In response to: One of them 3/30/07
You wrote, regarding our local law enforcement officers:
<<AND YES...they too make mistakes in life>>
Do you know the difference between "mistakes" and "crimes"?
mis·take   (mĭ-stâk')  Pronunciation Key 
  1. An error or fault resulting from defective judgment, deficient knowledge, or carelessness.
  2. A misconception or misunderstanding.
crime   (krîm)  Pronunciation Key 
  1. An act committed or omitted in violation of a law forbidding or commanding it and for which punishment is imposed upon conviction.
Signing my real name, as always,
David Divelbiss

In response to some of the bloggers who appear to have noting better to do than gripe about everything, apparently have a huge stockpile of stones that they are intent upon tossing at sinners, while not looking or listening to themselves & how they sound, I thought I would volunteer some information.  I, too have lived in this great county almost 6 decades &  most of my adult life & work experience has been with the law, one form or another.  The first thing I learned was never to assume anything.  We all are aware making an "ass of u & me" when you do.  I work on the premise of probable cause-a reasonable person has to believe certain events happen.  This goes for all law enforcement.  Without probable cause, they cannot act.  Probable cause can be fact, determined through investigation & even hearsay.  But there are always 2 sides for the legal system to address.  If everyone who is guilty & everyone who "appears" guilty were to receive the maximum sentence that "everyone-gripers included" wants given-our jails & prisons couldn't hold them!  Our tax dollars couldn't go toward schools, roads, or anything else for building more prisons!!  There are instances where probation might be appropriate; with  or without partial sentence being served. Fines & court costs can amount to thousands of dollars & require probation for collection.  Just for this record fines are mandated and described by the legislature when they pass laws--the Judge does not always have discretion as to the amount assessed.  Same for court costs-legislature sets amounts allowed for collection.
Concerning what I've read here about Mrs. Bowen's "deal & expungement" the gripers know so much about, perhaps reading Tennessee Code Annotated 40-32-101 might enlighten. 
(a) (1) (A) "All public records of a person who has been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony shall, upon petition by that person to the court having jurisdiction in the previous action, be removed and destroyed without cost to the person, if:
         (i)  The charge has been dismissed;
        (ii)  A no bill was returned by a grand jury;
        (iii) A verdict of not guilty was returned, whether by the judge following bench trial or by a jury; or
         (iv) The person was arrested and released without being charged.
She was arrested on indictment by the grand jury (true bill).  She is not eligible for expungement. 
For those who have downed DA Russ Johnson for not "dealing out enough punishment".  His job is to investigate and prosecute. The judge and/or jury assesses fines & costs.
Please do away with your pile of stones & at least ask questions before you, who are holier than the rest of us mortals, find yourself on the other side of the law.

Good Info 3/31/07


America stepping up 

Dear bloggers

It bothers me to no end to hear all these folks degrading our law enforcement departments.
YES...they are here to protect us and they do without thinking twice about it. and YES these folks are human too. They have feelings and nightmares just like anyone else. AND YES...they too make mistakes in life. As for there daily activity I am sure about 50% of the time is spent patrolling or riding around as some of you call it. but things can go from 0 to OH crap in the blink of an eye. The police/sheriffs departments are just like any other employer in this nation...they have some good employees, some great employees and unfortunately some bad employees. but never the less each one of them will and do put there lives on the line when called out. below are a couple examples of what officers are expected to do.
  • A 2 am call because a husband and wife can not get along. Oh and by the way, you do not want your spouse to go to jail for abuse. you just want the police officer to tell them not to do it anymore and to go to bed.
  • A lunch time call because you girl friend wants to see other people so now you want to turn her in for cooking meth.
  • they respond because you want your neighbors dog to stop barking.
  • They try to prevent teenage drivers from killing themselves or someone because SOME parents did not teach there kids the responsibility of being on the road.
  • They track down the mower you loaned your cousin and he failed to bring it back, if we do not find it you may want to press charges.
  • They get a 9-1-1 in the middle of the night, 1-2 officers show up not knowing what awaits them. here are just a few things that an officer plays out in his mind while responding.....Is this a faulty phone line and the call was caused my moisture. Is there and elderly person needing medical attention....Is this a person who was beat up by a spouse and the husband is waiting behind the curtains to go out in a gunfight. OR. Is this a situation where a mom calls about an unruly 16 year old and when the officer pulls up the teenager is waiting to gun him / her down  ( sound familiar?)
  • Respond to a drunk driver call and a crash happens before you arive and you try to get someone from a burning car...the officer witnesses  as a family of five parish and the screams of the two girls in the back seat still haunt him today.
  • Maintain a perfect image and sanity thru it all while being ridiculed by who have nothing better to do.
One of them 3/30/07

To "Ashamed in Loudon County"
The fact is, this woman DID steal from the Loudon Quarterback club and has admitted doing so and if you are so ashamed of this county and its residents why don't you MOVE elsewhere.  And as for her "shopping at Walmart" that is where most of the checks she wrote were written.  And as for the charges being "politically motivated" a thief is a thief no matter who you are or who your husband works for.  And speaking of things being politically motivated, any other citizen that had stolen that much money would have gotten jail time, not a deal where she can pay the money back and then have the charges expunged, that is politically motivated.
Fed Up- Lenoir City Tennessee 3/30/07

Is it not ironic that someone that was hired to "PROTECT AND TO SERVE" has been served with an order of protection against him from his own wife?  Yes, another LOUDON COUNTY SHERIFF DEPARTMENT deputy is in trouble. He has been served with an order of protection against him from his wife.  IF his wife doesn't trust him why should the citizens of Loudon County? And who are we supposed to call if we need help when the whole SHERIFF DEPARTMENT is on the "good ole boy" system?????????   What is it going to take before the sheriff of our fair county wakes up and starts firing some people? 
Leary of Living in LC 3/29/07

To Knows what I'm talking about,

If I'm not mistaken, it was the "OTHER DA" who requested the investigation into the LCUB corruption and that was probably one of the reasons he lost the election. He refused to play the game with the corrupt officials in Loudon County. Now with one of their own in the high seat I suspect we will never see another investigation of any official misconduct in Loudon County. No honest officials will ever be allowed to remain in office in this county. It's called, the good ol boy system. You watch my back and I'll watch yours.

Knows what I'm talking about too 3/29/07

I'm proud to be an American but lately I'm ashamed to tell people I am from Loudon County.
      I would like to start by thanking the men and women police officers that give of themselves to protect us wither they work for the City of Loudon, the City of Lenoir City or the county of Loudon.
    As Americans we are suppose to be presumed innocent until proven guilty but apparently if we live in Loudon County and we have any ties to the Loudon County Sheriff's department the opposite applies.
    I've read all the comments about this Loudon County Deputies wife.  People who write such things and make accusations such as this are the reason we can't get volunteers to help in our community activities.
    I have an open mind so I have to wonder a few things.    If this person truly did all she is accused of doing; why would her family have lost their home, car and most everything they had?  Why would she have to shop at the Walmart and I have personally seen her shop at the Goodwill Store? 
    A couple years ago these same people at this same organization were blaming a big-hearted gentleman, that gave of his time just as this lady did, of taking money from the organization.  They shunned that gentleman and now they need his help; so it's okay for him to be involved again.  I have been to these football games on the hill and have personally witnessed 15 to 20 people in the concession stand and at the front gate all dealing with cash. 
    I for one think this is politically motivated due to the fact this is a Loudon City organization and the officer works for the County and don't think it would have gone as far and been as ugly as it has been if it had not been for this childlike Loudon City verses Loudon County rivalry.  That is why I am ashamed of where I live rather than the way I wish I could feel about my community.
Ashamed in Loudon County. 3/29/07

Dear Loudon Countians
I have lived in this county all my life and that is almost 5 decades. this is a great place to live. If not why do so many outsiders want in. A lot of us (including me) just want to gripe and hope hope that the pains goes away...well it won't until we medicate it and make some changes and voice our opinions. 
 Below are some issues that I wish to voice my opinion on. Although I may at times ramble I really feel these issues need to be addressed by the voters.
Little League Theft
The way this is being handled is absolutely absurd. It was posted and rumored that April Bowen plead guilty to embezzling $25,000 dollars or more. and all she is getting is probation with the agreement to pay it back ...OH MY GOSH. and to make things worse after completion of payment and probation her record will be expunged ( wiped clear of any criminal history pertaining to this matter) This is the same person who a few years back was caught shop lifting at Ingle's in Lenoir City and was cited into court instead of being arrested and jailed. In my opinion this again is because of who her husband works for, the sheriff's dept. This is the same person that while all of this was going on bought a $45,00 Chevy Tahoe to parade her fashionable self around in. This is only a small part of what makes this county look crooked and on the "good ole boy, buddy buddy system. April Bowen will walk proud because she has beat the system and spat in the face of every parent and child in the Loudon Quarter Back Club little league organization. how can we make a difference? vote out the DA that I voted for. In my opinion he could have dealt out a punishment fitting the crime instead of no punishment at all.
Mayor Arp
Why must Mayor Arp be so controversial. In my opinion he sits at the head of the table like the Cock of the roost. why is he so worried about what the public may see or find out. I for one do not agree with everything posted on but I do believe in freedom of speech and I believe in the public being made aware of all happenings of the elected officials. If it some that effects my tax dollars then you are darn skippy I want to know. And I praise Van for getting involved or as some call  it being nosey (j/k) If I was to run for public office it would be on a totally open policy as it should be. I want peoples involvement. I would think a good leader does what his/her electors want and what is good for the citizens as opposed to having there own hidden agenda.
For the problems in the Lenior City Council, The Loudon County Sheriff's Department, The County Mayor, The School Board and anything else that an elected official is mishandling...
Keep up the good work on your site Van and we as the public need to keep them on there toes.
Growing More Aggitated 3/28/07

In regard to the statement about no charges to be filed because of a corrupt DA.  Evidently you don't know the laws of the land.  In the state if Tennessee you only have a certain amount of time in which to file charges.  If, in fact, the findings are correct and all of this happened in 2000 - there really can't be any charges filed.  There is a time limit of 11 months and 29 days.  It seems to me as though it was the OTHER DA that should have had his office investigate LCUB. 

Knows what I'm talking about…….. 3/27/07

Our good friends at LCUB essentially stole tens of thousands of dollars from the rate payers and our wonderful DA, Russ Johnson, tells us he doesn't plan to file any charges against any one. I guess now in Loudon County, anything goes. What a bunch of crooks.

Marvin 3/26/07

I am laughing so hard, I just might wet my pants! Thank you for the video "Get Van off  my case". I can just see Arp in a straw hat, hay between his
teeth, hollerin' HEE HAW!

Does Mayor Arp now plan to control the internet as well? Now, I just wonder who he plans to pay off to do that?  Next thing you know, cameras will be banned. Keep up the good work. As far as I am concerned, this site is better than all the news stations and the News Herald. It tells it like it is
(regardless if the mayor likes it or not!)

LuLu at BR549 3/26/07

To sickening- it does look bad for the county doesn't it? ESPECIALLY if what I hear is true, that the voting machines are rigged. I think we all owe it
to this county to demand that the state election commission come in and watch the next election so we can vote them out.

A Sad County Resident 3/24/07

Is anybody surprised that "No Action Expected For Audit". I doubt is any action will ever again be taken against the good ol boy system now that they have one of their own as DA. It's like the wild wild west right here in Loudon County. If you are friends with the marshal, you can get away with anything.


You are exactly correct with respect to your description of Joe Webb. He goes into a rant because he claims that Charlie didn't project his disagreement with the lesson in the correct way. He finds fault that he gave interviews both on and off camera to further state his disagreement, instead of following protocol. Joe Webb claims this is WRONG.
Now here's a refresher, Joe Webb is part of a local club that went against another local club and sued them, they (Joe Webb's club) lost the battle in court, appealed, lost again, appealed the appeal, and lost a third time. What does Joe Webb do, well first he makes up accusations - the same ones already settled in court, and tries to get the DA to charge these people with something, anything. The DA says no crimes have been committed. So in his desperation to discredit these peoples reputation and with cameras in tow (just the same as he has accused Charlie of doing) he goes to the Grand Jury and lies to get indictments on these people. He calls every news station he can think of to get the indictments aired in his feeble attempt to defame the reputation of these citizens. In the end the DA affirmed that these people did nothing wrong, all of Joe Webb's lies did not pan out, the charges were dismissed.
Now, anyone who knows Joe doesn't take his ranting too seriously, he's always on some sort of soapbox, be it trying to get liquor stores in the county (shorter drive to restock) or who's his favorite politician (endorsed Matt Brookshire, yet lives in Loudon), or any other point that suits him. He really doesn't believe that he should be held to the same standards as others, he doesn't believe he should be a law abiding citizen but everyone else should be, he doesn't care who gets hurt in the promotion of his own agenda, lie, cheat, whatever it takes, after all he's Joe Webb. That's Joe. I think the years of alcohol abuse have caused some sort of permanent damage.
That's right, Joe is a multiple DUI Offender, and at last I heard, did not even possess a license to drive, does not hold down a regular job, and has been divorced a few times as well. The guy has some personal issues, that's for sure. So Anonymous... don't get too worked up, it's just another case of the "pot calling the kettle black".  No pun intended.

Just say no to hypocrites 3/19/07

It has been let out of the bag that T. Scott Jones has worked another miracle for the Sheriff's Dept. A plea agreement is in the works that would allow April Bowen, the thief that nearly ruined the Loudon Quarterback Club, to walk away clean. The bargain of the century goes like this: Bowen pleas guilty, pays back the money, and then gets her record expunged.

First the approximate $25,000 is only what can be proven. If the truth were known, upwards of $60,000 is what is missing. However, since the LQC deals mostly in cash ( concessions , gate , and sign-ups) a MAJORITY of the missing funds are untraceable.

Second , how can the judicial system even contemplate allowing this soon to be felon to have her record wiped clean. If you or me or anyone else out of the " circle of friends" that is our sheriff's dept. we would be looking at hard time.

If I rob a bank , can I repay a portion of the money I STOLE, and then get it erased from my record, all without doing a single night behind bars?
I wonder if this was in the works when April Bowen listed the Loudon Quarterback Club as a debtor in her bankruptcy papers.
If the sheriff was on top of things he would ask her husband, Chris Bowen, to take a lie detector test to prove he knew nothing about the FELONY that occurred. I certainly would want to know where all the top dollar outfits that were so shamelessly worn to the ballgames came from.

But I guess that would mean breaking the "circle of friends." T. Scott Jones would never let that happen , he has too much money to lose defending the group as a whole.

See What's Happening in Loudon?

Eyes Wide Open

Responding to "NO MORE! In LC":
You posted that:
<<<The Mexicans are not the problem- it is people getting paid for jobs they are not doing. Tell on them and the rest will hopefully take care of itself.>>>
I agree totally. This illegal immigration of Mexicans first became a real problem during the Jimmy Carter Administration. It was decided then not to enforce the law, as the liberals in power determined that these illegals were "ecomonic refugees". (Previously, refugee status had only applied to political refugees, like people fleeing Castro's cuba . But the Peanut-Head Administration decided to redefine who was a refugee.)
But we cannot lay it all at the door of the Democrats (I just wish we could.) This policy was never reversed (although it could've been, and should've been) by:
1. the Reagan administration, or;
2. the Bush I administration, or;
3. the Clintonista administration, or;
4. not even the current Bush administration considered enforcing the immigration laws important - until they discovered "OTMs" (other than Mexicans) coming into the country via Mexico (i.e. Arab jihadis were using that route).
But the immigration laws have been the law all along. And the US Constitution does not say it is the option of the Executive branch to enforce the laws. Thre USC says it is their duty!
Let me cut-&-paste your statement again, because it deserves repeating:
<<<The Mexicans are not the problem- it is people getting paid for jobs they are not doing.>>>
Well said!
David Divelbiss 3/19/07

Mr. Joe Webb is a typical liberal. He/they feel his/their views, ideas and opinions are far superior to anyone else's and therefore dissenting opinions should never be permitted. At his public show case before the school board, Mr. Webb went on at nausaim about following proper protocol when addressing an opposing view. However, if he practiced what he preached, should he not have gone to Mr. Garner with his complaint rather the the BOE? Instead he choose to make a public spectacle of himself.

Mr. Garner in his disagreement with the lesson plan, used no disparaging comments about anyone but simply disagreed with the policy. However, Mr. Webb's entire diatribe was nothing but a personal attack on Mr. Garner and his character because he dared to challenge the liberal bias of the public education system. Webb seems not to be able to think of enough negative words to describe Mr. Garner. Liberals like Mr. Webb are such hypocrites using one standard for themselves and a different standard for others. I suspect Mr. Webb's real problem with Mr. Garner is the fact that he  professes Christianity and liberals can't tolerate Christians.

Mr. Webb and his ilk should hang with Al Gore and worry about global warming and leave the common sense issues to those who have common sense.

A Conservative Christian 3/15/07

WAHOO!! Finally the house of cards is beginning to fall in the city!! I just wonder how this will affect the good ole boy system? Will they turn states
evidence and start ratting on each other? Now if the auditors will only do the same for the county we may FINALLY see
the sunshine!
To anyone who wonders what the heck I am talking about- read LCUB's audit! Consult an attorney? but wait , doesn't LCUB HAVE an attorney? Maybe not for long! TEEHEEE.....

one happy cookie in LC 3/15/07

Now isn't the world a wonderful place- according to the News Herald this morning. Seems the mayor's doggy deal has worked out wonderfully
( wonder if anyone has ever tried to feed their dog for .80 a day ? If they did they would know that is a lie). Even the article on Maremont has a pleasant feeling while people suffer for their livelihood. The only thing I saw so far that comes close to the truth is the letter to the editor about the new reporter. Don't take this wrong Mary Hinds, I think you are an above average in the sweetness department, and I like you a lot. But , you haven't a clue as to what REALLY goes on in this town. You obviously do not know what an injustice you do the people by painting the picture that all is well when it is not.

Quit listening to the officials telling the tales and start listening to the people to know the real story behind official lies. For the people to fix our problems, they have to first know they are broken, so write about that for a change.

A NH reader 3/12/07

This is in rely to Brian Jenkins post. I am not offended by your post although I do not necessarily share your opinion. If I lived in a poorer country( like ours may someday be), I might too try to cross the border to make a better life for my family. But that is neither here or there.

I'm glad that you are paying attention Brian, and know that something in our system is broken- on that we do agree. More people than not think posts
on here are just a bunch of government bashers and refuse to see that there IS a problem. I think that you are looking at the forest instead of the
trees however. If you want to get something done- start on the local level- and I don't mean go vote for the first person who says that they are against

Start by going to the city and county and asking about the ones that are arrested. Find out if they have papers when arrested, and if not, find out why they were released and report who released them. You can have all the laws in the world but if no one enforces them , what good are they? If judges allow them to pay fines and be released, then judges are not doing their jobs. If county officials employ illegals they too are breaking the law.

The Mexicans are not the problem- it is people getting paid for jobs they are not doing. Tell on them and the rest will hopefully take care of itself.

NO MORE! In LC 3/7/06

Our schools are overcrowded, our jails are full, and our health care system is overwhelmed.

What’s the only answer to all these problems? GET RID OF ALL THE ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!!!

It’s been estimated that in 2006 45 billion (yes Billion) in United States Currency was sent into Mexico.

If that money stays here maybe the government could fund projects to help struggling AMERICAN citizens who at least have a right to be here.

If you really want to see this problem first hand go by and watch the county health dept. for a while. You will see more illegal than not carrying anchor babies which you and I pay to support. You might also notice that although they seem to need us to pay for their medical care that they have no problem paying for the high dollar S.U.V.s that they will be driving.

 The good news is that apparently there are no American Families in the Loudon area in need of affordable housing. This must be the case due to the need of Habitat for Humanity to start printing Spanish versions of their applications.

The federal government refuses to enforce our immigration laws, local law enforcement would love to if it had the authority (I’d be happy to drive the deportation bus).

At the very least we should look into an illegal alien tax which we could use to replace some of the money these people have raped us of for so long.

If I have offended anyone with my rant I offer no apologies. The constitution of these United States of America does not guarantee anyone the right to be free from being offended, That’s one of the main problems with our society today, we have raised a politically correct bunch of pansies that are so afraid of offending others that they would rather shut up and take it than to speak their mind.

My Name is Brian Jenkins and that’s how I see it.  3/6/07

To the peeping Tom who is peeping into glass houses- go get some glasses if you are doing the looking. If however, it was one of your many spies
doing the peeping, take them off the payroll- they are not worth having. If the little pervert knew what he (or she) was talking about, they
would have told you that one of your own has switched sides, as you will soon find out. In the meantime- I'll keep the light on.......

Hope you got the right LC 3/4/07

I read your Blog quite often, and very much amused by the way some people like to cast stones, when they live in glass houses.  I will not mention any names, but someone that is very vocal in the blog and our government should be very careful.  Some people know more then you think.  You will know who you are.  I was approached by a person in my neighborhood and told he would be hanging around for a few days and not to be alarmed.  He was a workman's comp Insurance Fraud Investigator and was watching one of my neighbors.  The neighbor was at the time letting a male friend stay with them whom was drawing workman's comp for a so called injury.  I personally had seen the male mowing the yard, carrying a blower for leafs on his back for hours, among other physical activities. I never found out if the investigator got his pictures but the house guest left the area a short time later.  As for the occupants I'm almost sure, but not confirmed that the lady of the house draws a disability check, and the husband works a regular job in Knoxville, but does the Government know that he performs mechanic work in his garage at home on the side for profit on property zoned for residential use? Do they report the added income to the IRS? I'm sure they do. The real catch is that you were not born or raised here, but have moved here in the past several
years.  If you don't like Loudon County then move back to Kingston.  When you stir the pot, the poo will stink.

signed: A True Loudon Countian  03-01-2007

Now don't cha just love it! 7000.00 to hire a consultant to tell the mayor if it is feasible to move his office to the front of the county building. What kind of crap is this? Let's see, we hired a consultant to oversee Lisa Niles office, and another to oversee the schools, and now we need one to do what? Since we are no longer privy to the records to see how much the mayor spends, I'm just wondering if this so called "consultant" is a down and out
relative or if mayor Arp needs to pay for that last "hospital" visit to the Bahamas? What happened to the homeland security grant that was going to pay
for ID badges and swipe card locks to keep the public out? Before it is over we will have to borrow money to pay our taxes, and maybe promise our first born too. I say it is time for commission to withhold a paycheck until the mayor comes back and keep his hand out of the till before we all go broke.
That man never worked an honest day in his whole life.

Just plain disgusted in LC 3/1/07

I had a comment about the comment that "JUST WONDERING" made.   I was just wondering if this person has teenage children? or children at all?  I think the LCPD did a great thing in seeing how many of the local establishments would sell alcohol to underage kids. Underage drinking is a problem in this county and at least LCPD is making an effort to help with this problem.  So I applaud Lenoir City for a job well done.
Mom of a teenager Loudon3/1/07

In response to Just Wondering,

    With all due respect to your opinions on the methods employed by the LCPD to monitor and punish criminal activity, and with regards to mine as well, our opinions do not matter nearly as much as the law, which clearly allows the use of undercover, underage officers in policing the sale of alcohol to minors. (See, e.g. Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-11-505; Medley v. Maryville City Beer Bd., 1986 Tenn. LEXIS 856 (1987)).

   As to whether "those places" would sell beer to kids, no thinking is required.  They did.

   As to whether the undercover officer consumed the alcohol, unless you have some proof that he did, there is little purpose served by speculating what should be done to him for it.  That's very similar to wondering why, if you killed someone, you haven't been put in jail for it yet. 

   As to why he wasn't charged with possession, well, it would make police work awfully difficult if you had to keep arresting each officer who handled the drugs, contraband, etc...

   Finally, you are correct, our law enforcement does have plenty to do, namely, enforcing the law.  This they did by ensuring that those entrusted with the ability (as opposed to the right) to sell alcohol did so in accordance with the law.

Austin Shaver 3/1/07

I noticed where the LCPD was using a Police Cadet to set folks up by selling to and under age person. I view this as entrapment. I don't think any of these people would sell beer to kids. What one must asked. Did the under age Police Cadet Ty Scott Compton consume any of this alcohol and why wasn't he charged with possession or consumption of alcohol for being under age. It seems to me that our local law enforcement should have plenty to do without sending barley under age cops into establishments when they are extremely busy, causing them to make a mistake.

Just Wondering 2/28/07

To "A voter"... I admire your patriotism, and mean no disrespect, but you need to come to a few commission or council meetings and pay attention. You
may need to attend a few times to see the pieces fall into place, but you are going to find you are living in dreamland where local government is
concerned. It will not take you long to see how many special favors get granted, the disrespect those we elect show all of us, once elected, and the
way we get robbed of land and tax dollars all the time.

I agree that we do all need to vote, but until we can convince people like you to quit listening to all the hype the politicians spout, and come see for yourself what is REALLY going on, we are still going to have a problem. The sad truth is most do not know what really goes on. Votes are cast
because they know someone, they owe someone a favor, and a multitude of other reasons- not on that politicians past voting record.

The sad truth is that there is no justice in this county, and people have little choice in matters. Term limits would limit how deep the roots of corruption go, allow new ideas and a fresh perspective on things. If we the people cannot control what goes on in our own county, how can we hope to
control the country. Until people become informed, stand up and say no more, corruption is going to be here. First the people have to learn the truth,
and most do not want to admit they were wrong

Dissatisfied 2/28/07

Well, I knew that we were in for a tax hike but figured that it would at least wait until reappraisal time. Here is an idea- let's pay Doyle Arp what he is really worth, or if he would starve on that- let's pay him for actual time worked - he might still go hungry, but hey- before it's over that will be what happens to us.

Let's put our foot down on public records and quit paying Bob Bowman a king's ransom to hide them. If Arp insists on continuing to break the law
concerning public records, let's make him pay for his actions out of his own pocket. Maybe he will think twice before he breaks the law again.

What happened to the adequate facilities tax? Are the developers who contributed to Doyle's campaign now getting tax breaks? I'm really sorry if the schools are having problems, but seems to me that if commission would put a stop to all the special favors and reign in the person who thinks county funds are his own private bank account, maybe there would be no need for more taxes.

I want Arp to know where this came from so please sign my name.

JoAnne Turner 2/28/07

Dear Curious
    Surely you are mistaken there is no way a Loudon  County Deputy would do such a thing. 
   I didn't Vote For Guider 2/28/07

I heard a little something recently.  I heard that there was a report of a drunk driver on Hines Valley Rd.  The vehicle was a Dodge Durango.  The driver was under the influence of some kind of drugs.  I also heard that a certain officer in the sheriff's dept. is making sure that these charges are covered up or disappearing because of who her father is.  Anyone care to fill us in on this matter? 
--Curious About Corruption 2/27/07

When are we the people of the United States Of America going to wake up!!!!!!  The union members of the Maremont Corporation has a right to strike and stand up for themselves, when they are the bottom end of the totem pole.   Not just Maremont but corporations all over the United States are doing the same, taking away benefits, seniority, and lower pay puts more money into the big guys pockets and more money to give the politicians for taking care of the good old boys.   Wake up and smell the roses, it is time for the people that are  doing all the work and getting nothing to start speaking out to your elected officials.  Years ago my father was on strike with the company in which he worked for and there were many destructive events happening and being blamed on the strikers. When it was properly investigated it wasn't the strikers nor the company it was people on the outside trying to make every one else look bad.   Don't accuse or judge people until you have full evidence that there has been wrong doing on the party.  

I just read in the News Sentinel that Blount County Mayor Jerry Cunningham is all distressed because he thinks the Blount county Sheriff's deputies are under paid and they just don't have enough money in the budget to pay them better. Well shoot, why doesn't he just ask old buddy Arp to help them out. Loudon County could  give them some money while they are in dire straights. It's the same as the dog thing.

Ward 2/26/07

We already DO have term limits - it's called an election.  If residents of Loudon County and the cities within are so dissatisfied with local leadership, they should express it in the voting booth on election day.  We live in the greatest country on earth and owe it to every United States soldier to VOTE!

A voter 2/26/07

I just don't get it. The schools are in fact overcrowded. Teaching stations are set up in corridors, storage rooms, and anywhere else they can find to
stick them. We are bringing in more and more "learning cottages", to deal with the problems, yet the cooridors are still full of teaching stations.
Every time I pick up the paper their are problems with the fire marshal. When are we going to wake up. Ms. Malone stated her concern about quality daycare in the area. I cannot attest to the quality of care, but I can tell you that most of the daycares in the area, except those ran by the school system, are far safer than any one school in Loudon County. The safest school in the system is not even close to the standard. Go figure.

Brooke 2/24/07

Don't let them get to you Ms. Cook. You keep sticking up for us.

Millard 2/24/07

I share Marcus' concern over Mr. Arp's unearned salary, but as a practical matter, does anyone believe Doyle's being on the job only half time is a BAD thing?  When he is at work, he directs his energies to making it harder for citizens to obtain public records, inviting Blount County to dump their dogs and cats on us, trying to undo the a long-overdue withdrawal from the Cable TV Authority, putting more relatives on the county payroll, telling Commissioners how to do their jobs, and apparently firing one of the best managers County government has ever had.  Oh, and did I mention that when Arp is on the job, it also means the meter starts running at Kramer Rayson?
Wasn't it Twain who said "Nobody's Life, Liberty, or Property are safe so long as Congress is in session? Maybe Mr. Arp should heed his doctors' advice and take it to the house for awhile. As the saying goes, it could be a "win-win" for everyone. Think what damage he could do to the county if he is ever able to work full time.
--Zach in Lenoir City 2/24/07

I would just like to congratulate the LOUDON REDSKINS boys basketball team for winning the district championship and wish them luck in their effort to advance in the regionals.  Their first play-off game is Saturday Feb. 24th at 7pm at Loudon High school against Seymour.  I hope all Redskin fans will come out and show their support.
Always a Redskin Loudon, TN.2/24/07

The paper reports that our great Mayor Arp can only work four hours a day. How convenient. So does that also mean that we only have to pay him for four hours a week? I bet not. I bet he is still taking his full pay check. Full time pay for a half time mayor. What a deal for Loudon County. At least 20 hours a week is still more than he ever worked as assessor.

I'm sorry that Mr. Arp is sick, but if he can't do the job he needs to resign.

Marcus 2/22/07

Folks, I stand corrected.
The mayor has a new e-mail address, and I was not aware of it:
Never afraid to sign my name.
David Divelbiss 2/22/07

I think maybe Knoxville has the right idea. We need term limits for all of the officials if we ever hope to clean things up. That way no one is in office long enough to establish their little mafias like we have now.

Fed up in LC 2/21/07

Here's the problem with Judge Vann. He was just elected last year to an eight year term. He will be here for a long time. He would have to be a fool to give up such a lucrative job. He works less than five hours a week for 50k + per year. Some one should find out what the outcome of the Friends Of Law Enforcement investigation was. That could possibly shorten his term. Funny how that thing just kind of went away.

Mark 2/19/07

As to the schools operating daycares, if one school does it they will all have to. It's called keeping up with the Jones'. No way is one of the schools going to get to do something that the other ones don't get to do. That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. The board of education has no business getting into  the private sector's business. Before you know it, they will want to be in the car business or restaurant business. As poor as the education is in Loudon County, looks like they would be more worried about improving education than running daycares. Who really wants the state raising their children from birth. How many other businesses in Loudon County offer daycare to their employees? None. Only with government subsidies can such a perk be offered.

How much time will teachers spend visiting their babies at the daycare instead of teaching? What about the liability to the county? This idea is fraught with unforeseen problems that will ultimately be paid by the tax payers.

No fan of the man. 2/17/07

Continuing on the subject of my last post (of 2/16):
Last year Terry Vann was given another $10,000 salary increase. That was also during his term, and was done without Littleton's previous justification (that when you change the name of the court you've created a whole new court). I have no idea what creative justification they used this time. I know they managed to keep it out of the paper this time.
Vann's salary is one of the highest in Tennessee for a part-time Judge. This kind of judges normally doesn't make more than about $15,000 per year. His salary is now $51,700. He holds Municipal court once a week and Environmental Court once per month.
The previous judge's annual salary was $13,000. He went to city hall every morning to hear cases for people who were in jail the night before. Terry Vann has hired a magistrate to do this for him, costing the city taxpayers $5,200 a year. She works for Judge Russell, so she is at work at the justice center anyway. (And you folks thought you couldn't get paid twice for working the same hour!)
To be fair, I will also point out that Vann does spend a lot of hours at City Hall most weeks . The bulk of that time is spent loitering in someone else's office, and playing on the internet.
If any of you have questions as to how these things are allowed to go on, you might send an inquiry to this man:
Never afraid to sign my name.
David Divelbiss

When a judge(?) acts and does the way Terry Van  is, why doesn't he resign? We the people are behind and beside you Ms. Cook. I agree with other letter.
Doris, LC

I have been thinking about this Debbie Cook / Terry Vann thing all week.  I’m sorry to say that I voted for Terry Vann as well as Tony Akins and Matt Brookshire.  What was I thinking!?!  This won’t happen again.   My family and I (which represents a lot of voters) will not vote for those elected officials again.  Mr. Van should have gotten his facts straight before blaming Mrs. Cook of wrong doing.    What kind of judge makes judgments without the facts, using information that he assumed were facts.  What is it they say about assuming. Think about it!
I understand Mrs. Cook is going to retire from her present position.  Maybe she should consider running for Mayor.  We need good, honest people in office who care about our city.  Terry Vann and his ilk are what is wrong with our city, our state, and our nation – no trust.  Nothing they say can be considered the truth because they only say what they think will make something happen for them.  Get over it, Lenoir City, and start working on getting these self-centered, what can I get out of this for themselves, type of people out of government.  They are not serving you, they are taking you to the cleaners!!
George, Lenoir City, TN 2/17/06

I just read the article in the News herald about the school board starting a daycare for teachers and that infuriates me. And even worse was Ms. Malone's statement that a school daycare would address the "lack of quality daycare in our area."  Lenoir City and Loudon County are blessed with many quality daycares and Ms. Malone's statement is tantamount to slanderous toward those other daycares. Ms. Malone's elitist attitude is a perfect example of how many in the education system have come to view themselves and the rest of us. They have come to feel they are so above the rest of us.

Ms. Malone owes a public apology to the owners operators and employees of all the local daycares she so callously termed as low quality and the school board needs to take care of educating our children and stay out of the daycare business.

Tired of the attitude 2/17/07

Well in my opinion you really can't blame Terry Vann for trying. He has seen many a job "created" for friends and relatives within our city government. It sounds to me like he only wants a separate city court with a separate city court clerk, perhaps he has a friend or a relative who would take that position,( with a sizeable salary, I'm sure) you know, one who really don't know enough to question anything he does. But, before he can do that he needs Debbie to resign that portion of her position. He even states that they cant remove her but she can resign. He also says he has spoken with others on the council about this, I believe he mentions Dale's name. Debbie was blindsided, plain and simple. And each and every person there knew it was going to happen, everyone but her. But you must give credit where credit is due. This is politics in Lenoir City, and Mayor Brookshire is truly a teacher, just look at how well all those around him have learned to lie and manipulate to get their piece of the city government pie. Terry Vann is just another example of the corrupt and embarrassing leaders of our community.
 City Confidential 2/17/07

Dear Countians
I recently saw a news article about a town in southern Nevada. It is the town of  Pahrump, Nevada. this town is doing what we as Americans should have been doing years ago. It has passed a " English Only Policy". Elected officials in this southern Nevada town have adopted an ordinance declaring English the official language, restricting the display of foreign flags and denying town benefits to undocumented immigrants. I am not against anyone being in this country LEGALLY  nor am I against someone coming to this country and making a conscience effort to become a legal citizen but we as Americans have to draw the line on those who want to sneak in and grab what they can get at the cost of Americans sweat and blood..

I have a grandmother who was married for 45 years to my now deceased grandfather, both worked hard as citizens of the United States and paid hard earned taxes to its government. When he passed and she later retired she had to fight, kick and scream for every small penny she was granted as a retiree, she struggles with her medical expenses every month all the while she sits beside immigrants (some illegal)  who receive more carefree treatment than her. Not that the physicians treat her different it is just that there expenses are covered by us, the American Taxpayer.


How did America get to this level? It bothers me to no end to see all the flags of another country being displayed on houses and vehicles. It bothers me to see our students slowed because  teachers must insure that children who do not speak English can understand the lesson of the day. It bothers me that our tax dollars are being used to insure illegal immigrants of another country live a better life in the U.S. than what our own fellow countrymen live. Our friends and family at Maremont who are on strike do not stand much of a chance for better working benefits and conditions because it is easy to get illegal immigrants to work for less and keep quiet. Maybe the government should abolish the I.N.S. department because  from what I understand they do not process illegals as timely as they should or could. Maybe our State, City or County Government should take in what Puhrump Nevada is doing and maybe others will follow and we as a unified country can make a difference.
Fed Up in America 2/16/07

Terry Vann owes Debbie Cook, the city council and the citizens of Lenoir City an apology. If anybody should resign it is Terry Vann. He has embarrassed the whole community.

New Judge Needed. 2/15/07

Maybe Terry Vann and Doyle Arp should get together and go start their own little dictatorship.

Amanda 2/16/07

I just watched the Terry Vann video and found it disgusting. Who does he think he is? He just wants to control the whole thing so no body will know what he is doing then maybe he could go back to skimming off the top again. Somebody should look into the driving school he sends people to. It's a joke and nothing more than a money racket. I know, I've been through it.

I want to thank Debbie for sticking to her principles and not buckling into  that bunch. We elected her, she works for us not Terry Vann. Thanks Debbie for a job well done.

Donald LC 2/16/07

In response to Ann:

You said the following:

<<...I expect that Debbie did not go along with something that she was expected to>>>
You are absolutely right about that.
The Tensions High story tells you about it, but there's a little more to it than even the story tells.
In October 2003, when Judge Vann got his $15,000 pay raise, the good-ole-boys at city hall tried to do it in the dark. They didn't want anyone to know about it.
(There is actually a state law that prohibits giving a judge an salary increase in the middle of his term. But the ever-resourceful Shannon Littleton found a creative legal maneuver to get around that pesky law. They renamed the Liveability Court, and started calling it the "Environmental Community Court". According to Littleton this name-change amounted to a whole new court being created, and therefore it was not a pay raise.)
When the News Herald came asking questions, Debbie Cook gave them the information they asked for. After the story ran in the paper, Mr Littleton and Mr Hurst informed her: "You should have answered 'No comment'." But she refused to be a role model for Doyle Arp by trying to keep public information secret.
Thank the good Lord that the people who wrote the city's charter had the wisdom to make the City Recorder's job an elective, and not an appointive, position. If the Mayor could've fired her, I'm sure he would've done so by now. But she knows only the voters can fire her.

David Divelbiss 2/16/07

You know I have known for sometime that officials around here think they belong to this elite system that allows that they can do as they please. I've wondered time and again how they can be so bold as to not even try to hide what they are up to at times.  I just watched your clips of Terry Vann and I just have to say just who does he think he is?  I don't care if he is a judge, NO ONE has the right to act that way. I do not know the situation behind it (although I expect that Debbie did not go along with something that she was expected to). Whatever she did or did not do, if this is not using the color of office in the most despicable way, I don't know what it is.

Ann 2/14/07

First of all I want to thank you for your very objective view and story about the Cook VS Vann saga...I hate this thing going on for our city...I have worked for the city for 30 years and I have never encountered anything at city hall like what is going on today...It is sad...and I can't wait till November 2008 when I will retire and turn the job over to anyone that is brave enough ...What used to be a pleasurable happy job has turned into a daily nightmare...Stress has taken over my love of being the City Recorder-Treasurer-Court Clerk from all these happenings which have been many in the last 3 or 4 years... I have the knowledge and the experience to handle it...but when you have so many people to watch over at one time...Well there is just not that much of me to go around...I apologize to the city taxpayers that we have all these disturbances at city hall...It hinders our jobs and service to our citizens when these type of things road-block our work performance...I know you want the best from us as public servants and I will continue to stress that as we work everyday to help you...I appreciate the support that I have received by your phone calls and visits...It makes me feel a whole lot better and as if 30 years of blood.. sweat.. and tears have been appreciated...Thanks!
Debbie Cook
Lenoir City Treasurer/Recorder 2/14/07

Arp will not give in on this. He'll probably throw a tantrum at the commission, like he did over them pulling out of the Cable TV Authority. He's like a spoiled two-year-old when he doesn't get his way.
We all need to start referring to those proposed fees as what they are: Arp's Information Tax.
David Divelbiss 2/9/07

While sitting in my truck and waiting for my wife at Walmart the other day I noticed an older man helping an elderly woman walk towards Walmart from over half-way down the lot where they had parked.  There was also an older woman limping coming from the same direction after parking her car in the same area.  There were no vacant places closer except the "specialty spots".  I am writing this because a woman driving an SUV with FOP tags pulled into the spot designated for Sheriff's vehicles.  I recognized her when she got out of the car and am wondering why Callie Davis (Jimmy's wife) can park in a Sheriff's parking space (close to the entrance) in her personal vehicle and three elderly citizens have to walk such a long distance to get into the store?????  

Curious in LC 2/9/07

Funny how commission is just now getting interested in the public records action. I admit that tonight's meeting looked good to the press, but do we
still have to go through the mayor to view public records? That was not discussed. The action of having to go through his office to do so defeats
the whole purpose of the law if it enables him to know what we are looking at. It also gives him the chance to be able to change those documents. Not
one thing has changed.

Keep It Honest 2/6/07

I have read the Lenoir Car Works Remediation Plan. What I see is a cover up not a clean up. Capping the soil only covers the ground that is suppose keep the lead and arsenic from leaching into ground water. But it doesn't remove the hazard. I guess, our great grand children will have to deal with it later. 

Clean It Up 2/3/07

Open Letter To Loudon County Commissioners And Citizens:

Commissioners, please do not discourage citizens from seeking information. Our role as citizens is to participate in open, honest government based on democratic principles. Citizens have constitutional rights and freedoms.


At the last workshop meeting and with NO public discussion, Mayor Doyle Arp presented his latest seven-page public records resolution. This policy differs very little from his first policy.


This is not the first time that a mayor and commission have tried to strip citizens of their rights. Back in the 1990’s commission tried to impose fees for actual personnel costs related to time spent retrieving, accessing and supervising public records based upon each involved employees effective hourly rate of pay including benefits. This was stopped dead in its tracks and your involvement made this possible. The policy was also determined to be illegal.  


Last fall, Commissioner Bob Franke requested Mayor Arp follow the Open Records Law and that Arp appoint a public records commission, as required by state law. To date, Mayor Arp has refused to do so.


The Open Records Act states,  “All state, county and municipal records… shall at all times, during business hours, be open for personal inspection by any citizen of Tennessee, and those in charge of such records shall not refuse such right of inspection to any citizen, unless otherwise provided by state law.”


The mayor has complained about citizens requesting to see official records. What does he fear? The records belong to the people, not the office holder. “Unless public records are well organized, compliance with public records requests is difficult, undermining public confidence in government and hindering a county office’s relationship with the citizens it serves.” SOURCE: County Technical Assistance Services- University of Tennessee (CTAS, UT)


The mayor proposes outrageous fees for copies to discourage the free flow of public information. Copies at the local copy store are five cents a copy. Why does the mayor feel that he has to gouge taxpayers? Taxpayers now pay about ninety percent (90%) of a county employee’s insurance benefits while people in the private sector either have no insurance, pay higher premiums, reduced benefits and more out of pocket expenses.


Please commissioners, do not play follow the leader or violate the freedoms and rights of the people of our community. Thousands of brave service men and women have died on foreign land to spread democracy and to protect and uphold our rights and freedoms.         


As Americans, we must stand up for the principles set forth by our Founding Fathers. We must speak out when administrations seem set on an agenda to systematically dismantle our rights and freedoms, one by one. Officials that abuse their power and governmental authority keep secrets and endeavor to control the lives of others for private gain.


Your involvement CAN make a difference. Please contact ALL commissioners and voice your concerns about Mayor Arp’s latest public records policy, which will do away with your freedoms and rights. I am requesting that a list of commissioner names, phone numbers and emails be provided to readers. Please come fill a seat and see your commissioners in action. YOUR elected representatives will vote for or against closed government on Feb. 5, 2007 (Monday), Annex (Loudon) at 6:00 pm.


Thank you,

Pat Hunter 2/1/07

Loudon County Elected Representatives 2006-2007 Contact List

Mayor Doyle Arp Phone: 458-4664 office, 458- 3980 home  Email:

1st District 
Nancy Marcus, Phone: 458-8581, Email:

David Meers, Phone: 458-2414, Email:     

2nd District 

Earlena Maples - Phone 986-6772, Email:

Shirley Reno - Phone 986-1256, Email:

3rd District - Bob Franke Phone: 856-0303, Email:

4th District Roy Bledsoe (Chairman) Phone: 458-2829

5th District

Harold Duff - Phone 988-6647, Email:

Chris Park - Phone: 986-1229, Email:

6th District - Wayne Gardin, Phone: 988-4433 Email:

 7th District - Don Miller, Phone: 458-0658, Email

To looking for truth, thank you for taking the time to look, and know that you ARE on the right track in seeking answers. I too have seen the file. Don't you find it curious that Chaney is subpoenaed to bring “all documents relating to requests for information and records, including the date and frequency of requests made by petitioners to the clerk and masters office?”


Now I have a question. If you are in a lawsuit, where else would you go to do business ABOUT a lawsuit? Is there another clerk and master for that court? Is Arp still harping about complying with the law being bothersome? Is Mr. Chaney finding petitioners to be a bother? I would like to suggest that the county pays him to be a public servant. His job is to accommodate the public with whatever business they have with that office, and if he finds that bothersome he had better go home. I also wonder if the judge knows about this. It seems to me that Bowman is trying to divert attention away from Arp’s wrongdoing. Neither of them have the sense God gave a goose!

Truth seeker 2 2/1/07

Liar Lair Pants on Fire -
I was told that several calls were made today to the clerk and master's office to learn whether the Hunter - Arp hearing was still scheduled for tomorrow Feb 1st in Roane County. Staff from Chaney's office said that they didn't know. NOT!!
Attorney Bob Bowman served two subpoenas to Fred Chaney, clerk and master. See the lawsuit file. Who  believes dear ole Fred (Arp's bud) was willing to take a chance and be held in contempt by the Judge if he was a no show?
My best bet, he knew darn well whether or not to show up at Thursday's Feb. 1st hearing in Roane County, so why did his staff give the "I don't know excuse." Was it to discourage people from attending the hearing on February 1st?
Shame on Fred. As the clerk and master he is supposed to remain neutral and in my opinion, he has been anything but fair or neutral.

Looking For Truth 2/01/07