County 911 Inc.

Call the state 911 board yourself and ask them what the other 100+ state 911 centers do and how they can participate in retirement benefits.
Of course the mayor in those centers has their grubby hands in the pot too but thankfully with this change it won't happen here.

Keep doing a good job 911 center, you all do a good job.

Jamma mamma 9/4/09

I see where the Lenoir City 's  Bought and torn down about a whole block of it's downtown. I 'm not from here. Many of whom are really  upset  with the white building coming down because of it's past History. Well, that's progress and Change. Maybe for the Better or for the Worst! Can Lenoir City Afford all this Huge undertaking of a Building  a block back of city buildings?  Was  there  a Cheaper way to do this? I was told they are in the Hole $2.2 Million Dollars as of now and no Buildings and may not have enough land  to complete the proposed plan ;so  that the plan  for the  new city Hall  on this site got ditched. I noticed it isn't Square but Offset. What will this do to our Future Property Taxes? Was this the right thing to do at this time? I assumed they were building a huge two story building with  four or five little shop areas in them and  have a  parking lot  on   both  ends  of it. I figured  a private developer bought it  and this were his plans. I found out differently, never assume .
    Taxpayer in Lenoir 9/3/09

Regarding the story about the proposal of no cameras in school board meetings you said:

Foot Note: As a member of the board, I was unaware of the proposal to invoke a camera ban at board meetings. I do not know which if any board members requested this item to be on the agenda. If this is in fact true, I for one feel this is one of the most idiotic attempts to censer the press and public I've ever heard of and have no intention to support the proposal. If you don't want to be seen on video acting like an idiot, don't act like an idiot.

I absolutely agree with your opinion. It is hard enough to stand before a board and express an opinion. To be openly hostile toward a speaker is a great way of making sure they never disagree in public again. Most of the disagreements I have seen make the official look like a spoiled brat having a tantrum (Arp's antics come to mind). If they do not like the way they look on camera they ought to behave like grown men to start with.

JoAnne Turner in LC 9/02/09

Why has the retirement issue just now becoming an issue with 911?  The 911 system has been in full operation since 1996 when it became an enhanced 911 center and a governing board.  WHY NOW is this an issue.  It is a very simple thing to do, and may already have been done, to add the 911 center as a participating agency, pass a resolution. The TCRS website is openly viewable about who can and cannot participate.  If this was an issue then they would have never been allowed to participate.  Does this mean the mayor is trying to hoodoo the board into turning control over to an elected official?  It doesn't have to and any competent lawyer could read the law and see for themselves.  Don't sell the 911 center short, they need to stay where they are and if so then the Director should be a county employee, but that can't happen with 911 laws too.  Do you honestly think the state 911 board would not participate in this retirement system?  Wouldn't that be something they would want for all 911 centers?

And Mr. Cox, since you apparently are the #1 dispatcher of the world, please go down and ask for a job.  They could use someone that can multi-task as well as you think they should.  It's not everyday you find someone with 12 ears and 10 hands, except at a freak show.

Definitely not a dispatcher 9/2/09

to wish people had a clue, rose:
i actually have called 911 lately, about two months ago. it rang and rang, and i FINALLY got an answer after hanging up, and then calling back. thank god i wasn't taking my last breath. i don't care if the phones are ringing off the hook and everyone is on the radio, if the people who work there can not handle their responbilities than they need to find new careers; that or hire more people.
im glad to hear that jennifer estes will have a board to answer to, but if it is like the current board, there really is not much answering. lucky her...
and that officer, he did complain to the director numerous times. she said the problem would be taken care of, the whole no one answering the radio thing... guess it wasn't taken care of.
oh yes, a repeater is a tower that re-broadcast a transmission so everyone can hear it, that is not close to the transmitting radio.
here is an example. the sheriff's department transmits on 465.4500 mhz to the repeater. the repeater takes that transmission and re-broadcast's it on 460.4500 mhz. this way anyone who is not close to the person on the radio can still hear what is being said.
have you ever heard of arrogance, or do you even know what that is?
oh that ares thing, care to comment on that? i am sure you must have SOME insight.
know what i'm talking about, amen brother!
bill cox 8/31/09
(Foot Note This is not Bill Cox From The County Building Inspectors office)

The Sheriff has yet another decision to make regarding test and promotions, so if the last test given was not promoted based on the scores I wonder if this one will.  I guess it all depends on what his pick for the promotion received huh?  I mean if you get the highest and do not get the promotion, then why give the test.  Answer-the merit board requires that you give the test so he gives it but he just doesn't use it.  Sounds as if someone is not too worried about an election-he should be.
Ticked at politics. 8/28/09

I just had occasion to visit THE HUNTER REPORT and view the videos of the outbursts at public meetings. It is obvious to me that the leaders in these videos feel that they are superior to the rest of us in some way. Do they not remember who voted them in to office? And we can and WILL most certainly vote them out. I don't care who you are...or who you think you should conduct your business, both public and private with decency toward your fellow citizens. It sounds like intimidation (trying to make others feel small) is the way our county mayor and other officials make themselves feel tall. What a terrible shame and embarrassment to our county. These outbursts show only ignorance and lack of self control.  Loudon County citizens...Surely we can do better than this!

Embarrassed by my County Officials 8/26/09

I couldn't believe my eyes and ears when I brought up the tapes on these officials at the local government meetings found on              Ms. Hunter's web site. I couldn't understand a word Leroy Tate was saying on the recording. He was slobbering and spitting all over the front row and pounding those fist like he was going to tear the whole room down. Oh, and Hugh Willett works for the Knoxville News Sentinel, not the Journal. Is that even in operation now? That was probably the reason Mr. Willett was laughing.  I assure you Leroy made a fool of himself and not Mr. Willett. I can't believe he would actually be voted the chairman of that board. He needs to be hidden until he can be voted out. Now that is sad people. Keep up the good fight Van Shaver. You got a load and a half on your shoulders. I feel bad for you. Thanks for all you do!
Aunt Sammy 8/26/09

The informed public has a right to comment and make suggestions.  It is a waste of everyone's time to listen to a lot of folks that speak at public forums.  It is not a great place to ask questions unless you are being ignored after requests for the information.  I respect people that add something to the debate after doing their homework.  Ask questions during workshops.  Research issues and reflect on the impact on the community. 

Call your representative or a staff person in the agency or entity involved.  When you do speak make it clear who you agree with or
disagree with and why.  If you are right enough the whole world will start listening and look forward to your comments.  There is no need to get personal at the meeting because it will accomplish nothing.  It is to easy to get mad, storm away and give up.  If you care enough to show up and speak, you care enough to follow through on the issue to the end.  If you ultimately win then good for you and the community is grateful for your work and determination.  If you lose, take it like a man and the community is still grateful for your work and determination.

ANN 8/26/09

Check out the story and clips on Pat's site that show members of three different county government boards berating citizens and press during meetings. The actons of all three boards are a disgrace to the county and to local government in general. Most politicians would at least have the class not to act in such a way in public.

This is exactly what's wrong with Loudon County government. People are afraid to speak up because they face the prospect of being berated in front of the board for nothing more than trying to ask questions.  The press does not deserve to be accosted in this manner and most public servants would have the good sense not to do so. This is an important story and I hope you will highlight it on your site and facilitate a link. When the public has to be afraid of the government, things have truly gotten out of hand.

Sir Edmund Burke wrote "For evil to triumph, all that is necessary is for good men to stand by and do nothing."

Enough 8/25/09

To So Tired Of The Politics 8/16/09

You stated that Larry Proaps had a conflict in voting for his wife's raise. He's not the only one. Doyle Arp's daughter is a teacher in the school system and so is Chris Park's step mother. I bet if you look close enough you can find more connections to vote for raises. We have way too many people taking care of themselves instead of us.

Rosebud 8/25/09

this is for e.c. how can u be so sure i can't get help through this web site? i am so frustrated with the law in this town. i just don't know!!
sherri 8/24/09

To sherri 8/19/09
This year at least in the lower grades you will see the letters M, P, & N.
M = Meets State Guidelines
P =  Progressing toward state guidelines
N = Needs improvement
Under the old system a child would have gotten a letter or number grade. EX. Lets say your child got a  C or 80 in math. With the old system you would not know which areas of math your child needed help in. With the new grading system each area of math is addressed such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, etc. A child could meet state guidelines in all areas of math except one. Instead of getting a "B" or "C" for the grading period. The parent will be able to see which areas of all subject a child needs to improve in. I would encourage you to set up a time to meet with your child's teacher so they can explain in further detail the new grading system.  

Helps 8/21/09

sherry i believe you have asked this same thing before, let me say need to talk to a lawyer. no one on here has anything to do with child support, and cannot help you  
 E.C. 8/21/09

does anyone understand this new grading system in loudon county?? it really has me confused. also, i would like to know how i can get court ordered child support? loudon county doesn't "actively" look for these people. i have been told this to many times. does russell johnson handle these cases? if he does, we need someone else that will do their job.
sherri 8/19/09

To the wish people had a clue rose
I will give you credit for being right on  knowing how the 911 center operates.  That doesn't mean the county wouldn't consider thinking it if they were not aware.  I will say the board needs to be reviewed as who is on it.  The board members, being department heads are not for the 911 center; but for what they can get for there department.    As for her credentials, do you know how she got the job, she owes a lot to the late John Parris.  She was no more qualified than any other EMT or Paramedic.
2nd,  I KNOW you can ask almost any officer and they will say how many times they have had to call on the radio more than once.  Is multi-tasking not part of the job?  What good does complaining to the Director do?  No good at all.
3rd, I have heard many employees complaining about more than the supervisor position that someone was underhandedly brought in for and put into the position without it being posted within as well.  If there was a problem that needed a supervisor in place on 3rd shift, could the director not do something about it.
As far as the favoritism, I know it runs amuck there.  This is not the first time a supervisor was suddenly put into place without anyone else having an opportunity to apply.   This being the same one that was allowed to go from third shift to day shift so she could get her house built, and the same one that was allowed to supervise 3rd shift from days. 
The 911 center does need some more oversight from someone, like maybe the State Comptrollers Office to look into the wasteful spending, especially at the 911 convention.  Who can say spending right at 1000 dollars on meals at the Peddler in Gatlinburg or purchasing alcohol for a board member. 
know what I'm talking about 8/19/09

To TT Loudon 6/29/09

I noticed the city must have taken your advise. They put the flag poles behind the sign.

The remodeled triangle in Loudon looks great even with ol blue gone. The fountain is beautiful. Unfortunately when I was down town today, the stench was in the air. It was so strong today you couldn't even sit outside and eat a snack.

While the remodeled triangle is pretty one still has to question spending that much money on such a frivolous improvement given the current state of the economy.

Living In Loudon 8/18/09

Bill Cox,

Obviously you have no idea what you are talking about or either does your source. Go to the State of TN website under Commerce/Insurance and you will see how a 911 operates and they have to have a board...or check with all the surrounding 911 Centers and you will see they have been their own entity for several years. The board will not be dissolved. You keep making negative comments about the current you even know her, her experience or credentials...I would guess not.

2nd have YOU called 911 lately...I would guess not! Have you ever been inside a 911 Center when the phones are ringing off the hooks and the responders are calling in all at the same time on the radio? I have and you have not a clue what goes on. How dare you put down people when it is "just things you hear", why is this officer not making a complaint to the director if they have an issue?!  How do you know it's there radios...have you had anyone to check the other agencies repeaters...or do you even know what that is?

3rd don't feel sorry for the employees there...I know most of them and no one is complaining except for obviously whoever felt they deserved a supervisor position and didn't get it. Do you know the circumstances surrounding it...again guess not.

Wish people had a clue...Lenoir City 8/18/09

To AW:
You should know from being married to Tim twice, yes, two times that Tim has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the things that he was required to do and the things that he saw while serving in the Armed Services (war effects different people different ways). Add losing the love of his life, his wife Donna, to death from cancer which was devastating and life changing in itself. Then add the wrong way to deal with both by trying to lessen the 'hurting' memories by using alcohol as a sedative. Instead of just one heartache to deal with at a time, he has multiple. I do not know if the nightmares and images of death in the war or of his wife dying will ever go away. I do hope that someone can help him learn how to better cope with those things in order for him to have a more productive life. He is seeking that help while facing embarrassment, ridicule and unfair opinions. I, for one, hope that he stays strong and does well. He needs to know that there are people who wish him well and much success and that many prayers are being spoken on his behalf.
With that said, I do not believe that you, AW, suffered domestic violence at the hands of Tim. If he is such a bad man then why would you marry him two times? Crying wolf and blaming others seems to be your alibi in many other instances of your wrongfulness. I could mention individual instances but there is not enough room on this blog to list them all.
Sick of the POT calling the KETTLE black in Loudon 8/17/09

has anyone heard the news lately? it seems that at the last Loudon County 911, board of directors meeting, the board told director jennifer estes she has thirty days to make the center their own entity, dissolving themselves from Loudon County. but the real question is why would the board want to go that route? from rumors i have heard the sheriff was asked if he would take the 911 center in, making them employees of the sheriff's department; his response was "no!"
so lets ask ourselves a few questions. who would benefit from the 911 center becoming their own entity? why would the board want to make the center their own entity? would would have control and oversight of the center?
who would benefit from the 911 center becoming their own entity? the director jennifer estes. from rumors that i have heard, someone on the board pushed to make the center their own entity, so that the board of directors would be dissolved, giving her sole authority and control over the center.
but why would she want sole authority over the 911 center? lets think of this. say the 911 center does stays a county agency with a board of directors made up of police, fire, and ems chiefs. what if steve cook becomes sheriff next election. maybe he would have the balls to set on the board, and remove the director for the lack of a good job she does. for the way she plays favorites with some employees over others, and discriminates against other employees. how about the way people just seem to be getting promoted to supervisor positions, without it being posted to all employees and all employees given a chance to apply?
from what i hear, she must have had help from a certain board member, to help have the agency dissolved from the county, and made their own eninty. that must be the answer to question number two. that and the current board members probably don't want to be held responsible for actions the 911 center has taken.
question three: who would have control over the 911 center if they were their own entity? answer: the director. that would give her free run of things to do what she wants, without oversight. and from things i have been hearing that go on there, if you think it's bad now, wait until there is no one for her to answer to. i feel bad for the people who work there.
if all of this information is true, and from the officer who told me this, it is; i wonder how safe we citizens will be? look at how their radios seem to not ever work right, anyone ever listen to scanners? also look at how they don't answer the radio all the time, or how it takes time to answer a 911 call. have you called 911 lately?
and on a side note, i heard they took down an antenna for the Loudon County ARES (amateur radio emergency service) that was at the center. that agency is sponsored by the Loudon County EMA, and from what i hear, no one at ARES or EMA is happy. but 911 and EMA share the building i'm told, and so if it obviously wasn't EMA who took it down, had to have been 911 who did it. why would they take down an antenna used to talk to other agencies and people i the event of a disaster if their communications failed? sounds like someone doesn't want to play nice.
but this is just things i hear, and i believe the citizens of our fine county should be aware of.
Bill Cox 8/17/09
(Foot Note This is not Bill Cox From The County Building Inspectors office)

I noticed that Larry Proaps was the one who made the motion to adopt the new school board budget that included a 2% raise for all employees. Does everybody know why? Just so happens his wife works for the school system and will be one of the people getting a raise. There's something wrong with this picture.

I attend commission and school board meetings regularly. I have noticed that commissioner David Meers and Harold Duff often read a statement of conflict of interest before they vote on budget matters because both of them work for the county. I have never heard Larry Proaps read such a statement.

Mr. Proaps should not be allowed to vote on his wife's raise. This is a huge conflict of interest in my opinion. But what's new in Loudon County. Too many people looking out for their own interest instead of looking out for the people.

So Tired Of The Politics 8/16/09

dewayne has not said he was in the wrong.. just the opposite .. he claims he didn't do anything wrong. and nothing illegal. he is one of the people that  push people in court as far  as it will go and try to get them sent to prison. exactly where he should be now. but  when he publicly starts the conversations and so plainly lies about everything he was caught at doing , he wants different rules for himself! nobody twisted him arm and made him come to vans site and claim he was railroaded.. he got off easy man, the thing that  is so hypocritical is he is supposed to be one of the people that enforce the laws .not break them  then holler he was a victim of politics. he should expect the reaction  that he got and deserves. as long as he keeps crying about it .someone will call him on his lying forked tongue loud mouth. and if you ARE sick of hearing it.. dont read it.

HS 8/14/09

WOW!!! Does one really expect Suzan Williams to respond???? She won't because she knows it is wrong and that there are
employees that work harder than she has, and ever will that only got a 2% raise. She will more than likely avoid contact with most employees because of that.       Another WOW,,, how many employees does it take to run the SMALLEST branch office of LCUB(Cedar Bluff Branch)??????????????? 4 plus 1 summer time helper (whom got her job through Suzan Williams))HUMMMMMMMMM     How does one get a job there?????

Cubby 8/14/09

It amazes me that some people can read something into something that was written so they can gripe and try to sound righteous doing it. Show me where I said ANYTHING about the police department in my original post. I was merely taking Dewayne to task because he is trying to convince people that HE is not a liar or thief when I know better. I DO know Dewayne you see, and I want him to know he’s not fooling anyone.

I am not acquainted with most of the police department, but I am sure most of them do a fine job. If there ever comes a time when one doesn't, I'll be here griping about it. If that bothers you- don't read the blog.

I find it ironic however that you think you can say your peace, not sign your name, and criticize Me for doing the same.

Tired of footing the bill 8-14-09

Steve Cook for Sheriff
"The Choice for Change in Loudon County"

Anonymous and watching!! 8/14/09

To Sick of Footing the Bill and Join,
It always amazes me how people like you can turn something so frivolous into such drama. Dewayne was in the wrong and he admitted that, he even publicly apologized. He's been charged, appears he paid his debts, so what more do you want? At least he was man enough to admit he was wrong and apologize, unlike you, who wants to stir the pot, but not give your name. It seems you may have some beef with Dewayne, that has absolutely nothing to do with this particular situation.
I can GUARANTEE you that Dewayne has not done anything as bad as some in the Sheriff's Department. There are those who are good people and good officers, that do their job well, but if they don't *suck up* enough, they aren't ever recognized for a job well done. It's sad, but true. The Sheriff has promised "change" within his office for numerous years now, and I have yet to see a change, (for the better)!
I visit this website frequently to keep up with things. Unfortunately, a pissing contest between Dewayne, Join and Sick of footing the bill isn't going to CHANGE a thing!!!!! I believe we've lost focus on the real problem(s) in Loudon County.......
Tired of Hearing it!

its not the utility boards job to wire houses and install water lines. surely you arent that misinformed as intelligent as you claim to be. that is a contractors job. and if you and some friends wired it no wonder it shorted out.. a licensed electrician  should have  done that job.
And your police attitude oozes from  your blog posts. no wonder  that nobody likes policemen. you have been found guilty of theft with it and move on with your life. some ppl in maryville laughed at  the whole ordeal when they read it in the paper and asked me if i knew you.. thank goodness i dont. it seems to me like you got off mighty easy. you should have been found guilty of several offences .theft  possession of stolen  property (the  meter). giving  false info to the police. making accusations about  lawyers spouce that you  cant prove. your accusation come 17 years late about your former employer. strange how ppl blab everything they  know  AFTER they get thrown  out on their can. Learn to  lower your voice you have no authority now. actually  you never did have any                                        

Footing the bill again: 

Unlike you I don't pay my bill in advance. I wait for them to tell me how much I owe. Then I pay it, and keep the receipt. They wouldn't even wire my new house or install the water line.  I had to do it myself with the help of some friends. (DUH), and yes they are getting sued all the time and loosing.  Read Vans news. Oh! as for the child support. If you know about anything like that then you know us pretty well enough to call my Ex wife and ask her. (DARE YA) I pay my child support and even paid the full amount when I was unemployed without asking for a reduction to nearly nothing, and I did not receive unemployment or any assistance from the state.  What's your excuse?  I pay my taxes so you can keep getting your check.

and again DEWAYNE DRINNEN 8/12/09

Did Tim Brewster keep his job?  I am one of his domestic violence victims. I am one of many that didn't press charges. Please keep him in jail so we can feel safer. He is a danger to any woman who has ever crossed his path.                    

 AW 8-11-09

I've been hit 4 times now  in little over  two years  by Burglars. If they knew how it felt, what you have to live with in the aftermath of it all  they wouldn't do it. The last time was this week . It really breaks down a persons Spirit. Life itself in everyday living is tough enough.  The Harder I strive to become Closer to GOD the more and more I get my faith Tested .I've been hit Four Times now, You've done enough  Go Pick on Someone else. It's not been worth your Wild  ,You've gained nothing from me but a Dead Run. I keep no Money because I have no Money! Lenoir City was A Quaint little Town, Now It's getting more and more like Knoxville!
 Aggravated in Lenoir City 8/10/09

To Dewayne DrinnEn:

 I guess you paid that electricity bill AFTER you got caught- not before huh? Are you telling me that the power company allows anyone to change their own meter and mess with their own power? I don’t think so. Seems like that would leave them open to getting sued right and left. Are you also paying your child support payments on time?

Sick of footing the bill 8/10/09

how many of those "found" items did you sell? and i dont fool with electric meters it makes no difference if  they are plastic or glass i would think you know  every component of an electric meter by now!! i dont know if i would want one of my own.. it didn't seem to work out too good for you

you know that civil cases  and  criminal cases are two different matters and two different court hearings



To sick of footing the bill in lc. Laughable is that I have found everything from wallets, purses, cars, car parts, tools, guns, body parts, and even dead body's on the side of the road, and hooking up your own meter if you think the utility's meter is giving a false reading is not illegal. you have to tell them first.  Check and ebay and you can buy your own. The law is that you can not tamper with the meter to give a false reading. That's illegal.  Suggestion.  Learn to read your State Laws an educate yourself.  It is illegal to prosecute someone after a civil settlement is made.  Again read the TCA book, and yes I did pay for my electricity, Three times the amount.  You try it.   Oh and to Join.  The meter is plastic not glass, and I am man enough to sign my name.  You could at least spell it right.
Dewayne Drinnen 8/7/09

I just watched the video of Mayor Arp. from Monday nights county commission meeting. It is a crying shame this County school board has not passed a budget as of Monday night. And they are wanting to spend money on building new schools. Without a budget...........It is sad 10 grown up's can not decide on a budget.. If one is not passed. The State of Tennessee will come to town a set the budget for them.... I just hope you folks  remember this come election time.....


Arp’s comment that he is trying to make Loudon County a better place to live is a bunch of bull-crap. If he truly wanted what is best for Loudon County he would go home and leave us all in peace.

NGY 8/6/09

How does an electric meter that is encased in glass fall  from  a vehicle {i suppose) to a paved road and not break? Also he was thinking of  make everything go away on a technicality. with thousands of dollars. and "strapping" the things with screwdrivers or nails.. seems to me like a whole lot of thought went into this. I am very sorry about the baby being lost due to  sids. but  it shouldn't have been brought up. Many of us have terrible tragedies in our lives  .as for my own  tragedy, the police only compounded the problems  by wanting their piece of the  pie also. join the  common folks dwayne i have a feeling you will be one of us from  now on!!

Join 8/6/09

To Dewayne Drinnon:

Let’s just say for minute that you DID find that meter alongside the road (something that is laughable in itself and nobody believes). You KNEW that hooking it up was illegal, so what is your excuse?  You thought that you would get away with this just like you have gotten away with things before. Man up and stop making excuses. You are a liar and a thief. Take your punishment- little that it is- and learn to do better. We “nobodies” have to pay for what we get- why should you be different?

Sick of footing the bill in LC 8/5

Well I want to applauded gimme a break!!!

GQ 8/5/09

legal 2 judge, where to begin...

well first off, the only thing that makes the person they promoted qualified is the length of time that he has spent with his lips planted on T. Aikens' backside, which would account for approximately 90% of his years of service.  As far as Aikens being a good man, they must have changed the definition of the phrase while I wasn't looking. 

Now I know that he was wrongly accused and really didn't commit the things alleged in his numerous indictments (insert joke here), but any reasonable person can see that where there is smoke there is fire.  You would have to be retarded to believe this man is anything short of a common criminal who has got where he is because of dirty politics.  He would have been perfect for Cocke co., he would have fit right in.  As it is, he has been able to buy, extort, lie, or just flat out bully people in this county for years but what comes around goes around.  And besides, legal 2 judge, if you are who i think you are, you have a somewhat personal reason for taking up for King Tut himself. 

No, I'm not related to anyone who works for the sheriff's department, but I do have many friends that do work there and do know a lot of the inside information what goes on there.  If the general public knew most of it, they would not be so supportive of this dictatorship.  when the hammer finally falls on these criminals, and it most certainly will at some point, I can't wait to hear some of these idiots talk about how this is a political conspiracy.  Sympathy has to come from somewhere....

gimme a break 8/4/09

This is  to "Hoping to See Criminals go to Jail" and "A Day will be better in 2010":
My first question is "How did you get all your information?"
My second question is: "Why do you think that 2010 will be better?"
You both need to get a life and quit putting people out in to the spot light for whatever your reasons are. I think that anyone can see that you are either related to or married to some of the people on the inside.....because how else would you know any of the ins and outs of this department.. and especially scores of a  test.. this is nothing more than a witch hunt or HIGH SCHOOL POLITICS....You know Tony Aikens is a good man.....but he doesn't like BS!! Sooo someone you both know must be swimming in it!!! Did you ever stop to think that some of the applicants just weren't ready to have that position for whatever reason???? No...that probably didn't cross your minds.
As far as the WHOLE CHANGE IN 2010....Come on....Do you really think that would be the BEST thing? are in that CIRCLE for that person....Then I guess the finger-pointing will stop!! But only if you get what you want!! If not LOOK OUT STEVE COOK!! They will want your HEAD TOO!!!
LEGAL 2 JUDGE 8/3/09

Imagine finding in the roadway exactly what you are in desperate need of.. an electric meter!!!!  what  a trillion to one shot!!! You are  as bad a liar as you were a cop. Why apologize now after 17 years of bullying people around?
Politics don't make an excuse for   someone stealing electricity. You should have learned that from the Randy Tathum ordeal .You being a police officer. know that an electric meter belongs to the electric company .Police have a habit of finding things that  belong to other people.. confiscating cars  guns money etc. Later selling them at  convenience stores  stealing is stealing I would imagine you locked up many criminals for stealing. why would you think you are above the law? the same reason  many other corrupt pl do. so you must have looked on ebay for an electric meter. whats up with that?  WHAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND IS THIS.. MANY PEOPLE RUN UP AN ELECTRIC bill L AND JUST DON'T PAY IT.. THEY ARE THIEVES ALSO  they do not  get  arrested for  that. correct that you are no better than anyone else. and again right that nobody cares . 

BR 8/3/09

First let me apologize to the people of Loudon County for embarrassing you. I worked for over 17 years under the political gun of the Establishment. When I voiced my disagreement to some occurrences in the Department I was blackballed. This is Politics and I lost.

Let me just say that if you make enough calls and pull enough favors you can make anything happen. The people that know me, know that I am not a thief as it would seem. I was found guilty and I will take my punishment. I did not have thousands of dollars to make everything go away on a technicality.

Fact: I was using a LCUB meter that I found ( tape from Patrol Car missing). My parents old house was experiencing electrical problems, (power dimming and getting bright, and sparks from the weather head during a wind storm). Complained to Fort Loudoun Electric three times, once in person. Response was that it is my responsibility from the weather head in to the house. Three accounts with Fort Loudoun Electric all on automatic bank draft (not behind on payment). Meter was not strapped with screwdrivers or nails, which is easy. Only thing left was bad meter or bad connections at weather head. Everybody knows that if a meter quits reading they will eventually send a tech out to check it.

I used the new meter after I found it to keep track of the electricity used. Bad decision to use LCUB meter instead of buying one on ebay for 18.00 (YES). We moved back into the old house in February and I did not want my family to burn up. We have already lost one baby from SIDS, I was not going to lose my whole family. Fort Loudoun Utility knew about meter two weeks before showing up with Law Enforcement.

This was to set the stage. At no time did I deny using the meter or deny what for. All audio tapes missing. 9 witnesses, no subpoena. 2356 kilowatts @ .8 or .10 = around 235.60. I paid $922.54 on the spot and they took my money and sent a line crew out and fixed the short in the wires at the connection to the weather head (witnesses). The Blount County Sheriff's Office closed the case when a civil settlement was paid.

Fort Loudoun Electric General Manager Bob Long at the time received a call from (you fill in the blank) and ask to push this as far as they could. District Attorney Mike Flynn also received a call to do the same. Lawyer's husband hooked on Oxy's and caught for DUI. Unknown to me until after trial. A full house don't beat a straight flush, I lose.

I am not perfect and I am no better than anybody else. I will take my punishment, unlike some. No, I have not asked Steve (Cook) for a job nor will I, but you can bet that I will support him in any way I can. I would like to see Honesty and Integrity restored to the Sheriff's Office. I was not one of the "Good Ole Boys" and never was. The other 17 years of indiscretions I will keep to myself, as for me being the victim of extortion, Political Repression or Official Oppression TCA 39-16-403, Conspiracy, and Malicious Prosecution.

Who cares Right. All because I wanted to be Sheriff some day, and or supported someone else, I was on the wrong side of the fence. Heard that somewhere before. No Thanks.

Thank you Loudon Countians for letting me serve YOU, God Bless and good bye.

Good luck Steve and watch your back.

Dewayne Drinnen 7/31/09

Well, it's no secret that Sheriff Aikens has recently decided to promote someone to investigator to take the place of Jeff Vittatoe.  And it should come as no surprise who it was.  I know for a fact that a test was given to all of the interested applicants and the one who got promoted scored last out of 7 or 8 people, many of whom he has a lot of experience on.  The question that should be asked is this, if the guy was worth promoting to investigator, should he not have outscored all or most of the other guys?  I mean, god forbid somebody be promoted based on merit at the sheriff's department.  I'm sure the morons in charge down there don't care that this kind of thing kills moral and will eventually run good people off.  Next May can not come soon enough. I know a lot of the deputies are marking their calendars.
hoping to see the criminals go to jail 7/31/09

Well the system has prevailed again hasn't it?  Jeff Russell got the position.  Well my heart and thoughts go out to the officers that were so easily looked over.  You are all good officers, please don't let this get you down.  Change is coming I promise you that.
So now the question is will the system fail you again?

 A day will be better in 2010 7/31/09

If Mark Matlock thinks his appraisal is too low, maybe he would be willing to take over some of mine and pay part of my taxes.

What a dope.

No more hand outs to developers.

Morgan 7/29/09

The current sheriff has an opportunity to make some well needed changes in the department.  But the question is will he do so?  The investigator position has been available for several weeks since the departure of Jeff Vittatoe and after several deserving and well qualified applicants have now been tested and interviewed we will see if the right decision will be made or will the good ole boys system prevail?
a change in 2010 7/28/09

Can someone explain how Mr. Tim Brewster became a probation officer? I read the article about Christmas coming early. Supposedly he was arrested for being drunk. How can a probation officer deal with people when he is supposedly a drunk himself? . Is this the best Loudon County can do? I understand Mr. Brewster has more problems than just being a drunk. Sounds like Good Old Boys politics in Loudon Country. You people deserve better.

Johnson City. Tennessee 7/24/09

to robert of loudon
i read your blog about scolding the people of philadelphia for not attending the movie thing.
did you know drive in movies are a  thing of the past?  that is why they all closed down decades ago. there used to be a  drive in movie place  in philadelphia and  it didn't  work then. now you want to show a movie on a trailer and expect   to  'save" a town. why scold the poor people of philadelphia  because someones brain fart dint work out?
the people that  live  in philadelphia live there because of  what it is.. a peaceful quiet quaint community. one of the last places around to enjoy life without all the noise and traffic that comes with "GROWTH".  i say keep it like it is!!! and enjoy peace and quiet
Philadelphia will disappear  if they dont attend a movie in the park? wow. i mean what will happen will they bulldoze it or will it just vanish into thin air? i have relatives in  philadelphia
what will become of them?

leave it be 7/20/09


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Stop by today !!  As always we are striving to give you The Best selection and service in Tennessee!!!  Looking  forward to seeing you.   

Scott and Ted Yates
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Philadelphia's "Movie in the Park" Reviewed

First off please excuse me before hand as this article may ramble some. There is much to address.

It was my pleasure to attend a "Movie in the Park" event last night. I read about this event in Loudon County's News Herald on Thursday. It  sparked my curiosity and luckily the article contained Philadelphia's  Web Site address.

"Movie in the Park" is a fund raising event cooked up by the new  Political regime in an effort to save the small City. It is part of a
much larger effort. Also included on alternate Friday nights is singing events with local talent Blue Grass, Country, and Gospel bands. Next Friday night will be a "Live Performance" night and you can bet if the  weather is nice I will be there to see what it is like. I must point out that these events are FREE to the public. FREE being the key operative  word here. There is only one area that they are trying to generate money in and that is by selling Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Chips, Soda, water, and so on. The prices are pretty good also. I mean two bucks for a hamburger or just a buck for a hot dog. I had two hamburgers and they were good!

Since I can not drive I got my parents to bring me down, they also helped the cause and got hamburgers which they also enjoyed. When my wife arrived after she got off work she got one. She did enjoy hers also. The point I am trying to make is that we do not even live in the small city of Philadelphia and we were trying to help. Why do I mention this? Read on...

At the "Movie in the Park" event I did have fun. But at the same time I was saddened and a little miffed to. Why? From what I saw the Community, the average Joe Blow or Jane Doe does not give a flying flip about saving Philadelphia! DO NOT get me wrong. The new Mayor Stallings, the Volunteer Police Department, and the Volunteer Fire Department, AND  their Families were there. I talked to a lot of them and they were all excited about bringing Philadelphia back from the edge of nowhere. THEY were excited about trying to build Philadelphia. Each of them that I talked to I asked where is the Community? In everyone of them the replies was almost identical. A little look of sadness would creep into their eyes, then a small hopeful look would appear and they would tell  me, "They are coming."
Guess what Philadelphia? YOU NEVER CAME!! Apart from the Core people/groups mentioned above, their Families and a few friends of theirs, and my Family there was no one there. The attendance was around 35, and that is including little children and babies.

SHAME ON YOU average Joe Blow and Jane Doe of Philadelphia!! Now I am getting angry. Your City is going to disappear if you, the average person does not WAKE UP and get off your DUFF to do SOMETHING about it! What the Mayor, Volunteer Police and Fire are doing is nothing short of a Heroic attempt to save your fine small city! I saw a lot of potential in that event. With a little imagination I was able to make believe a lot more community was there. In my mind I saw friends talking with each other, joshing each other about their Karaoke attempts, just having a good time. It can happen but ONLY with YOUR HELP!

Opps!! I have almost forgotten to tell about last night itself. Well I did mention the great food. Now they did also have a pretty good sound system set up for the Karaoke. But that did not happen because no one but the Family was there and I guess they all know what each other sounds like. LOL! But they did play some very good Southern Gospel music. I also got a lot of yapping in. The movie started at about 9:30. It was shown on the baseball field against a trailer that was painted white. A Pretty smart idea when your lacking a drive inn movie screen. I must also say once again that I did have fun. It would have been funner though if YOU would have been there.

All Summer long there will be something going on in the Philadelphia Park every Friday night. The events try to start about 7:00 in the
evening. But when the Community does not come it is kind of hard to know when to really start the event. Philadelphia, they have built it, now you MUST come. That invite also goes out to EVERYONE. Please let's don't let this small Historical City of Philadelphia die. I am asking, no, I am begging Loudon County to help Philadelphia by attending these events.

I am hoping to one day soon be able to follow this article up with a story titled: Philadelphia - The little City that Could

As I get more detailed information about each event I will be posting the information on this Web Site. But you can also go to the
Philadelphia Web Site at:

written by:
Robert of Loudon 7/14/09

is it just me......

or is it my duty to expose someone who is running for local council in my town, not to help the townspeople, but to pad his resume, hence , a job application to get hired by the local school district? Is this not what is wrong with some politicians, in that they are running or taking certain positions to enhance their own personal agenda. I guess one would call it "hidden motives"

Unknown 7/7/09

Why would anybody fear justice in the 9th judicial district? 5 months probation for murder? You would be more likely to get more time in jail in uncle Bill's general sessions court for public drunkenness than from da Johnson for murder. Judge Bill Russell is Russ Johnson's uncle. I'm sure you folks in Loudon County already knew that.

Kingston King 7/7/09

Property owners, taxpayers and voters----

I question the decision of hauling the coal fly ash from the Dec. 22 spill at the TVA Kingston Fossil Plant in Kingston to all these other sites and just spreading the contamination. I believe this is just poor judgment for the State of TN. and for sure the people that live in these areas that will be affected.

My family and I are just one of many. We rely on well water. Who is going to test my water and make sure the heavy metals have not leached into the underground water supply? What about the property values in the area? The first liner that was put into the Matlock Bend Landfill  several years ago cost about $126,000.00 an acre to develop. If TVA fills up our valuable lined landfill space that was prepared for the municipal household waste of our county citizens with their contaminated fly ash, who will pay to have more acreage developed with an expensive liner? Will it be the Loudon County taxpayers? Who will be the responsible party in case of problems associated with this special coal fly ash waste?

The Loudon County taxpayers bought and own the landfill and are responsible and when it is full and closed there is a 30 year period of responsibility after that I believe. I believe this is such an unthinkable and irresponsible thing to even consider doing! What can't TVA just put all this ash on their property and take care of it? We don't want it!

According to news articles the TN. Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) has given their approval to hauling it and dumping it at Matlock Bend. Does anyone remember some of the past bad environmental decisions that have been made by TDEC? What about the air quality when this dry ash is hauled and dumped? It contains lead, arsenic and other heavy metals. Please contact the county commissioners, county mayor, TDEC officials, city officials and news media and let them know how you feel about becoming the dump of the South.

I love Loudon and Loudon County and certainly want what's best for our families, our health and our welfare and known contaminated special waste being dumped in our community is not a good thing. Please speak out on this important issue and do so quickly because TDEC approved test runs to begin July 15.

Taxpayer, Property Owner and Voter  7/2/09

i heard long john silvers was sold to a Japanese restaurant. i always liked long john silvers food. unfortunately, they refused to honor their claims. for example they  said they would honor capn ds coupons.
i took  one there that  said  two 3 piece fish dinners for 7.99  i presented it  and they said they didn't have 3 piece fish dinners, they would sell me 2 piece fish dinners for that price then i could  buy an extra piece if i wanted to. i dont know about other people but i do not like to be peed on and told it's raining. so i stopped going to long john silvers. im sure many other people did that same. the bad economy doesn't close businesses down, bad management does. why is it that the asian ppl seem to  flourish during this  bad economy when  american businesses close the doors? im glad i work at denso
ernie san 7/1/09

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