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Concerning the want or need of a new greenback school, My experience in  education is that it is not the condition of the building that  makes for a successful education. It is the teachers ability to teach  that  makes all the difference in  the world .I attended the old Browder school many years ago. the building wasn't that great  in  fact  a few years after  i went on to high school, they closed it for good. While I did attended there for 8 years, we had some of the best teachers one could possibly get. Mrs. Pauline Davis (GOD REST HER SOUL)  was one of the best  math teachers around the state. Bob Yates( who later was the principle at Loudon) also was a great teacher. very often  he would challenge the students to think outside the text  books on issues of the time. we got to share our own  thoughts on  the issues of the days. In  high school the teaching methods were a totally different world. EVEN  the  cooks at  Browder school were a lot better than  their counterparts at  high  school. What I'm saying is that  the kids deserve a better education, that comes  from the teachers themselves, other than  a new building. I'm not against a new building  for the greenback kids, I think the school boards decisions on  hiring teachers are a lot more important than  the building.

Just My Thought 2/21/09

Nancy MARCUS  Shame on you, why are you doing this to GREENBACK ?   People of LOUDON COUNTY  greenback is a very good school !  With some of the best people you will ever meet. it was a gift for me to work at greenback school  and yes a new school is in need. don’t let Nancy MARCUS do this, there must be a reason for her to hate greenback this bad. So if anyone can tell me please let me know.

Go kees
Go panthers    02/20/2009
Sorry redskins

Some word of advice for the county commissioners from a Christian parent of two boys in the Loudon County school system……..  Separate yourself from Nancy Marcus.  Some may disagree, especially coming from a Christian parent.  I am not trying to be ugly; however, the Bible says flee from evil and do not associate yourself with it.  I pray that Nancy will search deep within herself and really take a step back and look at what she has done over the years, same for Bill.  I appreciate their service and dedication, but I wonder what makes them tick.  We are all fed up with the politics. 

Please make the necessary decisions to help our kids.  The current county commission has spent the last 4+ years doing nothing about the school building plan, while other surrounding counties are building new schools left & right.  Bill’s power of influence over the board in this matter is out the window, isn’t it time that Nancy’s antics be ignored as well.  She is going to be gone next election.  I can’t imagine many in her district would want her representing them any longer.   She would send her own district down the tubes to fight against Greenback.  Apparently she has never gotten over being demoted by a previous Greenback resident, Greenback principal, & former Central Office Supervisor.  I am sure everyone in each & every district wants the support of the commission and school board.  I know that Bob Franke and Lisa Russell care just as much about the kids in the other districts as they do for the Greenback kids.  The majority @ Greenback care as well about the kids @ other schools in the county.  We do not want our kids taken care of at the expense of others.  We did not ask for all the band-aids they have done over the years @ Greenback.  What in the world have the commissioners been doing with all the tax dollars over the last 20 years?  We definitely have not been building new schools.  There has been a lot of “renovations and additions”.  Monroe County and Blount County Have built a high school, some middle schools, elementary schools, etc.   When was the last new school built in Loudon County? 

Money is not the real issue.  The real issue is that there are some county commissioners and school board members that want their agenda adopted.  Anything short of that will cause a bottleneck, the one we have had in this county for years.  The main gripe is that finally the school board votes 8-2 for the building plan, yet many fear that there may not be enough support from the commission to pass.  Does Nancy Marcus have the commission in her pocket?  Does she know things about you that could hurt you?  What kind of scare tactics are being used on the commission?  I can’t imagine that there would be any other commissioner that would agree with Nancy Marcus and her current position.  If the board does not adopt this building plan and make the funding happen, all of those that voted ney should and very likely could be voted from office in 2010.  Do you guys want to go out with a bang?  What kind of bang will it be.  Or just maybe you will do the right thing and keep your seat.  Inaction by the commission is a thing of the past. 

We are tired of it in Loudon County. 2/20/09

Sounds like Nancy Marcus knows a little about nothing.  I find it interesting that her husband in on the school board and she is a commissioner.  Again the Loudon County Home cooking at its best. Surely there are some qualified people with construction, business and other experience that could speak out for the people of Greenback.  I find it reprehensible for a commissioner to step from her position and address this issue of the school. As I understand the commissioner position is to represent the people. 

Utterly disgusting. 2/19/09

Tax- payers of Greenback unite!! Nancy Marcus is delusional if she believes your kids don’t deserve a new school and evidently she thinks Greenback has ceded from Loudon County. Commissioner Marcus repeatedly states that “Loudon County Taxpayers” should not have to pay for schools in Greenback. Last time I checked Greenback was just full of “Loudon County Taxpayers”.

Always amazed…L.C. 2/18/09

Ask Marcus family why the dollars always stayed at the other side of the Dam. For years and years county dollars had come very slowly to the Greenback area- how come, can they explain that? what kind of degrees does she have?  Any in business??  just wondering.. she claims knowledge of the school systems and schools.  Does she run a business currently?  Previously??   She needs to explain with more details, more specifics, with more substance why not a new school for Greenback. - or just ask in front of everyone present- Do they hate Greenback??

It is time for the dollars to start coming this way, There was a growth toward this area before the economic issues of this country.  Also, ask the Marcus family how come, or can they explain why they allow Illegals to attend schools,  also ask Marcus family how come the other schools in the county are on the news (bad news, incidents) more often than Greenback ?

I believe it is time for Greenback to get a facelift – the area deserve more than the rest of the county – Parents want to take their kids to Greenback, because it is a GOOD SCHOOL.. that is the bottom line and for the benefit of kids.... Hey ask the governor, or Mr. Duncan for the money - President Obama signed the stimulus - why not ask for that now...

God Bless America 2/18/09

I noticed in Nancy Marcus statement about why she felt qualified to pass judgment on Greenback that she didn't mention how she was demoted from principal to reading teacher because of her incompetence. She had to be removed as principal because she couldn't perform the simplest functions required of her.

How can she possibly try to make people believe she knows so much about construction when she couldn't even do a job she was supposedly trained for?

None of the facts and figures spouted by her are even close to right. Just a bunch of made up stuff by her and her hubby to try to prove their point.

I live in the first district and am embarrassed by Nancy's actions and feel compelled to apologize to the people of Greenback for her hateful actions. Nancy does not speak for most of the people of Loudon.

Ashamed of my commissioner. 2/18/09


Just wanted to let everyone know there is a new blog site on the internet called,

Supposedly Lenoir City's truth serum? Don't know what that's all about?  Anyway, you can chat live and create user profiles. Its like a little community. Has blog spot and a forum. Looks like its still  underdevelopment.

Check it out!

LC Resident....2/13/09

sherry we are worried about the kids.. that's why we are against "booze"

booze contributes to 100,000 deaths a year according to the info i read. the dead beat parents of unwanted kids are usually drunks  or dope heads. and no  im not worried about being seen  in a liquor store

concerned 2/9/09


while the ppl of this county are arguing over "booze", the children of this county are going without child support. i have had my grandsons since they were born, almost 7 years. getting child support is like pulling teeth!! we go to court every 2 months. child support workers do their job by trying to get these "dead beats" into court. parents don't show up so the judge orders them to be picked up. the parents are not picked up. the answer i get from the "law" is, we can't go door to door looking for these people. i thought the police were supposed to do what the judge orders. i give addresses, do everything. i've even offered to take them where the parents live. i'm told the officers can't do that. anybody out there have any suggestions? why don't you people forget about the booze and worry about our children? are you all afraid of being seen in the stores? i'd say a lot of you go to knox county where you can't be seen!!!!!
sherri 1/28/09

i might give your comments some  consideration had i not seen  the council  meeting in which  some of the  councilmen  said they  didn't care how close it was to  a church or for anything else for that  matter. as  for the laws.. the city  council had the opportunity  to  keep alcohol  under most  restrictions. but  choose not to, there is no one else responsible for that  no matter  how  you look  at  it. i know very well about beer ,wine, and alcohol, drugs. and the  ppl  its has killed. the thing is this": you cannot  use the problems we already  have  as an excuse to add more fuel  to the  fire. as for me being confused, your assumption  is incorrect, many people may be confused about it. the  truth  is: wine is a mocker strong drink  is raging and whosoever is deceived by it is not wise. it has deceived very  many people, many are dead ,many in prison few on  the city  council  , many that  write to van site seemingly defending it, but not   i
concerned but not deceived 1/27/09

TO Concerned:
I think you have your facts a little wrong.  Loudon city never voted to have liquor alone.  The citizens of the county voted and because of the laws of TN requires that it be IN Loudon city only.  The council members of Loudon had no choice but to allow it in there because the LAW tells them they have to. As for drunk drivers,  1 in every 5 cars on the rd are intoxicated drivers, no liquor stores needed.  95% of drunk drivers are drunk on BEER not liquor and the other 5% drank that liquor at a restaurant not getting it at a store. To fight drunk drivers we should look at ourselves and go door to door and witness to your neighbors get them in church and bring them to GOD because he is the only way to save the world.

i just read about the liquor barons in  loudon. The surprising thing to me is this: when pilot wanted to  open  a travel  center in  loudon, these same people were  so concerned about it bringing in  drugs (which have already been here every since i can  remember) and prostitution  to "mayberry". they all opposed it till  they  brought on  a lawsuit. Less than  a   year later they voted in  liquor, my guess would be that  it will save some of the council men gas money. they seemed so concerned about who would police the truckstop, not a word was mentioned about the police who will have to  police the drunken drivers. Im thinking all responsible parties that brought the booze in  on the people of loudon (WHO DIDNT WANT IT ANYWAY) CAN NOW BEAR THE BURDEN  OF KNOWING THEY  HAVE BROUGHT AN EVIL TO PPL WHO WILL NOW HAVE TO BEAR THE BURDEN  OF all the problems associated with booze. i hope it wont be one of their kids  are grandkids that will be ran  over by a drunk. i'm sure with the councilmen that voted for it to be sold practically in  the front door of any church, have no respect for GOD, church or any of the teachings of jesus christ.

Concerned 1/23/09

Is anybody really surprised that Bill Marcus would vote against a new school in Loudon? Think back. Just a few months ago Bill voted to pay for a board trip with maintenance money. Then his wife Commissioner Marcus voted for the same thing. Guess who got a free trip on the tax payers? There's something wrong with this picture.

We almost got Bill out last year and we will get Nancy out in 2010.

Life Long In Loudon 1/22/09

A great quote from a story in Tuesday's News-Sentinel, "Guns for Teachers"

"Geography will not turn a responsible citizen with a carry permit into a crazed murderer."

While we're finally seriously debating the wisdom of allowing teachers to carry guns to school, we're taking two steps backwards by banning concealed weapons in government buildings. So will it soon be OK for teachers to have their right of self-defense (and defense of the children entrusted to their care) restored, but no so for other government employees?

BEZ 1/22/09

to angela 

if you had no heat at your home, the authorities would take your child away and say you were unfit as a parent. on the other hand they can be herded like animals with no  heat  into a cafeteria and not a word is said concerning it. The thing is, a lot of people make a lot of money off the kids being there. so what if they get sick? That's more money pumped into the economy thru medical expenses.

sorry about the pneumonia 1/19/08

Are you aware that there is NO heat at Eaton Elementary School?? I have a problem with this, due to the fact that the parents haven’t been contacted about this problem, but yet you let your child’s lunch account get behind a single dollar, and Parent link is calling you; and school at Eaton’s is still in session. The cafeteria, especially, is very cold (Even with the sun shining today), so I can’t imagine how cold it will be tomorrow, with temperatures expected to be in the single digits.

My daughter was treated right before Christmas for pneumonia, and I can’t see spending the money in medical treatment, only to send her into a school with no heat, in the middle of winter. Doesn’t anyone have an issue with this?!?!?!

Angela- Lenoir City 1/16/09

Can someone please tell me why Bill Marcus voted against the building plan? He is suppose to represent the residents of the first district, Loudon area, and he voted not to build a new middle school. What's wrong with that man and his wife for that matter. If Bill had gotten his way, we wouldn't be getting a new middle school or the new part of the elementary school.

I'm sorry to admit that I voted for Bill Marcus back in August but I promise I wont make that mistake again. Thanks to Scott Newman for standing up for the children of Loudon. At least we have one representative in Loudon who is looking out for us. I wish there was some way to get Bill out of office now. I guess we can start in 2010 by getting rid of his wife on the commission.

LAD Loudon 1/11/09 

The T.V.A and the K.G.B.,
are all the same to a boy like me.
Where we use to plant corn and such as that,
Now they got "Greens" and their fancy "sandtraps".
They will steal more land, they can condemn it all.
So all the Dammed Yankees can play with their little white balls.
Was it right or wrong? Only time will tell.
T.V.A and their "carpet-baggin" yankees may all go to he**!

Author Unknown 1/8/09

I really must give you a great big "thank you" for the article "Brookshire's Not Happy"  I laughed until I 'bout peed my pants!!!!  He looks sooooo distraught!!!  I think it is absolutely hilarious that he didn't get his way this time. He obviously had someone in mind for that job!!  I expected to see him stomp his feet and pound his fists on the table at any minute. Word of warning to the job winner - watch your back!!! 

Matt the Brat ain't happy!!! 1/6/08

I see the Newsless Herald is blowing it's horn about a whole new look to the paper. Do you suppose that means they are actually going to start printing news instead of propaganda? Doubtful.

Red 1/6/08

To all who are concerned about people not smiling at them.. i cannot believe that people still go to a "branch"of the l.c.u.b. to  pay their bills and are unhappy about the employees there. There are many ways to avoid the unsmilers..  simply pay the bill by mail, or have them automatically deduct it from  your bank account, or pay online. i cannot believe that people still take the time to  go to an office to try  to  deal  with  ppl that apparently are  unhappy to work  there. smiley was belittling  me when she said that  i didn't read her post correctly, when actually it wasn't written correctly, she talked about a branch of some kind , then later talked of l,c.u.b. hiring an attorney. i suppose she was talking about the same office although it was unclear at  the time any way here is you a big smile ; ]                                                
 jar 1/5/08

It's disturbing that the Lenoir City would waste money on those stupid ugly markers. I have a novel idea.  Why don't you spend some money on those damn humps in the road.  You know, the big one in front of the red light up from the pilot. There's another one on west Broadway near C St. too.

My thoughts on the new employee at LC codes is that it seems ironic that only 12 people applied for the job, some places are getting 200+ applications nowadays, and it is very strange that the person they hired has a working history to the current Codes officer.  Not to put a damper on her start but it just sounds like the city is following along with county politics.  It is good that she has these qualifications and I wish her the best.  Remember this and your will have a long career in Loudon County; no one is your friend and keep your nose clean or else others will be looking for those nasty boogers and wipe them on the mirror for everyone to see and if there is something you don't want people to know then don't tell anyone.
JC 1/3/08

these people seem to have an agenda (who doesn't these days), but they have some great details on what's happening at the Steam Plant
Shawn 1/1/09

JAR,,,,how is Smiley trying to "belittle" anyone? What they posted is the truth and a fact.....Nothing to "belittle",,,unless you're one of the employees at that branch. HUMMMMMMM      The only friendly person that LCUB had at that branch is now gone, she always called me by name, always smiled and always was pleasant.......As a matter of fact, I witnessed people waiting for her to wait on them when the other employees were doing nothing............Sorry if someone speaks the truth and it apparently struck a nerve.

Laud 1/1/09