11/1/07 - 12/23/07

Reading Matt Brookshire's letter in the News Herald, I saw that his stated intent in selling city hall before the new one is built is to "revitalize" the downtown area by moving city hall there.
Now, the last time I spent an afternoon in downtown LC, it didn't seem to lack vitality at all. It certainly wan't dead. From Wilburn's Barber Shop (where more than a few people were waiting to get theit hair cut), all the way to Pilot & Sonic, the area was teeming with vitality.
Hmm..................has "revitalize" simply replaced "redevelop" in Mattspeak?
David Divelbiss
P.S. For the person in Arizona, let this be noted:
The Libertarian Party platform, which Ron Paul has endorsed more than a few times, has for a long time now called for completely unrestricted immigration.
To Libertarians, immigration is just like gambling, prostitution, and recreational drug use - anarchy and anything goes!

David Divelbiss
Lenoir City 12/23/07

I have two responses I would like to share:


1)                   To Cindy Clabough……”Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”  We know that Jesus was pre-destined from eternity to be the Lamb of God, slain for the sinners of the world.  But, in the human sense, do you think the religious and government leaders wanted to have him killed because he tickled their ears with things they wanted to hear??!!  Not!  I can give no better example of someone being more Christ-like than one who tells the truth and exposes deception.

2)                   To Martha (and so many like her!)…..come off it!  I am glad that even though I have only a high school diploma, I am at least educated enough in the current events of this nation to know that when I make a decision to vote for someone, it’s going to be for honest, wholesome reasons, like are they Constitutional.  I am also glad that I am still smart enough to know why I wouldn’t vote for someone, namely if they are not Constitutional.  It’s been bad enough that over the past 33 years of my life I have heard people vote (or not vote) for reasons that are nothing short of earth-moving (“I’ll vote for anyone as long as their Republican” (never mind if they lie like they breathe) or “I like him/her because they support the rights of this group” vs. “I will not vote for this person because they are a liar” or “I will vote for this person because they follow the Constitution of the United States”), but this is an all-time low.  Not voting for someone because they have signs up before Christmas?  Lord have mercy!  I hate to rain on your Christmas parade, but this nation is at a crisis point (911!!!) and we need to make voting decisions based on life or death reasons (namely will this country ever be a Republic again) not on petty crap that’s as weak as the border fence they posted 100 miles to my south.  Grow up!

Christian Bradshaw in Phoenix 12/22/07

Just a quick response to Martha regarding election signs placed up before Christmas:

While I cannot defend the actions of Leo Bradshaw placing his signs up before Christmas, I must defend Ron Paul's name in this regard. Dr. Paul is a Republican presidential candidate who certainly has no control over when and where his supporters place his signs.  Furthermore, Dr. Paul's campaign has an extremely large and devoted grass roots support effort behind it.  His official campaign is currently focused on the earliest of primary voting states, not Tennessee.  Most, if not all, of the local advertising you see at this point is the result of independent supporters spending their time and money to support Dr. Paul. 

I certainly hope you decide not to hold the candidate responsible for the actions of his followers. Furthermore, nearly every one of the current crop of presidential hopefuls is running Christmas ads on television at this point.  Politics at Christmas is nasty business, but it happens. Companies don't remove signs or billboards during the holiday season, yet I'm sure we all still use their products and services.  Loudon County most definitely has a problem with too many election signs, but that's something for the local councils to deal with.

This presidential election is an increasingly important one; with the power of the Executive branch at an all-time high due to the many powers the Bush administration has put in place for itself, the next president will step into the office able to wield more influence than at any other time in our nation's history.  Dr. Paul is the only candidate promising to renounce this powers, and restore the Presidency to the role outlined in the Constitution.

Ron Paul supports a message of freedom, small government, and personal responsibility.  His message is resonating strongly with a lot of people, and I encourage all of you to learn about his positions and consider him when it comes time to place your vote for
the Republican presidential nominee. Ron Paul 2008!

Ron Paul Supporter 12/22/07

I have noticed a lot of Ron Paul and Leo Bradshaw signs going up around the county before Christmas. I hope everybody will remember not to vote for these two in the election. I plan to come back here and remind them why they lost votes when the election is over.

Leave Christmas alone.

Martha 12/21/07

Dearest Sister in Christ Cindy,

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free" John 8:3
You are a PERFECT example of why no one wants to be called "Christian" anymore! self-righteous hypocrite!

If these articles that Mr. Shaver presents regarding the corruption and graft that is now defining "Loudon County" were not factual and true, then certainly those involved could and should seek legal recourse against such slander and libel. I see none of them coming forward to do so, wonder why?

I wonder, what color is the sky in your world, and how do you as a self proclaimed Christian, justify your meddling in the affairs that are none of your concern, and judging Mr. Shaver?
"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone"  Sweep around your own door, it seems to be a bit "dusty"

T Johnson Loudon County 12/21/07

To Life Long In Loudon 12/19/07,

I too read Mr. Bradshaw's press release in the paper. I noticed that he has changed his title. He calls himself Purchasing and Management director for the county. This is not hardly right. He is Purchasing and Maintenance director for the county. This includes the Loudon County Schools. I guess he doesn't want people to realize that he is responsible for much of the mess the schools are in especially Greenback. Changing your title doesn't change what has been going on Mr. Bradshaw.

Living In Loudon 12/20/07

Ms. Clabough is embarrassed by Van Shaver makes me wonder what she would have thought of Knoxville's most popular, outspoken citizen of the 60's Mr. Cas Walker. And he did his live every morning on WBIR.    And today Mr. Walker is held in high respect for his unusual tactics of getting people of knowing the happenings and antics of Knoxville politicians.   I am honored that Loudon County has Mr. Shaver to keep us posted of the happenings and antics of Loudon County politicians.
Joanne Greenway 12/20/07

Hello Ms. Clabough of Knox County,
I laughed out loud when I noticed where you lived.  Knox County has lots more problems then Loudon County could ever have.  You better try to clean up your own living space before coming here and announcing  that you are embarrassed.  Haven't you read the news lately?  As far as Van Shaver, well young lady, he is our "look out" into the political atmosphere here in Loudon County. I am personally proud of
Mr. Shaver and how he has kept us informed of our governments and how they operate.  He lets us know when things are going astray. That isn't popular with some of our leaders here, but that is too bad. Citizens need to know these things.  He doesn't tell untruths about any of it.  You really need someone like him in Knox County and maybe if you did, you wouldn't be having the problems you have now. Van Shaver has a wonderful family and yes he is a Christian.  Please mind your own Knox County business and stay out of ours.  I am embarrassed for you  because you live in a glass house and you are throwing some awfully big rocks. 
Betsy Ross 12/19/07

Dear Cindy
Since I am not one to pussyfoot around a subject lets just jump right in.
How dare you come on this blog and criticize Van Shaver. Your remarks to him, about him were without merit. You speak of religion and find fault in him sharing what is nothing but the truth about the corruption in our County Government. You tell him he should, as a christian, not speak ill of others yet you forward your email to everyone you know showing off what you said to him. You name call and attempt to degrade him, and this was all in the name of Jesus????   You my dear, are a hypocrite. You should really consider moving to Loudon County and running for some office, you would fit right in. 
Terry - Lenoir City 12/19/07


I'm embarrassed (Loudon County website)

Dear Loudon County Government,
I have inserted a link on my website that directs my visitors to  How embarrassed I was when I discovered that those who click on this link are routed to a page ("Get Van off my case") hosted by a sour, petty, disparaging, political has-been who; as he bashes another politician; doesn't know how to construct a proper sentence.   Shame on whoever allowed this page to appear on a website that should be extolling the merits of an up-and-coming Southeast community supposedly interested in gaining respect and recognition.  Is this how you want the world to view Loudon County, Tennessee?  Is this how you lure attractive and lucrative industry to our area?  Is this how you spend Loudon County tax dollars? 
I want to know.  Please respond.  Thank you.
Cindy Clabough
1715 Hensley Drive
Knoxville, TN  37909


I'm embarrassed (Loudon County website)

Ms. Clabough,

I am in receipt of your email and will be very happy to address your misunderstanding of

My name is Van Shaver and my wife and I own and a number of other active and inactive websites. We purchased in 1998 with the intentions of a community news and information style site and that is what it was used for for several years.

After becoming involved with county government in 2002, we began using the site as a local government information site including county matters, meeting times, meeting agendas department links, etc. This was all done at no cost to Loudon County but was necessary as at that time Loudon County had no web presence. After leaving county government, we no longer felt compelled to continue the site as it was. is 100% privately owned and operated and has never received any government funds.

We had hoped to revamp but the success of has been so great, there has just been no time to work with

Loudon County does have a web site, the address currently escapes me, but it is short on content and is generally out dated.

As for linking my site to yours, I would request that you remove any links you may have to any of my sites. Not knowing what your site content is, we are not comfortable with the affiliation. If you make it a practice of linking sites to yours without first reviewing the content, you could find yourself in an embarrassing position. A common mistake by rookies. And as far as the content of, if you don't like it, don't look at it. clearly states that the site contains government information. I think you will find that each and every part of the site is Loudon County government information. I hope this clears up any confusion you apparently have.

If you have any further question's, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Van Shaver


Subj: Dear Mr. Shaver...... 

Dear Mr. Shaver,

I am in receipt of your response to my e-mail regarding my erroneous perception of your "private" website  I must admit that your response intrigued me.  I just checked out your website, and would like to make a few comments of my own.
You appear to be a smart, interesting, active, eloquent man, Mr. Shaver.  You are obviously a Christian, as am I.  I admire your devotion to your wife, to your late mother, to your country, to your political beliefs.  Your touching "Rabbit Prayer" story is one I will always remember. 
In your e-mail to me (and the several Loudon County officials and personal friends that I sent my original e-mail to), the words that reverberate with me and many others (yes, I have asked), are the "if you don't like it, don't look at it" phrase.  Mr. Shaver, you certainly have every right to speak your opinion, but in a Christian sense, don't you think that those words were a little "ugly"?  God don't like "ugly", you know.  I don't know what your "beef" with Mayor Doyle Arp is, but your sarcasm and "digs" at him are contrary to how Jesus teaches us to treat others. You can deny all day long that your "inactive" website is intended to not "claim to be official anything", but who are you trying to fool?  You are fooling yourself, Mr. Shaver.  You, as a follower of Jesus Christ, are responsible to the over 741,000 people (or page hits) you claim have visited your website to share the Truth with them.  Do you not realize that your smear campaign could result in lost souls?   Christians are closely scrutinized (as Jesus was), and we have a responsibility to represent Him in Love and in Truth.  Who would want to be a Christian when they hear one make disparaging remarks about another person.......especially on a website that knowingly and deceitfully imitates an official government website?   
  As a Christian and as a Loudon County citizen, Mr. Shaver, you not only owe Mr. Arp a sincere apology, but you owe the entire fine community of Loudon County an apology.  Just as our revered former President Ronald Reagan said "take that wall down";  I appeal to you, Mr. Shaver.........."take that website down".
  Thank you, Mr. Shaver.  I know that you will do the right thing.  I just know it.
In His Love,
  Cindy Clabough
  Knoxville, TN
P.S.  I conclude with this quote from your "unofficial" website:    "To choose to do nothing is to surrender one's self-image of standing for principles. Most people do not have the courage to face that choice."
 -Michael Rivero-

I would like to inform those drivers traveling from Tellico Village into Lenoir City that the sign at the intersection of 444 and 321 says STOP! It's not an interstate on-ramp as many of you think (and you claim to be smarter than us local hicks). Oh, and I don't care if "that's how you do it up north" you know what I have to say about that! Goodbye!
Tom J
Loudon County 12/19/07

I just read Mr. Leo Bradshaw's announcement in the paper that he was running for property assessor. He said, and I quote, "many people have asked him to run." What that really means is Doyle Arp put him up to running for the assessor. Arp has been mad ever since his hand picked replacement didn't get the job. Now Arp thinks he can regain control of the office by running Bradshaw. Arp has made a big enough mess of the mayor's office, he sure don't need to get his hands back on the assessor's office.

Life Long In Loudon 12/19/07

To: George 12/12/07
You wrote: <<<Is Freddie Nelson Matt's daddy or daddy in law? Sounds like they have a lot in common in the way they treat others.>>>
This bullying is the way the entire clique at city hall operates. It's the way Vann & Littleton pressured Debbie Cook into retiring. Intimidation is the M.O. of Matt's bunch, but usually he isn't the one doing it in public. He has others to do it for him.
As for the arrogance you witnessed: I believe that's a large part of the reason so many city employees showed up at Darter Steel a little over a year ago (the HQ of the mayor's opponent), bringing information & advice on how to defeat this man. If you or I worked for such an arrogant, tantruming brat we would've surely done the same thing.
To: Another of your Elders 12/12/07
You wrote: <<<One sure fire sign of immaturity is not being able to accept questions regarding ones' actions.>>>
Mayor Matt thinks the council is supposed to be his "six-yes-men". To compound the problem, I could (but won't) name a few members that play that role very well.
Buddy Hines is just elected as Brat-Matt is. Furthermore, there are no council districts so he was elected by the same people (at-large) as Brat-Matt was. If he doesn't agree with the Mayor he needs to say so.
He could, of course, just go with the flow so as not to upset the control-freakish nature of Brat-Matt. The Mayor would love that, I'm sure.
The problem with that approach is that any dead fish can float downstream with the current all of the time. Only a live one can swim against it when it needs to. I'm glad we have at least one councilman who is alive.
David Divelbiss
Lenoir City 12/17/07


To the People of Loudon and Lenoir City, Holiday Season is here and as Always the High Crime of the Year!

I Recently had my Home broke into. I had taken Precautions ,But not enough. I have since Corrected what needed to be done to make my home  Secure. It  kept me up many nights the first 2 weeks  after the Break-in Ordeal, I didn't Feel Safe anymore, I had to make my home Safe. It will change you! I'm not so Nice anymore I just want to wring the thieves necks till their  faces turns BLUE!!!!! And I thought I was Always a Forgiving Christian; Well, I Failed that Test ! Coming Home to find your Home Demolished and Vandalized into Shambles will do that to you.

So! Please take precaution in your homes and Vehicles. "Locks  only keeps out the Honest People"! Burglars WILL find a way in! Security Systems are good to have , A mean Biting German Shepard Dog is even Better! What I am trying to say is Secure your Home Effectively and don't leave anything visible in your cars or trucks that a thief Will Take!  Most ALL Theft  in Loudon county NEVER makes the Paper!!!  So we never know about it or How Many ,Keep that in your Thoughts. 

P.S. To the ONES that Stick up their I.Q. Finger at Other Drivers {Always a Loudon Tag on the I.Q. Finger's Car or Truck}, Interstate or on 321;You're Only Belittling yourself with the I.Q. of 1, You're Not that Important  that you think you Own the Road .We ALL have to Share it! Be Courteous about it! Pretty is as Pretty Does! Flipping a  I.Q. Finger at someone Belittles  Only you the Flipper! Practice Courteous Safe Driving Habits, If your Not Sure Refer to a Driver's Hand Book .                                                 

Be Safe  and  Have Happy Holidays!          

Ralph  12/13/07                       

Regarding the story: New Town Creek plan includes sewer Developers of project in Lenoir City add more incentives to TIF on Wednesday, December 12, 2007.

Is this TIF thing even legal? I thought it was against the law to use tax money to fund private development.

What I get from the article is that Doctor Bob and Lee Crebs are paying off the LCUB, Brat Matt and city council, and they do not care who knows it.

Seems to me that this "keeping it in the family" between the mayor and LCUB is a conflict of interest and a breach of ethics. I hope everyone remembers that come election time. Lenoir City is fast going broke because of these good ole boys.

Fed Up in LC 12/13/07

Mr. Mayor of Lenoir City, Tennessee,
Everyone knows how you have wasted taxpayer’s money and how you intend to continue to waste it.  If Councilman Hines only asked a question, by the way, he was elected also, why should you pitch a hissy fit and accuse him of being negative?  Have you forgotten that there were six other people elected to make the decisions and you do not even have a vote? 

You are not the President of the United States.  You were elected to be the Mayor of Lenoir City.  These men represent the citizens of Lenoir City too and they have a huge voice in making the decisions.  You sure love to bully people around.  Anyone that ask you a question, you seem to take it as meddling or being negative.  Well, I think we deserve to meddle because you haven’t been very respectful of the hard earned money that the citizens put into your pocket every year. What are you hiding from that it makes you so mad when somebody questions you?  You have spent the taxpayer’s money on everything you can imagine. You have been on a shopping trip that the citizens will never be able to pay back in their life times.  Their great grandchildren will be paying your debt off. 

Mayor Matt, you need to be taught a few lessons yourself because it looks like you did not observe how to be respectful of the very people who voted you into office.  That can change real fast and looks like you have gotten terribly comfortable in your position. Maybe the people of Lenoir City should either put a recall provision into the Charter or like Knox County some term limits.  You seem to think that you can treat people like they are beneath you and you love to do it in public.  You are such a controller. Tisk Tisk Tisk.

Yes, Mr. Mayor, you have done a lot with the taxpayer’s dime but you have put them so far in debt that it will take forever to recover.  Did you know you have to pay that money back?  I see a huge tax increase for the taxpayers just around the corner. You have other things to pay for instead of debt.  Oh, I forgot, you think money grows on trees just like most children. 

A sad state of affairs, if you ask me.
Betsy Ross 12/12/07

What exactly qualifies a very mediocre seventh grade social studies teacher who worships John F. Kennedy to tell anybody else what they should be doing. Here's a news flash for Mr. Brookshire, you're certainly not my leader. You haven't done anything good for Lenoir City. Get off your high horse.  You're not the least bit impressive. Just a legend in your own mind.

Dave downtown 12/12/07

Is Freddie Nelson Matt's daddy or daddy in law? Sounds like they have a lot in common in the way they treat others. I guess the whole family thinks they are better than everybody else.

George 12/12/07

I have never been more embarrassed for our city than I am right now. After watching the Matt Brat video, I was upset that Van had put it on his website for everybody to see. Then after I calmed down I was glad van put it on his site for everybody to see. Aside from raising our taxes and building an unneeded pool what just exactly does Brat think he has done for us? He did make sure his daddy in law got a sweet heart job that will also benefit him. 

I personally think he should resign. We just don't need his kind representing our city. People might start to think we are all like him.

Steve 12/12/07

What an embarrassment to watch as the young, smart mouthed mayor showed great disrespect to his vice mayor and elder.  The teacher/student attitude was very obvious in Matt's response to Mr. Hines.  Matt would be wise to take the advice of those who have been there....done that.  One sure fire sign of immaturity is not being able to accept questions regarding ones' actions.
I saw the Matt pitch a tantrum long before he was a church is not news to me.  Its just that then he was a private citizen, not the mayor of Lenoir City. 
Shame on you were raised better than that.
Another of your Elders 12/12/07

I have lived my entire in Lenoir City and have voted either for or against at least 75% of the individuals who have held the office of Mayor in our fair City.  I have never witnessed anyone as arrogant and obnoxious as our current Mayor.  This not only happens to Mr. Hines.  The video camera just happened to catch the most recent outburst.  "Matt the Brat" is much too kind.  I only hope that in the next election the public will remember to vote for a change. 

Lenoir City receives its share of bad publicity without such childish outbursts as we have seen tonight.  With my age and health, I hope that I am able to vote in the next election. I also hope a vast majority of citizens will join me in voting ABB (Anybody But Brookshire).
An LC Old Timer 12/12/07

As far as I know, the sheriff's department doesn't write hardly any speeding tickets on Browder Hill or any where else and any tickets that are written are to be turned over to chief deputy Tony Aikens instead of the clerk's office and you know what happens with those tickets. So why should the tickets be written if they are just going to go away.

Deputy Dawg 12/10/07


I love it. "Sheriff GuiderAikens" That is just so appropriate. But should it be "Sheriff AikensGuider"? I guess either way works. The outcome is the same. Aikens runs the show.


I just read the Thursday edition of the Newsless Herald and if you can believe what they report, there is an interesting topic. In King Arp's changes to the employee hand book, among other things employees are forbid to do any blogging on their work computers. Humm, I wonder what blog page King Arp is afraid county employees might be going to?

Keep up the good work Shaver.

Tom 12/6/07

I am furious at the outcome of Bill Shirk's hearing. You three commissioners who sat in judgment of Mr. Shirk owe him an apology. Not a single one of you had any right to to pass judgment on Bill after you heard the evidence. Do you Mr. Miller, Mr. Franke and Mr. Gardin not realize that you were used as no more than pawns? Everyone knew that none of you had enough back bone to stand up to the sheriff and you certainly proved that to be true. If you could not see what the sheriff/Tony Aikens was doing to Bill Shirk, then you should not even be a commissioner. Your decision to support Sheriff GuiderAikens shows a complete lack of judgment on your part.

With all the gaff and corruption taking place in the sheriff's office, it's beyond comprehension that a man like Bill Shirk could just so callously be tossed aside. I work there I know.

If there truly is justice in the world, it will come some day to those that deserve it in the form of Loudon county official round up by the FBI that will make Cocke County look like nothing. I hope I can help.

Stinger 12/6/07

I have a question for anyone that can answer it. Does anyone know what the speed limit is going up Browder hill toward the Justice Center? I have always thought that it was 45. According to the speed limit sign coming from Loudon, it is 45 (correct me if I am wrong). Every time I get to the three lane highway on Browder hill, just about everybody will pass me as though I was sitting still. If 45 is the speed limit then we need the sheriff's department to enforcement that speed limit before something bad happens.  Thank you for your response to my question.
One that must not be doing the speed limit. 12/6/07

Let me see if I understand this. Tony Aikens indicted twice for exhortation, no punishment by sheriff. Paul Curtis indicted for exhortation no punishment by sheriff. Tony Ardin indicted for tampering with evidence, no punishment by sheriff. Billy Hall indicted for beating up a hand cuffed prisoner, no punishment by sheriff. Bill Shirk takes home requisition forms, Shirk fired by sheriff.

How stupid would anybody have to be not to see what's going on here. Sheriff Tim Guider is the sorriest example of a sheriff I've ever seen. Oh, that's right, he's not really the sheriff. Tony Aikens is. Who knows, Aikens may fire Guider.

I'm embarrassed by the whole bunch.

Mills 12/5/07

Poor Bill Shirk did not have a chance the day of his hearing. Seems to me as if the bad guy has it made in this county. Mr. Shirk had more than 20 years invested in the county and the county had 20 years invested in him. What a waste for Bill Shirk. Of course we all know that government will take your tax money and throw it down the drain like it is nothing. They spend it like they want to with no regard how you had to strain to get the cash to them before they took your house. Of course this is America, Home of the Free. I wonder about that sometimes. The man had reason to store records at another site. His file cabinet was being broken into by the very people that weren’t supposed to be breaking into anything. What a shame that our county police department has gone to these type of tactics. We need to take a good look at who we elect to lead our county. We haven’t been very careful in choosing these people. I think they have been in office too long and think they have it made every election and can do anything they want to. We already know that somehow they can get past the laws. I really think someday that all that will run out and it will all catch up. Gosh I hope so. It isn't fair to the good guys in Loudon County.

Let freedom ring.

Betsy Ross 12/5/07

In your Shirk article the bottom line was this determination is the  reality of small town politics. I think it stinks. I know little about Shirk, but I know that when Doyle Arp was supposedly sick he took home public documents much more important that purchase requisitions. Arp is heard to admit this several times. He even went as far as to fire an employee from that supposed hospital bed. If Shirk has to go, why doesn't Arp have to do likewise? We all know he spends little time at the county building doing his job anyway!

Sick of politics, Arp, & Arp yes men 12/5/07

Bill Shirk didn’t have a prayer before the Loudon County merit board! The High Sheriff hired Bob Bowman to represent him, Arp and commissioners attorney. Since it sounds like Bob Bowman works for the county, who are they going to listen to, Bob Bowman, their legal advisor or Shirk’s attorney?


Bob Bowman took commissioners into an executive session over county personnel and procedures handbook matter.


The merit board wants us to think that they were fair to Mr. Shirk when they talked about following the rules and state law while most of those same commissioners went into executive session and violated the Open Meetings law.  The mere fact that Bowman represents commissioners should have disqualified them from hearing Mr. Shirk’s hearing.



Reading about the state trooper that  was caught with  cocaine in  his  trunk .. how could his lawyer expect  anyone with  a  shred of common  sense to  believe that a trained law enforcement officer could be so  reckless with an illegal  substance. And with  naked pictures of a woman there also  only compounds the idiocy  of the statement. A few weeks off work  is  such  a light sentence that it is laughable. Had anyone else been  caught with  drugs in their car, BELIEVE ME  the vehicle would have been  seized and sold.  On  the old Andy  Griffith  show  Gomer made statement: "there seems to  be  2 sets of law in  this town .. one for the common  folks and another  for the law "... sounds like he lived in  Loudon  county  for a while.

Seen it before 12/4/07

Leo Bradshaw has the job of being the maintenance supervisor for Loudon County Schools, as well as being purchasing agent. We all know what a lousy job he has done in maintaining the schools. The question is do we really want the same kind of attention paid to our property assessments and taxes? My opinion is that we would be right back where we started if he is elected, as he seems to be Arp's right hand man these days.

Jenkins has done a wonderful job and I will feel much more comfortable knowing my "goats" won't be taxed if he is reelected. I sure hope everyone else is smart enough to feel the same.

No Arp goat tax for me in LC 12/4/07

Every three months, the Loudon County Grand Jury meets.  The Grand Jury Foreman always places an ad in the News-Herald inviting citizens to contact him if they have an item that the grand jury should look at.  You can contact the criminal court clerk and see who that person might be.  They can set this up for you also.
Good Luck!
Betsy Ross 12/3/07

To: Beth - LC 12/1/07
About 10 years ago, while living in south Knoxville, I wrote to the House Judiciary Committee in Nashville asking that very question. I got a response from the Committee Chairman imforming me of the following:
1. Any Tennessee resident who requests an audience with the grand jury in his/her county (or any other county) must be granted one. There is a state statute which says it is your right;
2. You must contact the District Attorney General's office for scheduling - but not for permission;
3. If the DAG's office refuses your request for scheduling of an appearance, visit an attorney and sue him for violating your statutory right!
Never anonymous,
David Divelbiss Lenoir City 12/2/07

Van, do you or any of your readers know what criteria it takes to give testimony before the Grand Jury if you feel that a felony has been committed and the District Attorney has/will not charge the individual???
Beth - LC 12/1/07

Ladies and Gentlemen of shaver land.

I was recently approached by a friend who made the joking suggestion I run for a school board seat. I pondered the idea for several days and came up with this.

I would have to do something FEW of the present school board members have ever done. BE HONEST!! If I run I will not do this for the kids or the future of the educational system. I will make decisions so far out in left field people will wonder if I am on drugs. I will tell you one thing and do another. I will buy land on the buddy system and have no intentions of ever putting it to use. I will let the poor Greenback kids be shut down with good reason by the State. I will back down and kiss up to the few in Loudon who have money. And most importantly I will take my family to Nashville, Gatlinburg, or where ever else I can find and let you the tax payer foot the bill.

After looking at the facts I have decided I can not become one of them and still have enough dignity to face my church, my community and most of all my children so you will not see my name on the ballot.   

L. South 11-27-2008

I would like to address the matter of campaign signs. I am one of those people who despise political signs being stuck up all over the place before elections. I suppose it is a necessary evil but at least the politicians could limit the time we are forced to look at the signs. I would personally like to ask all those running for office to please spare us the  pain of having to look at political signs during the Christmas season.

I know the election will begin in January, but does it really make a difference if your campaign signs are up for six weeks or ten weeks? We will all get a chance to see them after Christmas is over. Please don't clutter up Christmas. I too will join the club to not vote for those who post signs before Christmas.

Lea Ann Morton 11/27/07

After reading the report of the fire marshal about Greenback School, it seems to me that somebody should go to jail. If there was any body in the in the board of education who knew about all the fire code violation that were being ignored they should be held accountable and put in prison.  I bet some body would have been in trouble if there had been a fire.

Natilie 11/27/07

To Connie LC

You have left a couple of names off your list of school officials that should resign. Number one on the list should be Director of schools, Edward Headlee. In reality, Headlee is the one most responsible for all the problems. His job is to "direct" the operations of the schools. Maybe the board's greatest failure was not getting rid of Headlee long ago and finding someone who actually knew how to manage a school system. Fortunately he will be gone soon but this same board is going to decide who the next director will be. Does that make anybody feel any better?

What about Leo Bradshaw? The man who wants to be assessor. He has been the county maintenance director, including the schools, for the last several years when all the maintenance problems at the schools has gotten so bad. He certainly has to take a lot of the responsibility for the mess the schools are in. he was the man in charge.

It's almost impossible to imagine what a mess this board and administration has gotten the schools into. They all need to go. They have all proven they are incapable of operating a school system.

Carson 11/27/07

OMG, how can the county school board even face the people? Everyone of them should resign now. They and they alone are 100% responsible for the horrible mess the Loudon County schools are in. If the buildings are in such dreadful condition, does anyone think for a minute every other aspect of the school system isn't in just as bad condition? Our children deserve much better, the tax payers deserve much better. Please, all ten members should resign now before we reach the point of no return if we haven't already.

Connie LC 11/27/07

Reading the details of the Greenback fire violations here: Click Here

I am amazed at the number of locked/inoperable doors. How  can anyone not know that was unacceptable?


Could just be a rumor but I would like to know.
Is there any truth that a couple of the EDA employees may be filing a lawsuit in reference to the denied retirement ? I am tired of our tax dollars being used to pay legal fees to combat lawsuits of disgruntled employees. 
Fire them all and let the unemployment agency sort it out.
Fed up in L.C. 11/27/07

To: Freeman In Loudon 11/19/07

If you don't want Brookshire, then take Millsaps back. The deal's off!

David Divelbiss
Lenoir City 11/26/07

Texas Congressman Ron Paul has been very up-front about his participation in the Libertarian Party.  So that’s nothing new.  I clicked on the link under the statement made about legalizing heroin, and I see nothing listed.  Surely this man, Ron Shank, would have listed that because it most definitely would have been more important than legalizing hemp and marijuana for medicinal uses.  The link below will explain what George Washington said about hemp.  I guess our 1st President was a criminal(?)!

As far as legalizing marijuana for medicinal uses, THC, the “drug” that brings the benefiting pain relief in marijuana, is already prescribed to cancer patients as pharmaceuticals.  What that tells me is this “War on Drugs” has been nothing more than a cover-up for the pharmaceuticals getting a tighter grip on our society.  One need not look any further than the commercials running on television, especially during the (CFR-backed) network news.  Oh, no, those benevolent (CFR-backed) pharmaceutical companies aren’t trying to drug us up!  I suppose the fact that many pharmaceuticals are buying up the food companies has nothing to do with this either.  I also suppose that the Skulls & Bones/CFR’s/Trilateral Commission Bush’s, Cheney’s, Clinton’s, Kerry’s, etc. know zero about any of this.  Funny that when those two border patrol agents (Campean & Ramos) were prosecuted for trying to stop that illegal drug runner from Mexico into our country, our beloved President decides to issue a pardon to the drug criminal.  What happened to those two agents?  Imprisonment and torture!  Definitely more to read here than meets the eye.

Be careful, folks, the internationalization of the United States began a long time ago, and it sounds like your mayor is making bank on it already.  When I hear that your Mayor Arp and possible others are making bank on the hiring of illegals, I suggest you get him out pronto!  Don’t wait until another corrupt politician in your city/county makes you American citizens idly sit by while he/she turns your cities into “safe-haven cities” (for the illegals…thank you Phil Gordon!).  Let’s make sure that we remain the only Constitutional Republic on Earth that recognizes that our freedoms are a gift from God, not man! 

Christian Bradshaw, Phoenix, AZ 11/20/07

I'm curious, who foot the bill for the big shindig put on by the EDA at Calhouns? Sounds like they had a big crowd of county and city officials on hand for free food. Why should the tax payers, some who can't afford to eat at Calhouns, have to pay for food for a bunch of city and county elected officials all of which can afford to pay for their own lunch. This is a perfect example of how little they actually care about us. Pat Hunter or Van Shaver should find out just how much that little brunch cost the tax payers and just who attended. They should have to reimburse the county. What a bunch of no goods.

James Lewis 11/20/07

Just finished reading today's Newsless Herald. Front page, left sidebar, Newsless Herald reports that Lenoir City Councilman Lynn Millsaps was in attendance at a get together. I wonder if Loudon City Councilman, Lynn Millsaps knows the Newsless Herald has transferred him to Lenoir City. This may also come as a shock to the other Loudon Councilmen and mayor. Or maybe Lenoir City and Loudon have worked out some kind of trade. Let's see, who could Lenoir City trade to Loudon that would be equal to Millsaps? Just don't ask us to trade mayors. We don't want yours.

Freeman In Loudon 11/19/07

This is only my second or third time posting on this blog. I mostly just like reading reactions to Van's stories and what folks are saying about the goings on around our county.  However I cannot go without commenting on this matter of Mayor Arp's $200,000 renovations --capped off (literally) with "architectural columns" as Ms. Hunter so politely described them.
My first reaction was, "this cannot be for real!"  What is this man thinking?!?!?  Is he trying to make some sort of statement? Like, "You people want to gripe about how I'm renovating my offices while Greenback school kids are living in squalor? Well how do you like these apples?" Really, what else are we supposed to think?
If pure spite isn't his motivation, then the man must have delusions of grandeur and had to have a grand entrance to match his ego. But the bigger question is, as taxpaying citizens, what can we do about it? Does anyone know if Tenn. or Loudon County has any provision for recall of elected officials?  From day one, Arp's tenure has been one hugely expensive embarrassment. If we can't recall him, each one of us has a moral responsibility to tell everyone we know, we cannot afford to ever, ever let a man like this get himself elected to county-wide office again.
Never again!
--Zeb in LC 11/18/07

Texas Congressman Ron Paul - the 1988 presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party!

Click Here

Maybe I should be more open-minded, but I've always thought that legalizing heroin was a really bad idea! You decide:

Click Here

David Divelbiss
Lenoir City 11/18/07

I'm on with the vote boycott. I pledge not to vote for any candidate who puts signs on the road way till after Christmas. So far on that list, Ron Paul and Leo Bradshaw.

Kellie Lenoir City 11/17/07


WHEW!  LORD, I HATE BEING FORMAL, BUT GLAD I GOT THAT OFF MY CHEST.  I’m writing this to you from work, so that was necessary.

My name is Christian Bradshaw, and I live in Glendale, AZ, (a once quiet suburb of Phoenix, AZ) and I work here in Phoenix.  While trying to find a relative (I should say relatives) there in Loudon County, I came across this site and I started reading what you folks back there are griping about.  All I can say is WOW!  You see, here in Arizona, even “small town America” cannot escape the pressures of dealing with MASS illegal immigration, possible kidnap and torture of citizens by Mexican drug lords, political corruption, and a terrorist attack of epic proportions.  Here in Phoenix, it is hard to be an American, but nonetheless, there are many like me who are standing strong with the Constitution of the United States, our troops (who are very limited in what they can “say” concerning this war), and a cherished way of life.

Everyone who knows me knows how I wish I could live in a small town where the serious issues of the day are signs and bridges (did I get that right?).  The only relief that I saw was what Daryl sent on 11/15 and he is absolutely right!  Who is getting all the contracts?  Those who want to hire cheap, foreign labor, an epidemic that has turned hearts to life-threatening hatred in my neck of the woods.  Do I consider hiring Mexicans or any person from a foreign nationality a bad thing?  No…..if they are citizens of the United States of America.  Anything else is absolute treason!  No one need ask why I support Ron Paul for president, but I would sure love to ask why more voters of ALL PARTIES are not supporting him.  He stands by our Constitution 100%, has never voted for any un-Constitutional resolutions, and is very simple in his approach, much like our founding fathers who wrote the document.  By the way, the Constitution is not a living, breathing document…..because living, breathing things can be manipulated.  The Constitution is set in stone….if you haven’t read it, read it!!!  NOTE:  The debate about the 14th Amendment is an absolute farce set up by the super rich elitists who hate the very document they are attaching their name’s to, so don’t let that fool you!

We know we are in the end times, and as our Lord Jesus predicted, a one world government is coming.  However, we are ruled in this world by super-rich elitists who honestly believe they are doing the will of God by ushering in this millennial kingdom.  Hence, they are rushing the events of Revelation to unfold in their own timing.  However, if it is not God’s time, or will, for these events to unfold now, He will put a stop to it.  One possible way would for us to have a leader to take us back to being a Constitutional Republic (not democracy!) and that would blow the elitists plans out the window.  Think I’m full of it?  Do some research….no, do a lot of research!  If you’ve already done research, dig deeper!!!  I feel for those of you in small town America, especially in a small town with loved ones, because what I see here is coming there….mark my words!  What Daryl wrote yesterday is a drop in this big bucket, and it should be a wake up call to all of you.  Don’t keep your head in the sand and don’t believe what mainstream media is saying.  I registered as an independent this year because all parties, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, etc., do not represent the Constitution in any way, with the exception of Dr. Paul, whom is a bright jewel on this dim crown of corruption!  Independence, a gift from the Lord, is what this country was founded on, and it’s being robbed from us before our very eyes.  It should be very interesting reading what is on this website in the coming months, and I hope that, although I am thousands of miles away, I can contribute from an outside perspective.  Have a great day!

Christian Bradshaw 11/17/07



Okay, I have to make an apology.  It appears the last email message I wrote appeared partisan (for Ron Paul) and ignorant (bridges & signs).  True, I don’t know what it’s like living there in Loudon, TN, and as far as Ron Paul, it was only a recommendation.  Please forgive.  Everything else, though, like my warnings, you got it as simple and truthful as possible.  Sorry if I offended anyone!

Christian Bradshaw, Phoenix, AZ 11/17/07


I can not believe it. When I went through the underpass on Martel today, I saw a political sign hanging on the fence at the propane tank. Some guy named Leon Bradshaw is running for some office and apparently he has the gall to put his stinking sign up just at Thanksgiving. I despise those signs but to think I'm am going to have to look at that stuff all through the holidays infuriates me. I promise everyone right now, I will not vote for anyone who sticks their sign on the side of the roads during the holidays. It's bad enough that we have to look at them other times of the year but all during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Give us a break.

I hope everyone else will join me in the sign protest. Don't vote for anyone who puts their signs up during the holidays.

Virginia 11/16/07

I thought it a bit short sighted that Mr. Shaver failed to mention any of the good things Mayor Arp had done for the county in his first year in office so I set out to make a list of them to put on this blog. I guess I have to apologize to Mr. Shaver.  Obviously Arp hasn't done anything good for the county. I searched the internet, read old editions of the papers and as hard as I tried, I could not find a single positive action by Mr. Arp. All you can find on the internet, are stories about his attempt keep secret records. He received universal condemnation from across the state for his stupid actions. He made all of us look like fools.

And even though Mr. Shaver wouldn't say the name, all of us in Loudon who watch things know exactly who Mr. Shaver was referring to when he said Arp had given contracts to "close friends". It's Ken Brewster, owner of Brewster's Turf Management, one of the largest employers of mexicans in Loudon just behind Monterey Mushroom. It's pretty obvious who's getting the county contracts. Just watch who's mowing and trimming the county property. 

Just about all of Arp's family works for the county or the county schools. Guess that's just a coincidence. I hate to admit it, but once again Mr. Shaver is right. Arp's done nothing but spend tax money and hire family and friends. He's made Loudon proud. I'm sad to admit he is from Loudon.

Daryl from Loudon 11/15/07

As a local  resident of the Martel  area, I  know the situation  at the bridge very  well. Many wrecks have happened there because of the speed of traffic  traveling from  west  to east. I have suggested in  the past  that the intersection  at  Muddy Creek and Martel Rd a stop sign be erected there  for traffic traveling eastward, Thus slowing the cars down  before they  reached the danger of the sharp curb and the bridge.

I was laughed at  BY THEN  ROAD COMMISHNER Don Palmer. He said that  was a thru road,, he never did comprehend the  concept I had in  mind,, Any way  I see they  spent the 25 grand on   redesign of the road. I applaud the effort  to  a much  needed solution  to that problem, there is still no room for 2  large vehicle to  pass under the bridge. My  dad told me it was built in  the days of the model  t,  and  the speed wasn't  a big problem back then compared to  the cost  of erecting 1 stop  sign  at   Muddy Creek  and Martel would have  been  a lot cheaper  than  redesigning the road.. but alas what  do  I  know? I have only seen  several  wrecks there including ppl in  my own  family.

Martel Resident 11/15/07

On a Rainy Day - By Rhonda Nobles, Lenoir City
The book is a romance novel and is being published by PublishAmerica.  More information about the book can be found on my web site at

I have copies of my book available for sale and I will be happy to autograph them.  I can be reached at (865) 250-0506 or,

Rhonda Nobles 11/14/07

While county children do without 

I have ponder most of the day on Ms. Hunter's recent Hunter's Corner and have decided this should be done.  At least once a week, a class full of children from any county school that is in  need of repairs should be bused to the county building for classes that day, especially the Mayor's office and at  his personal expense.  At least then the taxpayers would be receiving at least some gratifications of Mayor Arp's waste of tax payer money.  It is a shame that the importance of this county is for the Mayor's office and not for the children.  I certainly hope that people will finally realize what is happening in our county and at the next election take our county back from those who do not have our interest at heart.  

Joanne Greenway 11/13/07

Is Arp just stupid or what? Is there no way to get him out of there? Where is the commissioners? Why aren't they doing something to put a stop to his craziness? At least they had enough gumption to stop the Overholt thing Arp wanted so bad. We'll never survive his rein of terror.

Bryce M. 11/13/07

U.S. soldiers preserve freedom

Do you ever think about our soldiers anymore? I know you did after 9/11 when 150,000 soldiers were deployed to Iraq to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The support you demonstrated through packages, flags and yellow ribbons was tremendous; school children sent letters to strangers serving in a place they never heard of. Patriotism prevailed, and a contagious spirit of appreciation and gratitude spread throughout America.

Thousands of American men and women in uniform continue to serve around the globe. Their mission — to make sure you sleep in peace at night. How proud we are of our military.

These are the patriots who fought for freedom over 200 years ago; these are the patriots who continue to preserve our freedom today.

“I am proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free, and I won’t forget the men who died who gave that right to me …” (Lee Greenwood, “God Bless the USA”).

Some 400,000 sacrificed their lives in World War II, 36,000 died in Korea and 58,000 in Vietnam.

Don’t wait to mourn our military men and women. Thank them now, the 90-year-old World War II veteran and the 19-year-old Iraqi Freedom volunteer; think of them often, remember them in your prayers and tell them that you appreciate their service and sacrifice.

The American soldiers: We can’t live without them. They hold the pass to our future, always have and always will.

Martha Butera Loudon 11/11/07

I would like to comment on the story about the Mexican dance hall. I can not believe that anyone would want to make a place where illegal immigrants can openly gather and flaunt their law breaking. Can't Mr. Lewis be arrested for harboring fugitives? Or giving aid and comfort to the enemy? What about making him an accomplice to the crime of supporting illegal activity? Mr. Lewis should be held personally and financially accountable for any illegal actions that take place at his dance hall. Maybe a little time in the hooscow with his Mexican brothers might help him see a little more clearly. And he wants to be mayor. What a joke.

A fed up American 11/9/07

How could the county or the city even consider giving developer, Bob Overholt, a big fat tax break when both governments have continuously raised our taxes. You foolish elected lackeys better remember who votes here and it's sure not Dr. Overholt. I can't wait till the next Lenoir City election.

A serious voter 11/4/07

To: Betsy Ross 11/3/07
I generally agree with you, except for one statement:
<<<I think the citizens of Lenoir City are very smart with their decisions on whom they determine runs the town.>>>
On that, I think we need to do MUCH better!
You are certainly right about their inability to supervise the appointed City Attorney. And he doesn't have books that get audited annually like the City Recorder does!
To: B.Lane LC 10/31/07
I too saw that Shannon Littleton's annual salary rose - from $45,000 to $101,000. That's more than doubled, and it's only for his part-time job as City Attorney. It doesn't even include what he makes on his day job as LCUB General Manager. (BTW, I also think it's kind of funny that LCUB never needed an Assistant General Manager until the mayor's father-in-law became GM.)
I've learned on good authority that Littleton never fights a lawsuit against the city, and that anyone who wants a big chunk of change from the city need only think up a suit and Littleton will give you a settlement on it.
If anyone doubts this is true, then send this guy an e-mail.........
........and ask him this question:
"Mayor, when was the last time your City Attorney fought a lawsuit and brought you a victory?"
If Brookshire answers at all, a truthful answer should read something like this:
"He's never done that. In fact, he's never even tried to do that."
Never anonymous,
David Divelbiss 11/4/07

I don't understand how a committee, Dale Hurst, the city attorney, Mr. Shannon Littleton, and a couple of city councilmen could determine what the city recorder job responsibilities were. How could they supervise that office when they know nothing about what it is composed of. 

If a person wanted to go through the ordinance books for the last few years, he could see that when an ordinance was passed  sometimes there would be a notation that an ordinance had not been presented by the city attorney for record keeping nor had anyone received a copy of the ordinance. How do I know?  Well I used to ask for ordinances and Ms Cook would tell me that the attorney had not given her a copy of the ordinance.  When I would check back after its passage, she would again tell me there was no ordinance given out by the attorney.  Why didn't they supervise that appointed city attorney and make sure he did his job of writing ordinances for the their passage and record keeping?  

There are plenty of people looking over the city recorder's back and there has to be proof of calculations and reports.  The city treasurer-recorder answers to the City of Lenoir City, residents, and every kind of auditing service in the world. That is the problem.  Mr. Hurst didn't like a lady working in the offices that he could not control or manipulate. From all the town gossip, we know of several reports of his manipulation of certain city employees at city hall.  

The city councilmen that are wanting an appointed recorder-treasurer are only looking out for their own interest and not those of the citizens of Lenoir City.  I know how I will voice my opinion and I will vote NO to appoint such position until the people elect a better serving council, employ a better management team, and a city attorney that serves as a city attorney completely instead of the LCUB assistant manager.  There is no way he can do a good job doing both and play golf on Wednesdays!   He hasn't and is only basking in a job he has no business getting in the first place.  There were other employees that had been at LCUB for many years (with engineering degrees or business degree) that were much more deserving.  I heard that he was the mayor's best friend, well he must be. 

Poor Lenoir City and rate payers of Lenoir City Utilities Board.  I am sure they will politic this charter change onto the ballot in February.  We, the voting citizens of Lenoir City need to make sure they do not get their wish just like we have with the 4 year mayor term.  We need to work hard and not let a few try to make a decision that we all know is not right for our town.  In November of 2008, we need to return to the polls and vote for our mayor, recorder-treasurer, 3 new councilmen, and new school board members.  I think the citizens of Lenoir City are very smart with their decisions on whom they determine runs the town. After all, it has worked for 100 years!
Yours truly,
Betsy Ross 11/3/07

His daughter is the Lenoir City traffic court officer making big bucks, his lawyer is city judge, his buddy is remodeling city hall, he has bought millions of dollars of property on a $50,000.00 salary, for all practical purposes he runs the sheriff's office and now he wants to be Lenoir City mayor. Do we really want Tony Aikens picking who handles the money at city hall?

Boney 11/01/07