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In regards to OLD SCHOOL 3/6/08, 

If you had your information correct you would know I have 1 child & I own a business! So, before you tell me to get off my ASS, you need to investigate who you are talking about. Also, if you were educated yourself you could write a blog correctly! I would love to know who you THINK you are.  If you know who I am, then you should contact me with your comments, since you seem to know so much.  And for your information I have never received a dime from the Government.  As for signing up for Safety Patrol, I would be the first to sign up, if it was available, since I am already at the school why not?? So, when you actually know who & what your talking about, please feel free to let me know.

Unhappy Parent 4/30/08

Does anyone know why Wayne Honeycutt left the Roane County school system to go to Illinois in the first place? Seems like someone should have checked that out before hiring him........

Lulu 4/28/08

The following comment is in regards to Joe Webb's story "A Word on the School Board Election"

Joe Webb is correct in saying that Bill Marcus was not an enabler of Headlee - and most people in this county know the real reason why.  If you don't, you can ask your neighbor or another educator and they can tell you. However, in my experience of 14 months of attending BOE and random County Commission Budget Committee Meetings, Bill Marcus is an enabler of the stalemate between County Commission and the BOE.  Neither Bill nor Nancy Marcus ever intended on seeing Headlee succeed with the capital building plan.

While Joe Webb was busy supporting Bill Marcus, he failed to mention that he has an opponent running mate.  PTO President, school volunteer, mother, FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE successful business owner and children first advocate: Wendy Baustian.

VOTE FOR WENDY BAUSTIAN.  It is time to put a mother of a child in the Loudon County School System on the Board of Education.

SQL wants CHANGE APRIL 28,2008

It is very disturbing to see the number of local professionals out drinking and such in front of our children.  Is there not a written policy that states that Teachers and other education officials cannot conduct in such a matter.  What are we to tell our children about this?  I think maybe our  morals in this county are a little too lax in every area not just one department.

Just Wondering about such. 4/26/08

The reason Jimmy Davis got thumped and the others did not is simple. Davis is not covered under the Sheriff's Merit Board System and the others are. Davis can't appeal his demotion to the Merit Board. Besides he is on his way out. Wackenhut is it? This is the way it works at the ol LCSD. As long as you follow the leader nose to butt, you're in. Remove nose from butt, your out.

999 4/24/08

William:  Comparing the Misty Cosner case to the Callie Rogers Elder Davis case is like apples and oranges.  As far as I know, this is the first time Misty Cosner has ever had a "run-in" with the law.  This can not be said for Davis.  She has had several incidents with law enforcement in the past.  Mr. Davis knew all about his wife and her "run-ins" when he married her.  He knew who protected her and how her illegal activities were covered up or just plain disappeared at the LCSD.  Maybe, just maybe, this is why he was demoted. Maybe, he was warned and just didn't take the advice given to him. No one knows the answer to this, but Mr. Davis.  Let's just sit back and see what our DA does now.
BINGO 4/24/08

To William,
The answer to your question is simple.  Get a copy of the county policy manual and you will see on the first page at the bottom, it says the county reserves the right to apply these policies or not to situations they deem applicable.  I am not quoting exactly but it is something like this and the general idea is they can apply their policies to one person but not the other. It also says there is no standard of punishment. You can be wrote up for coming to work late and then the next person fired.  There is no scale to which they can be held to.  They decide what punishment you get and in what order.  Just ask around and you will see how easily one person can get written up and another just a verbal warning.
Now what do you think about them apples?
-Chips and Salsa 4/24/08

I would like to know what  the Cosner woman  did to  this helpless child to  cause those injuries? If its what I'm  thinking ,,, may GOD help  her

Anonymous 4/24/08

If Misty Cosner pleads guilty of something, does her husband get demoted like Davis? If no why not? How can different policies apply to different people? Sheriff Tim Guider, we are watching to see what you will do. Election 2010 will be here soon enough.

William 4/23/08

I notice that often times, the stuff on the blog is depressing or angering. I would like to do something different and share a positive thing. I'd like to start out by saying that except for being a customer, I have no relationship to any of the parties or businesses involved.
Until auto zone came to town, I was forced to drive out of county for parts. I can't afford NAPA prices, and a string of problems with advance got me to the point that I refused to ever deal with them again. (And, its' not just me, I know several others who feel the same way.)
So, I have had a broken wrench laying in my vehicle for a few months now. Its' supposed to be a "lifetime guarantee" thing, but I bought it on sale as part of a kit, and I didn't spend much to start with. As a result, it hasn't been a priority.
Today (Tuesday the 22nd), I needed to get a part, so I took the wrench to auto zone, forgetting I bought it from advance. They immediately recognized that it wasn't one of theirs, and told me it was from advance. I started looking for a garbage can, because I would rather throw it away then go down there and exchange it for a (maybe) free new one. This is when one of the store managers stepped in and offered me one of theirs as a replacement.
They honored another store's guarantee, when the item was obviously of poor quality to begin with.
I am NOT saying go dig all your stuff out from where ever to go to Autozone in Lenoir City, because I am certain they'll have to draw a line somewhere. But I am saying that I have their customer card, I buy things there once a month, and they valued and respected me enough even as a low end customer to fix a problem I had with another companies' product to keep me from having to deal with them. THAT is customer service, and I wanted everyone to hear that they did right by me. Which is becoming increasingly scarce in this day and age. No arguing, no reading of fine print, no "Sorry, that's all we can do." They saw a problem that wasn't even theirs, and they fixed it because I am a customer.
They maintain this level of service, I will be a staunch supporter of theirs until they carry spacecraft parts and I am too old to turn a wrench anymore. lol

Satisfied Customer 4/23/08

Is there anybody who doesn't really know why Mayor Brookshire, Judge Terry Vann and some of the councilmen want control of the treasurer's office? Just in case some of you don't know, let me tell you. They want control of the money. As long as the treasurer is elected they can't tell them what to do. But if the council appoints the treasurer they can also fire the treasurer if they don't do what they tell them to do. It's just that simple. That's why they ran Debbie Cook off. They couldn't tell her what to do and she wouldn't kiss their butts. Now they are afraid they might get somebody else elected who wouldn't kiss their butts.

The voters better wake up and smell the roses. If that bunch of crooks gets control of the money, it's all over for Lenoir City.

Vote no on any charter change.

Wilma 4/22/08

Small Town Politics 

Politics are everywhere and they influence just about everything.  I do not know how many people are aware that recently LCUB was working on their union contract.  While the union did choose a committee to do their negotiations, they did not choose to be railroaded by the very employees they chose.  Having a General Manager who's son in-law is the Mayor is like swimming up stream, you can do it, but it is hard to say the least. 

Fred Nelson wanted the contract signed with no questions ask and that is what he got .The men as a whole did not agree on the contract in fact several of the men went to different council members and ask them not to sign off on the contract.  There was at least 4 council members who agreed not to sign off on it or they lead a lot of men to believe they would not sign off on it. The day of the meeting with council, word was passed along at the utilities Fred Nelson said, the employees who show up at the meeting will be dealt with, please tell me how anyone can dictate who can and can not come to an open public meeting!  

Now, the reason the majority of LCUB employee's did not want the contract signed is because it gave the lineman a substantial raise over the next three years and thumbed it's nose at everyone else (Fred Nelson's other son in-law is a lineman).  Understand, no one, wanted to take anything from the lineman, they just wanted a cost of living raise also.  Gas, groceries, and utilities went up for everyone, not just the lineman.  Fred Nelson had the audacity to compare the lineman with the soldiers fighting on the front line in Iraq and he minimize the National Guards involvement also. 

There was only one council member who voted against the contract and that was Tony Akins, I am sure it was because his nephew works in the gas and water department, but he gave his word and kept it.  I know of one council member who use to work in collection and had this happened when he was employed at LCUB he would have cussed and shouted to high heavens.  This council member also has a daughter that will be working down there before to long, that is the reason he sided with Fred Nelson.  The citizens of Lenoir City are already paying his son and daughter in-laws wages.

I know this letter will not change anyone or anything, but I want people to pause and think next election, do we want the same old people making decision for us?  Just because someone has done something for more years than I like to think about does not mean they are the best person for the job.  Get people in there that do not want their whole family's to work for the city, and do not owe any favors, someone who will listen to the people.  I think it should be part of the charter of the city that no top officials should be related by blood or marriage, and no one official should serve more than TWO terms of office!!!

Not happy 4/21/08

I just read in the scandal sheet a long press release from district attorney Russ Johnson how he has got caught up on all the cases left over from the last DA. Well I guess it is a lot easier to get through the cases when he cuts deals and reduces charges of a lot of the well known people who go through the court. He shouldn't be blowing his own horn too loud.

Marketha Plumb 4/21/08

To One TICKED off Parent! 4/17/08,

Let me guess, your child is one of those who is already a great ball player. Come on, there just kids. If they have any talent for the game it will come. Let them be kids and enjoy themselves.

Been there done that 4/18/08

Do you know there was a slave graveyard in the Eldridge farm?  I heard the development had to move the bodies but where?  Maybe you can look into this and find out.  It was somewhere across the rd from summit medical or down from it behind adesa.
Aren't or shouldn't things like that be on a historical register?  And what is left in this county from those days that need to be on the register.
The bandit 4/18/08

Absolutely, police officers should be held to a higher standard of honesty and morality than the average Joe. In fact I think they take an oath to do so. These are the people who we must be able to trust. For instance, every time I read about certain officers making arrests or doing investigations I can't help but wonder it the arrest/investigation is legitimate or maybe another motive. That's just human nature. Credibility is everything and when it is lost, it's gone forever.

Honesty first 4/16/08

If know one has noticed that Parks & Rec in Loudon is a joke! If you have a kid that is playing tee-ball you know what I mean! They are learning nothing!!!  When you sign up to play ball you think ok you keep score, your called out, etc. But wait your so wrong! They don't keep score they don't have umpires and better yet they cant even play on the dirt they have to play in the grass! Come on its a joke I could play ball like that in my own yard and teach them more than that! Mark Harrell better get his act together and let these kids play true tee-ball, because they are not doing our kids any good! Thank God SWEETWATER has a true Parks& Rec not a joke of one! I am glad that are tax dollars paid for nice ball fields that are kids can't even play on, maybe they need to build one made out of rubber & padding then maybe they could play some ball.
One TICKED off Parent! 4/17/08

To Brad
The District Attorney General has the authority to ask the Director of the TBI for assistance to investigate an alleged crime in his District.  Between September 1, 1998 and September 1, 2006, I exercised this authority fairly frequently when I felt that more likely than not a crime had been committed and the allegations were such that the resources of the TBI were required. 
In some instances, at the request of a Chief of Police or a Sheriff, I requested the TBI to conduct an investigation of that Chief or Sheriff's department or employee because the Chief or Sheriff felt that an internal investigation of wrong-doing would look too cozy.  That procedure provided necessary independence of the investigation and was good practice.
The TBI can, without the request of the District Attorney General, conduct criminal investigations pertaining to fugitives from justice, offenses involving corruption or official misconduct, organized crime and a couple of other instances. Acting without a DA's request is not the rule and as a practical matter doesn't happen very often at least in my experience. The results of the investigation are presented to the DA.
Drug investigations are a separate matter.
Bear in mind too that the agents often have worked with the agencies.  When an agency is investigated, it is good practice to be sure the agent can be as independent as justice requires.  A good agent will let it be known to his superiors that he has a conflict of interest due to familiarity and will opt out in favor of another agent.  I feel this was problem for me on one occasion.
If the DA refuses or neglects to present the case to the Grand Jury, then the Director of the TBI or his designee can appear before the Grand Jury.
The Feds generally require a higher level of proof before they will expend federal money on an investigation particularly when the allegations concern a public official. Obviously, there must be a federal crime involved too.  This was the situation with Judge Austin in 1998.  But persistence, cooperative informants, good work by TBI and my willingness to initiate the investigation and grant immunity from state prosecution for the informants, made the difference in 2005 when we approached the Feds. Austin is now in the federal penitentiary.
The TBI's web address is click on "criminal investigations unit" for further information.  I hope this is helpful.
Scott McCluen
For years, not afraid to sign my name 4/15/08

Mr. Scott McCluen Sir,
It's obvious that you read or have read entries on this blog site. I don't understand your statement "Unless the Callie Rogers Davis case was bound over from the General Sessions Court to the Grand Jury, it would not have hit my radar screen and I would not have likely known about it."

Are the citizens of this county to believe that you are that naive, when the cases against this woman have continued to go on for such a long time with more than enough "proof".
I do however agree with your earlier statement "Wake up, use your brain and keep a watchful eye. The tail is waging (wagging, I assume you meant?) the dog."
It's high time the human sewage that controls this county and this country are railroaded out of town! 
Tom J 4/15/08

In Response to Turtle and From the Inside Looking Out:
Unless the Callie Rogers Davis case was bound over from the General Sessions Court to the Grand Jury, it would not have hit my radar screen and I would not have likely known about it. 
In General Sessions Court, I would have relied on my Assistant District Attorneys to follow office policy of prosecuting those cases for which we had probable case to believe that the defendant committed the crime. 
This assumes we had witnesses at Court to prove our case. In the event we had proof problems and needed to get what we could get, the Assistant District Attorneys were authorized to make a reasonable plea offer consistent with our general office policy concerning plea offers. Sometimes they passed proposed plea offers by me for prior approval in the event they were uncomfortable making a plea decision under our office policy.
As a general office policy concerning plea offers, I felt, in any case, reasonable minds could differ as to the proper plea decision within a rather narrow range of plea decisions. All my assistant district attorneys where given full authority to exercise their professional judgment within this realm of reason.
If any of my assistant district attorneys operated outside of this policy or the realm of reason, they would have been held accountable, assuming I found out about it.
If you ignore policy like that, it generally catches up with you and I would have heard of it.  If I had known of any violation of policy, I would have intervened with that employee by imposing appropriate disciplinary measures which I did use on other matters from time to time.
If it was a Criminal Court case, my senior Assistant District Attorneys would not have pled a case low where we could prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt and had witnesses for trial. 
Also, the same above-stated general office policy applied. My senior Assistant District Attorneys sometimes passed proposed plea offers by me for prior approval in the event they were uncomfortable making a plea decision under this policy. Often deciding the proper outcome involved much thoughtful in-house debate.
Didn't know I had been "thrown under the bus" on such a simple case. I figured that strategy would have been saved as an excuse for later and more serious cases. Prosecuting bad check cases is not rocket science.
Public record shows the Billy Hall case went to trial which ended in a hung jury.  As a result the case went back on the criminal court docket for retrial. 
Records from the Criminal Court clerks office show the case was dismissed by the present DAG in late 2006 or early 2007. 
I don't think the other cases occurred on my watch.  If they did, the above rules and policies applied.
Scott McCluen
For years, not afraid to sign my name.

If just some of the stuff written on this blog is true, and I believe it is, then why isn't somebody doing something about it? Is there no state agency that can come in here and cut through the corruption and put an end to this? They did it in Cocke County. Where will all this end?

Brad 4/14/08

Please explain to me why someone who worked for Loudon County would have to go to Blount County to interview for a promotion here?  Sounds fishy to me, kind of like the director knew who deserved the promotion, but since her best friend put in for it too, she tried every way to dig him out of it!  He should sue for sexual discrimination, and possibly harassment if he saw the dirty picture Ricky talked about!  Guess if she told her buddies at Blount Co to pick her friend, she wouldn't be the bad guy that made the decision.  Sounds to me she is unfair and has no _______.  (Things that Hillary Clinton likes to keep in a lock box.)  Please Buford, do tell more about this situation.  Sounds to me that the two girls are running their own little spending empire without anyone that would notice it.  Cant believe they haven't gotten rid of the other male there, but I think the director knows she couldn't run the place without him.  That's o.k. though, he will soon be a college grad and will be far above the public servant realm of unhappiness. 
Jenny ~ Loudon 4/14/08

I want to congratulate you  all on a job well done and for reaching a milestone in your lives.  I hope you all continue to grow and strive for success.  Especially to Rob, you've come a long way baby, love you.
Michelle Fickey-Loudon, TN. 4/14/08

To: Jake 4/8/08
You wrote:
<<<My source says the car was pulled over because there was no license plate. The Loudon officer was not cited because it was a brand new vehicle. This really isn't much of a scandal.>>>
It's the only way the Loudon County Sheriff's Department can be defended any more: The old "So-what-everyone-does-it?!" alibi.
We've seen Bear Webb get rid of two bad apples in the past 1-1/2 years. They have problems (because they have humans) but they like to solve them. No attempts are made to cover things up there.
David Divelbiss
Lenoir City 4/14/08

Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. For it is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret.  Ephesians 5:11-12

Fearful for our county, 4/13/2008

To: Get a Life...

The officers should be punished because of their spouse's actions.  They are officers of the law.  They took an oath to uphold the law whoever the criminal is.  They had the knowledge, they should have acted accordingly and didn't.  I'm sure it was embarrassing to them...their wives should have thought about that! 

I am sorry for the officers that do a good job and put their lives on the line for the folks of Loudon County.  You all are appreciated.

Eyes Wide Open, 4/13/2008

In Response to Mr. McCluen's post I'd like to add a little bit.  First R Johnson our DA  threw McCluen under the bus in The Callie Rogers Davis article in the Sentinel.  I'd be willing to bet that McCluen never heard of this case.  If the citizens would put two and two together you will see that Jimmy Davis was the reason she got out of those bad checks four years ago.  I know for a fact that the ADA's do not like to cross the police department and they just agreed to let her off the hook if she paid them (Sounds like a recent incident, Right?).  The only time this girl has gotten charged correctly was in a Knox County shoplifting case when she pled guilty.  She pled guilty to that charge I am told and was placed on probation.  Mrs. Davis has since been in trouble more times than you can count on one hand in Loudon county and has gotten zero due to her relationship with Mr. Davis.  Why do you think she married the guy?  This Christian girl supposedly, would sell out her own family to save her butt and it's no telling how easily she would sell out Aikens and Guider if she had something on them to save her own butt.  Enough of her though because this incident has raised bigger issues with me and should be a big concern to Loudon Countians and how it handles it's justice system. 
Mr. Johnson, who private practice is in Loudon, now has on more than three occasions thought of himself as the Judge and Jury when it comes to punishing crimes.  April Bowen was charged with stealing a large sum of money from the local football club and she gets away with probation plus restitution.  Aikens is indicted twice by Grand Jury's but Johnson decides that there ain't enough evidence to go to trial.  Why did the Grand Jury indict then?  Then you have Mrs. Callie Rogers Davis, who just pleaded guilty to identity theft less than 12 months ago, gets a get out of jail free card for committing the a similar crime less than a year later.  I hear DA Johnson's reasoning but it doesn't add up.  She would have been indicted by a grand jury.  If DA Johnson had said that it would have been tough to sit a jury because she is so hated throughout Loudon County then I'd been ok with that reasoning because it's true.  Three felonies and three times Johnson has decided in favor of the Sheriff's department.  Not three times in favor of supporting the sheriff's dept. trying to convict criminals but three times in favor of not prosecuting people inside the sheriff's department.  He'd probably plead the Houston boy's case in Roane County if they were lcsd deputies.  It's sad that a beautiful place like Loudon County has such a stench in it's local government that it's like driving around Tennessee National all day enjoying the fresh Air.
signed, Turtle 4/12/08

I had a couple of questions that maybe the former D.A. or someone else could answer?  Billy Hall of the Loudon County Sheriff Dept. had a trial for the assault on an inmate, the trial ended in a "hung Jury" does that mean it was just forgotten about or is this something that is still pending?  Did the new D.A. dismiss the charges? And with the charges against officer Davis', officer Costner' and officer Bowen's wives, why have none of these people served not even 1 hour of jail time? Is this again the work of the present D.A.? And the chief deputy, the patrol captain and officer Hall where indicted on felony charges and yet NONE of them were disciplined in any way, yet Bill Shirk was fired for removing some jail supply order forms from the jail?

I voted for Tim Guider every time he has ran but I will never vote for him again and I think anyone that has any common sense would not either. This department bends and changes the rules to fit their needs and has become a big joke and quite frankly a disgrace to law enforcement.  I know many officers of this department are good people and are fine examples of "professionals" in their field, and for them I am sorry you are put in the middle of this circus, but the top 5 ranking officers at the Loudon County Sheriff Department are simply disgraceful and very poor examples of law enforcement officials.  Regardless of what you think of a person personally when a person chooses to be a law enforcement officer they put themselves in the "eye" of the public and are held to a higher standard, like it or not. But, these officers put themselves above the law and just keep on and on doing whatever they like because they know that the sheriff is NOT going to do anything about it.  This is standard operating procedure for the LCSD and this is not going to change until there is a new sheriff in town. I have nothing personal against any of these people but a thief is a thief no matter what kind of badge you wear or hide behind and as for the others and their various charges, i.e.- assault, tampering with evidence, extortion, etc.,  breaking the law is breaking the law.  I am sure some will write and say that some of the charges were dropped or dismissed or whatever but those involved know the TRUTH.  The people of Loudon County need to wake up.

From the inside looking out..................4/12/08

Ron Paul for president 08". Check out his web site and Infowars .com. We would not have these problems in this county if the constitution were followed by our so called servants they make the law by what you're last name is. They will pay at St. Peters gate!!!!
They know who they are!   4/12/08

I am not sure who you are but; I support what you say 100%.  Also, I am not sure how long you have been in the system.  If you have been here long enough to remember the "good ole days" with the first director.  Dispatch is returning to those days once again.  If you were around then you remember all of the favoritism showed by the Director toward certain employees.  Remember the shopping sprees and trips. How bout the most recent trip to Washington D.C. on 911's funds.  Not only did the Director go, she took her favorite employee, aka training officer.
There is 2 round trip flights, 2 motel rooms, all meals and getting paid while gone.  Now, there was another person that went on this trip, the training officers husband.  It would be interesting to see  the invoices from this trip to see if 911 paid for any additional meals than the ones that were already unnecessary. 
There was a time that before becoming training officer and while being a supervisor, that the director allowed her to supervise 3rd shift from day shift for several months.  The reason, she's building a house and it is easier on her this way.  Was the other dispatcher that was displaced for this in agreement asked? No. 
Let's move to the Training Officer position and how it came about.  First, it was posted and 2 people put in for it.  After so many hoops to jump through to make it more and more difficult, the other candidate, with more experience more qualified and was finally pushed out to open it up for her.  Why should a Loudon 911 training officer prospect have to go to Blount County to interview for the position?  It seems as though she has finally got what she wants, almost.  She now has a cozy dayshift job, plenty of time to pawn the trainees off on the working understaffed dispatchers and plenty of time behind closed doors with the director.  Now only if she could get the Directors position she would be set.
Why does this continue, the Director has her favorites.  Lets see, how bout 911 having to buy a stolen vehicle that was entered incorrectly?  Did these employees get fired or time off?  No, they got a little write up.  It is time for this to end, I am with you when you say it is time for the Director to resign, and hopefully the training officer, just in case the Board thinks it would be a good idea for her to take over!
Yours truly,
Buford T Justice - for all 4/12/08

To GET A LIFE!!! 4/11/08

"And last I checked it is not against the law to run an unlicensed daycare. Maybe you people need to get your facts right."

This below came from ,
Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers 1240-4-3-.01

If you want to open a child care facility, call that (local DHS) office before you do anything.  You cannot care for a group of five or more children without a license.

8.  Imposes a misdemeanor penalty of imprisonment for six months and a fine of $500 or both for each offense (day) of operating without a license.
If you have a question about these standards, or if you want to report an unlicensed facility or a facility that is violating licensing requirements, call the DHS county office.  It is listed in the telephone directory under Tennessee State Government - Human Services Department. Someone there will refer you to the licensing unit in your area.

If you want to open a child care facility, call that office before you do anything.  You cannot care for a group of five or more children without a license.

                2.  If you have a question or concern about these standards or the licensing procedure, call or write:

Day Care Licensing Coordinator TN Department of Human Services Citizens Plaza Building 400 Deaderick Street Nashville, TN  37248-9800 Phone:  (615) 741-7129
Mike B in LC 4/12/08

Dearest Ricky,
I am so glad that you are the best cop in the world that you have time to worry about the 911 center and patrol the county to keep us safe.  I'll bet the next time your working and someone's house catches fire, you'll be the first to run with your lights and siren to the scene at about mach 10 through Lenoir city paying no attention to intersections or red lights, only to stand around and watch someone's dream go up in smoke and thank god that it wasn't your home.  Or you could be brave and get people out of a burning building like Loudon Police Dept did a while back and be a hero, but wait, you said "and we are not to call out the fire dept to a fire, or do their work for them. " 
So have you gotten a copy of the tape and listened to how the call came in to this fire on notch in hill?  You know the last time the woods caught fire over there several acres burned before anyone noticed and the people that did lived across the river, not the ones in the area. 
As far as your relationship with the 911 director, well that's between you and her and I think as a law enforcement officer respecting people would be your first priority.  If you have a problem with them go to their supervisor.  If that doesn't get anywhere go up the chain.  That is the right thing to do.
And to Speak the truth,  I am glad you got to put your opinion on here don't you love this country?

To "Roane County and Proud", to say I caved in to political pressure or influence to let people in high places get off is just plain wrong.  Wake up and use some discernment. 
You obviously are mistaken about my record as District Attorney beginning September 1998. During my tenure, the office set about cleaning up the corruption that plagued the District for decades. 
We began in 1999 dealing with organized gambling, which until then was, at best, ignored or, at the worst, protected.  In "Operation Cherry Picker" the TBI at my request swept the District seizing, if I recall correctly, over 100 illegal gambling machines. Some of these locations also served as havens for lower level drug traffickers. One of these locations (in Roane County) was forced out of business and has since 2006 reopened.
After 1999, we didn't let up.  Later, we partnered with the Alcohol Beverage Commission and hit private clubs on Super Bowl weekend.
This action drew the ire of some of the powers that be in Loudon County and established a political alliance of those who longed to return to the good old days as they saw it.
We also took on suspected crimes in high places.
In 1998, our office investigated ticket fixing in Roane County General Sessions Court. At that time, I was unable to secure the help of the US Attorney's office and we couldn't establish an investigative plan with enough resources to determine whether there was any ticket-fixing occurring. 
Later an informant, who was unwilling to cooperate further, made an allegation of kickbacks to the Roane County General Sessions Court Judge pertaining to the driving school.  Thus we were unable move on this.  
In 2005, we had two cooperative informants who again made an allegation of kickbacks. I granted the informants immunity from state prosecution and I ordered an investigation by the TBI.  Later this investigation was joined by the US Attorney's Office and the FBI. As you know, Austin plead guilty in Federal Court as a result.
Also we, along with the Comptroller's office, investigated corruption in the Rockwood city recorder and judge's office where many hundred's of thousands of dollars were embezzled by the city recorder and judge. Before he could be prosecuted he died of a self-inflected gunshot.  Others were prosecuted and convicted on related cases.
In addition, based on information received by us from the State, we also initiated an investigation by the Comptroller's office and the TBI of LCUB, the Dixie Lee Utility District and a former state legislator.  The investigation revealed information that was too old to form the basis of any possible prosecution should a prosecution have been warranted.
This too established a political alliance of those who longed to return to the good old days as they saw it.
In Morgan County, I ordered the TBI to investigate the disappearance of drug evidence from the Sheriff's department and the illegal pretrial release of well-connected prisoners from the Morgan County jail. In addition, along with the Comptroller's office, we were involved with investigation and indictment of the County Clerk of Morgan County for embezzlement.  
This established a political alliance of those who longed to return to the good old days as they saw it.
At my direction as a result of complaints or leads from private citizens, the TBI initiated several investigations of law enforcement officers.  Some officers were exonerated by these investigations, some were not. Those that were not, had charges against them presented to the grand jury of the appropriate county.
Those cases touched three of the four counties in the judicial district - - not just Loudon as some would have you believe nor were they fueled by a political vendetta.  (The remaining Loudon county cases where never tried on the merits of the allegations but were dismissed by your present DA or by his pro tem.  The same occurred in case against a Roane County Deputy for DUI and violation of the implied consent law for failing to submit to blood alcohol test when requested by a state trooper.)
This again established a political alliance of those who longed to return to the good old days as they saw it.
We established case protocols for law enforcement to follow (according to some officers this is no longer enforced) and provided training to help us ensure we had the best investigations possible.  Good investigations and good case files would force defense attorneys to fold in the face of impenetrable prosecution cases.  These case requirements also insured we didn't prosecute innocent people.  It also afforded "Swifter Justice". But sometimes doing good investigations was more work and we faced opposition from some in the law enforcement community.
This again established a political alliance of those who longed to return to the good old days as they saw it.
We thwarted situations were the powers-that-be wanted  cases to just disappear or go away. 
You may recall the Lenoir City mayor, now deceased, was prosecuted for trying to interfere with an investigation by the LCPD of a child abuse case in the school system just to name one. 
We did business in the open. We established the District Attorney General website which had criminal court schedules for all cases indicted by the grand jury on the web for the public to see, follow the progress of  and attend trials if they wanted. 
The website also provided the public the opportunity to make confidential complaints to the DA's office.  Some of the entries I see on this blog could have been reported for possible investigation. That website and the opportunities for oversight and investigation are now gone.
In summary, to say I caved into political pressure or influence to let people in high places get off is just plain wrong. 
"Roane County and Proud" obviously doesn't personally know me or my record.  If he or she did, they would know that if anyone working for me caved to this type of pressure and fixed a case, I would have fired them.
To the contrary, looking back on it, my failure to do that created a lot of political opposition to what I was trying to do. Now, looking back, I wouldn't have changed a thing.  That's what Loudon County and the other counties deserve.
I have lived through the "good old days" and the unfettered operation of the good old boy system. It wasn't pretty and certainly wasn't good.  You desire better. That's why I ran for DA in 1998 and for re-election in 2006.
The problems facing your community are sometimes broad and very deep. If there are people with direct knowledge of any wrong doing, it is likely they are justifiably scared.
Support those in your local agencies who are seeking to be fair and just. I know from my prior experience, there are good officers who are working under very difficult conditions. Use some discernment. Don't paint them all with the same brush. Support them and their families. 
Get rid of the rest.
Wake up, use your brain and keep a watchful eye. The tail is waging the dog.
Scott McCluen
For years, not afraid  to sign my name 4/11/08

What's the big deal with officer Costner having a private investigation business on the side. Big Tony and Diamond Gem have been operating a private security service out of the sheriff's office for years. You need private security at your home or business, call Big Tony. He will send out certain "off duty" officers to protect you and your property. Remember when Extream Trucking went under and all the truck drivers were so mad at  Brandenberg. Secret Service to the rescue. And then there is the Dunn Ridge deal. 12 hour security, 6p to 6a 7daw $20 per hour on the side. I wont even go into some of the things that have gone on at the guard house. You might ask the 911 director. She knows. So you got trouble, need protection, contact Big Tony or Diamond Gem. They make your problem go away.

Forget about it 4/11/08

As a parent of a child who attends Greenback School, I think it's a disappointment that the conduct of two teachers has been allowed to continue.  For the past year, Mr. Wheeler has been allowed to stay in the classroom even though he was arrested for a DUI.  Now we learn of a second incident where he has been arrested again for the same crime.  When asked why he is still in the classroom the answer is because it was on his personal time not school time. 

From a previous blog, light has been shed on a second teacher that also has had an occurrence due to alcohol.  Even though this happened on school time at a sporting event while students were present it seems nothing has been done and he will continue to teach there next school year.  Not only has this teacher  been accused of being drunk around his students, he is supposedly having inappropriate relationship with another school employee.  School board members and Edward Headlee are all aware of this and continue to turn a blind eye toward this inappropriate conduct that continues to take place on school grounds.  Not only as parents do we need to worry about our building issues but we need to worry about the faculty issues and why only certain persons are punished.  The other employee is only an aide and there have been many opportunities to relocate her to another facility to cure this problem. 

What kind of an example are they setting for our impressionable youth?  She too has had her share of problems this year and is going to be allowed to work this year without any reprimand.  She also allowed a young lady to change clothes on the school bus while in mixed company with parents following the bus.  What will the Greenback Faculty do next? 


Funny that you should mention the house fire incident.  I think that it is tragic that the loss of a life could come from a simple mistake.  If you look into the Policy and Procedure manual at the 911 dispatch, you will find that if there is a report of smoke, or even the smell of smoke or gas, with or without fire, 911 dispatch is supposed to immediately dispatch the appropriate fire dept.  It is not my job as an officer to see if it is a fire.  We have had this discussion before with the director, and she made it clear that we are not the fire dept, and we are not to call out the fire dept to a fire, or do their work for them. 

So, if 911 dispatch didn't follow the procedure manual, then I believe the firings should happen again.  If she is  going to hold everyone to such a strong standard as she did Marshall and Tony, then lets do it to everyone.  Making a funny phone call and neglecting procedures possibly costing the life of a human are two totally different things.  I believe it is time for the director to resign for unfair judgment in discipline, her "dirty text picture" that has gone unpunished, for her allowing of the employees and board to spend money on purchase cards in a frivolous manner, and other things that I cannot post on this blog.  By the way, the frivolous manner of purchase cards is referring to the many DOCUMENTED meals purchased for Friends, family and members of the 911 board.  How can she let things go on there with employees that are possibly criminal or severely immoral without punishment, but punish the people that are guilty of the same things she has done? 

I see here on the blog that one dispatcher made a contract with the schools to work, and left early without paying them back.  Is this not theft?  How many people in this county alone have gone to jail for the same thing?  How about allowing for years, the personal conversations on recorded lines between married men and women to their "special Friends"  while on the job.  It is there for anyone to get!  (Hint Hint to the people that are being left for a dispatcher)  Does she not realize that she is letting the place be legally liable for those kind of actions?  Every single phone conversation that goes in or out of the place is digitally recorded.  They can be burned to a CD or tape, and bought by the public for what they would call a small fee.  Ha!  It is obvious that the place is in shambles.  You can't even listen to their website live on-line anymore.  Guess they don't want the public to hear the embarrassment anymore than they have to.  The election is coming my friends, and there will be new people that are more eager to look into these actions.  It's audit time!

Ricky 4/11/08

To all the bloggers on Van's terrible site who think that they know everything.  You obviously don't know anything so why don't you just keep your opinions to yourself.  You people like to get on here and say things about other people like our officers not even thinking about the fact that most of them have kids and what this is doing to them.  You wouldn't want the things that you do to affect your kids and I am sure they don't either.  You can get on here and talk about our officers but when you need something from them you don't hesitate to call 911.  If you think so badly of our officers then why don't you just take care of your own problems from now on, or move to another county.  What their spouses or other family members do should not affect their jobs if they are good at what they do like Officer Costner is (who by the way deserves his promotion, sounds like some people are jealous of him) then that should not affect there job.  He works with our children because he is good at that to and is a very caring person you people who like to get on here and say things about him and his wife obviously don't know what has really went on you just know what you hear from others just like you who like to talk about other people and spread crap.  Or you would know that the crap on his wife is just that, crap and she never should have been indicted in the first place.  It is because of other stupid people like you that she was anyway, and as far as him having another job and using company time, and phones, and other resources to help him in that business.  I did a little checking of my own and found out a few things that you people didn't take the time to find out before you got on here and starting running your mouth about that either.  He does have a PI business but its not against the law for someone to have a second job even if they are a cop as long as it does affect their performance.  Times are hard now and a lot of people have second jobs when they have families, also the phone number that is given for his PI business is not a phone issued to him from the county as you people think other people besides cops can have Nextels and that phone Nextel or not is paid for privately by him.  Most people do have a private cell phone of their own.  Maybe you guys should do a little more homework before you talk about others it wasn't hard for me to find these things out. Obviously you guys just like to talk about people before you even know that truth.  Next time why don't you try treating people the way you want to be treated and don't talk about our officers when you don't really know what you are talking about.  Have you ever heard of (do unto others as you would have them do unto you).  Guess Not!
Speak the Truth or Don't Speak at all! 4/11/08
Well, Well, Well, here we go again. I think all of you people need to get a life. I think you all are crazy. Why in the world should these cops be punished for something they had no control over? I am talking about Davis, Bowen and Costner. These guys get out here everyday and put their lives on the line for YOU... YES YOU the ones who are complaining. And last I checked it is not against the law to run an unlicensed daycare. Maybe you people need to get your facts right. And IF you knew the whole story you would know that Mrs. Costner did not hurt the child intentionally. But again you do not know all the facts, you just know what you heard... As far as a PI what does that matter. If you had any intelligence at all you would know that it is perfectly legal for anyone to be a PI and a cop you can just not do criminal work in the county you are a police officer in. It is my understanding he has had this PI Business for years, I know of people he has done work for before he was ever a full time cop. So know maybe before you start running your mouths you should find out everything. Once again why not lay off these guys and get jobs yourselves, because you obviously do not have one if you have all this time to sit around and talk about these people on a daily basis.
GET A LIFE!!! 4/11/08

I am so sorry that all the deputies at the sheriff's office are being painted with the same brush. That's so unfair. Most of the deputies are hard workers dedicated to serving the public. But all we ever hear about are the bad apples. Who's fault is that. The responsibility sits squarely with Sheriff Tim Guider. Guider has consistently refused to take control  of his department. He has as he said it, stood behind his men, no matter what they did. Now look at the mess we're in and there is no way to ever regain the respect and trust of this community.  To Mr. Guider, you have destroyed the Loudon County Sheriff's department either with your actions or inaction. To those deputies and their wives who have refused to be a part of the destruction, keep the faith. A better day will will come.

A very sad citizen 4/10/08

As a parent of a Greenback student, I was glad to see that Edward Headlee finally did something about Bo Wheeler. But 2 DUI's and he is still there, that's makes no sense. Why isn't he dismissed immediately? The bad thing is, there is still another problem teacher with a drinking problem. He was once escorted from a sporting event by an officer because he was drunk. He has also been involved in other improper activity with another teacher. Those of you from Greenback know very well who I am talking about. If you feel what's going on in our school is not right, you should do what I did and contact your school board member and Headlee.

It's bad enough that our building is falling down around our ears but do we also have to have teachers in our mists that are such bad examples for our children? All this is just one more reason why it's time for a new school board.

I care in Greenback 4/10/08

I've been reading the blogs related to the Callie/Jimmy Davis matter. Seems to me most of you are missing the big picture. The real story in this is the actions of District Attorney, Russell Johnson.

When Johnson defeated Scott Mccluen many of us in Roane County thought things would have to get better in that office. Seems we were mistaken. It took Mccluen  four years to deteriorate into nothing more just a get out of jail free stamp for the prominent people of the district. Mr. Johnson has managed to attain the title in under two years.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you heard of anyone not even getting arrested for the crime of identity theft. Johnson was able to fast track the Davis case without even going to the Grand Jury. The lame excuse he gave in his press release is ridiculous. She got the treatment she got because of who she was and who she was affiliated with and I don't mean her husband. Had her case gone to the Grand Jury and had the case actually gone to court, there's no way of knowing what other information might have come to light about many topics? This is true with all the sheriff department arrestees. Too many know too much.

Johnson has happily been passing out reduced sentences, judicial diversions and expungements to those law breakers with prominent connections. In fact one of the only cases he has actually prosecuted, which was a child molesting case, he lost.

In my opinion, Johnson has chosen to surround himself with less than professional friends and coworkers. If you people in Loudon County think he is going to solve the problems in your sheriff's department, you are sadly mistaken. I would advise you folks to keep a close eye on the actions of our DA. If he continues in the steps of his predecessor which he obviously is, things will get worse.

Roane County and Proud 4/10/08

well, well, well, here we go again....does the sheriff's department have a policy about being a criminal or being married to one in order to be hired?  Charlie Costner's wife is indicted last year and he's being promoted to detective.  Why am I not surprised.  As for his PI business, I just wonder if he's using his police powers to run background checks and driver's license checks?  Wouldn't that be against the law?  If anybody knows if it is illegal to use his police powers for that stuff, please tell me.  Is he's following cheating spouses on county time or in a county vehicle.  Well, he works with some of the cheating spouses, so he could just keep tabs on them at work.  As for Jimmy Davis, no tears for him.  Callie had a pretty colorful reputation before he married her.  let me see, she's paying the family bills, stealing the money via a friends checking account, and he knows nothing about it.  How did he think the bills were getting paid?  Chris Bowen doesn't know what his wife was doing, Davis has no idea, and I'd bet if you asked Charlie, he had no idea his wife was running an unlicensed daycare.  Boy, those guys are on top of their game.  Oh yeah, and Aikens had no idea he could not seize that guys money.  Loudon county's finest to be sure.  And for the sheriff, he has no idea this stuff goes on either right.  wake up people

Almost Laughable 4/10/08

To Loudon Lou,


Sounds to me like someone needs to do a little investigating of there on.  By going to the site you can see, oh there is an address associated with the company.  If you do a reverse look up on you will find this is indeed Mr. Costner.  If you hover over the service info link, is goes to C Costner.  Now the next part is to see if the Nextel number listed there is his or the county issued phone.  Makes you wonder who the surveillance equipment belongs to, and who his partners are.  How much time is spent on the counties dime doing database research?  I'm sure TBI would not find a conflict of interest here, a PI having access to there database records at will for non-law enforcement purposes.  How many other county investigators are involved with his company?



Oh what a tangled webÖ4/10/08

Just wondering if Davis gets the big job taken away what about the others?  Or Bowen why is he not in the jail working? His wife's crime was just as bad as Callie's. Or Costner why is he working with our kids!? Or what about the ones that are having marital affairs and are now getting divorced?  What ever happened to if one does wrong why should another not get the same thing!?? What kind of Dept. is Guider running it seems to me as though it is a joke!
As for the City they are just as guilty what about Bear what the heck its a joke down there to!
I thought these people were suppose to be prime examples to our children? What in the world are these people thinking! Maybe they all need to get right with the Lord and fix things first with the BIG man & then try on living a better life.

Loudon County Tax Payer 4/10/08

Loudon Lou,
Sounds to me that someone is jealous over Officer Costner, from what I hear he is a very good Crime Scene Investigator and is dedicated to his job. What does it matter if he is a Private Detective on the side, these days everyone has to have a Second job. How many jobs do you have? And you know he has kids, why not lay off him for his kids sake. You all get on here and go off on these people without even thinking about what you are doing to their children. Would you want people doing that to your kids or do u care?
Give these people a break 4/10/08

It was tragic about the man that died in the house fire out in Notch In Hill. But if someone would go back and listen to the 911 tapes they would find that the deputy in charge that evening told dispatch that the sheriff's department had no way of getting to the location of the reported fire. Dispatch asked the officer several times if he wanted them to page out the rescue squad. The deputy told dispatch that they had been getting this same call about once a week. Again dispatch asked if he wanted to page out the squad. A lot of response time was lost by the deputy's hesitation. Sounds like it wouldn't have made a difference even if the sheriff's deputy's had responded promptly. But who knows.

Larry 4/10/08

soap opera 4/7/08

I thought Costner had left his job at the sheriff's office and started his own private detective company. There is an ad in the Daily Edition for The Phoenix Group Private Investigations Firm. Someone told me this was his company. Is he doing private detecting and working at the sheriff's office?

Loudon Lou 4/9/08

To Let's Appreciate the cops

It's not as though they (cops) are volunteers. They do get paid for their work and some of them very well. If we have cops that can't handle the day to day strain of being a cop then they sure shouldn't be carrying a weapon. They are working in their chosen profession and if they can't follow the rules or they don't like what they are doing they should find another line of work where they would be more comfortable.

Michael R. 4/9/08

I agree with Mr. Raggland. Public servants should be held to a higher standard. I also believe they should experience harsher punishment when caught breaking the law or exposed to scandals. Now letís define public servants. This means doctors, lawyers, politicians, police officers, school teachers and misters. All these folks are in very high profile jobs. Where their actions good or bad can have a very lasting impact on children and young adults.

So if you canít obey the law and maintain a higher moral and ethical standard. Then get out and get out now. This means, donít cheat, lie or steal.  Once the trust is broken, it can never be regained. 

Just Wondering 4/9/08

Just Wondering,
You obviously don't understand that you do not have to have a degree to work in law enforcement. Even if you had one, what good would it do? You can't teach someone how to work homicides, burglaries, or even wrecks in a classroom . That is something you learn from the academy and on the job training. Most of these guys are where they are because of their experience and years of service. Now the ones who have been indicted were never convicted. A jury said not guilty and I don't care who you are you can't buy a jury. Innocent until proven guilty and until that happens the subject should be dropped.
J. Moody 4/9/08

To Ricky,
It has been told, and shown, to me there is not a fraternization policy for the county.  So husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend can work for the same or separate depts.
To Jenny H,
I have to give the dispatchers this one, I heard it on the scanner.  Would you like one, I'll put it on the trading post for you to buy already programmed.
Comment on officer/dispatcher stop,
We can't control what people do on their off time.  And as far as I know the only thing the government has given us on policies regarding morals is taking prayer out of school and we all know what happened there.
Comment on ethics,
Contracts made by people are private, even if they are contracting with a public agency.  And to my knowledge county workers aren't allowed to enter into contracts as a county employee so this contract would have to have been private and thus none of us or 911's business.  You are correct though it should be paid back if it is not already.
And lastly to just wondering,
2010 will change this county, just wait till then. It will be better.
-Captain and Tenille 4/8/08

I have noticed that many of the accusations on the blog are about infidelity, a moral sin not a crime. The accusations may or may not be true, I have no idea.  In most instances I would take issue with those who would cast stones at others for their morality or lack there of. But in the case of law enforcement, a compromise in ones moral integrity can be cause for concern. A law enforcement officer whether male or female who chooses to be involved in hidden or secret immoral activity becomes susceptible to pressures that could lead to poor or deadly decisions.

Such as, an officer makes a traffic stop to find the driver to be drunk. However the drunken driver knows of the officer's immoral activity and threatens to expose the officer unless the officer releases him. The officer fearing exposure allows the drunken driver to go on his way. The drunken driver has an accident causing death or injury to himself or others. This is only a hypothetical  situation and there are many other scenarios that could lead to bad outcomes.

In law enforcement high morals and integrity are a necessity and a requirement not  just a suggestion. Any law enforcement officer whether male or female who participates in moral turpitude should be dismissed immediately the safety and welfare of the community demand it.

Jake Raggland 
Retired 30 year law enforcement 4/8/08

Oh my fellow bloggers,
The dispatch on officer thing has been going on for a long long time while the 911 dispatch director denies any knowledge of it.  All the director has to do is take a listen to some of the phone conversations that go on during day shift, which she has.  Or perhaps she should even turn her attention now to the other female there that is having "relations" with a county officer.  Think she is on second shift.  Funny how he is now separated from his wife too!  The fact is, the 911 dispatch director is fully aware of all of these things, and chooses not to take any actions about them.  It has gone on for years, and for some reason it continues to go unpunished.  I think it is time for the board to take serious actions, and clean dispatch up! 
Ricky 4/8/08

I would like to comment back to the wise person who stated that dispatch didnít inform the community of the escaped prisoner : for your information I have a child at one of the local schools and just to let you know the schools were on a special lock down. So the dispatchers did indeed contact the community about the situation. So thank you dispatchers for contacting the area schools about the situations , so that our children could be kept safe. Might I add before you go barking off at the mouth get your facts straight!

Anonymous 4/8/08

In reference to the 911 bolo about the escapee.  There are a couple of things you should know.  First off, 911 was understaffed that day.  There is only one person to blame for this, the director.  Second of all, to my understanding there is not a clean cut policy on giving out bolo's.  In a situation where officers are all out on traffic, a routine bolo such as the one that came through about the escapee comes through all the time.  It is not an emergency unless the bolo is directed to Loudon County.  I think the understaffed 911 employees did their best, if anyone should get the blame, look to the top!  And to Ricky, there is no way the 911 board will ever take action on the "naked" picture that was shown at dispatch.  They might have to discipline her the same way she has done to others in the past.  YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!  It will never happen!  I guess when she and the rest of the "moral" board are sitting in church, they just kind of forget things like that. 
Smokey 4/8/08

A Loudon police officer was pulled over. My source says the car was pulled over because there was no license plate. The Loudon officer was not cited because it was a brand new vehicle. This really isn't much of a scandal.

Hundreds of cars are pulled over in Loudon county every week. If the drivers are doing nothing wrong, they are let go without a citation. What was the deputy supposed to do??? Make up some kind of charge????

My source said there was no suspicion of DUI. If the driver was under the influence why was he not cited. Can you imagine a case where an intoxicated person who supposedly gives the officer a hard time is not cited?

Maybe the driver said something rude to the county deputy. This isn't illegal either and while I do not condone it, it hardly rises to the level of a "crime" Clearly the deputy was not happy about what was said to him, that's why this "incident" became public knowledge. Clearly the deputy had nothing to charge the driver with or he no doubt would have charged him.

The officer was married, so was the passenger. Whose business is it who they were married to? As far as I'm concerned there is nothing worse than cheating on a spouse. Unfortunately  the majority of the people in this world don't agree with me, which is why it's not a crime to cheat on your spouse. This is a judgment best left to a higher power.

The Loudon PD handled the situation the way they saw fit... What else are they supposed to do? No law was broken, no charges were filed. Demoting the sgt. and changing shift for the officer involved are legitimate and appropriate punishments for conduct that ,while not becoming of a civil servant in a perfect world, does not constitute a crime in the world in which we live.

Making comparisons between this incident and some of the incidents involving sheriffs deputies who have been charged with actual crimes is a specious attempt to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Jake 4/8/08

how bout this one for 911 ethics and inappropriate.  Did you know that there is a former reserve officer working full time there that
before becoming full time made an agreement with a certain school to provided daily traffic control.  This former reserve officer was
paid in advance by the school for this service (it wasn't cheap)  and has since neglected his duty to the school, without reimbursement
to the school for the service he was paid in advance for.  He was dismissed from the reserves for this.  He still remains at 911, is this
because they can't afford to let another dispatcher go?  Or, could it be, school money = county money, so it is ok.
signed, makes you wander,
Lenoir City 4/8/08

To the 911 Board :


Hopefully you are all keeping up with the latest news out of the 911 center.  After speaking with several employees there, it seems several are now looking more seriously for another job.  They are afraid to come into work, they are afraid to say anything at all at work and worst of all they are in fear of there jobs. 


The majority of the board is the same department heads that rely on the 911 center to make sure they receive the calls that come in. The same ones that rely on the center for their employees safety.     How many more dispatchers can we bear to lose?  At current time, we have five, yes five that have more than one year experience.  Can we really stand to lose those?  How long does it take to train replacements?  Too long!  I believe if you were interested in meeting with each and every dispatcher, with guaranteed confidentiality and without fear of retaliation, you would find just how bad it is.


It is bad enough that the training officer has left all the training to the on duty dispatchers so she can sit behind closed doors and assist in the witch hunt for where all of the information is coming from that is getting on this site.  All though I am sure she wouldn't mind seeing the Director go, just speak to some of the officers next door to see what she has been saying about her not having control of the center.


It is time to step up and protect your departments as well as the citizens of this county's safety.  It is time to realize that these are not rumors floating around, but facts.   We ask you to come together as a Board and listen to the employees individually.


Yours truly,

Buford T. Justice Ė for all 4/8/08

To Dwayne Drinnen
Former public servant-yeah if you were female he did.
However I can't understand how you can get on here and get behind someone when you were caught stealing.  I mean whether he had knowledge or not of his wife's activities and I am definitely not saying he did or he didn't because well you would have to be a fool to think that he did not, but at least he was not caught red handed as you were.
So I really think that you have no right to get up or behind anyone on such a topic.
a LCUB "Paying" Customer 4/8/08

Please post in regards to Callie/Jimmy Davis blogs.
First of all to "Mutt" :   Mister, you need to learn to spell and your grammar is pathetic.  You must have a fifth grade education.  Sounds like you are extremely jealous of Mr. Jimmy Davis.  He certainly doesn't need advice from you.  Take a good hard look at the "Mutt" you're living with!!
Secondly, to "Something needs to be changed":  Why don't you get a life.  Do less talking and more listening or observing.  Maybe the blank look you received from the deputies was their way of saying, "mind your own business you nosey heifer!!"  Yes, you are so filled with jealousy, misery and Lord knows what else, it's pathetic.  I can see it every time I look at your pathetic face.  Yeah, I know who you are!! You're right.. Something does need to be changed.  You need to get you a life girl!!
Lastly, to "A concerned citizen and future political leader in this country".  Dear Lord, I hope not.  To let someone who has tunnel vision like you in office would be like county suicide.  Real good outlook on life my friend.  I wonder if you know God.  God says we are supposed to be forgiving.  Where is your forgiveness.  Seems to me if the dear lady you spoke of whom has had her share of heartache can find a place in her heart to forgive, then why can't you??? Huh, something to think about right.  I bet you go to church and maybe even sing in the choir.  One of those Sunday morning Christians I bet!! Take your own advice. 

YOU CAN'T FOOL GOD!!! 4/8/08

I have a question and wanted to see if anyone knows the answer to this.  Why is it on every other position at the LCSD the protocol is to post a position and make the decision based on who signs up for that position is decided on based on seniority and their record, and so on.

So would someone like to tell me why that this is different this time-now I know you all are going to laugh because well it is very obvious why this is different, but humor me.

There are several officers with more seniority and cleaner records than Davis so why were they not given the choice of dayshift Sgt. with weekends off? And aren't the weekends when you need a supervisor more?

I am sure that given the opportunity or offer another Cpl. or Sgt. would have like to have had the choice.  I mean they made another officer give up being Sgt. on day shift because they would not allow him to keep weekends off and he is a single father raising two children on his own.

Did they think that maybe another officer on seconds wouldn't want an offer at that-he has more seniority than Davis.
Why did Davis get to take a car away from someone else?  

So my thought on this is why is this the only place without a human resource division in place, and all decisions are left up to two non college educated people such as 901/902???  Maybe they should have given him SRO officer at one of the school's, maybe he could do that without messing up.

I mean let's go down the list of people in high rank and the obvious:
901-no degree
902- no degree/only indictments 
903- no degree
942- no degree/only indictments
Jail Adm.- no degree/no certification either
Investigator Hall- no degree/ only indictments
911 Director- no degree

signed just wondering 4/8/08

I noticed on the blog where everybody is going off on Law Enforcement in this County, I agree they do make mistakes they are human. However, whenever you have an emergency, for instance someone is breaking into your house, or you mad somebody mad and they are threatening you with a gun. They are the same ones who will come to your rescue. They are the same ones without prejudice will come knowing that their is a chance they could be shot, wounded, or even killed for YOU. As far as their mistakes what kind of stress do you think that their lives are going to these calls day in and day out. Unlike most 9 to 5 jobs a police officers duties in a small town are  24 hours a day all year long even on holidays. While you sleep at night there are police officers patrolling your county or your city to try to keep you out of harms way by putting themselves in it. Before you cast judgment onto them we should be Thanking them for putting our lives before their own.
Signed: Let's Appreciate the cops not dog them 4/8/08

I think you need to get all the facts about these people that you are dogging on the blog. Just like the Costner lady, Do you know all the facts? I know her as a close friend and I think what happened to her is terrible, I know that she would never do to a child what she was accused of doing. So. if you do not know all the facts why not leave these people alone and worry yourself.

I Care 4/8/08

I just know that their are bad seeds in every apple and why do innocent people have to be punished. Just like with Mr. Davis why should he be punished for something he did not do? I do not see the point in punishing the Spouse of the people who are accused of a crime. I just do not see that that is fair at all. Why punish the whole family? Just like the other officer that is referred to in the blog, why should he be punished for something he had no control over? If it was you would you want that to happen to you? If your spouse was accused of something? If they worked in any other Field would they be punished? These Officers are good at what they do and I have heard highly of them. I think Jimmy Davis should have kept his position. And I think Loudon needs a well qualified CSI.
Signed: We need fairness here 4/8/08

Everyone is talking about the Loudon City officer and his married dispatcher girlfriend.  What about the high ranking county officer who has a girlfriend that also works for the county?  They are seen together all over town and make no attempt to hide it, he is at her house all the time, he even mows her lawn.  Why is nothing ever said about this officer.
Neighbors see alot!!! 4/8/08

  • To Mr Divelbiss
I have read you blogs for some time now and I must say I have respected and admired your opinion. BUT this is one time you do not know what you are talking about. You write your comment as if you are certain a county employee wrote it. So please allow me to put my two cents in. First of all I am NOT a county employee ( for the record).
As for the statement about the Loudon city deputy. this is what I know not heard.
  • A Loudon city deputy was stopped on crossing to yellow line while driving.
  • He is married
  • He was with another married female
  • This female is a 911 dispatcher
  • The driver was very rude to the officer that stopped him
  • Loudon City ranking officers dealt with the issues the way they saw fit.
  • The deputy was moved to another shift
In my opinion there is corruption in every department at most all levels. It is just some cover it up better than others.
One Who Knows 4/7/08

In response to David Divelbiss:
I have nothing to do with the sheriff's department I just read the blog often and see what is said about different things. And if you would check into what I said about Loudon City you would find that it is true. I just think that it is unfair to dog one police department when they are all pretty much the same. How many Cops cheat on their spouses? I promise you it is more than you think.
Just Curious 4/7/08

Good Monday Morning blog fans. 

So we see justice can be done within our own little depts!  While I hate to see Mr. Davis go down, I am glad that justice has finally worked here.  Mr. Davis is a fine co-worker and I know that the majority of the dept thinks the same.  Sometimes bad things happen to good people.  Meanwhile, I will continue to support Mr. Davis in his great career. 

Now I'm going to turn my attention back to the 911 dispatch center.  I have read the comments about the bonuses for the director and was shocked to find that it is true.  I hardly think running a dept in the shambles that it is in now deserves such reward.  I hear since the two recently departed dispatchers are gone, there isn't hardly enough people to work the shifts!  Lets take a moment to think about this. 

Now we have 2 people working the busiest shifts instead of 3.  That means, to the people in the public of Loudon County, there are only 2 people in the whole building that will answer 911 if you call.  This is in a county  with more than 40 thousand people.  If you need an ambulance, policeman, or fire dept, these 2 people are the only ones that will be able to get you one.  Sounds pretty silly huh!  Now on top of all of their other duties, like making sure that we as law enforcement are OK, they are having to take up even more slack because of the director's bad decision making.  The people that are working there now on second shift are the newest and in-experienced except for one of them, and she seems to be one of the most miserable human beings on the planet.  Apparently the director doesn't seem to pay much attention to all this, because every time you call for her at 911 dispatch, it seems she is gone or taking another day off.  I guess she is scared one of the board members might run in to her and ask her about the inappropriate text picture she had supposedly shown employees.  Wonder if her husband remembers that picture?  I will be getting some good information in the next couple of days, some real documented evidence of frivolous use of 911 funds on 911 purchase cards.  The best thing is, when they get audited next time, the auditors will know what to look for.  This place will make Knox County's P-card use look like a joke!  I think I hear the theme to Jaws! 

Ricky 4/7/08

More 911 news.  I heard dispatch didn't give out the news about the escaped prisoner from carter county the other day.  I also heard the prisoners clothes were found in the middle of the street in Lenoir City.  Wonder why the director doesn't have more control over this.  Surely they knew about it, the news had it all over the T.V. and radio!  Good thing no one got hurt!  I would hate to think that an officer might miss the chance to catch a criminal because 911 didn't do their job! 
Jenny H. Loudon 4/7/08

To Just Curious

You forgot to mention that the girlfriend of the intoxicated police officer is also married and is a dispatcher for Loudon County. At this time there has been no punishment toward her though this is not the first time she has had an unprofessional relationship with a police officer. Makes you wonder if she is really trying to save lives or if she's just looking for a date for Friday night.
Just adding to the truth 4/7/08

Loudon county citizens it is time to wake up!!! everybody knows what's going on down there. I guess the sheriff thinks everyone in the county is stupid. Jimmy Davis knew who she was when he married her. She had charges pending at the time !!!!  I have several friends down there that are deputies and most of the deputies are hard working and honest. itís the ones causing problems and getting indicted all the time and the wives of the problem deputies stealing and embarrassing the department. Jimmy donít have his black unmarked anymore to drive all over the state of Tennessee on the tax payers money. But I did hear that they took a brand new patrol car away from a deputy that was supposed to get it and give it to Jimmy Davis to drive.  ?????  Got a brand new car out of it though!! Sorry to the deputy still driving the 1999 model.  I talked to three deputies in the last week and could not get anything out of them but a blank look.   
Oh yea.  To Lenoir City Star!  We all know who you are!   Jealous??!!!   Of what??!!  Youíve got to be kidding!!  give the citizens of Loudon County some credit!!   

signed: something needs to change!!  4/7/08

I recently read an article in the News Herald about officer Costner of the Loudon County Sheriff Dept., how he is a highly trained investigator that is having to do double duty as a school resource officer.  My  first question is WHY? I know  for a fact that the sheriff dept. has another investigator on payroll that has the same training as officer Costner, why can't this officer do the crime scene investigations and let officer Costner go back to being the school resource officer?  Also, while on the subject of officer Costner, I have read all the blogs about officer Davis' wife getting in trouble and being convicted of a felony for identity theft. And while I feel no sympathy for her.  What about officer Costner's wife? She was arrested and charged with AGGRAVATED CHILD ABUSE, yet I have seen nothing in the paper or this blog about her going to court.  She was to have a court date in February and it was postponed and the District Attorney may be trying to get the charges reduced because if convicted of the current charges she will have to serve mandatory jail time. If I was the parent of the child she is accused of hurting I would be mad as hell that a reduced charge is even being suggested because to my understanding, this was a very serious injury that required surgery. 

I guess I am trying to figure out why some of the officers of the Loudon County Sheriff Dept. and/or their significant others are not being held accountable for their actions in the SAME manner as any other citizen of this county is? If anyone out there has the answers please do tell..............

I can't believe it's not a soap opera 4/7/08

I cannot believe that Calli Davis is gettin away with such little punishment.
Did the court not realize that the woman she stole from, who happens to be a very respected woman in our county, just lost her husband to cancer not even three years ago and has children to raise on her own.
Ya, maybe her husband left her money when he died but that is no reason to take this woman's money without her knowledge. Especially when the paper said she had already been helping with some bills,
So Callie if you read this, just remember you stole money from not only a woman who's husband died but the BIG one is, you stole money from two children who depend on the money they get from the fathers death.
I'm glad the Johnson is making you get mental help because to do this to what it says in the paper to a so called friend is the most sorry thing I have ever heard of in my entire life.
And to read that this woman wanted to drop charges just to protect your son says a whole lot about her character, she must be an awesome woman at heart to not want to prosecute you, because it seems as though Loudon County would like to see you pack your bags and leave, you are a danger to our society and children, banks, stores, schools, citizens in our county.
And I have to agree, Jimmy deserved to be ranked down, I actually feel he should have been fired due to this. Any other dept would have let him go.
I pray God will help you with your therapy and your being honest with the judge about being sorry and wanting help, because you should be more than sorry and more than seeking outpatient treatment.
Just remember, you can't fool God!

Signed, A concerned citizen and future political leader in this county 4/7/08

I knew it would start, so here we go. Lets all feel sorry for the FORMER assistant. chief deputy. Well, I have other feelings about this situation, this is the place to express them right.  Jimmy knew what he was getting to when he hooked up with her. He was warned by a few to say the least. You would think he knew of her past and her background since he WAS a high ranking officer, one would think. So the lets feel sorry for him don't fly with me. I find it VERY, VERY hard to believe that this one instance with Callie and her well deserving, for once, prosecution got him demoted. I have a strong feeling that he was warned and talked to about her history and her antics. Do you really think the Sheriff would put him self in a legal situation over this. I have confidence in the Sheriffs right to do what is right for his office and I  personally  feel safer knowing a high ranking officer, as blind as he must be, is not in that position anymore and that Callie is finally one step closer to jail time as she so well deserves. Now lets see if he gets to drive his new county car in his new position all over East Tenn. burning up mine and your tax payer  money like they have in the past. Oh ya! we notice. I can not close with out giving a word of advice to Mr. Jimmy Davis, get out like all the former victims have. You still have a future. You know, I have a wonderful dog that me and my wife love and adore and he to goes astray and doe's wrong sometimes. When he comes home or needs a little correction he gets put on a leash or tied up to the porch.  I HAVE AN EXTRA LEASH AND CHAIN....    


Mutt 4/5/08

To: Just Curious 4/2/08
You wrote:
<<<I have knowledge that a married Loudon City Police Officer..... I heard after an internal Hush-Hush Investigation......... I also heard during the Investigation his Sgt. attempted to cover up certain facts...>>>
I suppose nobody is talking about this one because "I heard.....I heard....I also heard..." really isn't a verifiable story. When you verify this, please post again.
(But, I think I know what the problem really is.)
I'm very sorry to hear that you guys at the Sheriff's Dept are still so sore at the Loudon City Police, and just wish they would learn to become screw ups!! You really need to get over it.
David Divelbiss
Lenoir City 4/5/08

For most of you that thought that xmas only comes once a year it seems it comes twice.  Yesterday April 4th was the second-when Callie Aka Rogers, Aka Elder Now Davis was convicted, however the punishment could have been better.  My question is why is her husband being made an example of and she is not?  I mean come on not that it matters, but why should he loose when she always wins?
Justice for All 4/5/08

Thank You Gilligan.  That is the truest statement ever put on this Blog, and I do agree with you.  I do know.
Dewayne Drinnen  Ex-Public Servant 4/5/08

To Chief Davis,
I am so sorry you have been made an example of, we salute your service.  It seems that if the charges we made against you and you were indicted then you would still have your position. But what do I know about morals and ethics I'm just a dumb citizen who doesn't know what they are talking about.....or do I?
'This decision is not meant to punish Jimmy, but to maintain stability in management and confidence among the troops and the citizens we serve. '
Come on, who are you kidding?  You lost that confidence a long time ago.
"Et tu, Brute?"
Julius Caesar (III, i, 77)
-Gilligan 4/5/08

Dearest Buford T. Justice-For All,
You are correct my friend!  The way I understand it, the 911 director makes about $50,000.00 - $55,000.00 a year from her annual salary.  On top of that she receives either one or two $5000.00 bonuses from the 911 board.  It seems to me, since all of the dispatchers underneath her have done all the work, they should get more than the $50.00 bonus they get a year.  If the math is done correctly, you have a "non degreed" director according to the famous RICKY, that is making over $60,000.00 - $65,000.00 a year. 

While the numbers may not be right on, they are close.  In my opinion, if you make that kind of money in the public service field, and you are in your 20's, you'd better have some kind of college education.  It's my understanding, the people that work and have worked for her don't think much of her job performance either.  If they were to say anything about it, they would probably be conspired against behind closed doors by the director and the overpaid training officer (assistant director).  Apparently from what I hear, she has nothing better to do with her time but listen to personal phone calls and watch dispatch tapes all day instead of training anyone.  Lets not even mention some of the off duty activities that are going on. Guess the director thinks this is ok since it is all hush hush.  For the sake of the public, and the employees that are still fortunate enough to have a job there, this public outcry for change will not stop until it happens!
Smokey Bear 4/4/08

Partial solution for understaffed 911 center,


At least a 1/3 to 1/2 of a new employees salary could be found  in two easy places.


1 Ė 911 is not a for profit corporation and doesn't rake in huge profits, so why should the Director get a reported BONUS in the thousands, yearly?  This comes from the 911 board, out of the 911 budget, on top of the county salary.


2 Ė Repeal the one dollar an hour raise the 911 board approved for supervisors last year.  This is really not needed in the budget since it seems only one supervisor, who is now up to 15.17 an hour, is the only one that received it.  This is a lot more than most there make and more the multi year supervisors were making.


This is a budget that really needs to be looked into very closely.  If  you don't think it affects you, think about that the next time you get your home and cell phone bills and have to pay the 911 surcharge.



I read the blog often and everyone is always going off on the County, but it has came to my attention that in the past few weeks there have been some things going on in Loudon City that no one wants to talk about. I have knowledge that a married Loudon City Police Officer was pulled over by a Loudon County Officer with his girlfriend while possibly driving intoxicated. I heard after an internal Hush-Hush Investigation the Loudon City Officer was taken off Dayshift and put on Third Shift. I also heard during the Investigation his Sgt. attempted to cover up certain facts of the Investigation and has been demoted to just a Day Shift Patrolman. This information has been hard to come by, because the employees were told by the Brass that if anybody talked about it they would get fired.

Seems to me there is a double standard that this same police department may have allowed one of their people to get away with driving intoxicated however a couple of months ago they arrested a Knox County Officer who lost her job and who the DA determined there was not enough evidence and dropped it to wreckless driving because she was speeding in a congested area. Why is the talk kept quiet about all this? If it was anyone else it would not be?

Just Curious 4/2/08

I think it is time for us citizens to take our county government back.  We have a chance to do this in November and then in 2010.  Every person reading this blog needs to go and look at the offices up this year and get a petition to run.  You don't have to have a lot of money, heck make your own signs.  Have you looked at all the elected officials that have no opposition? 
I disagree with the raises for the EDA folks unless they are going to make it uniform to all employees.  Jailers, road workers, court clerks, dispatchers, they may make decent money but wouldn't they like to have a 3% raise and then 2 or 3 k on top of that AND their bosses get raises just like EDA does.  Just a couple years ago all the dept heads got a good raise but the little ol county employees got 3%.  All I can say is, when 2010 get here you better mark my words elected officials.  You will be voted out of that office and someone who cares about this county and it's people will  get in. No amount of money you have hoarded up from taking from us will help.  Citizens of Loudon County make your voice heard go get a petition and get them out.
El Bandito 4/2/08

If Russell Johnson spent one tenth of the time prosecuting cases as he does trying to promote that silly bottle bill, there might be a small amount justice of in Loudon County. In my opinion he is as rotten as Doyle Arp and the EDA bunch.

Tired of the Corruption in LC 4/2/08

Can anybody tell me one thing the EDA has ever accomplished? Anything? They produce absolutely nothing but have cost the tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars. The EDA is the most useless waste of money. Pat Phillips doesn't even live in Loudon County. That's why he doesn't care about the stink and pollution in Loudon County. He doesn't live here. Lenoir City, Loudon and the county could save a lot of money if they would just eliminate the EDA all together. They're useless. Oh Pat, by the way, I know all about the fence around your six million dollar cow field on 72. Slick deal.

Mike K. 4/1/08


Anonymous 4/1/08

I am enraged that another department or office is asking for more money from us, the county. When they ask for more county funding they may as well come to our door and ask for a hand out. They being the EDA. I am fed up with people wanting more money. Pat Phillips and Kathy Knight are well enough paid for the amount of work they do. I for one do not feel I need to give Kathy Knight a pay raise so she and can go out and find another tree to cut down with the support of her first cousin Ken Brewster. ( Yes, Kathy Knight formerly Kathy Brewster). I am sick and tired of everyone asking for more which in turn takes more from us. Most of us get hit twice. If you live in the city of Lenoir City or Loudon you will pay as a city resident as well as a county resident.
I would like for someone to shed some light on a couple of questions.
A.  Is the EDA a part of county government or not? If they are then why have we never seen the results of the audit?
    this is my/our money so I want to know how it is spent. I have heard that this money pays for dinners and drinks for    potential businesses. Can they not afford there own food and drinks?
B. If they are not a part of the county government then why do they get county insurance at little or no cost?
 If they are not then they should find other insurance and the county can take what is being used for the EDA employees and help offset the rising cost of insurance for the county employees that are truly county employees.
I have heard too many stories of mismanagement of time and funds at that office. Mind you that they are only rumors but in my opinion they have some merit. As you may be able to tell I am not a friend of the EDA. I think it is not beneficial to the county for what it cost in tax payers dollars.
I would ask that all county officials that have a vote on this please consider the cost verses the benefits. And please consider withdrawing any and all funding to the EDA. this money can be put to better use.
  • We as a county do not need anymore businesses here to pollute our environment.
  • We do not need Kathy Knight cutting down any more city trees. ( If she wants us to be like Maryville then she needs to move the Corinth community )
  • We do not need Pat Phillips spending EDA time trying to determine how to get a county salary and draw a pension from his last employer.
  • We do not need EDA employees trying to establish a lawsuit if they do not get there way.

In reference to the two guys that got fired at dispatch...update!!! 

I heard they might appeal the firing decision based on a couple of things.  After all, did they really have a choice in losing their jobs?  Leave or get fired.  First, they say they were fired for something that everyone including the director is guilty of, making fun of callers!  Second, they think they were fired for the chance they might be "RICKY" on the van shaver blog!  If they appeal, I think the people in blog land need to know an important thing.  The camera system there is supposed to be recording all the time according to signs.  If this is the case, I think the two guys need to get a court order to have a copy of the tapes for the whole week before they were fired.  If they do, then we can see how much "van talking" really went on there on their shift.  I bet when the court order comes, there is not a video tape or record keeping policy even there, so magically, there will be no tape!  Way to keep the dispatch trailer secure director!  Just wanted all to be aware before it happens. 

Your friend,
Smokey!  :) 4/1/08