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Illegal immigration, what do we do. I am pretty much a liberal person. That believes all were created equal. I don't believe in gun control, abortion, or any other things that take away our rights or are immoral. And I don't believe we should pick on any certain race of people. But, we have laws that should be up held. We as citizens think that illegal immigration is a Washington problem and that some day Washington will de something about it. Well as Red Nickerson would say " Wake Up American" I say "Wake Up Loudon County" it’s a local problem.  We have to deal with illegal immigration at a local level. Anyone who hires, works, or supports people who are here illegally, that means not having a work visa i.e. a green card. Is breaking the law. Hiring cheap labor, may seem like you are getting ahead, but think about it. It is the contributing factor to why we have a problem with  illegal immigration. I noticed a new structure going up where the old bus station use to be. Driving by I saw Mexican workers walking on top of an 8 ft or 10 ft wall without any type of fall protection. If our local law enforcement and code people want to have control over little issues such as how tall the grass can be in your yard, or how high the ceiling can be in an existing rented apartment, or you can't live in a commercial zoned area.  Then why do they allow people to employee illegal immigrates, who commit up safe acts. Again, "Wake Up Loudon County" It's a local problem.

Tired of the Bull. 12/05/06

Come on, Just My Opinion. Get your head out of the sand. Massengill has been kicked around for years. They have put him everywhere trying to make him quit but it wasn't until he supported the sheriff's opponent in the last election that he got fired. And I suspect there will be more firings. Every sheriff's employee knew they had to support Guider for sheriff and Aikens for mayor to keep their job.

Eyeball 12/03/06

People keep electing the sheriff because a lot of them never hear of the problems. People are afraid to take a good look at what is going on and are
satisfied with the status quo. That is why this web site is such a good thing. People can voice their opinions and keep citizens informed of what is
going on behind the scenes. It's like a water leak in your walls, the faucet still works , but the water is rotting the walls out and you don't even know it. They could be a better department if they took control and did a little management. Doing the best with what they have is an excuse. they get and
have a lot of resources that are mismanaged. If they just utilized what they have now they would be a better department.

Tom, Lenoir City 12/03/06

Why are so many of you so down on the sheriff's dept.? If things are really that bad then why do the citizens keep reelecting Tim as their sheriff. I for one think he does a good job with what he has to work with. The commission just won't give him enough money. Sounds more to me like a bunch of sore losers.

Just My Opinion Loudon 12/01/06

The Lenoir City election has come and gone and not much has changed. We've still got the same mayor and I expect we will continue to have the same problems. Brookshire told everybody if they voted for him, we could expect two more years of the same thing we had gotten for the last five years and yet for some unbelievable reason people still voted for him. So, if we take him at his word we can expect the fire hydrants to continue to fail, the sewer to continue to fail, the drinking water to continue to be contaminated and the developers to continue to destroy our city. What were the voters thinking?

Raymond LC 12/01/06

You know, while I sympathize with Arp's being sick, the question remains that with Arp incapacitated, who is running the county? What happened to the
21-day rule the paper was talking about? Or is commission just going to ignore the fact, like they ignore most other issues and hope no one is watching?

I say while the cats away, the mice will play. Since this county has some awfully rowdy mice, I think something ought to be done. I say we get a petition together and run Van Shaver for office again- this time BY the people FOR the people!

At least we would be assured of still HAVING a county. Shaver seems to be the only one who cares what happens to it. It is a given that we would know what is going on if he was in office.

One Loudon County citizen for honest government 12/01/06

On the blog about the trustee arrested in Blount County, it is well known how tight Aikens and the gang are with the sheriff's dept. in Blount county. that's why every time there is a car broke down, they have to call Blount county to come and help.  I'd hate for the law enforcement in this county to be self sufficient.  From what I hear, they share more than just law enforcement secrets.  I wonder if anyone on this blog heard the rumor that before the election, guider went around promising that, if re-elected, he would do something with some of the troublemakers in the dept.  I wish people in this county would wake up and quit voting for the guider name and realize that in my opinion the sheriff in this county is actually Aikens.  Doesn't it alarm people that he is a city councilman, wanted to be county mayor, and is running the sheriff's dept.  sounds like a power trip to me

Tom, LC 12/01/06

Great Christmas Parade LC.

Susan Wills LC 11/30/06

I read where James Massengill was fired.  It is a well known fact that Mr. Massengill was a road officer until he was overheard by one of the sheriffs "click" that the sheriff dept. was a "good ole boy" club and he wasn't a member.  After that he was demoted and placed in charge of the work crew.  I guess they finally had enough of a paper trail to fire him because he didn't play by their rules.  My question is why was Tony Aikens not reprimanded or fired when he allegedly released a trustee (name withheld)  for a 48 hour pass from jail and the inmate was arrested in Blount County for DUI?  The inmate who by the way was already serving time in the Loudon County Jail for DUI!  This occurred awhile ago and I am sure by now that the paper trail from that has long been burned.  My point is, if you play by Tony Aikens rules you get along fine, if you don't get burned, just ask Bill Shirk and now James Massengill.  When are the people of Loudon County going to wake up?
Amazed in LC 11/30/06

Most of you remember the story of the Little Red Hen, but it bears repeating in light of the recent behavior by the Lenoir City School Board when informed of their unearned and undeserved gift of tax dollars by Loudon County Commission.  Where were these pillars of the community when it came time to lay the groundwork for the tax, build a coalition to support it, weather the storm from builders, developers, and realtors?  County Commissioners ought to follow the example of the Little Red Hen and  say, "Well then, if that's the kind of thanks we get, we'll just take all that 'bread' and eat it ourselves!


One day as the Little Red Hen was scratching in a field, she found a grain of wheat.

"This wheat should be planted," she said. "Who will plant this grain of wheat?"

"Not I," said the Duck.

"Not I," said the Cat.

"Not I," said the Dog.

"Then I will," said the Little Red Hen. And she did.

Soon the wheat grew to be tall and yellow.

"The wheat is ripe," said the Little Red Hen. "Who will cut the wheat?"

"Not I," said the Duck.

"Not I," said the Cat.

"Not I," said the Dog.

"Then I will," said the Little Red Hen. And she did.

When the wheat was cut, the Little Red Hen said, "Who will thresh the wheat?"

"Not I," said the Duck.

"Not I," said the Cat.

"Not I," said the Dog.

"Then I will," said the Little Red Hen. And she did.

When the wheat was threshed, the Little Red Hen said, "Who will take this wheat to the mill?"

"Not I," said the Duck.

"Not I," said the Cat.

"Not I," said the Dog.

"Then I will," said the Little Red Hen. And she did.

She took the wheat to the mill and had it ground into flour. Then she said, "Who will make this flour into bread?"

"Not I," said the Duck.

"Not I," said the Cat.

"Not I," said the Dog.

"Then I will," said the Little Red Hen. And she did.

She made and baked the bread. Then she said, "Who will eat this bread?"

"Oh! I will," said the Duck.

"And I will," said the Cat.

"And I will," said the Dog.

"No, No!" said the Little Red Hen. "I will do that." And she did.

Zach, Lenoir City

It's a good area here; Don't vote it away. I don't understand people who move to this area because of lower taxes, lower crime rate, cheaper golf fees, slower and easier way of life and immediately try to change the area by voting for tax-and-spend liberals. Didn't you just move from an area like that? Most of you had state, city, local and property taxes that were astronomical. I guess, if it's left up to you, we will soon look like the high-tax liberal areas you left.

Please don't knock the locals. Most of them are God-fearing individuals who are just trying to make a living to take care of their families.

Just remember, we usually get the government we deserve.


Loudon 11/27/06

What about getting rid of political parties? With so many needs in the world, the amount of money spent on the election was criminal. The result has been to make most people disgusted with politics in general.

We are so sick of signs, ads, mail and phone calls that we wonder: Could we start a petition in Tennessee to allow only Independents to run for offices? No party politics would be permitted.

It would probably fly but might be unconstitutional. Anyone want to start it?

JOYCE PETRAK Loudon 11/27/06

It is true that our Sheriffs department has some issues that need to be corrected.
* Bill Shirk's attitude towards his employees and inmates.
A certain narcotics agent is a ticking time bomb, he has a temper that would land him in most jails for domestic violence. He seems to work when he wants to and take only high profile calls. It is my understanding that he is not allowed at the 911 office because he was acting aggressive towards a 911 employee which he once dated.
* The County patrol cars are looking ratty. I often see them on the road with substantial body damage.
* In my opinion, Chief Akiens does call the shots in most cases.
* A close friend of Aikens' is a lawsuit waiting to happen. he often goes armed while under the influence of alcohol and while behind the wheel of a car. He tried to stop a female on Tellico parkway while in his personal vehicle. This vehicle has police blue lights which are against the state law and by the way he was intoxicated that night.
* our officers drive way to fast.
*A deputy had an affair while on duty and was chased by the females husband and all the time the deputy was fleeing he was in uniform, on duty and driving a patrol car.
* From what I hear the department has no consistency in policy or discipline.
Sheriff Guider please get a grip on your employees. It is embarrassing to our county.
Embarrassed 11/26/06

Anybody know the details of all the sheriff's dept. boys making a trip to Las Vegas? I hear it was a humdinger. Wonder who paid for the trip?

Eyeball 11/25/06

I would personally like to thank Van Shaver for his website. I look forward everyday to seeing what is happening in the county. Not only is it free of charge, but it is as close to the truth as it gets. The added bonus is getting to say what you think about it.

The News Herald does not have a clue anymore, or if it did, it is keeping it quiet since Mr. Burcham became a part of the good old boy system. He sits on the LCEDA and the chamber of Commerce. We would not want all the new people Phillips is trying to recruit to have a bad first impression. They might take their money elsewhere.

So thank you Shaver for the public service free of charge, and for telling on the bad guys when you smell a rat. This county needs more like you in the PEOPLE's corner, instead of special interest.

A blog fan 11/25/06

Not only is Mayor Matt safely ensconced on high ground atop Quality Hill away from the sewer problems, but his daddy in law got him a new water line run to his fire plug. At least him and his family will be safe in the event of a fire. Too bad about the rest of us. Ah, the perks of having your family running the utilities.

Sick of all of them 11/25/06

Will a real MZEE, please stand up??? 

Re the Towncreek Project article in the News-Sentinel, I wonder what the Swahili word for "our sewers overfloweth" is?  Lenoir City/LCUB is under a state Commissioner's Order to clean up their act and fix our antiquated sewer system.  At one point not long ago, there was even talk of a state-imposed moratorium on new development along 321 until the City replaced at least two main pipelines and expanded treatment capacity at the main plant.

It's a classic case of "develop first...fix infrastructure later."  Does anyone remember the previous mayor praising the new Super Wal-Mart as the best thing to ever happen to Lenoir City, noting that the resulting tax revenue would go toward helping rebuild the city's crumbling infrastructure?  Wonder where all that money went?
At least the article did mention ... in passing ... toward the very end ... without attribution...that some party poopers are concerned about traffic impacts.  As bad as that is, traffic impacts will be nothing compared to the scene of raw sewage flowing through town during heavy rains en route to the Tennessee River.  Which, by the way, is just a couple of miles from the intakes where Loudon Utilities obtains its sparkling clean drinking water for thousands of unsuspecting residents. 
It appears that Mayor Matt (who is safely ensconced on high ground atop Quality Hill) has already jumped on the Overholt Gang's bandwagon.  So where do us local yokels turn to find a "MZEE" ("senior respected person") who will look out for our health and welfare?
--Zach in LC 11/24/06

I just read Tom and the guy below Toms post and agree with all they said and
then some. I have been beating my head against the wall of irresponsibility
for a long time now. I have written to congressional representatives and
senators and to every agency in between and so far all I have heard is they
agree but it is not their place to intervene. I would say that most citizens
have about had it with all the special interests, but fear that in the
county's case we have not begun to see what we have in store for us the next
four years. And while I hope the new councilmen will have an affect on the
city- don't count on it.

One suggestion that I have is that if EVERY single citizen would write a
letter to their congressional representative and senators and demand that
they do something. Eventually something would have to be done- especially if
they know that they will not receive your vote next election. They would not
have to fear retaliation for that.

We need some kind of accountability for local governments, and until we get
that, we are at the mercy of whatever our officials want to throw at us.
There ARE laws to cover public records, sunshine law meetings and such, but
there is little to no penalty to them. I am especially enraged about all the
conflicts of interest- but they are not against the law. So unless more
people start going to council and commission meetings and standing up and
saying they are against an issue, the officials are going to pass it- they
have no reason not to. My point is that unless everyone starts voicing their
outrage and trying to do something about it- it is only going to get worse.
With all this development, those special interests are going to make more
than a few very rich. And with money comes power...

Frustrated in the county 11/23/06

I have been a resident of Loudon County all my life. The politics in this county are destroying it. They have corrupted every facet of the government.
You have the “good ole boy” syndrome that effects every promotion and hire in the county. You are people who are promoted to positions that they are
not qualified for. They are usually promoted because of who they know not what they know. You have people that are promoted to supervisory positions that are not qualified. When this occurs, it magnifies and causes big problems within an organization. Take law enforcement for example. You have chiefs, sergeants and corporals running the day to day operations that have very little experience in law enforcement and very little knowledge of
supervision. This makes for an environment ripe for law suits. How can you be a captain over patrol when you have no patrol experience and probably
know very little about it?
You have chiefs that are hired or promoted that never have had supervisory experience or management training. How can this person ever make decisions or bring about change in an organization. They are hired not because of education, experience or knowledge, but because of who they know. How can anyone in that agency respect that person? People can not respect someone that does not have the knowledge required to perform in a position. How can you be a city attorney when you can barely practice law? Is this the best choice to protect the citizens’ best interest? I would say no.
This “good ole boy” practice hurts not only the organization and the employees, but the citizens of the city or county. When incompetent people are in charge you will breed incompetent agencies and departments of the government. From things you read in the paper and see on television breeding
must be good. Incompetence rules in our fair county.

Tom , Lenoir City 11/24/06

Van I want to commend you for reporting both sides of the hydrant situation. After the reporting of the 100 plus hydrants that needed repair, you then reported LCUB fixing them. If you hadn't reported it, they still would not be in the process of getting them fixed. The News Herald still to my knowledge has not reported this story, and is just now reporting the 'Safe Harbor' story. We all know the paper has long been in the pocket of the city, and their actually afraid to report news.
This election is about change. Many are tired including myself of the status quo. The incumbents need to be changed, a vote for John Harris is a vote for the current Mayor since it was he who appointed him to his council seat when he got elected Mayor, and it was the Mayor who appointed him to the planning commission as well.
People forget the Mayor controls little without the support of council. A new council this election means that the brakes will be put on nearly all of the Mayors projects, and plus we get to see him in meltdown mold with a new set of faces on council. The Mayor likes to tout economic growth,  He fails to report how much money we've borrowed since he's been Mayor, it's in the millions for a city that has less than 10,000 citizens, and city workers (except LCUB) have gotten minimal raises during this time, while our City reports record surplus's. We spent 15,000 on the titanic re-development plan, that's been called dead by the current candidates running for re-election, but you can be assured there will be a miracle resurrection after the election if these guys are returned to office which is why I'm supporting Henline, Douglas, and Martin.

LC 11/23/06

I am very sorry that Mayor Arp is sick and I hope he gets better soon, but in the mean time, who's minding the county affairs? County Mayor is not like property assessor where he could be absent much of the time. Somebody has to be in charge. It's my understanding that Roy Bledsoe was suppose to take over after 21 days but apparently there is still nobody in the office. Just try calling the mayor's office to try to find out anything. No body knows anything. Commissioners are going to have to do something.

Worried About The County 11/22/06

I for one support Tim Guider even though it is undeniable that there are issues at the Sheriff's dept. I think Tim's biggest problem is, he is too easy and trusting of his employees. He should have taken some kind of action when his officers were indicted. He should have fired Shirk along time ago if in fact there were all the problems. He should have fired Massengill a long time ago if in fact he hadn't been doing his job. Seems Tim's biggest fault is letting things slide when he should taken action sooner. Maybe he is being too nice to his employees. Tim, be the boss.

Don in Loudon11/22/06

Well, here we go again.  another Loudon County deputy fired.  Anybody remember Bill Shirk?  Sheriff Aikens fired him as well, and then had to pay
all his back pay and lawyer fees because they wrongfully terminated him....I just wonder how much taxpayer money the county has paid for things like this and the guy that Aikens extorted, as I remember his lawyer fees were  reimbursed....can they not get their ducks in a row?  And by the way, I don't know how much Aikens makes, but is it enough to be buying all of the property that he owns?  Something stinks around here.  Maybe he got a loan
from a certain deputy's wife that has stolen several thousand dollars from the Loudon Quarterback Club.  How did this administration get reelected? 
It's obvious Tim Guider has no say in the day to day operations of his own department.  Don't you just feel safe with Aikens and Jimmy Davis calling
the shots?

Tom, Lenoir City 11/21/06

California court: websites not liable for libel in third-party postings
Nov 20 6:15 PM US/Eastern

California court: websites not liable for libel in third-party postings

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) - Websites that publish inflammatory information written by other parties cannot be sued for libel, the California Supreme Court ruled Monday.

The ruling in favor of free online expression was a victory for a San Diego woman who was sued by two doctors for posting an allegedly libelous e-mail on two websites.

Some of the Internet's biggest names, including, America Online Inc., EBay Inc., Google Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc., took the defendant's side out of concern a ruling against her would expose them to liability.

In reversing an appellate court's decision, the state Supreme Court ruled that the Communications Decency Act of 1996 provides broad immunity from defamation lawsuits for people who publish information on the Internet that was gathered from another source.

"The prospect of blanket immunity for those who intentionally redistribute defamatory statements on the Internet has disturbing implications," Associate Justice Carol Corrigan wrote in the majority opinion. "Nevertheless ... statutory immunity serves to protect online freedom of expression and to encourage self-regulation, as Congress intended."

Unless the U.S. Congress revises the existing law, people who claim they were defamed in an Internet posting can only seek damages from the original source of the statement, the court ruled.

What the heck is going on with the Sheriff's Department. Akins is getting rich, the Sheriff has sued the County and now he has fired James Massengil a 25 year veteran with the Sheriff's department. Could this be because Massengil has questioned some of the things that have been going on. You would think that if Officer Massengil was doing something to get fired for, it would have happen before now. It seems that our county law enforcement is running a muck.

Just Wondering. LC 11/20/06

to: Optimistic:
<<<Lets put the redevelop thing behind us.>>> you say?
Did you read the 11/15 News Herald? Brookshire isn't putting it behind us at all. He's about to try and push it UP our behinds.
<<<Believe me they are plenty of People watching our Mayor these Days. Do not think for a Moment the Town's People would not Support anyone who Matt might interigate over their property>>>
The "town's people" reelected this man. He now feels he can get away with anything.
<<<Matt will probably avoid the issue of redevelopment knowing what it has and can cause.>>>
You know by now you do NOT have the gift of prophecy. He is already spreading disinformation, and accusing his opponents of doing so.
<<<Don't Worry if Matt {which I strongly Feel he won't} tries any funny business well ...,We'll Impeach him....>>>
The City Charter does not allow for his removal, during his term, unless he commits a crime.
I wish I shared your optimism.

I prefer being oprimistic. LC 11/19/06

With the absence of our esteemed Mayor Arp, who's running the show? What's next.

Pop Loudon 11/17/06

Hello, Many of you might know in 2007 the Lenoir City town will be celebrating it's 100th Year! Lets put the redevelop thing behind us. Some of the buildings are looking pretty good on Broadway and Homes Too! Lets fix up and make a nice town for this Special Year! Leave your worries behind you. Believe me they are plenty of People watching our Mayor these Days. Do not think for a Moment the Town's People would not Support anyone who Matt might interigate over their property but at the same time try to make your place look better IF it doesn't already. Matt will probably avoid the issue of redevelopment knowing what it has and can cause. The 5 Panel is not Noteworthy for the Knowledgment  to make these decisions  on redevelopment because they are NOT qualified for this Major Task but rather just average Town's People just  like us  .I really don't know why the Downtown people won't hold meetings to communicate better. Don't Worry if Matt {which I strongly Feel he won't} tries any funny business well ...,We'll Impeach him and Akins can run the show! I hope this makes you feel better about Lenoir City and put a positive approach in your attitude and remember no one does wrong and gets by, have a little Faith! 

Optimistic in Lenoir City 11/17/06

This message is in regards to our sheriff's department.  As a lifelong
resident of our great county, and as a Tim Guider apologist for too many
years, I believe it is time to voice my opinion.  Many people have stood
behind the sheriff as his department has wasted taxpayer money for years and
now he is suing the county over 1 patrol car and 1 deputy.  I just wonder
how many people he has sitting down there behind a desk on day shift that
could be out answering calls.  Lets's see Tony Aikens, Jimmy Davis, Tony
Arden, The Sheriff himself.  That's more people than they usually have
patrolling.  If you don't believe me, listen to the scanner....they are
constantly asking Loudon City and Lenoir City to answer their calls for
them....and how many people have they nearly run off the road while on their
way to a call.  Another issue is all the deputies they have who have been in
trouble.  What other police or sheriff's department has had this happen?  I
remember when Aikens first got indicted for extortion.  Didn't he state that
he wasn't aware he was supposed to file some kind of paperwork with the
state when he took the guy's car and money?  If this was the case, how can a
lawman with 20 years of experience make such an error?  Maybe he knew what
he was doing was illegal.  Either way, these mistakes, if you want to call
them that, can no longer be accepted.  Where is the accountability?  How
much more taxpayer money will he waste on this lawsuit?  I've voted for
Guider for the last time, as have many i've talked to.

a very unhappy Loudon county citizen 11/16/06

I just heard a dandy. The night before the election, LCUB employees, on call, after hours and on over time, had to go to the mayor's house to fix his dishwasher. If this is true, somebody should report it to the LCUB manager. Oh yea, the manager is his father in law. What a place to live.

Fed Up In LC. 11/15/06

O.K. so lets see if I got this straight.
The mayor created the Redevelopment Committee.
The mayor appointed the members of the committee.
The sole purpose of the committee is to rid our town of "blighted" property.
No one knows when or where they meet.
There is no public notice, therefore no public input.
It is governed by no one, except for the mayor.
It reports to no one except for the mayor.
Now if I got all that right I have a question, are the members of this committee compensated for their time and if so by what funds?
TL - Lenoir City 11/14/06

I would like to respond to the deteriorated potable water (drinking water) piping system that the City is facing. It is a fact that most cities throughout the country face this same problem. As these systems age, there are going to be problems. These pipes get clogged with calcium build up, iron, etc. and other natural contaminates that are indigenous with any water system.

As a general contactor and piping engineer I have provided similar solutions to these types of problems throughout the United States.

It is true that a pipe 25%-75% clogged will not produce the same volume of water as a new pipe free of obstructions. A new 6” diameter pipe will flow 700 gallons per minute (GPM) at 8 feet per second (fps). Lets say a clogged pipe of 50% reduces the pipe diameter to a 3” it will flow 180 GPM at 8 fps. (Less than half the flow). Therefore resulting in the lack of flow to the Fire Hydrant issues.

But, all hope is not lost. There are some less expensive solutions to this problem without massive excavation and replacing the existing water lines.  The photo’s that you have made available is good information to determine the most adequate corrective action to open these clogged pipes.

Listed below are a few examples:
Hydro blasting
Is using water at high pressures and/or high volumes (high impact) to clean.  It is also chemical free cleaning.
Mechanical Cleaning
A couple different methods may be used, one is brush cleaning and the other is using pigs. Pigs can be forced through lines by gas or fluid pressures or by hauling on cable systems. For smaller pipes, mechanical pigging operations may be the method of choice. Pigs are available in a wide variety of designs and are manufactured to clean larger diameter pipes. Generally, the piping will need some modifications to provide entrance and exit capabilities.

Chemical Cleaning
Although this technology is brand new, the procedure and the chemical cleaning solution composition has been analyzed and certified for use in the treatment of public drinking water systems by the NSF International (National Sanitation Foundation) under ANSI/NSF Standard 60.

Keep in mind that these methods will not bring the water flow to 100% of new lines, and will interrupt the water service to our homes and businesses, but this may be an alternative to total line replacement for now?

Whatever is done we all know something must be.
Steve Sarten 11/14/06


The members are Mike Lawson, Juanita Pearman, Bryan Chambers, Chris Smallen and Paula Finley. The public never knows when or where they meet and their meetings don't seem to ever be published in the paper. You should be able to pick up a copy of the plan at City Hall and it has all the information about the plan in it.

A watchful citizen in LC 11/14/06

Van or anyone else who knows the answer, Who makes up the Redevelopment committee and when and where does this committee meet?  Also what are the governing rules of this committee?
TL - Lenoir city 11/13/06

Brookshire Blunders
Matt has to be one of the worst politicians I've known, He's not even good at lying or covering his tracts.News-Herald November 8-9
 "My focus for the next two years is to focus on those things that got me started in local government and that is the downtown area and trying to preserve this city's history."

Excuse me but Matt just tried to push through a downtown Redevelopment plain not a restoration plain!  I guess Matt's preserving history by not fixing the old fire hydrants that haven't worked for years and still don't!

Matt has not increased the man power of our police department since he's been in office. As a matter of fact it's the same as it was in the 1990's, well I guess this could be considering preserving history. Matt continues to preserve the tradition of small town politics.

I don't think Matt remembers Lenoir City the same way I do. I remember when there weren't any Mexicans in this town. I remember when people weren't allowed to ride up and down the street playing loud music, and using loud exhaust to disturb the piece of people trying to enjoy some serenity in there own home. 

I remember when Lenoir City's fire department was strictly volunteer, they were very good and they very seldom lost a house, even under the worst conditions.

I still can't understand why Lenoir City would put Matt in office for two more years, but like Van says, "you have to respect the people's vote."

I'm a person that believes good can prevail,  I've made a commitment to protect this town from crooked politics, and that is a promise! I will not give up on Lenoir City because even though it's a nice place to live it can be better. This town generates enough tax revenue to have the best provisions in the area, such as police and fire protection, education, ect.

Any way time shall tell about the Matt-pack and Big brother will be watching!

 Rusty W. Loveday LC 11/12/06

As investors in a downtown Lenoir City business property on Broadway, we believe in Lenoir City and its future.  That’s why we invested in it and are preparing to renovate the storefront we purchased and the loft area above it.  We want to be part of Lenoir City’s future.  At the same time, we have some concerns about the proposed Redevelopment Plan for Lenoir City. 

Though a redevelopment plan may be a good thing, if it starts small and builds on what the city can actually provide support for, this plan is not right for Lenoir City.  Despite the words spoken and written by various officials, it is the actual written plan that will govern what is permitted. 

The following issues exist:  First, nearly all commercial property or potential commercial property along Hwy 11 south of 321, that is rising in value, is included in the plan.  The included homes appear to be either intermixed with or near commercial property.  Second, the plan’s definition of “blighted” means that probably more than 90% of the properties could be identified as “blighted”.  Third, action would be triggered by the Redevelopment Committee determining that they want an action performed on a property. The owner has 90 days to present a plan and 60 days to appeal it if denied. Fourth, if the owner’s plan is denied, the Redevelopment Committee will “solicit proposals from individuals willing to redevelop such owner’s property.”

Regardless of what other words are spoken or written, this is what the plan states in writing.  In summary, the Redevelopment Committee can identify a property, declare it “blighted”, deny the owner’s plan, and solicit proposals to sell it to someone else.  This is the power that the committee would be given if the Plan is approved. The actions of the Redevelopment Committee will only be as good as the majority on the Committee at that time.  We believe that’s too much unchecked power for a committee of this importance.

We are enthusiastic about Lenoir City and its future, and would support a Redevelopment Plan if were more narrowly targeted and provided strong protections for property owners. This plan does neither, but rather opens the possibility for abuse.

 Sharon Addison and Victor de Groote Loudon 11/12/06

OK, so the election is over. We have the same do nothing mayor and at least four councilmen. What happens now? We still have the hydrant problem and the sewer problem and a host of other problems. The mayor and council have done nothing in five years. Why should we think they will do anything now. Is there no state agency that can force this bunch of do nothings to address the city's problems?

A very disappointed LC resident 11/12/06

On the topic of Tony Aiken's friend  Jim Wilson, back in March of this year after a Tony Aikens fund raiser at Cedar Hills Golf Club, Jim Wilson and officer Paul Curtis left the shindig about 3:00am and immediately crashed Wilson's SUV. Both subjects left the scene shortly after the arrival  of sheriff's deputies. No investigation, no charges filed. Get a report on this one.

A few months ago, Jim Wilson's son was hired at LCUB. There were two candidates considered for the position. Guess who cast the deciding vote to hire Wilson's son?................................Tony Aikens.  I guess it pays to have friends in high places.

Not Happy At LCUB 11/11/06

"If I die before the next city council meeting, here is what I'd say" 

First I would like to welcome our new council men. I recommend you remember why the citizens of this town elected you, because they can also reject you.  That is what makes democracy the greatest government in the world. You talked the talk, now will you walk the walk?

     At the beginning of ever city council meeting we pray to help the council make the right decisions, and do what's in the city's best interest. I ask each of you treat us as your children and this town as our home. Every decision you make should be decided by asking yourself this question," As a father of this town am I making the right decision for my children the citizens of this town?"

     Now as for you Shannon Little-ton I've done my home work, but you'll have to pass the test. I understand the fire marshal is holding the mayor and fire chief personally responsible for the faulty fire hydrants, and will be held liable if a house burns around the afflicted fire hydrants. Not to worry, Shannon the super lawyer will represent them in court after he figures out what he's talking about.

     I'll never forget the way you talked down to me at the last city council meeting. Why would you ridicule a citizen that was trying to protect human lives? By the way I recommend you never talk to me that way again! The fall out from smart mouth will result in a harassment suit.

To be continued.
Rusty W. Loveday 11/10/06

Citizens of Lenoir City,

I've already told many of you this, but I want to tell you again...thank you. Thank you for your faith in me, for your support, for your advice and counsel .
Many of you have been right by my side through out this campaign and I hope you know that I will never forget you or what you have done.
The city needs us now more than ever, it is our duty to hold mayor Brookshire and the City council responsible for their actions or lack of. (over taxed sewer, Fire Hydrants)  We as citizens need to stand up to the mayor and let him know he works for us and he will treat every citizen with respect, this is our city and it will be run as such.
I would also like to say that I am proud of the way every person that represented me acted with dignity and respect towards everyone, even towards the Brookshire -.Nelson crew. I am however sadden that the Brookshire- Nelson crew did not act as such  The more I think about it they have not been treating the people of Lenoir City with respect for years. Why start now!
Two years will give me enough time to prepare for a new campaign and during this time I promise you this, my supporters and I will be keeping a close eye on the Mayor and the city council.

See you in Two,

Kelli Sarten Watkins

The people have spoken. Now it is time to move forward. The Mayor and City Council have a hard road ahead. With the continuing growth and blighted city infrastructure that the city now faces, with the inadequate water supply and under sized sewer system. This will not be an easy job. The future of Lenoir City will be determined over the next couple of years. As the city continues to grow the current tax base will not keep up with the demands that the city will be faced with. I predict we will see an increase in taxes, additional spot zoning, and additional properties being taken for "Re-Development" and any other money scheme that the people will be forced to pay. There will be a lot of finger pointing on who is responsible for this or that. Also keep in mind that there is just so much grant money that a sprawling city can obtain. I don't mean that these issues would not exist if the voters, voted for someone else. We would still have the same problems and issues to face. As citizens of Lenoir City. We need to ensure that our voices are heard, our values expressed, and that the people elected are often reminded that they work for you THE PEOPLE of Lenoir City.

Remember our young men and women at war and lets all pray for a speedy end to the war and a safe return home.

Thanks Van, for allowing me to express my views.

Just another Tax Payer. 11/9/06

Well, if you want to know about Joe Webb I can help you out. His kid plays in Lenoir City Youth Football cause Loudon kicked him out, he has been convicted of drunk driving several times in several counties including Loudon County, Once was at 1st Baptist Church.  Records are at criminal court. He was bound over to grand jury, he doesn't have a license- suspended, he's been married a couple of times with orders of protection taken against him, he's been arrested for no show in court, theft, failure to pay debts and violation of probation. He's one who needs to be giving opinions. He's a real winner!!!!

A Loudon Acquaintance 11/8/06

Here we go again, not even an hour after being elected brookshire said "My Plans do not necessarily include anything about redevelopment" read between the lines people, you better hold on to your homes. Brookshire is excited about his plans for down town.
 A Concerned Citizen11/8/06

Two more years of Brookshire. I don't think I can stand it. Maybe I'll just go ahead and give them my house and get out of town.

Sick in Lenoir City 11/8/06

If you will look in the Nov. 5-6 News Herald, in the crime log, You will find a James A. Wilson charged with BUI and implied consent. I believe you will find this to be Tony Aiken's partner James A. Wilson. The charges stem from an altercation at Calhouns where he left the scene and was later arrested on his boat by TWRA officers.

Another Concerned Loudon County Resident 11/8/06

This Email is in response to Franklin of Tellico Village. His assumption  that Tony Aikens owns part of the Kingston Street Laundromat is partly  right. It is actually owned by Jim Wilson and his brother-in-law Billy (can’t remember his last name).  Wilson is a card carrying deputy of the Loudon County Sheriff Dept. Actually he is a chief deputy also (don’t know how?). Wilson and Aikens were also the co-owners of the motel in Loudon,  that was the million dollar deal. They supposedly sold this hotel.
   What amazes me, is the amount of people running around with bond cards issued by the Loudon County Sheriff Dept. These people never have or get any law enforcement training. They have blue lights in their cars and try on a regular basis to enforce the law and stop the citizens of Loudon County.
They also are allowed to carry weapons (now that’s scary). Most have probably never qualified  or handled a weapon. I looked up the rules for law
enforcement officers in Tennessee. The Tennessee Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission (they regulate law enforcement throughout the state) require that all officers, full time, part-time, reserve and auxiliary, attend 40 hours of training each year. State law requires these people also have 8 hours of firearms to carry a weapon. I doubt seriously that these people attend any type of training. Most only have a card because they donated to the sheriff’s campaign or are attached to Aikens in some way.
    If I were a citizen of Loudon County, I would question who is out here with a Loudon County Sheriff Dept. ID and the sheriff’s judgment. Each of these people represents the sheriffs department. If they take some action and it ends up being wrong, the county is liable for a large civil judgment.

A Concerned Loudon County Resident 11/8/06

Hey you have to sign up to be a member at his site ( in order to post any comments, then (if you read his rules), he will post them if HE agrees with the content.  That's not news, that's a personal website to flaunt your ideas, by the way Joe  LCYFO was not formerly anything, it began as LCYFO and still is LCYFO. His weak attempts at deception may work on some people who don't know him, but it won't work on the rest of us. Of course he's all for liquor in Lenoir City and Loudon (he lives in Loudon) he's a convicted drunk driver and it would be a much shorter drive to get his booze.

LCYFO Fan 11/7/06

I was wondering if anyone else had a problem with changing the highway (70) at that road. That's the worst piece of planning I've seen in a while. Almost as big a snafu as the sinkhole over on hwy 321 past Greenback turnoff. Glad someone else notices things and isn't afraid to speak up.   

Bug 11/8/06


Let's hope that change has been made.
Stephanie and Derek Sharp/ L.C. 11/7/06

I was under the impression that good reporting gave an unbiased opinion of both sides, yet Mr. Webb seems to be doing the very thing that he is
accusing Mr. Shaver of doing, but he is doing it FOR the politicians, corrupt and otherwise! So, where is the other side of the story? We know
what John Tuck gets out of it. What is Mr. Webb up to, and if he does not vote, why should we care what he has to say?

GG LC 11/7/06

To respond to Joe Webb's comment about qualifications. One must keep in mind. Just because you have had the opportunity to go to school. Doesn't make you smarter than the other candidates. Business people are that, business people. The city is a big business and being a school teacher or having a bunch of paper to hang on the wall, isn't the same as running a business. This time the people get to decide. So go and VOTE rain or shine…..

Loudon County Resident 11/6/06

Well, I just found Joe Webb's web site. What a joke. I don't know why you would include it on your web site. But I guess that's being fair. The web site goes on at nauseam about openness and honesty. maybe Joe should give us a few more facts about himself. Like, why isn't he registered to vote? Does he have a criminal background? What activities has he ever been arrested for? I think Joe should remember the old saying about throwing rocks when you live in a glass house.

A little league fan. LC 11/6/06

What Part of the Re-Devolvement doesn't any half wit understand?  The City Will FOSTER your Property? Many of you read this page ,Put some input into it. Any Person in Lenoir City even thinks  or believes the Redevelopment Plan got misunderstood is EASILY FOOLED!!! It should of been about Grant Money!!!!!!!! That is what the Meeting should of been about. Take my Words!!!! DO NOT BELIEVE THAT TWO HEADED SNAKE IN THE TREE !!!! EVE Did, WE Don't Have To !!! Lenoir City Was not that Blighted at the time of the Meeting. People had taken part in redoing and fixing up the Downtown a year or so ago . This Blight thing is just an Excuse! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!  HOW ARE YOU GOING TO RE-ACT WHEN MATT AND THIS CLUB TELLS YOU TO MOVE ON OUT!!! HECK! THAT'S THE SAME AS A HOLD-UP, BECAUSE Y O U  HAVE JUST BEEN ROBBED!!!! MAYOR MATT THINKS HE IS YOUR LAND-LORD!!! YOUR NAME ON YOUR DEED IS WORTHLESS!!!! This is STRONG Words, But the Words that Interprets the Re-Development Packet, Get one and READ IT! Or Have Someone to Read it to you. Its full of Loop-holes! Don't  Back a   two headed Snake! I don't need no one to Foster me, I'm over 21 and I will Foster Myself, Thank You!!!!!! I Sure Hope KELLI Wins!!!!!!!  Nice ART on the BUTT KISSING, BUT SHOULDN'T it be Matt and Shannon doing the Kissing to the Developers? Or have I missed Something? I Heard most Councilmen were against it even Tony Akins and that was Why it didn't pass  and was thrown out. Please correct me on this if I'm wrong.
Brassed off in Lenoir City 11/6/06

In response to Joe Webb, Please do not try to turn the liquor store deal around and make the anti-liquor store folks the bad guys!  We have to, by law, put up with the an already alcohol saturated society and take our lives in our own hands every day when we get out on the road praying that we don't get run over by a drunk driver. 
If alcohol is such a great thing...why do husbands beat up wives and vice versa when they get liquored up?  Why do parents beat up their children when they are liquored up?  Why are full pay checks spent on liquor and the rest of the bills go unpaid and families are suffering?  Why are there millions spent on rehabs every year because folks can't overcome their addiction to alcohol?  Why are folks lives put in danger on their jobs because employees come in drunk and operate machinery?  The list just goes on and on because alcohol is so grand and glorious!  I don't have to go out and get stats on these things...they are on the news every single day!
Yeah, we need more outlets for this stuff...makes everybody's life grand doesn't it?
Not ashamed to sign my name, Sarah Shaver, 11/4/2006

In response to That'll be $4.50. Here's a thought on the LCUB convenience fee: Most places install electronic transfers and offer incentives because they make up the cost difference by cutting employees (you need fewer people if you don't have to handle the paperwork).  However, at LCUB, most every employee is a friend or family member to some official, so now they have to have the extra money to justify keeping extra employees.  Just a thought...
A Lenoir City 11/3/06

Ok sheriff Guider, according to The Comptroller of the Treasury's web site, so far this year your chief deputy Aikens has personally bought about a half million dollars of property in Loudon County. Then there is JAM Construction. J = T. Scott Jones, Aikens defense attorney, A = Aikens, M = David Martin, Lenoir City Council candidate. These are the ones developing all the vacant lots in Sharp Estates. Another $518,000.00 investment. Then there is the million dollar motel deal. And I think but am not positive, R & W Industries, the old Kingston Street Laundromat  is partly owned by Mr. Aikens.

It may be time for the sheriff to ask Mr. Aikens if he wants to be a landlord, a developer or a chief deputy. How could he possibly do them all? Is this why he needed an assistant at the sheriff's office?

Franklin Tellico Village 11/03/06

I Just LOVE this Web Page! It's Pure Gold Baby! If it were a Pay-Site I'd sure Pay It!!! I LEARN MORE from this Site than ANYTHING the HERALD can DISH OUT!!! They Print WHAT they WANT TO, WHEN THEY WANT TO!  I Get the REAL TRUTH HERE !!!!!!!!!!!! And I've Saved my .50! Tell EVERYBODY you know about this Site even People you don't like. Maybe They'll Read about themselves on here. Remember Vote for KELLI !!!!!!!
Tim :Lenoir City

I hope nobody is being fooled by Matt Brookshire's lies. I've heard his commercials and read his ads and apparently the truth is just not in him. I am glad he keeps reminding us he has been in office for the last five years because Lenoir City has gone down hill more in the last five years than ever in it's history and it's all because of Brookshire and those ignorant councilmen. Please citizens of Lenoir City, help us get rid of this sorry bunch.

Justice 11/01/06

So, what happened to the county's big plan to ban open burning? There have been huge brush fires burning at the new development between Fort Loudon Estates 1 & 2 for a week. I guess the new law only applies to certain developers and not others.

Fort Loudon Estates resident 11/01/06