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I heard that Arp was supposed to leave the hospital today. Since Monday, he could not approve any public records requests and NO county employee will supersede his authority and grant approval assuming they want to keep their nice cushy government job and perks! 

Will 1/31/07 

I hate to see any body with medical problems. But, If you are elected to do a job and your health is such that you can't do your job. You should step aside and let someone else take over. Mr. Arp should step down and allow a younger healthier person finish out his term. It seems the issues that Mr. Arp has created is taking its stoll on him. I am a believer that what you do or don't do you will pay for in some way. In other words, if you do things to hurt people. You will be punished for what you have done?

Think about it……. 7/30/07

In reply to Samantha, I post here quite frequently, and agree with you totally. It IS nice to have a place to tell it all, and I believe the only
place to find the truth. The reason the News Herald keeps things quiet is because the publisher is on the LCEDA board and the Chamber of Commerce. He cannot reflect badly on all the development and future retirees to fill those fancy new homes. Not that I have anything against people relocating,
it is the way they go about it.

Jack 1/30/07

First of all why do we need a new City Hall Complex. This is tax dollars being spent foolishly. If the currently City Hall building is that blighted, then tear it down and rebuild a new City Hall in its place. Another thing, maybe some of the property owners will not want to sell their buildings. For example if you are collecting rent from a building. You might have that investment for retirement and want to keep it. I know, the City will take it anyway, so why fight it. If any of our City fathers are reading this. I wonder if the old mill building that IS FOR SELL would be a consideration for the new City Hall Complex. I think that property joins property already owned by the city close to the LCUB office building.  This would mean only taking one other business (a car lot) not several properties. They could also develop creek land to incorporate City Hall and the Park Trail.

Tired of the bull. 1/30/07

I admit it. I am one of those people who said they would never read this website and even after I did I denied it. But now I am ready to come out of the closet. I have found more information on here than I have ever read in the paper or any where else. I am glad we have this website and I tell everybody they should visit it if they want to know what's going on around here. Thanks Mr. Van Shaver for having the nerve to report the truth.

Samantha A loyal reader. 1/30/07

In reply to comments about animal shelter, Why is ARP doing this? # one is Arp wants it, Arp wishes it, and he will cajole, threaten, have a tantrum,
or whatever else he needs to do to get his way. This is now ARPWORLD. Cunningham has been his friend for years, and it is a well known fact that
if you are a part of the "family" you get taken care of. We are the ones to foot the bill.

Personally, I cannot see what there is to fear from the man- in my opinion he is a spoiled brat bully that has to have his way come what may. It
appears that either no one else sees the real Arp, or are too cowardly to stand up to him and tell him he cannot have everything he wants.

The only way this is and several other issues that are detrimental to the life of the citizens of this county, have any hope of being voted down, is
if all the citizens start packing the commission meetings and tell the commission they are against these issues. COMMISSION is the governing body
of this county, not the mayor, and if enough people voice their opinion, they will have to consider them. It is easier for them to go along, unless
they have a reason not to. If they think they will loose next election, they will have to pay attention.

If we do not start soon, this county will be broke and guess who gets to pay the tab? We will, with higher taxes and who knows what else? If you cannot attend the meeting, get on the phone. Call each commissioner and demand they do something. Your voice does matter, and can make a BIG difference, so use it!

Disgusted in Loudon County 1/27/06

I've got a question that maybe someone can answer for me. 
Why must the 'powers that be' on the County Commission keep altering the pay periods for county employees?  My husband works for the County and if they keep changing the pay schedule around, it's going to hurt us very badly.  Does anyone else have to work an entire month without being paid after being paid  on the 5th and 15th for such a long period of time?  They have changed it on us a couple of times and we've set up our payment schedule for our bills around that.  Is 'Mr.' Arp going to pay our NSF fees to our bank?  I thought that an employer was supposed to look out for those that work day in and day out for them?  I guess that we're just left out of the loop again without any recourse.   That's the lovely way things work around here now. 

Wondering where the $$$$ is 1/26/07

I am appalled by the idea that the Loudon County Animal shelter is considering taking in the animals from another county when they don’t do ANYTHING for the abused and neglected right here in our own backyards. One in particular is a dog in my parents neighborhood, who has been chained to a tree for six months, and is currently trying to take care of several puppies with no visible food or water anywhere near her. This same house left a puppy chained to a tree all summer, and then the puppy disappeared. The point is, the animal shelter can’t or won’t do anything about the animals here. So, what business does the county have taking on the responsibility of Blount County’s unwanted animals when they won’t even deal with the unwanted in their own county?!

K.S. Lenoir City 1/26/07

In response to the recent article you posted on "activists" trying to get the Loudon High School mascot name of "Redskins" banned because they say it is racist. 

As a graduate of Loudon High School and the mother of 2 boys, 1 that is a student at Loudon High School and plays basketball and another that will be a student at Loudon High in 2yrs., I have the following statement to make.  First, I have never seen anything racist about the "Redskin" symbol.  The Redskin symbol and name have always been a source of great pride for the community and the fans supporting all the sports at Loudon High School.  The name "Loudon Redskins" has brought kids from all ethnic and racial backgrounds together on the playing field or court as a TEAM. 

I realize in this "politically correct" world in which we live that everyone is offended by something.  But, anyone that has ever been to a Loudon Redskin football or basketball game and has seen the athletes and the fans that wear the Redskin symbol with pride and devotion knows there is nothing racist about it.  I guess what I am trying to say is "not everything has to be so complicated, some things are just simple with no hidden agenda, they just are". 

Loudon High school Redskins is one of those things, its not racist or against anyone or anything.  Its just a symbol of a school that takes pride in its students, athletic programs, coaches and teachers.  I take great pride in being a Loudon Redskin and I know all the parents, teachers and students both past and present do as well.  So I say to all the "activists" that say using the name Redskins is racist, take a look past the name and look at what the name represents.

Always a Redskin! Loudon, Tennessee 1/25/07
p.s. Thank You Mr. Shaver for giving the people of Loudon County a voice.

What does Arp care about wasting money. It's not his. It's ours.

Call it like it is 1/25/07

All of Arp's health problems must have caused brain damage. Nobody could be this dumb.

Roy 1/24/07

Let me see if I understand this. Blount County, which is twice the size of Loudon County, doesn't want to pay for their animal control? So Doyle Arp agreed to take care of their animals for them, without commission approval? How stupid is Doyle Arp? Surely the commission will put their collective foot down on this idiocy. If Arp wants to help his Blount County buddy out so bad, then let him pay for it. Don't use my money.

Dan Boyd Loudon 1/24/06

Sounds like Arp continues to give away the store! I guess he is taking care of his friends at our expense. Ask the Loudon taxpayers that live across the river from the shelter how they feel about this apparent inside deal. They get the added noise and other bad side effects that more animals bring. I guess Arp and commissioners don't care!

Loudon 1/23/07

Lordie, Lordie Shaver, better do a story on what was said tonight at the county meeting before the meeting ( seems there are an awful lot of meetings
unannounced these days huh?)

Now I wasn't at that particular meeting but gossip is that ole Castro don't have a thing on our new mayor. Seems like that Homeland Security grant is
going to lock down the county building. We get badges for employees and swipe cards to get in and out, so that means no more catching them in the
act. Arp can miss work all he wants to then, huh?

Next thing you know security guards will be patrolling with dogs.... hey you don't think that might be what the deal with Cunningham is all about do ya?
Maybe we are importing guard dogs from Blount County?

Seems to me, in the psychiatric world, the term might be paranoia. Instead of bats in the high school, we got them in the county building... only bats in
the belfry are buzzing around in that ole man's head! I say that instead of locking them down, we lock him up!

Shortie 7/23/07

This is in response to Robert's comment. It is true that Loudon County is full of good people and it used to be a wonderful place to live. It was once a beautiful place, but it is fast becoming not so. You will learn soon enough if this cancer keeps growing, as I have heard that development is coming to Roane as well.

The problem is not with the development really. No man has a right to tell another they cannot build on the property they purchase. And politics is not really the reason for all the unease and dissatisfaction either- certainly not who beat who in the election.

The problem is that this county is corrupt to the core, and there is little that citizens can do about it. Your next comment is that we can change that at the ballet box, but I have my own doubts about that as well. So far it hasn't worked, has it?

Part of the problem is that the newer people don't know about the corruption. Our paper is almost useless in reporting the facts thanks to the conflicts involved there. The people who have lived here most of their lives know all too well, but are scared from being intimidated for years, work for the county or have family that do, or just plain do not want to get involved.

Whatever the reason for the lack of involvement, it is indisputable that this county is corrupt. The thing with development is that special favors are being granted, safety is being completely ignored, and what the average person wants, does not matter. Right now, our county is the cash cow, and our officials are getting rich from those special favors.

Then in walks the new county mayor who is a firm believer in taking care of his "little family", meaning people who follow and keep their mouths shut. He has attempted to block anyone's view of what he is doing by making public records inaccessible. He does not think that sunshine laws pertain to him- or my guess is- any other law as well. If you do not like it, you can go to hell, appears to be his attitude. In my opinion, he plans on doing as he pleases. The terrible thing is that unless you are rich there just is not a whole lot any one person can do. Do not forget, he has an endless stream of tax dollars to defend himself- you do not. Until every person wises up and we all ban together against him, he is going to get away with it. That tax money can buy all sorts of favors.

The truth is that all this talk about ethics and holding people accountable is the biggest hypocrisy of all. The worst thing is that the people, who should be doing something by governing, appear to be in agreement with mayor. I really could care less WHO is in office, if they do it honestly. I'm old enough to know that I would not agree with every decision anyone would make. However, I would back them even if I did not agree, as long as I thought their intentions were good.

You enjoy Roane County as long as you can Robert, because the cancer of corruption will be coming to your county soon enough. Then you will KNOW that the people here speak the truth, and it has nothing to do with politics.

Mary 1/21/07

I have just finished reading "Arp's Theory", and I simply have to ask, where is county commission? Are they so scared of offending the GRAND PUBBA of the republican party that they are going to let the mayor get away with this? These gutless wonders are an embarrassment to our county, and have no right to be in public office if they allow this to continue. Is there one person with guts enough to finance an ouster suit?

Embarrassed in Loudon County 1/20/07

I'm no defender of this Sheriff's Dept. But I must disagree with the 1/13/07 message by Same Old Stuff.
These brothers who murdered the Roane County Deputy are being held in the Loudon County jail for good reasons:
1. They wouldn't want to be the Roane County jail, in the custody of that slain deputy's co-workers (I know -  Who cares!? But......)
2. The Roane County Sheriff''s Dept wouldn't want them there either. Not only would the temptation to abuse them be very severe, but the concern is that the brothers would allege they were mistreated, and the accusation (no matter how false) would certainly sound believable.
To hold them in another jail (Loudon County) in the same judicial district is perfectly logical.
The Roane County Sheriff's Dept should not be in custody of them if it can be avoided - not even to transport them to court.  

David Divelbiss 1/20/07

Isn't 321 between 70 and I 40 inside the city? Why would you call the sheriff? Why not the fire department or Lenoir City Police?
While we are here let me say first I live in Roane County. I think that the people of Loudon County should get over the loss that some had in the election and support the ones that the majority voted in. I think you all have a great county. You have good places of employment. You have great schools, good police protection, a fine utility board, great fire department, and rescue teams. I think that all of Loudon Count should get together as a team and you could have the greatest area around.
One last thing. No man can be responsible for what his wife does. If so there would be no affairs, no dirty dishes, no cold food, etc. So quit blaming the husband for his wife's misdeeds.
I watch this site at least three times a day and enjoy it fully. Keep up the good work.
Robert from Roane County   1/20/07

On Friday, 01/19/2007, at +/- 11:20 am I tried to report open burning along side Hwy. 321 between Hwy. 70 & I-40.  I called the sheriffs office and everyone I talked to keep giving me another number to call until I hit a voice mail.  It appears to me the Sheriff's office isn't interested in enforcing Loudon County ordinances.
Thank you, Ed Griffin 1/19/07

Shaver needs to put the picture of the two headed Brookshire back up. He's at it again. In the Lenoir City paper he says he wants to ban open burning in the city because that what the citizens want. Then just a couple of sentences later after getting pushed around by councilman/developer Eddie Simpson and councilman/developer Tony Aikens, Brookshire says he doesn't want to hurt developers. So which is it two tongues, do you represent the citizens and clean air or do you represent the developers and the smoke and pollution? You can't have it both ways.

Choked by smoke in Lenoir City 1/18/06


It amazes me the extents to which members of the sheriff department go to defend or validate wrong or illegal behavior. It is never their fault it is either politically motivated or they just had a bad day. To me when you embezzle money from a little league football program over a years period, they intentionally know that behavior is wrong and do not care. There is no one to blame for any of that other than the person doing it.
Mr. Divelbliss was right about the sheriff department getting a group rate. Chief Jimmy Davis’ wife is also represented by none other than T. Scott
Jones. I would say that if the anonymous deputy’s wife ever ran afoul of the law, she too would have T. Scott Jones as an attorney. If her husband and
she were in the click they all take care of. As Mr. Divelbliss stated he looks for loopholes in the law to get his clients off. They never try the cases on the merits. If they did and the person was acquitted then it could not be brought back up (double Jeopardy). When Mr. Aikens kept telling people the cases had already been solved he was mistaken. A police officer with as many years experience as he says he has would know that the only way to truly dispose of the case is have a trial and an acquittal.
This is not to say that all deputies or there relatives are criminals or need legal representation, most do not, but it seems a good percentage are
represented by an attorney and need one. There are hard working deputies at the sheriff department and they are the ones you never hear their name in
the news. That’s because they know what ETHICS are and never put themselves in a position to disgrace themselves and their reputation. A little ethics
training could go along way at the department to bring its reputation back up. Of course ethics is a big word for some. Maybe we should buy the sheriff
a dictionary and he can look it up and share it with his officers.

John Oracle LC 1/17/06

For two years, all we have heard from the sheriff's office is how short on help they are. If this is true, then how is it we have enough help that we can send the two highest paid deputies at the sheriff's office to escort a Roane County prisoner to and through the Roane county Court House. Could Roane County deputies not come not just as easily come and pick up their own prisoners? Or maybe it was just a good photo opt. Tim, if you have enough help to send two deputies on a junket to Roane County, then you have enough help. Check the links below.,1406,KNS_347_5277270,00.html

Same old stuff.1/13/07

If Aikens starts to "sing" I want to be first in line for a request. I want to know what is so important that Arp has to break the law to keep people
from finding out!

LC 1/13/07

I'll give the anonymous Deputy's wife the apology she wants. I have nothing against these ladies. I even voted for one in the last mayoral election (although that wasn't the reason. I would've still voted for her if she were married to someone else).
The "group rate" comment was sarcasm. It was a digression from the main point of my post. When I read the apology demand, I asked myself: "Is she overly-sensitive, or was I insensitive?" I've decided it was the latter. It never occurred to me to ask how someone like her might react to that comment (and that's exactly what insensitivity is).
Eyeball wrote: "....for the majority of the good officers of the sheriff's department, their reputations will continue to be degraded by those "few bad apples."
Lest anyone think I'm anti-law enforcement, I was a Deputy in another state for about 2-1/2 years. I know it's possible to be a good & honest law officer while working for someone corrupt, because I have done it. About a year after after I left that Sheriff's Dept (Pulaski County, MO) the corrupt became a full-blown scandal. I never knew the extent of it while I worked there.
Because of that, I think I know what the signs of corruption are in such a department. I'm afraid I see every one of those signs in the regime down at Sugar Limb Road.
The Aikens case is of special interest to me, because I believe it actually has the potential to bring down the good-ole-boy network in this county. I'll explain why:
When Scott McCluen was District Attorney General he did something very smart. He had the State Attorney General appoint a special prosecutor to Aikens' cases. What this means is that even though the Sheriff's Dept succeeded in getting rid of McCluen, and in getting one of the local good-ole-boy politicians elected, that person (Russell Johnson) has no jurisdiction over the Aikens case.
Also, when the State Attorney General looked at the dismissal of the charges against Aikens (on flimsy technical arguments), and read Judge Buddy Scott's opinion, he opined that this good-old-boy judge had "erred" (which was really putting it nicely).
The State Attorney General is scheduled to argue an appeal of Judge Scott's ruling this month. If the Eastern District Court of Criminal Appeals agrees with the AG, Aikens' indictment is reinstated. That means Aikens' case is sent to trial court.
Does anyone think Aikens will let this go to trial, and risk being sent to prison for the extortion of approx $10,000?
Tony Aikens cannot go to prison. (The other inmates would kill him.)
I'm willing to bet that, to avoid the penitentiary, Tony Aikens could very quickly learn to sing like a canary.
That would be bad news for the corrupt in Loudon County. Who knows what we would then find out about our county and city governments.
David Divelbiss 1/12/06

I agree with "a deputies wife." It is very unfair for all of the sheriff departments employees to be criticized for the bad actions a of a small minority. Alas the old saying, guilty by association. It's hard to escape. The real question is why on earth does Guider continue to employee those few. Most all of the criticism that has befallen the Sheriff could have been avoided if Guider had taken action to eliminate the bad elements from his department.

The Loudon County Sheriff's department has about fifty employees. In the last year or so, four deputies and two spouses have been indicted or arrested for various crimes. It would be hard to find that kind of percentages in any other city, county or utility departments. The Loudon County Board of education has nearly six hundred employees and I haven't seen any indictments in their ranks. The argument that there are always a few bad apples isn't necessarily true.

Fairly or not, the reputation of the Loudon County Sheriff's Department is damaged beyond repair and until drastic changes in personal are made, that is not likely to change. Unfortunately for the majority of the good officers of the sheriff's department, their reputations will continue to be degraded by those "few bad apples."

Eyeball 1/10/07

First off, I take great offense to the comment about deputies and their wives getting group rates on attorney representation from T. Scott Jones.  I don't need a lawyer of any kind and there are dozens of other deputies wives that don't either.

Not everyone that works for the Sheriff's department is a bad apple.  Also, speaking on behalf of the law abiding wives, we're not all that bad either.  We're the ones that make your deposits at the banks, take your temperature at the doctor's office, wait on you at a restaurant and smile as we do.  We don't cheat you out of your money, give you an incorrect prescription or get your food order wrong.  We do what we have to do in order to keep our family going and that does not mean anything illegal. 

There are plenty of families out there in this lovely county that have someone in it that has done something that they regret.  As my grandmother used to tell me, you can't help who you're related to, you can only chose your friends.  Also, I don't know what your Bible says, but mine says "Let you without sin, cast the first stone".  I don't think that there is anyone reading this that can honestly cast a stone of any kind. 

Again, the law abiding wives of law enforcement are owed an apology in some form for the comments.

Wife of a Deputy 1/8/07

Ethics legislation important matter

The Tennessee Waltz involved political corruption, power, extortion and bribery. I read "New year, new ethics policy" and how the Knox County Commission will consider a new ethics policy. Concurrently, the Loudon County Commission is mum about the same issue.

Will Rogers said, "It is awful hard to get people interested in corruption unless they can get some of it." Loudon County has had its share of scandals and corruption.

News traveled fast statewide about Loudon County Mayor Doyle Arp openly defying the Tennessee Open Records Act with a new restrictive public records policy.

Front-page banners and evening news depict area local government officials, employees and relatives and allegations of extortion, embezzlement, grand jury indictments, fraud, theft, drug funds, falsifying time cards, etc. This erodes the foundation and principles of open, honest and accountable government. It also gives our community and dedicated public servants a black eye.

It's time for elected officials to address conflicts of interests and accountability in government with ethics legislation to restore public trust and bring back government to the people.

Loudon County must pass an ethics policy by June 30. A failure or refusal to do so by the deadline date subjects its members to ouster.

PAT HUNTER  Lenoir City 1/8/06

Regarding the Loudon County Sheriff's Deputy's wife who was indicted for a huge theft of funds from the Loudon Quarterback Club - I see that the attorney defending her is none other than Mr. T. Scott Jones.

That caught my attention because this is the same man Tony Aikens hires to defend him, whenever he gets indicted for doing something illegal. Does this guy give Sheriff's Deputies and their spouses a "group rate" or something?
As to whether or not she'll get off, and the whole incident swept under the rug: I look for technical motions for dismissal. This is Mr Jones' usual method of defending department criminals.
It's the complete antithesis of Mr. Shaver's response, when a frivolous ouster suit was filed against him. He said he wanted the suit dismissed "on the merits.....not some technicality".

With Mr. Jones defending this woman, look for anything but the "merits" to be discussed.
Instead you'll probably see motions alleging that the Grand Jury did something imperfect when they issued the indictment (they all parted their hair on the wrong side that day - you know, something really significant). Or perhaps the Wal-Mart manager who made the report spoke less than perfectly when he made the call.
And last but not least: Look for the good-ole-boy-network's  retired judge Buddy Scott to
UN-retire, just for the purpose of hearing Mr. Jones' motions, dismissing the charges, then re-retiring.
That's the Loudon County judicial system.
Never ashamed to give my name;
David M Divelbiss 1/6/07

To Concerned Citizen

I am sure the Sheriff will have the same response He always has " I was out of Town " and don't know any thing about it. That goes back to some can do any thing they want and others are held to a higher standard.  The deputies that are left to try and do their jobs when there is three sometimes two working the road are the ones who get wrote up and days off for nothing.  But certain ones can do anything they want like sleep on duty, show up late for work or their wife get arrested for theft and nothing happen. May be if they put some of the office workers on patrol they would not need a dozen detectives.

Loudon 1/5/07

So, who's big idea was it to cut down all the trees at the court house. Who paid for it the city or the county? No surprise the Brewster clan got the job. I guess they were the low bid. I bet the job wasn't even put out for bids.

David Loudon 1/5/07

I would first like to point out that I do work for the Sheriff.  My name was on the list of people who have other duties than patrol that Bob in Loudon posted a few days ago. 

If I supposedly make more money than the patrol officers, then who is getting my extra money?  If you are going to go to the trouble of listing all these people who make more money than patrol officers, you need to check some facts before you open your mouth (or write in a blog).  At least five of those listed make the same as patrol, which is where most of us started out anyway before going to other duties.  Two more make less than patrol officers.  Of the "special positions" you talk about, most are necessary.  Having an SRO in the school systems makes sense with all the school violence in the country.  (Washington State just had a school shooting).  Just because this is sleepy little Loudon County does not mean that it cannot happen. 

The court officer position goes without saying.  Then there are the warrants positions.  Did you know that the civil warrants officer gets on average 250 papers a week?  That is only one officer to deal with all the lawsuits, subpoenas, writs, summons, and a whole host of other civil papers.  The other warrants officer deals with strictly criminal warrants.  There are probably about 30 or more warrants issued per week, not to mention the backlog of criminal warrants in the jail.  The warrants officer does not have time to go back through those very often because of newer warrants being issued that require attention. 

Imagine if you would, Bob, all the patrol officers who are working plus the two warrants officers having to serve civil and criminal process along with patrol.  Think about how little else they would be able to do.  With the high volume of calls we get, investigators are needed.  Imagine again those patrol officers with the added investigators now working patrol in your world, now having to investigate every call they get.  Look at how much time they have now.  They would have to answer calls, investigate those calls, process crime scenes, serve criminal and civil warrants....  It would take a full 8 hour shift to answer three or four calls.  Now imagine if you had an emergency and needed, Heaven forbid, the Sheriff's Department to respond.  We would have no time to tend to your emergency because of other people's emergencies.  I won't even start on the Narcotics Investigators.  If you think there is no drug problem in Loudon County, then you are smoking some of the same crack sold in some of Loudon County's seedier neighborhoods. 

If I have offended any of the blog readers by my ranting, I apologize.  But enough is enough.  All I ask is that before you post your anti-Sheriff's Department comments, you at least do some research into what you are talking about.  I will admit that not everyone that works there would be considered for Sainthood by the Pope, but I know for a fact that it is like that everywhere you go.
Loudon County Deputy 1/5/07

To Concerned citizen in LC

James Massengill is a good guy, and this my friend, cost him his job. James did not play along with all the stuff that is going on in the Sheriff's Department. James didn't bother anyone and would give a good person a break. James was from the old school where a cop was here to SERVE and not harass. We could use more cops like James and maybe even a sheriff like James?

Tired of the Bull. 1/5/07

I would just like to know how it is that James Massengill got fired for allowing 1 inmate to be in the custody of another supervisor as he was told to do, yet another officer that works for the Loudon County Sheriff Dept. can take ALL the inmates in the jail outside for coffee and cigarettes and he is still employed.  This did happen Christmas day, a certain officer went to the jail and took every inmate outside, (including convicted ones and females) to smoke and have a cup of coffee.  Is this not a total disregard for the policy of the jail and sheriff dept.?  I guess it is who you know that decides what is and is not policy?  Any citizen that does not think this is true, call the sheriff office and ask about it and see what kind of answer you get........the response will be interesting I am sure.
Concerned citizen in LC 1/3/06

The only thing Bob has left out is the fact that the cities are answering the sheriff dept's calls.  Also the fact that most of the bosses are driving new cars and the few patrol officers are driving old worn out cars.  Just listen to the scanner and you can hear that no one is really in charge and the cities are all the time bailing them out of trouble on calls.
 I didn't vote for Guider 12/30/06

I totally agree with Mike that someone should hold city and county officials accountable, and that Mr. Shaver is doing more than anyone else is. However, here is the thing. He is only one person and he cannot be everywhere. He also has to work like everyone else. My question is- why are more citizens not telling what they know?  Even if they do not know the whole story of something, tell what you do know. Someone else might have a missing piece of that same information that adds up to the whole story. Knowing what is happening might save someone a big headache if they see it coming. I am all for everyone knowing what is going on. When it is all said and done no matter what the corrupted officials think, Shaver is going to be the one
coming out on top. I have to believe that the truth will win in the end. Even if you have to dig for it! A lot of the people working for the county I think are having to go along with some things to keep their jobs, and would not dare jeopardize that. But you can always get an email without your name and report it anonymously.

Just my opinion in LC 12/30/06

I hear there are a lot of local officials that hate this web site. I for one want to thank Mr. Shaver for providing us with information that we sure aren't going to get any where else. He seems to be the only one who has the back bone to stand up to the corrupt officials in Loudon County. When you have as many crooks in office as we have, somebody needs to shine the light on them. I especially enjoy the blog page. Seems there are a lot of people who know what's going on in our fair community.

Mr. Shaver, keep up the good work but watch your back. You have made a lot of people mad with the truth.


Mike Loudon County 12/28/06

I recently read an article in the local paper.  It stated that jurors were shocked at the small number of sheriff's deputies on duty and recommended more officers be hired.  I believe if the jurors took a closer look at the employees that are currently working there, they would realize that so many officer are in administration positions, that there are fewer officers left working the road.  Maybe a rundown would help the understanding. 
Tim Guider (Sheriff) - Runs the whole Dept.
Tony Aikens (Chief) - Assists the Sheriff in running the dept. (or runs it!)
Jimmy Davis (Assistant Chief) - Assists the Chief assist the Sheriff who runs the dept.
Tony Arden (Captain) - Assists the Assistant Chief that assists the Chief who assists Tim.
Bill Shirk (Captain) - Runs the Jail
Teresa Smith (LT.) - Assists the Jail Captain
Jeff Vittatoe (LT.) - Investigations and Narcotics Division Head
Billy Hall( Sgt) - Investigator/Narcotics
Paul Curtis (Cpl) - Investigator/Narcotics
John Houston - Investigations
Patrick Upton - Investigation
Chris White - Investigator/Narcotics
John Brown - SRO
Jason Smith - SRO
Jeremie Bowen - SRO
Mike Williams - Warrants
Mark Tinnel - Warrants
Chip Mathews - Court Officer
On a daily basis, these officers do not patrol.  They are on assigned duties. (or something)
J J Wiggens - Sgt
Jeff Russell - Sgt
Dewayne Drinnon - Cpl
Chad Estes - Cpl
Ernie Brown - Cpl
Michael Watkins - K9
Craig Brewer - Training
These are officers that are on the road, but are taken off of patrol because of other activities.
All of the above officers are paid higher than the rest of the officers.  Wonder why they cant keep a budget?????
This leaves 10 road officers to work the county as regular patrol officers.  This doesn't include the many Jailers.  Of course there are the many secret deputized people that carry a badge and a gun that no one really knows about. 
It seems to me if there weren't so many special positions and ranks, the Sheriffs Dept could get a little more real police work done.  Something to ponder!
Bob--Loudon 12/28/06

What those not interested in government do not know is that your tax dollars pay for all the lawsuits the officials bring on. If they run out of money-, which seems more and more likely since I think they have all gone crazy-they come back to you the taxpayer for more by raising taxes. Nothing
comes out of their pocket so just sue away!

I have a prediction- and I would put money on the fact that some of the council members are in on it. Council knows everyone is watching what crazy
move will be next with the mayor. Some are up for election next time and do not want to make anyone mad. So the city spends 30,000 or so to demolish the apartments. Amsouth sues, the city will settle out of court by paying the loan off and attorney fees. The question is just what will the owners get? My bet is next to nothing if the property is attached by the city. City residents should be bringing this up at council meetings because if they do
get away with it- yours may be next.

On another note, has anyone seen the new disclaimer on the televised council meetings about it being the policy of city to not televise public comment? I
guess they did not want others knowing some think they are crooks. I wonder if good comments are televised (if there are any!).This smacks on censorship to me. Someone ought to report them to the FCC, since taxpayer dollars pay for it!

Fed up in LC 12/26/06

The Lenoir City mayor does not have that much money to buy every house with the tax money.

LC Resident 12/26/06

Dear Curious
   I believe the deputy you are speaking of is Jimmy Davis whose wife was in Court last week. Rumor has it she has been arrested for bad checks several times.  All should be public record unless the dog ate it.

 I didn't vote for Guider 12/26/06

Who is facing felony identity theft charges? This is new. I haven't heard a single thing about it. 
Curious/LC 12/23/06

Well, another Loudon County Sheriff's deputy's wife in court facing felony charges for identity theft. Let's see if this one goes away?

Loudonbluelite 12/22/06

(Lenoir City mayor is dumb) I would say he wants this land for his big house an I say the people well let him have it.  

The mayor of Lenoir City has lost it 1.Taking people's homes 2. Tearing down 3 or 4 homes all ready 3.Trying to get a huge lawsuit against the city from Amsouth Bank 4. Taking the tax money  5. Never cracks down on people running red lights loud music an others miner things. Is this mayor of Lenoir City on medication or what?

LC Resident 12/23/06

Martel Resident

Many years ago, there was no water service in the Martel area. Several residents went together to form the Martel Utility District. Water for MUD was purchased from the Dixie Lee Utility District. Over the years MUD has grown to be a fairly large water district.

LCUB was never willing or able to provide sewer service Martel/Dunn Ridge area. About five years ago, First Utility District out of Farragut proposed to extend sewer service from Farragut down the Martel Valley as far as Lakeview Road. FUD also at that stated that they would ultimately extend service to the Martel communities. LCUB agreed to relinquish the area to FUD. The sewer line has been installed following Muddy Creek.

Inquires about sewer service to the Martel Subdivisions should be directed to FUD.

Below is a link to FUD.


Van or anyone else who knows the answer.
I live in the Martel community and I was told that LCUB has sewer and water pipes in this area yet we do not have sewer service, and we use Martel Utilities for our water. Is this true and if so do you know why?

Martel Resident 12/23/06

To: John in LC
The "Fudge Brownie" incident is indeed true, just look up at the story Van has posted.  The Complaint card and arrest report are there.
Bob in LC 12/22/06

Who's looking out for the folks?

Webster; Folks : The great proportion of the members of a people that determines the group character and that tends to preserve its characteristic form of civilization and its customs, arts and crafts, legends, traditions, and superstitions from generation to generation.

Obviously this definition no longer applies in Loudon County. Seems that every special interest group in the county is well represented except the interest of the regular folks. The splendor and beauty of our county is being destroyed by a hand full of self serving individuals while the wishes of the vast majority of the residents are being totally ignored.

The developers who are reeking havoc like an invading army, are well represented by Russ Newman, County Planner, and Pat Phillips Economic Development Agency. Neither of these gentlemen even care enough about our county to live here but they have been handed the reins of unlimited power and control to stomp out every thing good in Loudon County with no regard for the folks. To beat it all, we the folks, are paying these men to ply their devious overthrow of our county.

Then there are our illustrious elected officials. In Lenoir City we have the almighty Brookshire who feels he is the smartest person on earth with an ego to match. All he can think about is making the world fit his image and taking care of his family with high paying jobs. He lives in the "pretty world" with swimming pools and walking trails. Maybe just maybe if he can get his hands on the old A Street property where the apartments were, he could build another swimming pool. It would be a lot closer for the Mexicans to get to. I bet if they ever do get the new pool open, you won't see Mr. Brookshire and his family lounging around the pool with the common folks. Lenoir City Council, four out of six corrupt to the bone. The two new ones have yet to prove their metal but Hines looks to be the only bright spot so far.

Loudon City officials are falling all over them selves to sell out the citizens of Loudon. It appears they will bend over to any developer who walks in and makes big promises. Now they appoint Lynn Mills as city manager? There's a real step forward for the city. The good ol boy system is alive and well in the city of Loudon.

County mayor Arp is a real winner. He is so far in the pockets of the developers he can't even see daylight. He has for decades taken care of his buddies with special favors in property assessments. Check the web site. Look at the big name developers. Now he is in a position to really "DOYLE" out the favors. Arp has essentially thrown a blanket over county government to make sure prying eyes can't see what he is doing with the folks money. We no longer have a single commissioner who will stand for the folks. They seem to all fear the wrath of Arp. They just go with the flow and do what ever they are told. I think my commissioner is the worst. It is a sad state of affairs in Loudon County.

About two dozen elected and appointed officials are making all the decisions that are so negatively impacting our county. It's a crying shame that these officials are so crooked or so ignorant that they either can't see or don't care what they are doing to the folks.

Who's looking out for the folks? NOBODY!

Eyeball 12/21/06

What husband in his right mind wouldn't know his wife had spent 20 or 25 thousand dollars that she didn't have. Come on.

Get real in Loudon 12/21/06

This is in response to the person below who wrote that the deputy's wife made a "mistake".  Why is it when criminals get exposed, they all claim to
have made mistakes.  No, they committed a criminal act, like most of us never do. What makes this so sickening to me is that her husband is a cop. 
How could he not have known something was up?  Maybe they just thought they could get away with it like all the other stuff that has been taken care of
around here.  As for the fudge brownie thing, that can not be true. Someone please tell me that the police did not arrest someone for being hit with
fudge brownie. Even Aikens would not stoop that low, would he?

john, lc 12/20/06

To Bob- what is going to take is enough voters coming to the polls next election and saying no more to these officials. Either that or people are
going to have to get involved and start telling on all of them. Let us not forget that Arp took Guider outside at a commission meeting, then came back
in and said he had negotiated a settlement( let's also not forget that he instigated both suits to begin with.) I have heard that Mr. Arp takes good
care of his friends, and these days Guider seems to be one of them. It also seems like an awfully lot of county officials are being fired these days.
Maybe the reason is they did not want to be Arps friends. I too think that our county officials have and are going too far. Look
around at all the new development. Do you think they built those homes for us? You can bet someone is getting rich on the local level besides the
developer. My guess is the EDA and our local planner is Arp's friends. Kramer and Rayson are friends- all it took to get them jobs as his attorney
was a campaign contribution- look and see that there are a lot of developers and bankers, and realtors on that list.
This is not just about them getting rich. It is about people on fixed incomes getting a step closer to the poor house every time taxes go up. It
is about having our rates go up to pay for sewer and water pipes because the planner forgot about addressing those issues in his excitement of getting
rich. It is about one code of conduct for the people and a total disregard for the officials. Instead of a government BY the people FOR the people, its
government BY the politician FOR the politician and the h*** with everyone else (excuse the language).

Fed up in Loudon County 12/19/06

To: Think before you speak,
While I can empathize with your situation, I do have a few points to make. It is not the public that made this "mistake" it was her and obviously not just a single mistake did she make. This was over a period of time and lots of purchases. She is an educated adult who made the choice to steal from children, along with that choice came HER disregard for HER family and friends, even HER own children. Now perhaps she thought she would never get caught so the aftermath of her actions was not her concern. But... she did get caught and her actions have caused all she gets, it is sad that her family will also feel the repercussions, but she didn't seem to care when she signed those checks that were entrusted to her. You cannot possibly think bad of those who speak against her, those she stole from. Where does this line of thinking come from?? Let me guess, you think she is a good person from a good family and it is really all the QB Club's fault for giving her the checks and trusting her in the first place, or perhaps it is the fault of the person at Walmart who reported her actions. Get real, the woman is a thief!!!!  Some people and their "friends" never accept responsibility for their actions, unbelievable!!!!  
If this "wife of a certain deputy" is a friend of yours, I would suggest that your advice should have been to her, "think before you act" then we wouldn't be having this conversation.
football fan/Loudon  12/19/06

Back To those who are without sin

You are right, everyone is entitled to make a mistake or even a couple. But at some point when you keep breaking the law, it's no longer a mistake but a habit. Apparently for more than a year Ms. Bowen continuously stole from the very people and children who trusted her. She knew what she was doing. As to her children and family, I have the greatest sympathy for them. But those of us who were betrayed by her actions and are willing to express our anger openly are not the ones who put her family in such a terrible position. She did. Any one who violates the law should have to pay the price.

LQC Loudon 12/19/06

Ok, let me understand the kind of county we live in:
First of all a Sgt. for the Loudon County Sheriff Dept. is indicted for assault on an inmate. Then the chief deputy and captain are indicted with evidence tampering after the tape of the assault allegedly disappeared, and this is after the same chief deputy and another officer are indicted for extortion.  After all of these charges and all of them being dismissed, the chief deputy had someone arrested for "throwing a brownie at his daughter"?  You have got to be kidding? And who is it that makes the decision to issue warrants to begin with? And now I saw on the news where another sheriffs deputy's wife has been indicted for embezzlement of funds from the little league ball club.  How long will it take for that charge to disappear while the guy that threw the brownie will probably get jail time.  Something is definitely wrong here.  What is it gonna take for the Loudon County Sheriff Department to be held accountable for its employees and their actions?
Bob in LC 12/18/06

To those who are without sin - cast the first stone 

This is in response to the comment about the “wife of a certain deputy” who has been accused of embezzling money from the Loudon Quarterback Club.  Please understand that making a mistake definitely DOES NOT make you a bad person.   There have been several humiliating comments made to and about this lady.  I do know her personally and hope that all turns out well for her and her family.  Please do not forget that she has children of her own and that they will be affected by this as well.  If for some reason you have no sin in your life, you absolutely should be allowed to say the first negative thing about her and her family.  But until then, I suggest you keep your comments to yourself because you may be the next one wishing people were more considerate.

Think before you speak 121/18/06

Economic development harms good life

A recent article reflected poorly on our understanding of the good life and its intrinsic economic value. Growth rates and the rubber-stamp attitude of planners portray a disconnect between our vision of a healthy rural life and our economic development (read: sprawl).

If we live and work here because it is so beautiful, why are we so relentlessly bulldozing our countryside? Witness developers' promotions touting "Crystal Clear Waters!" and "Fresh Mountain Air!" and then go for a walk or snag a catfish.

The reality is you shouldn't eat that fish, and our mountain air is consistently bad. With a bow to the work of devoted volunteer groups and understaffed government agencies, it appears most of us will turn a blind eye to the impact of real estate moguls in the interest of raising the tax base.

First, we convince ourselves that development adds revenue; then we subtract revenue via tax-increment financing districts. If dabblers in real estate opportunity want to profit from our natural beauty, why can't they carry a full tax burden? I believe this is the formula that put us in the bind we experience today with school crowding, watershed quality problems, struggling infrastructure, etc.

Where is our plan? Did "Nine Counties. One Vision" really propose unchecked development, destination shopping malls and overcrowded schools? I hope not. Let's choose quality of life over quantity of dollars before we kill our goose and fry it on another mall parking lot. Trust me, it won't be fit to eat.

BRUCE GLANVILLE  Lenoir City 12/18/06

Dear Countians
I have read the latest on the indictment of the wife of a county deputy. this is just another chapter to the on going issues within our county. I was really surprised to see the indictment handed down. I for one thought that this would be lost in the shuffle like so many other things. The posted blog is true about her indictment and the fact of who her husband is employed by. And YES...he was fired from the county as a reserve deputy (Edited). I was amazed when I found out he was later rehired as a full time patrol officer. Things of this nature make me loose faith and respect for the police officers. Please do not get me wrong.....our county has a lot of good people that work hard and do there job but they are over shadowed by the ones who tend to be misguided and are not doing what is in the best interest of the county and its taxpayers.
 As for the ongoing saga at the Mayors office. Mr Arp has a job and responsibilities associated with that job. I really hate that he has health issues but in today's world as his employer ( yes , we are his employer as taxpayers) we deserve to have someone who is up to the requirements of his/her duties.
I think this county needs to hire a cleaning service to come in and do some dusting....we need to stop the use of county and city issued vehicles for personal use. This happens in a lot of county and city agencies and do you think they are paying for there own fuel...I bet they have an unlimited fuel budget and we the taxpayer are footing the bill. And what about those who sit behind a desk and use the county/city computers to be online to chat sites and ebay not to mention all the personal e-mails sent back and fourth....YES>>>THIS IS HAPPENING. we are paying these salaries while they are at play.
IF you are a county employee and are reading this and it seems to offend you then you are most likely one of the issues.
If you are a county employee or citizen and the fact that these things go on in our county upsets you ...then stand up and be heard.
Thanks for your interest in our government
Ticked and Embarrassed 12/18/06

Most real conservatives and libertarians won't miss the Republican Congressional leadership (the other party of big government). But here's a taste of what the Democrats have to offer:
Rep. Silvestre Reyes, the five-term Texas Democrat and incoming Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, had a sit-down interview with Congressional Quarterly earlier this week.

When asked whether al-Qa'ida was Sunni or Shi'ite, Reyes answered, "They are probably both." He then compounded his ignorance: "You're talking about predominantly? Predominantly---probably Shi'ite."

(Wrong. Very wrong: al-Qa'ida's raison d'etre is the purification of Sunni Islam, which Osama bin Laden considers tainted by the Saudi royal family's personal corruption and
alliance with the United States. Shi'ite Muslims are considered heretics deserving of death for their perversion of the "one true religion.")

Then Reyes (who also sits on the House Armed Service Committee) was asked the same question with regard to Hezbollah. His answer:

"Hezbollah. Uh, Hezbollah...Why do you ask me these questions at five o'clock? Can I answer in Spanish? Do you speak Spanish?"
David M Divelbiss
Lenoir City, TN 12/17/06


Loudon 12/17/06

To, I say one term Arp!!!! 12/12/06

Of course Arp has his hand in the cookie jar and has had for 25 years. But this doesn't always mean stealing money. There are many other ways to take advantage of the tax payers than just pocketing cash. The way many elected officials abused the system is to use their positions to give or get jobs for many friends and family. Arp has been a master of this for years. Then there is the matter of receiving pay without doing any work. Again Arp has taken advantage of this practice for years. Then there is the practice of billing the tax payers for everything you do. Food, travel, driving a county car while on purely personal business, gas for your county car, etc. There are many fringe benefits for those elected officials with no scruples. Arp has been on the government tit for more than a quarter century. Essentially, he has been on government aid so long, I doubt he could survive without it.

Their All Crooks 12/14/06

County schools' schedule allows for many days off A letter writer put forth some interesting thoughts in his letter Dec. 5. He is unhappy with the Knox County schools' schedule. According to him, there is "way too little time for students and faculty members to get ready for the holidays."

I'm not sure what "get ready" entails. Schools are closed on Saturdays and Sundays; therefore, they have the same amount of time that most other people have to get ready. If you talk to those in retail, especially at this time of year, they would love to have Saturdays and Sundays available to get ready. I would agree with him that having almost two weeks off after Christmas is impractical. There is no need for this amount of time out of school and for the teachers to be out of work.

I can remember what my school year was like. We started the school year the day after Labor Day. The school year ended about June 10. Days off were Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, Presidents Day, Good Friday, the Monday after Easter and Memorial Day. Christmas break usually started on Dec. 23, and it was back to school around Jan. 2. Bottom line, seven days plus about a 1.5-week Christmas break.

Now, in addition, there is spring break, fall break, endless in-service days, (in days gone by, teachers did these types of activities in the evenings or on weekends), election day and other random days of no school. And some even have a field trip day of going to the movies, so this counts as a day of school.

It's no wonder that the U.S. is falling behind other countries in education. Schools are not in operation enough days of the year.

TERESA L. STANG Lenoir City 12/12/06

I have been thinking about the public records issue that the citizens of Loudon County are facing. It would appear Mr. Arp has something to hide by charging for "PUBLIC" Records and taking their dear sweet time to produce them. It has not been that long ago that Mr. Arp's good friend Riley Wampler got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. The best I remember he put back the thousands of dollars he took and nothing ever happen. Maybe Mr. Arp has put his hand in the cookie jar, and if someone were to look in that particular jar, that all the cookies may not be there.

Think about it, birds of a feather flock together.

I say one term Arp!!!! 12/12/06

Now don't you find it interesting that Arp could not make it to court for the public records lawsuit on the 4th, but six days latter has this miraculous recovery and is back at work?

Only in Loudon County! 12/12/06

Does anybody know anything about a buddy of sheriff Aikens getting hit with a cookie at Walmart and the person that did it got put in jail?  I think it
happened about 2 or 3 weeks ago.  I really hope this isn't true because that would be a load of crap.  Sounds like that would be just so everyone would
know how much power he has.  Please tell me this isn't true, but if it is, it's public record and there should be some paperwork on it....Oh I forgot,
paperwork and videotapes get lost in Loudon County.

tom, lc 12/12/06

C. Resident 12/10/06

Don't know about the salaries, but the mayor's term is still two years. Back in the 03 LC election, you may remember there were several charter changes on the ballot. One of the questions before the voters was whether to extend the mayor's term to four years. The amendment failed. However, that slick bunch of crooks had another amendment on the ballot. This charter change would move the city elections to coincide with November state elections, thus saving the city the cost of an election. This amendment did pass. The thing the council failed to tell the voters was that it would extend all city elected LC officials terms by 18 months. The next city election will be Nov. of 08. At that time the other three council members and the mayor will be up for election. Hopefully we will have a different outcome next time.

Eyeball 12/11/06

Hello ,I've had people try to tell me the Mayors  running term is now 4 years not 2.When did this go into affect? Or is it just another Rumored lie? 2nd Question: I was told our LCUB {Utilities Board} has the Highest Paid Employees in East Tennessee ,Salaries Way Higher  than Knoxville's Utilities Board  Employees though this is mainly for Higher-ups in the operation and Mainly because Higher-Ups , Office personals Meter Readers etc got ONE to THREE very Good Raises. The Workers further down on the Ladder won't get their raises until Water and Sewage rates are Increased  again to cover it. Is this Fact or Fiction? I hear so much Yada,Yada,Yada . 

C. Resident 12/10/06

Well, Massengill's gone. Who'll be next?

JJ LC 12/07/06

Every time I seem about to give up because I am so tired of hearing about another crook, something comes along that gives me pause, to hope that maybe someday the good guys will win. Tonight it was the letters to the editor in the News Herald. Pat Hunter shared her comments on TVA's land policy, which were right on the money, Bruce Glanville gave his opinion on the development going on and Kathy Reed socked it to Mayor Matt again. All and all it was a VERY good day to see others doing something about all that goes on in this town. Since it would seem that the bad guys and back room deals outnumber the people with good intentions, it is going to take a lot more people being involved.

Personally, I think Van has done much good at educating the public about some of these deals, although I suspect many more go on that we are not privy to. Right now the state could care less about all that is happening because let us face it- government takes care of government. However, if enough people make enough noise, someone will have to pay attention, else it will make them look bad. 

I would like to invite everyone to look at our site as well. We started this site in order to pay legal fees to challenge the new public records policy, and maybe pay an independent auditor someday to go over the county books. A donation is not required however, and you might learn a few more facts about not only your rights, but how those rights are being taken away bit by bit. So drop by and give it a look:

Joann Turner LC 12/06/06