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In response to just wondering,

When I saw the article about Mayor Brookshire’s stance against Illegal Aliens I to was very proud of him until I sat down to read the entire article.

 It appears, once again, instead of considering the wishes of those Legal American Citizens  who put them in office another politician is pandering to the thousands of trespassing, Illegal aliens in the hope that eventually one of the ridiculous amnesty bills will  pass and give these criminals the ability to vote for that particular politician.

Over and over he reiterated how the goal of his idea was not to target the Illegal’s who were living ten and fifteen to a trailer but to target the owners of the property. Although I agree that people who allow this in their rental units are a burden to neighbors, why not do everything we can to enforce existing immigration law instead of creating new laws to target American Citizens ?

 The truth is these people choose to live in this communal manner because it enables them to rape more American dollars from our economy to send back to support the economy of Mexico. The second largest gross national product of Mexico is most likely Illegal Aliens who come here and send money back. This is second only to drugs smuggled across the border. It has been estimates that in 2006 Illegal Immigrants sent 46 billion (yes Billion) in United States Currency back to Mexico.

 The simple truth is the vast majority of Americans; especially East Tennesseans do not want these people in our communities. By (these people) I mean Illegal Aliens, not those proud people of Hispanic and other origin who have legally came to this country and contribute greatly to the cultural diversity and economy of this country. I understand that we should have compassion for our fellow man and the response from the amnesty nuts is that these people are only trying to make a better life. I’m sure they are looking for a better life but they made a conscious decision to break the laws of The United States of America to do so.

 (Think about this). If I live in a one room shack with my wife and three children and have a hard time keeping them fed, but my neighbors are doing well and live in a two story, five bedroom home with plenty to eat. Is it just ok for me to break into there home, take my family and invite ten cousins to take up residence?

                                                                                            WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?

Yes it is a localized problem, yet the only solution at this point is a federal one. There is currently no jurisdiction for local and state law enforcement to address this problem although I know they are as fed up with this ridiculous situation as every one else. If you have had enough of being forced to provide support, services and education to people who have thumbed their noses at our system of laws and have no right to even be in our Wonderful country you should contact your state politicians and encourage them to pass legislation enabling state and local law enforcement to take action since the federal government refuses to act to protect the American Citizens. One such program is the 287g program through Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

 I have no doubt that some will label me a racist for my views. To them I can only respond this way. I am in no way anti-Mexican, but I am very much anti-Illegal Alien and the simple truth is that in this area the vast majority of them are from Mexico.

To all the Legal Immigrants who have made an effort to obey the laws of this country and have went through the immigration process I say welcome , God bless and good luck.

For the Illegal Aliens its time we quit being so politically correct and state the fact that you are not welcome here.

My Name is Brian Jenkins and that’s how I see it. 5/28/07

Please remember the Bible when making immigration comments:
"[Lord,] when did we see you a stranger and invite you in? …" The King will reply, "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me." - Matthew 25: 38, 40


"Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." - Hebrews 13:2


"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus." - Galatians 3:28


" are no longer strangers and sojourners but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God." - Ephesians 2:11-21


"Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. ...he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves." - Romans 13:1-7


"And Jesus said to him, 'The foxes have holes, and the birds of heaven have a resting place; but the Son of man has nowhere to put his head.'" - Matthew 8:20


"You shall not wrong or oppress a resident alien, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt." - Exodus 22:21,


Something To Think About 5/28/07

Dear "Just Curious"

 You may not presume to know anything about me. Whether I have children, grandchildren or go myself has nothing to do with the price of tea in China. Do not try to cloud the issue.

My point is that the school board loves to get parents riled up that little Jr. may miss out on something he isn't getting. What better than no buses and sports? Whether there truly IS a need has yet to be seen. Had the school board been acting responsibly they would not have spent the 2.2 million, knowing that there WAS such a need.

Commissioners do not dare raise the taxes again without some sort of outcry, so it will appear that they were forced to do so. What better way than Jr. will be deprived? Even if the taxes were raised, who is to say it would go to schools as promised? No one has explained why we needed the last tax increase. To be told we were broke and could not pay the bills, then shortly after raising taxes above the certified rate, they found the county had plenty of money. Honey, my mama didn't raise no fools (and I am aware that is not proper English before you think to correct it).This is all a carefully choreographed song and dance to bleed the citizens of this county dry.

What I just do not get, is why everyone is so apt to believe whatever these officials tell. It is easy enough to find out the truth. The fact teachers are underpaid- go request the salaries and wages and find out for yourself that they are not. Request to see the bids for all the work that is contracted to see how special favors are doled out. It does not take a rocket scientist to do a bit of homework, and you certainly do not have to take my word for it. Find out for yourself.

As to "Just Curious", my guess is that you are one of the officials, one of the school board, a relative of one or the other, or have money to burn. Whichever you are, do not dare to tell me that I am wrong.  I did my homework. If you choose to believe otherwise, that is your privilege, but it does not make you right. Maybe you ought to volunteer to buy that land back from the school board. The school would be over halfway to their goal and Jr. could still play sports!

Fed Up With the BULL 5/28/07

In response  to "Just Curious"
The reason the Loudon County Sheriff's Department is always on the web site is because they are always making the 6 o'clock news.  In the past 3yrs or so the sheriff's department has had 4 officers and 3 officers wives indicted for various charges ranging from extortion to tampering with evidence , to identity theft and aggravated assault on a child.  And whether they or you like it or not these are "FACTS" these are not rumors.  I am not saying all the officers at Loudon County Sheriffs Department are bad, they have some very good officers but the ones that keep making the news are the ones that give the department a bad reputation.  As for Loudon City Police Department, I don't know much about them because I have never  seen their department on the news or in the newspaper.  But you should stick to the facts and not start rumors about someone's child, it just sounds like you can't find anything else to say so you have to repeat a rumor about a middle school kid?
Just the facts, Lenoir City, TN.2/27/07

To:  "Fed up with the bull"

Let me take a guess and presume you don't have children that attend Loudon County schools?

Just Curious?

 Loudon, Tennessee

To: Just curious  5/25/07
You wrote:
<<<.....I hear a city cops middle school child got caught with drugs at school, but did not get expelled (nor too much other trouble from what I hear).>>>

(Sigh) I've never heard anything like that about the Loudon City P.D., and I guess I was hoping I never would.

But, I'm now going to chime in with my thoughts about some of the messages people have been submitting here: The part of your statement which I quoted (above) both BEGINS and ENDS with the same two words - "I hear".
To me, that means it could be completely true, and it could just as easily be completely false.

If I may negotiate for others here, I'll make you a deal: If you find information that this is true, please let us know. If you don't find any such information, don't bother to recant or apologize. If we see nothing else on it, we'll all just forget we ever read it.

Is that fair enough?

David Divelbiss 5/27/07

Why is it you always have some bad story to post about Loudon County Deputies and their families, but nothing is said about the "good ol' boy" system that exists in the Loudon City Police Department.  For instance, I hear a city cops middle school child got caught with drugs at school, but did not get expelled (nor too much other trouble from what I hear).
Just curious  5/25/07

After reading the article 5/24 about the school board, I get the feeling that this all a rehearsed dance between the school board, the mayors office and commission. I could be wrong, but all this commotion smells like blackmail to raise taxes yet again. Some woman was quoted as saying most people would not mind taxes being raised for better schools- WRONG. I mind paying more and I am sure that many others will also. We exceeded the certified rate two years ago. Most of you would mind also if you would get off your butts and do a little investigating on your own. The money is there. All you have to do is convince commission and the mayor to stop wasting it.

  The mayor does not need to redo the county building and make it a camera armed security center, the commissioners can buy their own laptops if they want them. The well to do at Tellico Village can build their own library. Then make Fred Chaney start auctioning off the properties of the elite who do not pay property taxes (go to the assessors site and check out a few officials -funny that not one Arp shows up). See how many DO NOT pay taxes on a regular basis- if at all.

 Everyone is always saying what the poor children are doing without. Did Headlee think of that when he spent 2.2 million for useless land? I doubt seriously that the state will allow the children to do without much. However, most of you have parents on fixed incomes and friends that are not so well off. You all ought to be thinking of those people as well as the children. The tax exemption for elders is not fact yet, and you have to meet guidelines to be exempt. Higher taxes could make a first home out of reach for those precious children and put old folks out of theirs.

  Use your brains people and quit believing all the bull that is being fed. If you want to be lazy and accept what crooked officials tell you, then go give them your money but don’t volunteer mine. Get off your behinds and request a few public records – don’t take my word for it. Find out the facts and then come election day put somebody in office that is honest. The quality of life will improve for everyone, believe me.

Fed up with the Bull 5/26/07

I was just wondering how some of the city officials at city hall can get away with not paying their federal tax and now their property tax? Hummmmmm? Maybe more people should run for office and be tax free. I tell you it is a shame that these people get away with all that they do. It seems that nobody cares, and that includes federal, state, and local governments. Just proves that it is not what you are but who you are. Ain’t this a shame?

Not Shocked 5/25/07

While we are playing the guessing game, I've got another one. Which deputies sibling, who works in the jail, recently left their spouse for an inmate after time served and is still working at the jail.

Deloris 5/25/07

Guess who's deputy's wife didn't qualify for diversion over identity theft!!! Who's identity did she steal besides all the social security #'s she used when arrested for bad checks...What happens now?  Probation, jail time, fines or good old fashion politics??? I wonder if her ex-husband could enlighten on anything ??? I've heard he could!!!

someone who just knows, trust me!!!  5/25/07

If the facts and figures that Maggie B. reported are true on school teachers, I have been badly misled. From all I had heard, teachers were grossly under paid and over worked. That doesn't seem to be the case. They sure make more than I do and work a whole lot less. No sympathy here.

Cory 5/24/07

I would like to interject in the illegal immigrant discussion. Two years ago while I was on the county commission, I had received numerous complaints from my constituents about illegal immigrants and the various associated problems they create. I proposed at a workshop that it was time that the county took some kind of action to address the problem. The first question that was proposed to me by another commissioner was, "how did I know we, Loudon County, had an illegal immigrant problem"? I first thought this was a silly question, but the question was valid. In dealing with any issue in government, you first have to have some facts and data to understand what the problem is then how to address the problem. I assured the commission that by the next workshop I would have some hard facts and numbers.

To gather the facts I first met with school officials, then health department officials, then sheriff dept officials and court officials. Here's what I discovered. No one is checking nor asking for proof of citizenship or whether the Mexicans are here legally.

School systems are heavily funded by state money. The funding from the state is based on ADA, average daily attendance. The more children in the seats, the more money the school systems receive. The schools don't care if the kids are from Mexico or Mars, the money comes from the state just the same. If a child shows up on the school steps with no social security number, the administration simply issues them an identification number and they are in. No incentive to change.

The health department is very similar. The health dept. funding, again from the state, is based on case load. No one is checking nor asking for proof of citizenship or whether they are here legally. Again, no incentive to change.

The sheriff's department, police and judicial system are all kind of one in the same when it comes to handling illegal immigrants. As we all know by reading the local papers there are a lot of Hispanics going through the system none of which are being asked for proof of citizenship or whether thy are here illegally. Mostly, public drunk, no licenses, DUI, domestic, etc. After the initial arrest and posting bond, most times the violators never return to court to face trial and cannot be found. There are a lot of Juans out there. The solution  that has been implemented locally, is a hefty cash bond to get out of jail, then if they don't return to court the bond is the county's. It's a money maker for the county. Once again, no incentive to change.

As bad as I hated to admit it, at the next workshop I had to report back to the commission that I couldn't prove that Loudon County had a single illegal immigrant. I don't have solutions to offer, but what I can tell you is that if the federal and state government don't take bold steps or empower local governments with the power and authority to address this problem, it is going to get much worse very quickly.

As to Brookshire's proposal, it's the typical liberal answer. More bureaucracy and more taxes. Don't bother with those who violate the law, after all they are the victims, make new laws and go after the landlords, those with the money. I am one of those who believe we must secure the borders before we could ever start to address those illegals that are already here. 

So, that was my experience within government in trying to address the illegal immigrant problem. Hope this helps others to continue to seek solutions.

Van Shaver 5/24/07

To David Divelbiss 2/23/07,

The absentee landlord means Non-occupant owners of Class 1 properties who use them exclusively to generate income. This is people who own rental properties and in most places around the country,  there is a surcharge tax that can affectively lower the home owners tax and promote more home ownership in the city, thus aiding the elderly and the first time home owner with a lower tax rate. In other words, people would want to buy in the city and live in the city instead of having a bunch of renters.

I don't always agree with the City Mayor. But, this time I can see his point in holding someone accountable for renting to illegal immigrants. If you would like to see the city run down, then move to Texas or some other boarder town and see the crime and destruction the illegal immigrants communities have done there.

If you rent to or employee illegal immigrants, then you promote the growing drug and crime population.
Just Wondering Who Knows. 5/24/07

The judge should just  use the letter he got  from  the I.R.S. as a pattern  for his threatening letter.

Rory 5/23/07


Mayor Brookshire says the city will be cracking down on absentee landlords (because of the problems our illegal immigrant population causes). Notice that it's not the illegals he's after - just their landlords!

I'd really like to know what constitutes an "absentee landlord". Are they required to visit all rental units daily? weekly? or just when the rent's 5 days late?

What I suspect is another attempt by an arrogant liberal to make the most visible parts of the city look more like that "Quality Hill" area where he lives - which could possibly be done by getting rid of rental properties and relocating all of those middle- and lower middle-income riffraff somewhere that they are less visible.

Never anonymous,
David Divelbiss  2/23/07

To Concerned,

  I think you missed Maggie Bs point entirely. What she resents is all the whining the school board does when the rest of us have to work for a living. It has more to do with the elite in county government (which includes the school board) feeding off the public and wasting all the tax dollars catering to family and friends.

   Your remark about homophones tells me that you think your education makes you superior to Maggie. No offense intended, but why don't you put that education to good use and investigate the matter in order to better understand? Or can't you be bothered, because it is easier to criticize that to do some real work? Go find out how much the county allots the school system, how much they spent on what, and then figure out where the rest of the money went. It is all public record.

 Raising taxes is no solution- that is just more money for government to squander- there will never be enough. You have to realize that there IS a problem with government- or maybe the problem is with the school board. Lord knows 2.2 million is nothing to sneeze at, for land the school cannot use. The school board did that. That money could have bought many computers or gone for some of the technology that you think is missing.

 Again, I do not mean to be disrespectful saying this, but you really have no clue as to what is going on- with government or the school board. Read the quote on the front page of this site- it sounds like you are one of the ones who refuses to believe.

One who knows  5/23/07

To Maggie B.,
First of all, I did not state that I am a teacher.  I do believe that teachers obtain "real" degrees (usually Master's and beyond) and work very hard, as do most people in any profession they choose.  Obviously you have negative feelings toward teachers for some reason, because you read more into my post than was there.  Maybe you are upset because you are confusing your homophones (break, brake) and you feel that you did not master that skill in the third grade. 
 You seem to be the one on a soapbox.
 Concerned 5/21/07

Another To Concerned,

Let's see. Teachers in Loudon County are required to be in class with children just 180 days per year. Spring break, Fall brake, Christmas brake and summers off. Every state and federal holiday off. Bad weather days off. Vacation and sick leave. 100% paid employee health insurance and benefits and retirement. More four day weeks than five. Average teacher pay in Loudon County school system, $40,000.00

We peasants on the other hand are required to work 260 days per year except for those of us who work six days per week which is 312 days per year. Two to three weeks vacation per year, 80-20% insurance premium, six holidays per year. And yes, I do have a degree, a real one. Average Loudon peasant pay, $28,000.00. And you want me to pay higher taxes cause you don't make enough money?

Get off your soap box and smell what you're shoveling. If you don't like your job, then go find something else to do. I hear retail and fast food are hiring.  Sorry, but my sympathy for the poor pitiful teachers has just about run out.

Maggie B. 5/21/07

To Mike the Educator,
THANK YOU- I am so happy to see that SOMEONE does not believe all of the bull that commission and the BOE are trying to cram down our throats and make us believe. You are a very smart person. As to the overcrowding situation, why are we taxpayers paying to educate children from another county anyway?

If you want to shake that tree of genealogy, I believe that Mayor Arp has quite a few family and friends in the school system. You might want to check
out the Hunter's Corner on this very site the link for another "Sweetheart Deal" concerning the superintendent of schools. If this happened anywhere but Loudon County, it would not be tolerated. Here- everyone either believes what they hear, don't care, or are too scared or too lazy to do anything about it.

I was one of the petitioners in the lawsuit for public records until bad health and pure frustration led me to quit. One of the records I requested was the salaries and wages of ALL county employees and the 1099s to see the contractual wages (by the way, I still have not seen the school figures). I doubt that there will be a true reckoning of any public document now, but some of you ought to be requesting these records and doing your own homework
instead of believing what our officials are telling you.

Look at the audits online at and ask a few questions about the findings. Then go to the state board of education
and look at their figures on attendance and school reports. The coffers would be full if the waste and special favors were trimmed from the budget.
The only way that will stop is if more people get involved. If you are truly concerned about your children's futures, don't you think you owe it to
yourself- and them- to check it out. This about more than the cost involved in building new schools- this affects everyone's quality of life- your
children included.

JoAnne 5/21/07

To: Just Wondering:
The link you referred to is no longer on the News Herald's webpage. It has been removed.

As to your question:
<<<This means what?  A bad webmaster?  Does it mean that the DAG does not have a legitimate site?>>>

What it means is that the content of the DAG's webpage has nothing to do with the DAG's job. Nothing on that webpage is even related to the prosecution or enforcement of this state's criminal statutes.

What it also means is: If the DAG's office hired someone to do a website for them they wasted our money. If someone in the DAG's office did the site they need to be canned.

You correctly noted that there was no enumeration of "what crimes are not being enforced". That is simply because no such thing was ever alleged.

Glad to be of help.

David Divelbiss 5/21/07

Also To Concerned,

The problem with education in Loudon County is NOT a lack of money, but the poor quality of many of our educators. Teaching is a chosen profession with no mystery to the final objective. Teaching degrees have become the simplest to receive.

There is no lack of money for the Loudon County School system. Loudon County spends as much or more than any other school system in the state , yet the test scores of the children continues to be poor. The problem is the gross waste of money by the school board and central office. Check the link on this site and see just how much money is being spent on excessive personal in the central office. And that doesn't tell all of the story. Get a copy of the 1099's from the BOE and see how many millions of dollars are being funneled to other friends and family of school associates. Do your self a genealogy report of relatives working for the BOE. And don't forget about the big land deal where the BOE paid an extra million dollars for a piece of useless land.

While a very few Loudon County teachers may make slightly less than teachers in surrounding counties, don't forget that the cost of living here is far less than in surrounding counties starting with the property tax rate. But by all means, if a teacher feels that they could do better, make more money, somewhere else, they should go there. Loudon County schools would be far better off if we could get rid of a bunch of the Knoxville rejects now working in our school system.

As Rush Limbaugh would say, stop drinking the cool aid. Stop just believing all the drivel coming out of the BOE. Do your own research and you will find the problem with school funding. It's called WASTE.

Mike, An Educator 5/20/07

Link On News Herald's Website  

Could someone please identify what crimes are not being enforced by the DAG because of a link that was put on a privately maintained web page (News Herald's website ) that claimed to link to the DAG's site but actually pointed to another site
This means what?  A bad webmaster?  Does it mean that the DAG does not have a legitimate site?  What does a private site's link to "a page advertising everything from Digital Cameras, to Insurance, to DVD Rentals, to IT Training, to Playstation 2 & 3, to Fitness & Weight Loss, to Birthday Gifts and 'Gay Dating'!" have to do with crimes not being enforced by the DAG?  
Just Wondering

To Concerned,
  I do not doubt that the schools are overcrowded, but my understanding is that this is because there are no districts. If taxes fund the schools, then the parents of those students OUT OF COUNTY should maybe make up the difference. The STATE website says that there are not that many more
students in attendance. What about the study the county just paid for that says there is no need for but one new school and improvements on others?
  State law says that all school purchases must be made through the county purchasing department. The school has been written up several times because of this by auditors, yet it was argued so stringently again, last year that commission allowed the school to do as they pleased. I'm sure that the schools have many needs that I am not aware of, but if you think corruption has nothing to do with it you are wrong. Mismanagement, waste, and special favors all have something to do with the bottom line (the 2.2 million spent on useless land for new schools pops into mind for example). If officials were not feeding themselves, family and friends at the public trough, there would be money for schools without raising taxes. Do not take my word for it. Request the financials and do the math yourself.

  I do not begrudge the students a dime. However, if everyone wants new schools I think it is time for the parents to take some time to investigate why there is not enough money. Do not forget that in 2005 we were told that the tax rate had to exceed the certified rate in order to pay the bills.
After the biggest tax hike in history- oops! They were wrong (see article).  Taxes were not repealed.

I think another misconception is that all the development will bring that many more students to schools. Most of the homes however, being built will
cater to retirees. Could you afford a 500,000-dollar home with school-aged children? Most people cannot. Growth so far has had little to do with it.

JoAnne 5/18/07

The underage consumption case really amazes me. It seems to me that the accused is trying so hard to disprove his or her guilt that it is bringing out things that make then them look more and more guilty everyday. In my opinion the Butturini's were busted for a crime that they have been guilty of in the past as well. From my understanding the house was swamped with kids...I must ask , how can a person be at home and not know that there are 20+ people at the house partying...and correct me if I am wrong but the lady was supposedly up cooking French toast. If a husband and wife is no more responsible than they then I am not sure I would leave my children in there hands. I have some teenage connections at Farrugut High...It is rumored that this is the house to party at if you are a teen. I am familiar with one of the teens arrested...he stated that the alcohol was provided by the party host or hostess...i.e the teen of the home owners. I think this guy has tried to make the Loudon County Sheriffs dept look bad with his lies and it has back fired on him.
A.A.T.D ( Adult Against Teenage Drinking) 5/17/07

To Joanne,
No one wishes to pay higher taxes, but how else can we improve the condition of our schools?  We say we want the best education for the students in our county, but our actions do not show it.  Our teachers are paid less than those in surrounding counties and work just as diligently, our schools are not supplied with the technology and other resources we need to train our youth to perform in today's world, and the buildings are overcrowded.  This is not just about corruption; ask the teachers in our schools and they will explain the conditions in which they are asked to teach effectively. 
If you were a member of the school board or county commission, how would you solve this problem?  We cannot continue to complain unless we offer solutions to the problems!
Concerned 5/17/07

To Norbert...welcome to Loudon County. I hope that you will not be disappointed in moving here. I applaud you in that it did not take long to see the corruption here, and I do hope that you will join the few who are trying to put a stop to it all. I want to warn you though, that it will not be as simple as you think. The corruption goes much deeper than merely the police and a judge or two. In my opinion, I do not think I would count too much on the DA, the court system, or even a few people on the state level. It seems like it is hard to know whom to trust, now a days. My rule of thumb is that if they ran for office, best to NOT give them the benefit of doubt until you know them better.
 I invite you to come to county commission meetings if you want to see corruption first hand. It might take a meeting or two to start putting the pieces together, but I guarantee you will get the picture.

JoAnne 5/16/07

After reading the school boards wish list for 100 million dollars, I have a wish list of my own. My wish is to unseat the current decision makers of both commission and on the school board and replace them with people who are concerned about the COUNTY instead of what they can get out of taxpayers pockets.

If all officials would quit hiring family, friends, giving favors, and feeding at the public trough- just maybe there would be money for new schools without some of us going hungry to satisfy their hunger and greed. I say let's start by re electing people who are NOT a part of the good ole boyclub.

JoAnne Turner 5/16/07

Dear Van & Ricky,

In response to Ricky Sr.’s comments…

We have no other option but to call the Sheriff’s Department for some matters.  Believe me, I wish we did have other options.  They were hired to do a job while following certain rules and set standards and they continuously fail to do so.  They abuse the system for their own families and to attempt to execute their own type of revenge.  I have only lived in Loudon County for approximately 8 months.  In that time, I have witnessed corruption at many levels at the Justice Center, beginning with the Sheriff’s Department and extending into the General Sessions Clerk’s office.  It is unbelievable what these people who are supposedly there to “serve the public” think they can get away with!  It is a shame that we have to take what we can over to Knox County for proper administration of justice. 

I, for one, do not love gossip and am becoming more and more tired of the LCSD drama.  It is a constant fight, irritating beyond comparison and extremely time consuming. I could not believe most of the things I had heard about regarding the corruption in LCSD until I was dragged into it myself.  I will not give up the fight and I am anxiously waiting for the day that TBI conducts an investigation into the LCSD and their good ole boy network and way of doing things.  The employees of the Sheriff’s Department should be there to uphold the law, not twist it to fit their newest drama and protect only those in their own network.  I have seen evidence of a Deputy’s wife being booked in under multiple social security numbers to avoid a harsher sentence.  How many employees did it take to cooperate/conspire to get THAT done?  This same person has had over 10 bad check charges “nolle prossed” a/k/a swept under the rug, been convicted on shop lifting, pled guilty to identity theft and still thought she could apply to the diversion program instead of serving jail time.  Someone has to stop all this. 

There is some hope for Loudon County.  There are special prosecutors assigned at the DA’s office now.  We have learned to ensure a special Judge is assigned to cases involving family members of the LCSD and we have learned NOT TO SHARE INFORMATION until the legal process is complete so that it cannot be tampered with or misconstrued until just punishment is handed down.  It shouldn’t be much longer. 

The truly sad part of this whole matter is the fact that there ARE so many good people in Loudon County and it could be such a great place to live and raise a family.  I know there are many in the County who are not looking forward to the rapid growth and influx of new people, but it may be just what the County needs….

Norbert 5/15/07

I agree with Lenoir City Mayor Matt Brookshire and his issue on illegal immigrants.  It is not right for tax paying citizens being burdened by the cost of providing goods, support and services to aliens unlawfully present in the United States.  As I have stated before, it is a local problem not a Washington problem to do something about illegal immigrants. I think we all should support the Mayor in his efforts on this issue.

As a Contractor I do not hire nor promote the use of  illegal immigrants on my work force. As long as we allow employers to hire and landlords rent to illegal immigrants. This problem will remain and become worse.  As the Mayor stated "codes are being violated" thus meaning repairs and renovations to these facilities are being performed by un licensed contractors or un qualified persons.  The State of Tennessee has in place the means to prevent some of this kind of work being performed by ensuring that major repairs and construction be performed by licensed individual. The Tennessee Contractors License Law (Tennessee TCA 62-6-102) requires that  Home Improvement license is required to perform remodeling to existing residential homes where the cost is $3,000 to less than $25,000 ($25,000 and up require a "Contractor" license.  It is required to repair, replace, remodel, alter, conversion, modernization, improvement, or addition to any land or building, such as,  driveways, swimming pools, porches, garages, landscaping, fences, fall-out shelters, roofing, painting and other improvements adjacent to the dwelling. 

Presently, the following nine (9) counties require a home improvement license for projects in excess of $3,000 to less than $25,000: Bradley, Davidson, Haywood, Hamilton, Johnson, Knox, Robertson, Rutherford, and Shelby.  With the tremendous growth that we are experiencing in Loudon county we should consider adopting this law as required by the State of Tennessee.

Just Wondering 5/15/07

I'm confused. I thought the job of the District Attorney General was to prosecute violators of the state's criminal statutes.

While looking at the News Herald's website  (because I refuse to pay 75 cents for it)
I noticed a link to the website of the DAG. I clicked it on, expecting to see something about.......drug interdiction, maybe? orchild support enforcement? or DUI enforcement?

Instead I saw this page:

It turns out to be a page advertising everything from Digital Cameras, to Insurance, to DVD Rentals, to IT Training, to Playstation 2 & 3, to Fitness & Weight Loss, to Birthday Gifts and "Gay Dating"!

Oh well! This is the DAG that Guider/Aikens and Company wanted! they told us the last guy (McCluen) wasn't doing his job?

Never anonymous,
David Divelbiss 5/14/07

The Ricky will speak to the all might Sheriff's Dept Defender!  I know who the deputy's wife is and so does Van.  Due to legal issues, it won't be released until Van sees fit.  Hate to keep you in suspense!
-- Ricky Bobby 5/13/07

I have a question concerning the parents charged with providing alcohol to minors.   The following statements are direct quotes from your story given by the couple and the first statement directly contradicts the second.  So which statement is true?
Scarbrough said Katharine Butturini "thought she'd done a good deed by keeping them there and letting them drink."
The Butturinis on Friday denied the allegations. They said they are the victims of an onslaught of party crashers and aggressive sheriff's deputies.

"They could have been drinking somewhere else, but I didn't give them anything to drink," Jack Butturini said.
Also, I would like to say as a parent to 2 teenagers, there is no way a parent couldn't know this kind of thing was going on in their own house.  If these people did give alcohol to minors I think they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.
Parent of teens
Lenoir City, TN. 5/13/07

Dear Van&Ricky,
If you say ALL the facts are true in your articles, then Mr. (so called Ricky), whom might this Loudon County Sheriff's wife be???? I know there have been issues with the wives, but I want to know the name of the person who has this so called ORDER OF PROTECTION, and was arrested wed. If you are so proud too share this information with us, then let us in on the wife???





It is a terrible shame that Loudon County can have such a nice, new shelter and yet not have the competency to take care of the animals that are brought there. PETA, if not already, is being notified of the care of the animals at that "new shelter". The chemicals used there are poisoning the animals, enough is enough. They don't come there by choice, let's STOP punishing them for being there. Let's have a tiny showing of a heart. CLEAN that place up with the appropriate chemicals. Parvo isn't deadly providing it is stopped early.
  Disappointed Aminal Lover in LC 5/10/07

New proposed ethanol plant 

In reading the article about Wayne McCarroll wanting to buy 100 acres in the Sugar Limb Industrial Park to start another ethanol plant in our community smells in more ways then one to me. Could this man just be a front guy for the Staley, Tate and Lyle, Tate and Lyle/DuPont wanting to do an expansion? Think about it and read between the lines folks! I don't think Loudon can survive another ethanol plant here with the serious health problems we already have. It could be our final nail in the coffin!
Sick of Loudon Pollution and Politics  5/9/07

After watching the video in your IT story, I would like to add the following comments. What I saw had little to do with putting up a website or making public records available online. First of all, if the paper copies of records requested have been tampered with (missing or changed information), why do
we need a website of more false records? Does the mayor think to do us a favor by offering us his lies and not charging us for them? Could it be that this has little to do with a website, but the mayor may need someone to play with the voting machines come Election Day to make sure of his reelection seeing how all his misdeeds may jeopardize his chances?

How one county can be so blind as to put up with this fool is beyond me!

Gem 5/9/07

I notice that in the job description application for the IT person for the county, there seems to be no requirement for the applicant to have any computer or web development abilities. I thought after watching the video the whole reason to hire the IT person was to maintain computers and develop the county's web presence. Odd the person needs no computer skills. I bet there is another big paying job coming for another Arp family or friend. Let's see. His wife works for the county. His wife's daughter works for the county. His daughter-in-law works for the county. His daughter works for the county and he works for the county. A host of other extended family members and friends are drawing county checks and others are getting no bid contracts. What's one more hog to the trough.

Will 5/8/07

Anyone heard about the recent arrest of another Loudon County Sheriff's wife?  I heard she was arrested around Wed. for a violation of an order of protection in Knox County.  What has become of the Sheriff's Dept? This is becoming an every week news event!
Ricky-Lenoir City 5/7/07

To Len:
I sincerely hope that they do not have to put down the entire population at the shelter. I followed the link you provided. It may be helpful to someone
who took a puppy home that caught it early but the shelter will have to deal with the outbreak as cheaply as possible- which will probably mean
euthanizing any exposed animals. If you have never seen parvo first hand, it is an ugly disease and sometimes putting a dog to sleep is kinder than
watching the horrendous suffering they endure. I do not know what safeguards are used at the shelter, but even if the pups were isolated, if someone forgot to wash their hands or disinfect their shoes, it has the potential to be devastating. As your link said the virus can last up to 2 years in soil. If people would simply spay and neuter their pets we would have little use for shelters, and so many animals would not need to be killed because of
thoughtless owners. It ought to be a law.

Fed UP in LC 5/7/07

While it looks like there's going to be a cigarette tax increase to fund education, there's also a common sense bill to raise the cigarette tax enough to cut Tennessee's high food tax as well. With the highest food tax in the nation and one of the lowest cigarette taxes, this bill is gaining strong bi-partisan support.

Despite the overwhelming support for the swap, there are powerful lobby groups working to defeat it. That's why I'm sending this email to you.

One of the groups supporting the tax swap has set up a web site where you can email all the state legislators at once. Just go to and send your email today.

Next, help spread the word by FORWARDING THIS EMAIL to others. The other side may have big dollars and well-paid lobbyists, but we can easily outnumber them if we can keep this email going.

Jim Burns 5/7/07

You do not have to put dogs down for PARVO - in the early stages.
See this link:

Thank you for this opportunity to express my deepest concern about the Loudon County Animal "Shelter".  I just saw the Channel 8 News broadcast concerning the puppies that were adopted out with parvo and are now dead or dying and the hearts of children are broken.  I have heard first-hand accounts of horror stories from the old shelter before it burned but I never expected the new "shelter" to continue them.  But they are continuing.
One of my family members adopted a puppy from the new "shelter" several weeks ago and was given "a clean bill of health".  Unfortunately, that was not the truth.  The puppy came home with pneumonia which got worse and worse and had to take antibiotics for several weeks before she even began to improve.  Her new family so happy to have a new baby in the house was soon overwhelmed with sorrow, extensive care and unbelievable vet bills.  They took shifts sitting up with her at night because she had so much trouble breathing.
The pneumonia was caused by breathing the harsh chemical fumes from the "shelter".  The people who adopted her had to cover their noses and mouths when they went in to even breathe themselves. But due to the love and devotion to her care by her new family and the Farragut veterinarians, is a miraculously happy, healthy and very much loved survivor.
So now instead of calling the shelter when I see a lost animal, I stop and think -- which is worse?  this situation or in a cage breathing poison until I die or am put to death?  Is this really a shelter?
No blame or finger pointing is being done here.  All I am saying is that there is something sadly wrong at the Loudon County Animal Shelter and I pray somebody who has some compassion and education in this field do something to fix it.  The potential is there in that beautiful building to have a first class animal shelter.  It's a shame it isn't already.
Thank you.
Lenoir City Resident 5/3/07  

What a great director we have! 

Anybody who knows anything about dogs knows that parvo is super contagious, and most of the animals die that get it. You can bring the virus in on your feet by simply walking where the virus was weeks before. For Harless to say it was isolated to one litter of pups is more stupid that some of Arp’s comments. My bet is that every dog will have to be euthanized. I just wonder if it was a Blount county dog….

A Concerned Pet Owner 5/3/07

You do know why there is no news don't you? Kevin Burcham ( boss ) is a member of the LCEDA, whose job it is to make us GROW here in Loudon County. We cannot have anyone know that we are less than perfect, lest some retiree may decide to go elsewhere- which means less money for them to take! In my opinion the place is crawling with corruption and they would do better to relocate somewhere else. By the way- the auditors have left- why have we not heard what they got caught doing this year?

Fed up in LC 5/2/07

That's it. I've had it. Never again. I have bought my last News(less) Herald. It was iffy at fifty cents, but seventy cents, that's the final straw. It's a shame that our local paper either does not or will not print any real news. Just a bunch silly social stuff. Well no more for me. Advertisers be warned. You have lost one potential customer. I get more news from this web site and it's free.

I Need News 5/3/07

Loudon Countians who are "stubborn, obstinate or can't read" can get their records requests filled out by County employees, according to Attorney Bowman. That should be convenient for Mayor Arp when he needs records (not that he's illiterate, but the other two adjectives sure describe him).

In Van's editorial he wrote (speaking to Bowman): "It's not very nice to take our money then call us names."

To Doyle Arp I would add: It's not very nice to take our votes and our money, and then try to take our rights (and spend our money defending what you've done).

This little Adolph has got to go. And if the commissioners cannot find any spine to stand up to him, they should come to Commission meetings with buttons on their lapels that read: "Yes, Doyle!"

Never anonymous,
David Divelbiss 5/2/07

I would like to comment on the decision by Lenoir City Police Chief to formally withdraw it's officers from the Regional SWAT Team, posted on 04-18-07.  From it's pilot-program conception a couple of years ago, it is my understanding the Regional SWAT Team has had pretty smooth and unprecedented sailing with exception in one area, that area being the Loudon County Sheriff's Department and now the Lenoir City Police Department.  The Sheriff's Department is pretty self-explanatory, they were not totally in charge of the multi-jurisdictional (Roane, Loudon, & Morgan) team, so they withdrew.  The current Lenoir City Police Chief is a good-ole-boy "puppet" and answers to the jerking of strings by certain powers to be.  Lets not forget, he did miraculously get appointed to his current position over other outside much-more qualified candidates because of his political connections- no secret.  Lets see-  he was a stunning security guard at Oak Ridge, had a short stint as a night-shift patrol officer at LC,  then his political connections allowed him to be "on loan" to the DEA disappearing for years to come, and .....then he became your Police Chief.    Amazing.
It is my understanding the Chief has said many negative things about the SWAT team in his justification to formally withdraw, but the truth is HE never attended a single practice nor did he attend a single executive board meeting.  However, he does want to create his own swat team.  Hey "puppet" Chief, you HAD a SWAT Team with the appropriate number of personnel in which equipment and formal training was paid for, and if you had a concern or really cared, you would have attended the practices and meetings-  I know that is hard work, but that is what a Police Chief is supposed to do.  
Citizens of Loudon County.... its OK,  you can still call the Blount County or even the Knox County SWAT teams with a delayed response to handle your situations in your backyards or at your schools, instead of using officers who work these areas everyday.   All he is going to do is get someone hurt, or possibly worse.  Dose anybody remember Jason Scott?  Doesn't make sense to me, but not my problem, it's yours.  Congratulations.
Eagleville 5/2/07