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Officials Sightings report 7/31/07

What hoarder of the public records was seen about town today, first at Walmart at 10:00 AM, then at Weigles at 10:20 AM? I do hope my tax dollars are paying for more than official shopping trips.

What official driving a green Crown Victoria (partial plate number # 1203) with county plates, thinks he is above stopping speeders who run red lights?

I watched you ignore that speeder and wondered if this was more of my tax dollars at work. And aren't those tinted windows against the law?

SuzyQ  LC 8/1/07

Well  I've got a question....
The Little Rockets day car for infant  (trailer) looks like that some good minded folks from the "Two Rivers" church are helping with the fix up of the trailer.
They had a volunteer day this past Saturday. Looks like it was painted, the steps moved in place,the trailer was moved away from North Middle  toward the road (Fire Marshall had concerns about location) etc....
However the church is now calling this a "missionary" effort to help the day care???  Can you have a missionary in the public schools??
It just gets deeper.....

Concerned 7/26/07

In today's News Herald I saw an article about Lenoir City and eminent domain concerning back taxes and a property that they probably want for their own. An old song by Jenny C. riley comes to mind. "This is just a little Peyton Place and your whole bunch are Lenoir City hypocrites! (I am simply sharing MY opinion, so blame no one but me.). Come on Mayor, when do you plan to declare eminent domain on the city attorney? On the other hand, maybe he pays city taxes, and not county taxes.

JoAnne Turner 7/26/07

Is anybody surprised the Aikens got off, again? Kind of makes firing Grossbard for the video seem a little silly. Some things never change and never will.

Ashamed of our system 7/21/07

I recently read in the local paper a proposal from one  of our fine County Commissioners Nancy Marcus.  Mrs. Marcus has been trying for some years now to make the county employees pay higher rates for insurance.  She correctly stated a figure that the county pays about 90 percent of the employee insurance with the workers paying 10 percent.  Also, according to Marcus, the county has been raising and leveling the salaries of employees of various departments, and this should allow them to pay a higher percentage cost. 

The fact of the matter is, the only employees that have seen raises are upper management.  Some of them received raises at around 15,000.00 a year!  How many of the regular employees saw a raise? The ones that sued the commission to get one!  So for whatever reason, Mrs. Marcus has an agenda to make the county employees suffer.  This shows the true character of this woman.  NEWS FLASH!  The county is not in a huge hurt for money, so why is she doing this?  It is not the first time it has happened. 

Recently Van Shaver posted the leftover money from last year, and it shows me that there is no reason to scrounge.  Let me give you an example of how someone might be effected if this change were to come about.  Lets say that we have an employee that makes 12.00 /hr.  There are a whole lot of people that work for the county that make this or a lot less.  This employee would make about 960.00 every two weeks.  Uncle SAM takes his part along with mandatory county retirement and now we have about 740.00.  Now if you have family insurance, you pay about 120.00 a month so 60.00 more off of the 740.00.  Now we are down to 680.00 bring home every two weeks.  This is how it is currently. 

Now if Mrs. Marcus has her way, the county employees would have to deduct about 290 to 300.00 a month so lets figure this in.  740.00 - 150.00, now we have about 590.00 every two weeks.  You are bringing home about 50 or 60 dollars more than a burger flipper at one of the local fast food places.  You decide, are you going to retain good employees, or are you going to recruit burger flippers?  What is it that Mrs. Marcus is looking to gain from this?  What kind of liberal spending project is she trying to scrounge money for? 

I feel sorry for the county employees that are just here to be a public servant.  These are the people that make our county function, not the administration that can never be found during business hours.  Look at it this way, would you like the girl that answers your 911 call to be no more than a burger flipper when your loved one is having a heart attack, or would you like a professional that has good benefits to be here.  Would you like the county clerks that we all have to see at one point in time to screw it all up because they have no education?  How about that officer that comes to help you in a horrible situation.  Would you like to have an idiot respond to you because he was the only one that was dumb enough to work for such a low rate?  It is as simple as this.  Take care of your employees and you will have a good product.  I don't mean that you have to be a tax money open drain, just give people that have good education and work ethics a reason to look at this county when they are looking for a job.  I would like to ask Van to look into this situation a little more and have his opinion.  I would like to see Van back in office so that he could represent employees fair like before.  As for Nancy Marcus, we all know that your broom doesn't have a lot of dust on it. 

Ricky  Lenoir City 7/20/07

I am sorry for Mr. Grossbard. It was a silly thing he did but are we to believe he is the only city/LCUB employee to goof off a little on the clock or to use city/LCUB equipment for personal use? I think not. He certainly should have been reprimanded but termination was too harsh. Chief White has now set a high standard for all of his officers and the same standard should also apply to all city and LCUB employees. It will be very interesting to see if it will. I'm sure we will all be watching to see if this standard is equally and fairly applied to all.

All is not lost for Mr. Grossbard. I'm sure he can get a job with the sheriff's department. They have a much, much lower standard than the city. Exhortation, tampering with evidence, prisoner abuse and so on. Goofing off on the clock would never rise to a punishable offence. After all one county top cop spends most of his time building houses while on the county dime.

Jamie 7/20/07

As for your story "County Ends Fiscal Year with 20 Million +", we may have 20 million now but that will dwindle to nothing if Doyle Arp keeps taking on his buddy Cunningham's bills with the animal shelter, funding  Tellico Village's wish list, and going on with plans to transform the county building into Fort Arp. More people need to get off their hind end and get involved  if they care about their quality of life in this county.

Joe   7/20/07

I would like to address Ms. Malone's heart rendering letter to the editor in the News Herald 07/16/07,

Ms. Malone has no idea what she is about to get the school board into. Ask yourself, if an on site daycare is such a great idea, why doesn't every private employer set up an infant daycare for their employees. Contrary to Ms. Malone's statements, on site daycares actually contribute to less work productivity. The worker/parent inevitably will spend work time visiting their child especially in the infant stages.

What about the staff required to work an infant daycare? One adult per each four infants. I'm sure Ms. Malone feels they can just hire other teacher's children as they have done so much in the past for other BOE jobs, but not this time. The daycare will be required to have qualified staff. The amount of paper work required to be kept could keep one person working full time. And how long will it be before the tax payers will start picking up the tab.

Heaven forbid, but if there were ever a serious incident, it won't be Ms. Malone that will be held responsible. It will be the tax payers. The liability to the employer is off the charts.

Ms. Malone's statement that our teachers make less then "ALL" surrounding counties is not exactly true. Many times pay scale is dependent on who you are. But also remember the cost of living in Loudon County is less then "ALL" surrounding counties. If a teacher feels that they can make more some where else then they should move on and do what they feel is best for them.

This is just one more example of the education sector feeling superior to the rest of us. Our daycares aren't good enough.

Mary from one of our "no quality" daycares 7/18/07

I am not sure what the story is on Gordon Harless ( I would like to know) but as for county employees using county computers while on tax payers time I think someone should look in to Loudon County Economical Development Agency. I think you will find some of the employees there spending a lot of time sending personal emails, tasteless jokes and surfing websites that are not for the development of Loudon County. Is this being done while on the clock? Are we paying for there employees to play on the internet? If they have free time to do this maybe there hours should be adjusted so they can spend time at home on the PC and not while they are at work. I t was recently some of them got a substantial raise. Hmmmmm something smells and its not the river.
Food for thought the next time you see one of them.

Friend of the county 7/12/07


Public Health Benefits to New Diesel Emissions Rule;
It will be 2025 before we feel the true health effects.

Please take note of the following information by the Environmental Defense:

  • On May 10, 2004, EPA announced new air pollution regulations that will significantly lower pollution from new non-road diesel engines used in construction, agriculture, manufacturing and services.
  • As old diesel equipment is replaced over the coming years, this rule will deliver important public health benefits to communities across America.
  • But the full pollution reductions and public health benefits of this rule will not be realized for more than 20 years due to the lag in time before the emissions standards come into effect and because of the long life spans of heavy-duty diesel engines.
  • Many non-road engines, like those used on construction or marine vehicles, may have life spans of several decades.
  • A child born today may still be breathing soot from a backhoe in her neighborhood when she graduates from college—unless that backhoe is replaced with a clean one or retrofit with emissions controls.

Cost-effective diesel pollution reduction

This handbook demonstrates that cleaning up diesel engines is a cost- effective way to reduce the adverse health effects of diesel pollution and outlines some simple steps, like enforcing idling laws and using clean fuels—like ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD)—with best available retrofit technologies that can cut diesel emissions by up to 90%.

Full Report:

Executive Summary:

SOURCE: Environmental Defense 7/10/07

I won't be in town to make it for the July 11th meeting.  However, I wanted to raise an additional point in the Truck Stop saga:

One need only TRY to exit the interstate at Watt Road or Lovell Road where said "travel centers" exist and see yet ANOTHER reason we don't want this development in our residential community.  Traditional traffic lights allow 2 trucks AT BEST thru a single green light.  Your time getting off on 72 has just tripled!  (assuming a light is installed - if not, add more because we've all seen truckers take the "I'm bigger" right of way liberty.)  And if you live off of Sugarlimb and think it won't affect you?  Think again.  How many residents will purposely jump off on Sugarlimb just to avoid the truck harangue down the road?  I know I jump off anywhere BUT Watt Road to hit Dixie Lee Junction.  We will feel the 'ripple' effect on both sides of this exit.

And, to someone else's point…. How long after we have a 'travel center' do we have some 'adult only' bookstores, video stores, and novelty shops?  Again - see Watt Road?  See Lovell!!!  Bees flock to their honey.  These establishments know where to strategically locate a business, don't they?  I'm not trying to 'generalize' about truckers - I'm looking at historical evidence.  Not all are sex starved porn addicts… but I don't want even 1 or 2 or 3 planning their layover / fix in my backyard.  Do you?

J.S. Lenoir City 7/10/07

Wendy is correct and I am so pleased she brought this to our attention.....I happen to like the Loudon area the way it is. we do not need to step out our back door onto a strip mall or in the door of a travel center....You all should listen to the police department some night or go and look at the call records for the Travel centers A.K.A TRUCK STOPS that are in our county. this would be the T/A and Perkins restaurant at Watt road. yes...they are in Loudon County. these places draw the some undesired patrons and feed some unwanted crime. if this happens then the Hwy 72/I-75 area will see an increase in vagrants that frequent truck stops ( I will use the phrase truck stop a lot so I am sure not to sugar coat the issue). This will bring in prostitution A.K.A. Lot lizards. these are women and men who hang around truck stops to trade sex for money or drugs. and lets not mention the drugs that will roll thru that place. The traffic would  be horrific...I am sure this would be a good selling approach for people wanting to buy property at the National....the description could read like this.
Live in a pristine golfing community in beautiful Loudon County, This uniquely designed golf community built near the land fill ( if not on it) is located a hop, skip and a jump from a shopping Mecca. you can visit the quaint shops of the Pilot Truck stop while enjoying the outside aroma of mushrooms in growth. If you seek to meet other cultures I am sure you will bump into some our friendly Hispanics as the commute to and from work.
We do not need this travel center. We need to stop thinking about the almighty dollar and think about what this place is and why some of us call it home.
P.O.ed in Loudon 7/10/07

Just as Wendy has said, "Time is of the essence" if you want to try to eliminate a problem before it begins. I just learned on the 4th of July that some way, some how, there was an ordinance passed in Lenoir City that says that fireworks are legal inside the city limits from June 20th thru July 5th. Imagine how that could have possibly passed at a City Council meeting where one of the members would own a fireworks store. I was very upset to think that I had to get up at 5:30 am on Thursday for work and I didn't have a voice at all in the "booming" fireworks displays all around my house. I think if that passed without the public knowing about it and never the less it is being abided by, WHY first of all would fireworks be needed prior to the 4th of July and the day after the 4th and secondly, let's enforce the law of fireworks being ILLEGAL inside the city on the  days after the 5th. I was told that unless the fireworks are a nuisance they couldn't do anything about them. I say if they are shaking the windows in my home from streets away THEY ARE A NUISANCE.  Not to mention that incase the fire chief hasn't heard we are in a severe drought, why didn't he stop it ? I will call the LC police every time I hear even one boom around my house. Let's get this nonsense STOPPED. I don't think anyone actually shooting the fireworks and/or any one employed by the city would want to be liable for a house or property going up in flames due to an ordinance that should have never been put into place and not banned during a drought.

Concerned citizen of LC  7/10/07

Hi everyone,
It has been brought to my attention that Pilot Travel Centers, LLC wants to build a 6-acre Pilot Travel Center/Truck stop at the Loudon exit between McDonald's and the exit ramp.  This land is currently not zoned for a truck stop, but Pilot has applied for a special exception
You can voice your opinion in person at the Loudon Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting on Wednesday July 11, 2001 immediately following the Loudon Regional Planning Commission Meeting, which begins at 12:30.  The meeting will be held at Loudon City Hall (same building as the utility board).  If you are not able to attend the meeting, you can voice your opinion via phone or e-mail and ask that your opinions be made part of the minutes of the meeting.
Loudon County Office of Planning and Community Development
Phone:  865-458-3880
Fax: 865-458-3792
Planning director:  Russ Newman
Administrative Assistant:  Debbie Hines
A pilot travel center would greatly increase the volume of traffic at the 72 exit of Interstate 75 (think Watt Rd or Lovell Rd).  The increased emissions from the extra trucks stopping is also inconsistent with Loudon's non-attainment status for fine particle pollution.  Pilot's new truck centers generally offer space for 100+ trucks.  Is this what we want for Loudon?
Please, time is of the essence.  Please contact the planning commission and advise them that you "oppose" re-zoning of this land for this truck stop or Loudon, as we know it, will no longer exist!
Have a good day!
Wendy  7/9/07

I have never seen anybody more busted than Gordon Harless. Sure it was him who signed up with the dating site. It's quit obvious. Then he tries to lie his way out of it. Come on Harless, stand up and take it like a man. The ladies will love it. Does the county have no policy against using a county issued email address for such solicitous purposes? Wonder if it was a personal or county credit card that paid for his dates.

Holly 7/5/07

It is my observation at Eaton Elementary and North Middle School that there has been a dramatic INCREASE in the number of non-teaching staff.  These are new positions and to my knowledge, weren't posted... but CREATED and FILLED positions.  The new 'employees' are all moms of students and move in the same social / church circles.  Maybe we truly needed a 200% increase in paid administrative workers... or a paid PTO president.  Or maybe we've turned friendships into favors.  The good ole boy network is alive and well.  Let's pay the teachers and maybe even put some play equipment on North Middle's recreational 'grass'.
J.S.  Lenoir City, TN 7/5/07

I recently read in the News Sentinel that the Knox County Commissioners violated their own ethics policy by playing in the Knoxville Open Golf Tournament and accepting a $500.00 gift certificate each.  I understand the City Council of Lenoir City also passed an ethics policy recently.   I also understand that the City of Lenoir City had a participate in the Knoxville Open and also received a $500.00 gift certificate.  This is the age old deal of making an enormous contribution with taxpayer funds in order to be invited, and then receive a personal kick back in exchange.  The City Council will look the other way when it is one of their own violating their ethics policy.  That is also why they need to enforce their nepotism policy.
B. Lane LC 7/5/07

Bravo to the Loudon County commission for standing firm against the Loudon County Board Of Education. Shame on you Loudon County Commission for then turning around and throwing away tax money on your budget. It's called hypocrisy.

O. Roberts 7/4/07

After reading the story about the modular being placed at North Middle School, my first thought was  "nope, I'm not going to do it ". However, it just gets the best of me when I see the school system crying about money and sports and busses. For those who do not know, the modular classroom belongs to Eaton Elementary. Remember the " there is no quality daycare in Loudon County ", statement made by principal Malone in her bid to have daycare for employees at the facility. Well here it is in all it's glory, one Department of Education licensed and partially funded quality employee daycare.
While we're on the subject of schools and wasting money. In an article in the most recent News-Herald, Bobby Johnson Jr. " expressed dismay at having to dip into the fund balance, citing the recent problems with the fire marshal at Loudon High School. These renovations went from an estimated $300,000 to MORE THAN 1 MILLION, all of which came from the fund balance ".
First off, the PROBLEM is not recent. The problems began way back in 2001. Secondly, the problems are NOT with the fire marshal as stated. And finally, the initial problems at LHS would not have even remotely reached $300, 000. The problem is as simple as one individuals quest to, as Frank would say  "I DID IT MY WAY". Expensive and foolish mistake.
I can only imagine what the FREE daycare at Eaton is going to cost.
Brooke 7/4/07

To: The Facts Man 6/21/07
You stated: "All of these people listed have paid all of the taxes listed except for the 2006 tax year"
YOU ARE WRONG, as the e-mail from the county trustee (below) shows.
You also stated: "This is what angers me about irresponsible posts on web sites or blogs. Most people don't take the time to check and see if the claims are true."
Print that statement, and read it in front of your mirror.
From:     Estelle
To:         'Dave Divelbiss'
Subject: RE: Property Taxes, 1005 E. Broadway
Date:     Jun 29, 2007 10:28 AM
Mr. Divelbiss:  After checking these taxes, the only year that was paid is
the 2003 year.  They were pd 10-2-06.  The 2004 & 2005 taxes have been
turned over to the Clerk & Master for collection.  This office has the 2006
tax.  Hope this info will be of help.  Thanks Estelle

David Divelbiss 6/29/07

I thought all the council's families already worked for the city or LCUB.

Joe 6/28/07

Which city councilman's child is going to work at LCUB? We'll see!

Lcuber 627/07

At the Monday, June 11th city council meeting, Matt Brookshire told us: "For six straight years now, we've had what is truly considered a balanced budget."
Some of us know better. For instance, last year they removed two very expensive items in order to get a "truly balanced budget" (a plastic enclosure for his swimming pool [$178,000.00] and a new garbage truck), passed the budget, then went ahead and purchased them anyway.
(Brookshire claimed he was getting donations for the pool enclosure. As of March he had NONE!)
Now, only two weeks after the latest "truly balanced budget" was passed, council votes to raise garbage collection fees and motel user taxes.
YO! KING MATT!: Is there a new round of "off-budget spending" planned? Or is this to pay for last year's?
David Divelbiss 6/27/07

It is a sad day that the citizens of Loudon County are now going to be charged for copies.  Arp wanted the pesky citizens out of the records and getting them copied, well maybe now we need to be in the records more.  What is he going to do if there is a line day after day wanting  just to see these records, he can't deny anyone and he can't throw any one out.  So therefore he would have just made the situation worse.  I just hope that on the next election for County Mayor that the voters will remember just how much Mr. Arp has cost the TAX PAYERS OF LOUDON COUNTY.
Joanne Greenway 6/24/07

I don't know and don't particularly care, but if my tax records were reported as unpaid for several years and this was wrong, I would pitch a fit with somebody at the state or at the county for putting my information on the web incorrectly. That could really hurt a persons credibility. Has anybody actually called the Trustee's office to check the facts?

Hillbilly Bob 6/22/07

To the Facts man......
   The taxes on correctly reflect what is found online at

An example- taken from this site by choosing printable version to alleviate the tables is posted below. While it may be possible that one year would be amiss, I doubt that whoever updates the site would mark four years unpaid, taxman. If so, this is another example of someone being paid tax dollars who does not do their job. It is also another example of special favors. Do WE get to go four years before paying OUR taxes? I do not think so. Taxes are a matter of public record, so I encourage anyone interested to
check the tax rolls themselves.

Property Tax Data Book:  249  Page:  229 

Identification Information
Receipt Number:  16287
Property ID:  020L C 01800 000
County #:  053
City #:  407

Property Sale Information
Date:  11-01-1999
Last Sold Price:  $200000.00

Owner Information 
Owner's Address: 4500 UNITIA ROAD
LENOIR CITY, TN   37772 

Address Information
Property Address:  EAST BROADWAY 1005 

Tax History
Tax Year Receipt Tax Amt Tax Paid Date Last Paid
2006  16287  $992.00  $0.00  UnPaid
2005  16123  $1050.00  $0.00  UnPaid
2004  16070  $930.00  $0.00  UnPaid
2003  16110  $930.00  $0.00  UnPaid

Sale History

10-01-1999  $130000.00 6/22/07

I checked on this blog:
"If anyone has been to, school board solutions, there are some interesting names that hold prominent positions in city government who have failed to pay their property tax in several years....S.D. June 20, 2007"
All of these people listed have paid all of the taxes listed except for the 2006 tax year. In two of the cases the property owners have changed. In all of the cases the taxes were paid late in the correct year .This is what angers me about irresponsible posts on web sites or blogs. Most people don't take the time to check and see if the claims are true. Had someone made the claim that taxes are paid late on the properties this would be fact. I now know  the  web site referred to has been shown to be unreliable. I wonder how many other "facts" are unreliable on

The Facts Man 6/21/07

To SD,
  Tax records are a matter of public record, and can be accessed online Just type in the name of the person and be sure to check the little box for all records.  The last time I looked my own record was current, but I am not sure how often the site is updated.

CB 6/21/07


Who said " If the rate is correct, it's pretty shocking, to me at least. What would that say to a potential employer thinking of locating in the county?" What would a potential employer think about all the corruption going on in this county?

Do not get me wrong, I would love to see good paying jobs come to our county. BUT, in my opinion the office bringing those jobs TO this county intends to bring a lot of other bad things along with those jobs. I speak of none other than our local Loudon County Economic Development Agency. Let us look at their record of accomplishment so far. We have three at least major polluters and a bunch of below and at minimum wage jobs to thank them for. We also have a county raped of its beauty, with homes not many of US can afford.

According to Tennessee law, their office is supposed to file a financial audit with the county clerk each year. This has never been done. Nor does the county ask for an accounting of the how the money is spent. Over two hundred thousand of our tax dollars go to fund an agency who accounts to no one, applies for and receives millions in grants each year.

Our children are our future, but it seems to me that the parents ought to start with fighting to make this a better county for their children to live in instead of bickering over the county not funding schools. If everyone would get involved and help root out the corruption, the money for schools would take care of itself in the process.

That is the heart of the matter with the public records case- the county does not want anyone in their business to see where the money goes. So go request a look at bids processed, invoicing - anything that tells how are money is spent, and make sure it went where it was supposed to go. THAT will be what helps your children get a better education.

One who knows a tree from a forest 6/19/2007

You are right Nike!  There are some mean elected officials in this county, and if they knew what people really thought of them, there would be some big time paybacks.  We as voters have put them in the position to hurt us if we try to change the way our governments operate.  I like the blog and it helps me to voice my opinion without worrying how they will get back at me. These people control our towns and county. I hate to be so dramatic but they control our law enforcement, our courts, and our legislative branch of government.  I hope that we can once again vote together to remove them.  They promised us that they would be different if we would only vote for them.  We did and now it is worse than ever.  Keep voicing your opinions on Van's blog.  Nobody will ever know who you are, they will just talk about how you are telling the real truth about the mess we have here in our towns and county.
Betsy Ross

If anyone has been to, school board solutions, there are some interesting names that hold prominent positions in city government who have failed to pay their property tax in several years.  I hope this is not true, as I have known 1 of these individuals for several years.  This is an open invitation for anyone who can validate the claim that they have not  paid on the listed properties.  This type of conduct would be expected from some politicians in this county, but the people on that list have never really been in trouble.  As for the stolen meter, anyone who is a customer of LCUB should be livid about this as our rates continue to go up........Why am I not surprised another member of the sheriff's department broke the law....oh well, their chief deputy is such a fine example
S.D. June 20, 2007

I know why some people don't like this blog page, they can't stand for the truth to be told. And I know why it bothers them that some bloggers are anonymous. They don't know who to intimidate. This site is a great service to Loudon County.


To JoAnne,
I don't think my statement needs clarifying. I was not expressing an opinion about anything. I was just making readers aware that a respected, nationwide publication is reporting very low graduation rates for Loudon County schools.

Either the rates are accurate or not, I do not know. Either way, people across the country can view the rates if they desire. The average reader would have no reason to question the accuracy.

If the rate is correct, it's pretty shocking, to me at least. What would that say to a potential employer thinking of locating in the county?

I am sure the school administration would dispute the rates. However, they should investigate the methodology used in the calculations to determine if they have any validity.


In response to your comments about the deputy stealing electricity and not being charged.  The sheriff said the meter was the property of  LCUB.  Isn't it a strange coincidence that the chief deputy's nephew and the sheriff's secretary's son work for LCUB? Oh but wait I forgot , the deputy said he found the brand new meter on the side of the road.
Amazed by the BS , in LC

I really never believed all the bad stuff that was posted on this site about the sheriff's department. But the deputy stealing the electricity and walking away has made me a believer.

JAM 6/16/07

I am not sure what the point of your post was, so correct me if I am wrong. I am assuming that it has to do with funding. If so, you have to factor in more than school funding. A lot of the drop outs are low income, which has a significant affect on drop out rates. You have to factor in lack of interest. I do not know what quality of teachers we have since I do not have children in school, but it seems like they should be responsible for that.

Could you please clarify your statement?

JoAnne 6/16/07

To: Brooke 6/14/07
Thank you for your message.
It's truly insightful, what you say you saw at Loudon High School"
".....a school that cannot fund a basketball program would go about the task of recruiting a NEW basketball coach...... the football players were there for their daily workout...... the football coaches were there also. Did someone just forget to tell them we're not playing this fall ?"......Not a bad day for someone that cannot fund sports programs." 
I would submit that NOBODY in Loudon County Schools takes this nonsense seriously. Instead, you merely have a tantrum.
It was Loudon County Commissioners who decided that 15% of the Adequate Facilities Tax (AFT) would go to Lenoir City Schools. While they were under no legal obligation to do this, they did so because the tax will be collected countywide - including on residential development in the LC School District (That's how it is when you are fair-minded - you don't need a law or court order to tell you what to do).
The Loudon County School Board wants ALL of that money. They got mad, and this is their tantrum.
(The Lenoir City School Board already threw their childish tantrum. Where DO we find these people?) 
David Divelbiss
Lenoir City 6/16/07

The judge said:
"If the people of the county don't like the policy, they can vote Mayor Arp out of office," said Williams

I say: If we do not like your decision judge, can we do likewise to you?

JoAnne Turner 06/16/07

To Van and other readers:
"Education Week" has posted nationwide high school graduation rates at:

You can view individual district reports by using the search tool. Lenoir City's 2004 rate is reported as 77.8%. Pretty reasonable, I suppose. Higher than state and national averages, but still not great. Loudon County's 2004 rate is reported as 36.5%! The question is, is this a fluke of calculations, or are Loudon and Greenback only graduating barely more than 1/3 of their high school students?


I have been reading this web sight for several months now, and find certain things amusing. Among the most amusing is the situation with the school system. It seems that just the other day (right after the news broke about cutting athletics) I was introduced and shook hands with the NEW basketball coach at Loudon High School. He and the basketball team were there practicing for the upcoming season.
Now, does it not seem odd that a school that cannot fund a basketball program would go about the task of recruiting a NEW basketball coach. And even funnier, if they were to take on that task, how intelligent would you have to be to accept that position, if you could read the newspaper. That could surely make for a short career. Now here is something even stranger.
While there, I also noticed that the football players were there for their daily workout. And oh yeah, the football coaches were there also. Did someone just forget to tell them we're not playing this fall ? And as long as we are on the subject, the marching band and color guard were there running through their routine. And finally what would any good sports program be without the cheerleading squad. You can't have sports without cheerleaders and all their support staff, yeah they were there too. Not a bad day for someone that cannot fund sports programs. Now let's move on to one more thing that amazes me.
I have seen and read numerous accounts of health and safety concerns involving the county schools. I have even made comments on this website to just see how interested the parents are when it comes to the real safety and welfare of their school age children. I have done an extreme amount of research regarding the Life Safety concerns at Loudon High School. I have YET to see one parent attend a school board meeting to address any of these concerns. My question to you is why ?
If the School Board is trying to fire a favored principal or teacher, Parents turn out in record numbers and ring the phone of the wall at the School Boards office. If the School Board threatens to cut out athletics, parents turn out in record numbers and ring the phone of the wall at the school board office. If the county threatens a tax increase, people turn out...well you get the point. Health and safety are usually not big ticket items which require a higher tax rate therefore there is not much hoopla in that. Or so you think. Do the research as I have done, you will see the bigger picture. Ask the school board to give an accounting of the fiasco that they have created through their mishandling of the renovations at Loudon High School, if you want to see what your TAX dollars are buying, not cheap. I believe this might fall under capital expenses or general fund from a budget standpoint I will close for now but, I would like to leave you with one last thought.
I have heard this saying all my life and would like for you to think about this.  A couple of my friends and I were discussing fire safety a few months ago and one of them remarked "Its a concrete and steel building, What is there to burn " I think we all know the answer to that question but, for those that do not I will enlighten you with the answer.
EVERYTHING ELSE; desks, chairs, couches, curtains/blinds, books, bookcases, tables, carpet, flooring, roofing, chemicals, teaching materials, computers, printers, copiers, TV's, and oh yeah,...People. Oh and before I go. That whole thing about sports being taken away. They would fire the English teacher first...It's a matter of priorities.
Brooke 6/14/07

After reading the numbers (and I am simply assuming these are correct) at  I cannot believe that everyone in the school system is still hounding county commission. Do not get me wrong, I consider most of commission and the mayor to be weasels of the highest order. However, here is the problem: five hundred thousand plus five hundred thousand equals one million dollars. Now subtract one million from two point two million and you get one point two million. I am not arguing that the schools do or do not need anything, just that the school board spent 2.2 million dollars from their budget for useless land. It seems to me like the parents ought to be tarring and feathering their own school board for that waste of money rather than asking commission to condone the action with more money. If any of us have a lick of sense, we will get rid of the whole bunch come election time.

Fed up 6/13/07

I was very disappointed in the outcome of today's public records hearing. This just goes to show that any chance at holding the officials accountable is less than nothing, unless everyone gets on the same page and starts yelling loud enough that Nashville listens. To those who have not heard, the judge upheld that the fee for paying a clerk for their time to copy a record (up to 23.47 pr hr), which is contrary to Tennessee code. This will allow Arp's office to pay the person doing the copying twice for the same hour worked, which is also contrary to the law. There will be no fee for inspection, so everyone come armed with video recorders when possible. This is a slap in the face to the citizens of this county.


With Fred Chaney riding herd for the mayor and a judge, who in my opinion, does not know or does not care about the law, we as citizens seem to be up the creek without the proverbial paddle, where justice is concerned. Could this be another attempt to hide what happened to that mysterious 12.5 million, or do they have something more sinister planned for our tax dollars? There is more at stake than public records .

 Someone please tell me why Knox county can have every record and credit card bill gone over, and our tax dollars are none of our business?

Fed Up Again in LC 6/13/07


You said that: "L.C.  citizens sure have a lot to say about our worries that is none of their business.  We elect the school board and the county commission"

Do you not think this is our County Commission being blackmailed also?
.......or our property taxes?
.......or our mayor who is trying to spend the county government broke?

You also said: "I think that if you live in Loudon then you may comment on our school issues but if you do not then worry about your on schools"

What about residents/voters who live in Greenback? or Philadelphia? or the unincorporated parts of the county?
May they have your permission to comment?

David Divelbiss
Lenoir City 6/12/07

To: Carrie - LC 6/9/07

You are correct. You do not need the DAG's permission to testify before the Grand Jury. Tennessee has a state law which says the DAG MUST allow you to testify. When you tell him you want to do so, he tells you WHEN (i.e. he schedules you to testify), but he cannot tell you WHETHER you may do so. If the DAG's office denies you an appearance, they have violated your statutory rights. (The state lawmakers who wrote that recognized the good-ole-boy system. That's actually the law that burned Tony Aikens.)

The problem I see with your message is at the end. You wrote:

The Grand Jury and the DAG only have jurisdiction over the state's CRIMINAL statutes. They have no authority to indict for violating civil statutes.

I think County Mayor Doyle Arp understands that well. He knew from the beginning that he was violating the Open Records laws. But those laws have no criminal penalty attached to them (i.e. fine and/or imprisonment), so he probably figures: "The worst that can happen is someone will file a civil suit, and a court will order me to stop."

Never mind that he swore, in his oath of office, to uphold all of the laws of this state. He obviously takes that oath very lightly.

David Divelbiss
Lenoir City 6/11/07

I would like to comment on some of the issues that are on this page.  I think that if you live in Loudon then you may comment on our school issues but if you do not then worry about your on schools.  L.C.  citizens sure have a lot to say about our worries that is none of their business.  We elect the school board and the county commission and my opinion is that these officials are on these committees for the wrong reasons. I do not think that they have the child's best interest at mind. You have a husband and a wife, one is on school board the other county commission and they both have grudges against the school system. You have  school board members who have no guts when it comes to the welfare of our children in Loudon county. 
They made a vote to let a principal go behind closed doors then one of the members let it leak out to the principals fan club then the politics began.  More people showed up for the school board meeting than ever before. There were two school board members who voted what they believed and the other ones got scared and voted different. It's sad when families are threatened and jobs could be lost because they wanted to vote to let this person go. These people are Deacons in churches and they are suppose to be looking out for the children! As for the people who say Loudon county teachers have it easy then I suggest you spend one week or one day at a school it will change your mind. People like you make me sick when you think you know what they go thru everyday, YOU DON'T. They may have a week or two off but I know for a fact that they are at the schools working trying to get ready for the next school year. As for bad weather, we do not have that in Loudon County! DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE CHILDREN NOT FOR YOURSELVES! NO LIBRARY IN TELLICO VILLAGE IS NEEDED . WHY CAN'T THEY USE LOUDON'S LIBRARY OR IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THEM! ELECTED NEW SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS AND A NEW COUNTY COMMISSION.  


I am not sure how many people know this but...Anyone, yes any person, can petition the Grand Jury for an indictment IF they feel a crime has been committed and they have proof.  It does not take the D.A. to do it. So...... all you have to do is find out when the Grand Jury meets again, made a petition to be heard, take your proof, and speak your mind. Maybe since the Lawkeepers won't keep the law against their own, it's time for the citizens to do it. I can think of a couple of Mayors right off the top of my head that need a good dose of reality, they can be prosecuted for their illegal acts.
Carrie - LC 6/9/07

Robbie E. makes a good point. How many other friends and family members of LCUB employees have free electric meters plugged in their houses. Can just anybody have one of those free meters? Apparently stealing electricity isn't a crime. If you get caught you just pay what you owe. If you don't get caught, free juice for life. If anybody knows the name to contact for a free meter please post it here.

Marion 6/8/07

I just read Lenoir City School's Director, Wayne Miller's, heart felt appeal to the Loudon County Commission to give more money to the school system so Lenoir City Schools will get more money. An editorial in the News Herald. He goes at some detail about the importance supporting the schools financially with more tax money.

Here's a thought Mr. Miller, if you lived in Loudon County and paid property taxes in Loudon County instead of Knox County, that might help with the financial support of our schools. As for that matter, just how many Lenoir City and Loudon County teachers and school personal live outside Loudon County. Maybe if they all moved to Loudon County and paid taxes here they wouldn't be so quick to call for big tax increases for the rest of us.

No more taxes

Raymond L. 6/8/07

The more I read and hear about the "secret society" which exists in Loudon (i.e., the privileged few who run every aspect of government from the Mayor's offices, the police department, to the school board), living in such a blighted section of America should really cause anxiety for all the honest (those rare species of the general public - not the high and mighty - who still call Loudon home).  A case of chronic neglect by the government entities, which were elected ( not appointed by some higher authority), has been known to cause the down-fall of the very "government" which is the cause of the neglect - just look at the Roman Empire.

Dumbfounded  6/8/07

In regards to Bobby E's statements,
I would like to respond. Isn't it funny, that you can be forgiven a crime if you resign before being charged? He probably still gets to keep the benefits that he earned (if you can call that earning). I could have come up with a better story than he told myself. Drinnon used the county car (paid by our tax dollars) to go courting in Blount County. The sheriff knew this and did nothing, but I guess with officials not in the good ole boy circle knowing about the meter, he was forced to take action.

As for someone cleaning up the place, I could write a book on all I know and more about what I suspect, but you have to have proof, or an awful lot of people complaining to get anything done. Why do you think that mayor is hiding the public records? It is rumored that even some of the minutes in the books at the county clerk's office have been changed. Why would someone do that if there were not something to hide?

I have written to every official I know -but one person can be easily ignored, while many cannot. Phil Bresden keeps saying he wants to restore the public's trust in government, so I challenge everyone who does not like the way things are to write the governor and demand something be done about this corrupt system. I am including the information below. If enough people write, call, or email, something will have to be done. Tell him you are requesting an investigation and to clean it up. What better time than now?

Snail mail:
Governor's Office
Tennessee State Capitol
Nashville, TN 37243-0001

Phone: (615) 741-2001
Fax: (615) 532-9711

Fed up 6/8/07

Van, please post this URL for those who do not know how to find the statistics concerning teachers pay. If you look at the tables, Knox County is making about 2000.00 more than Loudon County per year. Factor in that it costs quite a bit more to LIVE in Knox County (go find a house for the same price as yours and you will find out), and I think it will end the argument that teachers are underpaid. Next argument.........

JoAnne 6/7/07

So, that's it? Drinnen steals electricity, has stolen property in his possession, obviously lies about the whole thing and walks away unscathed? GIVE ME A BREAK! Do we need any more evidence of just how corrupt the sheriff's office really is? This is a travesty of justice. Do you suppose all thief's get the same opportunity? Just pay for what you stole and we will just drop the whole matter.

What about LCUB? do they always just fluff off theft of their equipment? Maybe that's why our utility bills are so high. They have the ability to know exactly where that meter came from and who gave it to him. This is just pathetic. I bet money that the person that gave away the meter is related to higher officials with the city. Wonder how many other meters have "accidentally" fallen off the truck? May be time for LCUB to inventory their meter stock.

It's obvious that the locals are going to protect their own. It's time for some outside agency to come in here and blow the lid off this whole mess. It's time for a Cocke County style house cleaning.

If there is this much crap going on that we know about, just imagine how much stuff is going on that we don't know about. What an embarrassment this is to the whole county.

Robbie E. 6/7/07

Since being indicted twice for extorting $10,000 isn't serious enough to get a LCSD Deputy suspended, you might have (like myself) wondered what it would take to get Guider to suspend someone.
With the case of ex-Deputy Drinnen, we now have the answer:
<<<"He had in his possession an extra electric meter that belonged to LCUB," Guider said. "It is my understanding that the LCUB meter had time on it when examined.">>>(From the News-Sentinel story:)
David Divelbiss
Lenoir City 6/7/07

Does anyone know how the Parvo thing worked out at the animal shelter? I believe that Blount County's contract should be up this month, but I have not heard if the Mayor is planning to keep footing the bill for Blount Countians. I wonder if that was supposed to be something we forgot?

Tired of footing the bill 6/7/07

To just wondering in Loudon, I would also like those questions answered.  As far as Arp in his public meeting the other night does he live in a fantasy world or has his memory been lost somewhere out in space, because  Ms. Hunter would never have filed a lawsuit if he had not denied PUBLIC information.  Can you imagine how much money the county could have if they spent money for only the need to  better our county instead of redoing the county building and all the other unnecessary things. 

Joanne Greenway 6/5/07

In response to: Just wondering in Loudon 6/4/07

You asked "Does anyone know?", regarding illegal immigrants attending public schools. I think I can at least partially answer your question.

Illegal immigrants coming to America have been told, for years now, that the way to keep from being deported is to have children born in America. If the government deports the parent(s), they have to let the child stay, as the child has full citizenship rights.

This could not be changed without amending the constitution itself (something which has proven very difficult to do).
The 14th amendment says: "All persons the United States.......are citizens of the United States....No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States".
(That was actually written to guarantee full citizenship to the emancipated slaves. But the way a law is worded has consequences.)

When you speak of "so many illegal immigrants attending public school" you may actually be talking about the CHILDREN of illegal immigrants. If they are citizens, they cannot be denied public education.

David Divelbiss 6/5/07

The fact remains that IF the schools are under funded by 3.8 million, then why would the school board feel comfortable spending 2.2 million for useless land? For all the defending of the need of money to fund schools, no one has answered that question yet.

Does the school board plan to sell the land for a profit when the right developer comes along? Is it already for sale? Does the school board want taxpayers to pay several more million to make it
useable?  Or was this really a land deal by someone else and made to LOOK like it was
a school board purchase?

Why should MY taxes be raised because of someone else stupid mistake?

Sick of being taxed 6/5/07

To Just wondering in Loudon:

You should thank President Bush for NCLB.

SMA in LC 6/5/07

With all this talk about schools and the budget and the overcrowding with seems to be the main cause of the budget problem, I have a question and I was wondering if anyone could help with it? When my children started kindergarten I had to provide the following information before they were allowed to enroll.

1. Birth Certificate

2.Social Security card

3.Proof of immunizations

4. Proof of residency

So how is it that there are so many illegal immigrants attending public school? So why were they not made to provide the same information? Does anyone know?

Just wondering in Loudon 6/4/07

To: Defending Education,

You said "The daycares become a wash." It's obvious you have no understanding of economics. Unless the daycares are being held in the school yard, it certainly is being partially funded by the tax payers. The daycares are in the buildings in class rooms that as we have been continuously told are not available for students. The daycares surely have lights, water and sewer and it would be hard to calculate work time lost by teachers while they drop by the daycare to check on their little bundles. This also doesn't take into consideration the liability taken on by the schools in the event of, God forbid, a tragedy of some kind. And you can bet your bottom dollar that if allowed to continue, in a short time the full tab will be picked up by the tax payer.

No, I'm sorry, daycare for the teachers is not a wash for the tax payers but just another example of poor management and decision making by the Loudon County Board Of Education.

M.  Murr 6/3/07

To: Defending Education in Loudon County

In this anger-seething message you submitted, you want to belittle those who disagree with you by blathering, over and over, about "the facts....the facts....the facts". So, why do you ignore so many "facts"? You repeatedly mention "teachers" (which will make one suspect that's what you are), but you make no mention of the school board.

*Does it bother you at all that the Loudon County School board wasted $2.2 million on useless land?
*Does it bother you that, until fairly recently, the County Commission considered the Adequate Facilities Tax to be such a boon to the schools' budget that they thought they could GIVE a chunk of it to the Lenoir City School Board (although they were under no legal obligation to do so)?

*Does it bother you that the Loudon County Mayor can find money to blow on:
1. Defending against lawsuits, over illegal policies, which he is virtually certain to lose?;
2. Turning the County Courthouse into a security fortress with expensive renovations?;
3. Giving Commissioners raises, and laptop computers to boot?

Why don't you try it again?

One other thing: I've noticed that, when talking about education, an educator's position always seems to be that raising taxes and raising appropriations is the solution. NOT ONCE in my lifetime do I recall hearing any educator ever say: "Our funding is sufficient", or any words to that effect. Can you explain why that is so?

David Divelbiss
Lenoir City    6/3/07

To Defending Education in Loudon County, I stand corrected on daycare, and if what you say is true, I was wrong. However, not once did I chastise a teacher (only the school board's assessment that you are underpaid.)  As for insurance, you have no idea how
good you have it. Go to work  for someone who does not provide group insurance and four hundred dollars will be a drop in the bucket to the premiums you will pay for private insurance.

Loudon County has a lower cost of living and a better quality of life than the higher paychecks in big cities. My bet is if you figure in the cost of living, wages would be pretty close- and you do not have to put up with the headaches and dangers that big cities bring- YET. I also agree that teachers are important- more so than new buildings and high tech technology, for without someone to teach, no one is going to learn a thing.

I am not against education, and when you get down to it, you and I agree, even if we are looking at things from different angles. We agree totally on this county's government. My point is that there is a better way to fund education than to raise taxes. You have no idea of how much money is wasted that could be put toward education. If the mayor had not instigated three lawsuits in the first month in office we would have 132,000. to go to schools. Add another 600,000. that Don Miller will get for Tellico Village's new library, another 200,000 to keep the mayor from being disturbed when holding secret meetings by redoing the county building.... the list goes on
and on. All that money could go to schools if we could hold our officials to following the law.

Have YOU thought about all the old people and the poor who are barely getting by as it is? Do THEY not count for something? Some of those low-income people have children that go to school too. What good is that education if higher taxes put owning a home out of reach for some (or render them homeless). It could mean the difference in having good clothes to wear and getting enough to eat. Being on the outside is why many kids give up and quit.

I do not know all the answers to the schools problems- or ours either. But I do know who to blame for them and that is changeable if all of us would agree to stick together.

Fed Up in LC 6/3/07

Let me start by saying that before you post on a public blog, you should have facts. The teachers in Loudon County do not get daycare. Every teacher with children in America would teach for Loudon County if that were so.  Some of the schools have daycare facilities that are available to teachers. They DO pay for these services and are completely funded by the teachers, without needing funds from the BOE. The daycares become a wash.
Secondly, I don't know why you think that teachers get 3 months off. The last day for students was May 25. The new school year begins the first of August. But do you think that these classrooms prepare themselves? If so then sign me up...unfortunately many hours are spent in the classroom by teachers who work long hours (with no pay) during the summer. Teachers are paid on a 10 month contract in Loudon County. They don't get paid for time they don't work. Therefore do the math and realize that their paychecks are stretched out to meet needs over 12 months. Also, the insurance benefit is great if you have single coverage. Yes, they pay 100%, but so does almost every other school system around. However if you have to carry family coverage you pay $400 dollars a month.

Also, there is more than 1.1 million left to be cut from the budget. If you did the math you would learn that the county has around 300 out of county students. The county can't charge more tuition than their per pupil expenditure. This means that if they spend about $6600 per student, the state pays approximately 65 percent of this and the county 35 percent. The county could charge no more than about $2000 per child. This would create a revenue of only around $60,000 which won't even dent a 1.1 million dollar deficit unfunded by county commission.

Look at the facts. Really. Do some research and find out for yourself that Loudon County's teachers are underpaid yet their performance is better than most surrounding area's. Some of the schools in Loudon County are in the top percent of schools in the state. I can't say that much for our government. You are creating a societal issue when you don't put money into education. If you pay the lowest continually, you will eventually get the lowest. The brightest and best star teachers will move on to a place in which they can support their families. It is more than just a job, it is a life mission. It is the place where everything starts. If you are reading this now, thank a teacher, don't belittle them for asking to be paid fairly. They are not asking to be rich. They are asking to be paid what others are paid surrounding us.
-Defending Education in Loudon County
June 2, 2007

I have had the opportunity to visit your beautiful region of country several times in the past few years. I mentioned to family members that your area seemed like it would be a wonderful place to retire. When I made that comment, someone in the group mentioned that maybe I should scan this website first before standing by my statement. I did and all that I can say is WOW, brings back old memories.

To the law-abiding citizens of Loudon County please continue with your crusade and don’t give up hope. I lived through an era of time, in my much-adored hometown, such as what you are now experiencing. Kickbacks, racketeering, illegal gaming, etc was considered the norm for a while. These activities were “governed” by a select group of bullies known to us as the “Dixie Mafia”. As more military retirees settled in our region and became involved in local politics it became harder for the bullies to slither around and conduct business as usual. To make a very long story short, this group of bullies and their families were not as smart as they led locals to believe. They were just bullies who pushed people around and practiced intimidation tactics on the locals. That was until the local citizens started to rally around the new kids on the block and realized that they could make the bullies cower when the truth was shouted for all to hear.

The shouting was so loud that along came the FBI etc. and all of the bullies ended up ratting on each other. After the dust settled, either they ended up in prison or they hid behind closed doors. I remember one man in particular that decided it was better to cooperate than go to prison. This man lived the rest of his life in his home with sheets of plywood covering all of his windows and every entrance except the front door. To this day, many of the bullies continue to serve their time in prison. So if this activity is indeed happening in your community stand strong because thugs will ALWAYS be caught in the end and it is usually by doing something really stupid. They can fight with fist power but not brain power. When you stand your ground it’s not very difficult to out wit them.

Been There 6/2/07

During the election, I called both candidates for Shaver's seat to ask what they would do with a situation I was facing on my road. I remember very well my conversation with Chris Park. He told me that whatever the situation, he would hope that he would always do the right thing.
I emailed him a week ago and so far he is not found time to answer that email or any others that I have sent on other issues. So I thought that just MAYBE he pays more attention to this site than he does emails, and since private emails are ineffective, I'll just ask him in a public forum.
Chris, you were elected to represent MY district. When do you intend to do so? I feel strongly that this is not the time to vote commission a raise with all the other problems we have facing the county. I also think that raising property taxes yet again would be a very bad idea for all commissioners who wish to be elected again. I think citizens should evaluate their commissioners the same as any working person is evaluated from time to time. If their job performance is poor, at election time they should be replaced with someone who will do their job. May I remind you that you did take an oath to represent the PEOPLE (not yourself, commission, or the mayor.) So far, all the people have seen is taxation- without representation.

JoAnne Turner 6/2/07

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but did I read right that Loudon teachers get DAYCARE, along with their insurance, every holiday and three months off for summer? DAH, where is the hardship people? If I got all those fringe benefits I would not be growling about a raise. I have a suggestion. While everyone is arguing over all the problems that need solutions concerning the budget, why do we not charge the out of county students tuition for going to our schools? Their parents aren't paying Loudon taxes so why should they get
a free ride?  Why the heck should I have to fund it?
Why should the county build Tellico Village a new library when those folks have the money and the know how to raise those funds on their own?. I recently visited our Loudon library and it seems to me that the poor girl working there could use some help. Or is this Don Miller's payment for going along with Arp's wishes? Seems like a red light and a new road would be
plenty of money spent in that part of town.
If notebook computers are being furnished, let's donate those to the schools instead of commissioners who can darned well afford their own. Let the mayor quit instigating lawsuits because he has to have some grateful to
him and show others who is boss.
Where is all this money that the developers keep promising is going to add to our tax rolls? What happened to that windfall of the adequate facilities tax? Folks, I believe the citizens are allowing the foxes to guard the henhouse
and we are all going to be sorry come suppertime.

Disgusted in LC 6/1/07