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I am so happy to see the city is finally tired of putting up with special
interest and is speaking out about it. I'm sure that if you all would start
asking to view their records, you just might find a whole lot more that they
have been up too. Now if someone could rile up the county and make them pay
attention we just might have a hope of seeing some real changes for the

One thing everyone has failed to notice however is why all this started and
why it continues. I have not been watching that long myself, but to me it
appears that if you follow the trail back it will lead you to the Loudon
County Economic Development and Community planning agencies. I have watched
as some developers get special treatment. What citizen's want is beside the
point. Harrison road is a perfect example of the planner not doing his job,
and if you ride around after a good rain, you will see all the run off that
this development is causing. The job of the planner is to see to the safety
and health of the citizens as he plans. Yet our roads have become more
dangerous everyday because he is not doing his job. Who cares how many signs
there are and how high they should be when pulling out of or making a turn
onto a road can get you killed. In my own situation, he did put the
subdivision rule into affect that said an 18' road was necessary for safety,
yet the first time a developer came along, he wanted to ignore that rule.
There are all sorts of rules and regulations that should be in place but are
not, because it might slow down development. That would mean that those
officials who are profiting would no longer do so.

Our planner has clearly been making the best of his situation and is
acquiring a nice real estate profit doing so. It isn't against the law, but
it sure is unethical. He works for both cities and the county so he is in
just the right place to smooth the way for all. Shannon Littleton is also
acquiring a nice bit of real estate. One hand washes the next and they all
win while we foot the bill. The impact on the utilities was supposed to be
factored into all the development, as was the sewers that your tax dollars
pay fines on now every day. Now who is going to pay all the cost it will
take to improve the water and sewer? Every person in this county is who with
higher rates for utilities. And since our tax payer dollars pay this mans
salary we are essentially paying for our own demise.

The EDA has been in negotiations with the city and the railroad to redevelop
Carworks as well. We do need jobs, but as I understand it, the plan is to
pile all the contaminated sand into a pile, put 18" of clay dirt on it and
plant grass. In something I read recently, it said that without government
intervention, Carworks would continue to be a potential source of lead
poisoning for children and pregnant women. Seems to me, that it should be
taken to a hazardous waste site before developing it into anything. But the
planner gets to have his say in this as well I suppose.

I don't have the answers, but I do know that until more people take notice
of it all and start trying to address the situation, these problems are
going to continue. Let's just hope that more damage isn't done before that

JoAnne LC 10/29/06

Lenoir City's council meeting edited for T.V.
     I'll have to say I wasn't surprised when the public speaking that took place Monday Oct. 23, 2006 at Lenoir City Hall was eliminated from the T.V. program. Myself and Kathy Reed where treated very unprofessionally by all of the city council, but the mayor and city attorney were down right rude.
     They new we were coming because Matt's ears were glowing like Rudolf's nose even before the council meeting got started. Matt imposed a three minute time limit hopping suppress the the amount of information we were about to speak about. I've been to many city council meetings and I've never seen this time limit imposed before. They've been caught with there hand in the cookie jar and they don't want be seen with crumbs on there face.
     Matt was squirming like a worm in a hot frying pan while Kathy Reed was giving him a tong lashing for spreading lies about the information she had about the redeveloping plan.
If every one could see how immature Matt acted during Kathy's speech he would be the laughing stock of Lenoir City.
     Well needless to say Kathy had stuck a stick in a hornets nest, and by the time I got to the podium they were swarming mad. When I mentioned there were around 100 faulty fire hydrants in Lenoir City not one person acted surprised or concerned. They all sat there, doing nothing, and allowed the city attorney Shannon Littleton to treat me like someone doing something illegal.
     Shannon told me that LCUB is responsible for the fire hydrants. I guess sense Shannon is the assistant general manger that puts the blame right back on him, and he works for the city the so the city is responsible also. He also told me to do my home work. I think a city attorney is suppose to represent the citizens of that city. Why wasn't Shannon angry at LCUB for not doing there job? Why doesn't he file suit against LCUB for not providing adequate fire protection when the citizens are paying for it? He either knows and doesn't care or he doesn't know and he's a sorry lawyer!!!!
Rusty W. Loveday, Oct. 29, 2006

The word is that the issue of the Loudon County sheriff deputy's wife who allegedly took all the money from the Loudon Quarterback Club will be taken to the next grand jury in November. It will be interesting to see how our new DA, Russell Johnson will handle this case. We'll see.

Josh Loudon 10/28/06

Bravo Ted & Frances Wampler, enough said!!!!
Terry Welch - Lenoir City

Actually, the house on Finley that burned down, belonged to city attorney, Shannon Littleton. He bought it from Charlie Eblen like the day before it burned down.

Dave LC 10/27/06

For anonymous who says "judge not least ye be judged"- just what is it that
you think you are doing making that comment? You are obviously either a
politician exposed, or someone who does not have a clue as to what goes on
in this county. Furthermore, you evidently do not know Van Shaver (OR you
ARE one of the bad he's telling on). I have been to enough meetings and know
Van well enough to know that what is posted is what is REALLY going on.
I'd like to invite you to come see for yourself by coming to a few
commission and council meetings. And darling, go back and read that comment
again, for it sounds to me like you ought to be examining your own heart
instead of judging his.

JoAnne- Loudon County 10/27/06

I am a resident of the Hines Valley Road community. I support our educators and the school system. I noticed where the Loudon County School Board was considering Hines Valley Rd for a new high school and middle school. This is another good example of the urban sprawl that we in Loudon County are facing. It is my opinion that decision are being made by school officials, board members, administrators and others who are not qualified or experienced when it come to school planning in respect to the current infrastructure.

A few simple areas should be considered when planning any facility:
1. Will the road handle the increased traffic safely.
2. Is the water and sewer system adequate for fire protection and the waste generated.
3. Is the gas line large enough to support the facility.
4. Is there a safe means of egress during an emergency.

One must asked themselves, what on earth are they thinking when someone suggested Hines Valley Road as a school site. This in a narrow road, with limited utilities, including dependable potable water service and adequate sewer system to support a 1500 plus student loading.

Think about it, wouldn’t a new school be better suited out on highway 321 where the water and sewer have recently been upgraded and a nice straight 4 lane highway exist where the children could enter and exit the school grounds safely.

Steve Sarten 10/28/06

In response to recent comments made by Captain Tony Arden of the Loudon County Sheriff Dept., I would like to make the following comments.  First of all, Mr. Arden how is it that a man with over 11 years experience in law enforcement accidentally shoots himself? Also, in regards to the "dirt" on the sheriff dept., why is it if there is no truth or evidence to substantiate the rumors, why did you feel the need to make a public statement defending the sheriff and the department?   It seems if the sheriff and ALL of his subordinates are so busy that you would not have time to worry about "so called" gossip?  I have no personal knowledge of the Loudon County Sheriff Department other than what I have read in the newspapers and seen on television.  But, in the past 2-3 yrs the department has made numerous headlines, all of which were NEGATIVE and in most cases, as they say, "where there is smoke there is fire" I myself voted for Tim Guider and on a personal level consider him a very fine man with great integrity but on a professional level I feel he seems to be somewhat naive to the things that go on around him.  And as I write this I am reminded that this is America and everyone is entitled to their opinion as I am sure you will have one about this letter.  I would like to thank Mr. Shaver for giving the citizens of Loudon County a format on which to voice their opinions.  It is not my intention to be derogatory towards anyone, but Mr. Arden when you posted your comments you put yourself and the Loudon County Sheriff Department under public scrutiny.  Because until I read your comments I didn't realize all of the publicity that the sheriff department had recieved.  So I did as someone suggested and "googled" the department and was shocked at all the information I found.
Thank you,
Walter, Lenoir City 10/26/06

Van Shaver

You claim to be some big Christian and gossiping as per your web-site appears that you need to re-evaluate yourself.  You need a job or something else to do besides worry about what everybody else in Loudon County is doing!!!

Judging Others
Lk. 6.3738, 4142

1. Judge not, that ye be not judged.
2. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
3. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
4. Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?
5. Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye


The house at 309 finley dr. that just burned about two months ago ... well guess what??? the fire plug that was there rated 520/10!!!!! by the time the fire dept got to another plug that WAS good greenback had already gotten their tanker over to fight the fire but still lost the house! and guess who it belonged to?? charlie eblen. so there is at least one house lost and could have been lives lost due to an "unmarked" BAD plug!!!!!!

Brad 10/26/06

I would like to thank Captain Arden for his well written letter defending Tim Guider but this makes my point exactly. Again a subordinate speaking for and on behalf of the sheriff. I want to make it very clear, I have known Tim for many years and find him to be a very likeable person. However I voted for him for sheriff, not a board member or a globetrotter.

As for the chain of command, I am well aware of the necessity for strong support but how many assistants does the sheriff need? There's Tony but I guess he is so busy with all his development, building and rental property that it became necessary to hire him an assistant. Enter Jimmy Davis. Then there's Captain Arden then so on and so on. How much administration does one small sheriff's dept. need. How much can they afford?

All I'm saying is, Tim needs to take a long look at the direction his department is headed.

Franklin Tellico Village 10/25/06

I was heart sick to learn the things I had heard about Dr. Gordon's involvement with the liquor referendum were true. I had always felt that Barry was a good and honorable man. Apparently I was wrong. In my opinion, anyone who would advocate for liquor stores in our city is not someone I care to do business with. I have taken my animals to his clinic for years but no more. Barry, I can not tell you how disappointed I am to learn what you are really about.

A very disappointed former customer. 10/25/06

Mayor and Council
It's been over a year now since I spoke to city council about some of the problems that are plaguing our city and violating the rights of tax paying citizens. In my closing I said "I'm not here to blame or criticize anyone because it would not solve the problem, but what you do from this moment on will be held accountable."

I would like to start by reminding those concerned citizens that it's election time and if your signature on a petition doesn't mean anything to city council then your vote must not either.

Why would any city government spend over a $1,300,000.00 on a public swimming pool when there are over 100 faultily fire hydrant thought the city limits. Maybe the fire department could get water out of the pool with a tanker truck to put out a fire, but Lenoir City doesn't have a tanker truck. I guess the people that live near the pool could form a bucket brigade and put fires out like they do in those western movies. Maybe the fireman could go for a swim and cool off after they've had to string unnecessary lengths of hose because the nearest fire plug doesn't work.

Why would any city government spend around a million dollars on a walking trail when the city is desperate need of more police protection. LCPD has the same amount of full time police officers as it had back 1999, I can promise you our population hasn't stayed the same. Who needs better pay and benefits to recruit new police officers. I'm sure when police officers from other police departments see our walking trail they'll be enticed to take a job with LCPD, and if the trail don't get I bet the swimming pool will!

Why would any city government set aside $40,000.00 for Lenoir City's birthday party when that money could pay a police officers wages for a year, or purchase a much needed police cruiser. Maybe your hoping this party will generate enough money to hire a few new officers. I bet officers from others states will come to your big party, see how much fun were having, see our walking trail, and fall in love with the new pool, and presto new police officers. They might even be willing to take a cut in pay when they see how well you'll spend there tax dollars. If you ask me we'll be giving Lenoir City a funeral in a few more years if you' all don't start spending money where it's needed.

Where oh where have our tax dollars gone? Here is a list of unnecessary things Matt Brookshire has spent your tax dollars on.
$1,3000,000.00 on a swimming pool, $1,000,000.00 on a walking trail. OVER $15,000.00 on a down town redevelopment plan, In six years doubled the pay scale for some of his friends and relatives that are employed by the city, and the list goes on and on!!!!
Here are something's Matt Brookshire does not wish to spend our tax dollars on.
More police protection, Fixing faulty fire hydrants, Inadequate sewer facilities, education, and the list goes on and on!!!!
So if your pleased with what you have read, then vote for Matt Brookshire and let him waste your tax dollars $$$$ for another two years! Build more walking trails? Build a new swimming pool? OR Fix faulty fire plugs?
Walk, Swim, or Burn?
Does your fire plug work???
Mayor Brookshire's does!!!!

Rusty W. Loveday 10/25/06

I Feel Mayor Matt has served his in the Mayorship; As I can't say that I am Too Happy  over some of his accomplishments; I wanted him to concentrate over the City in a Very Positive Constructive way  other than what was currently handled. I am not Mad at him and would never mistreat him in anyway ,I just feel let down in an  amount of way, I Voted for him Both Terms. I just Deeply feel his insight has been/being Lead astray and I personally don't see being able to Fix the Situation under his Leadership while he is Pro Re-De_Vel.  Where are we today? I am seeing an improvement on West Broadway that looks Far Better than a Year Ago! I Drove around after the Mad Meeting only to find the Blighted not so Blighted but could Stand many Improvements and I see they are being done now on a Daily Bases to the Old Downtown. I have great plans for my place as well. No one has asked me so I thought I would Share that. I attended a Meeting in Winter 2002 for Grant  Money  to the Downtown Merchants and A street to Kingston Street Merchants Took  Full Advantage of it( They were Mainly Picked for this). It was Matched 50/50 I was at the Meeting like I said and I visit the Merchants on a Regular Bases and They the Merchants told me they received the Grant Money. I thought you had to be Eligible even the RICH  got Grants! As a downtown Merchant I was never Approached personally for Free Grant Money, Nor up-Dated ,Not trying to be Mean about it ,But What about the Rest of Us? We could All use Grant Money other than the Selected. The City will Celebrate it's 100 Year Celebration next Year!!!!!!!  NOTHING was Planned out or Discuss for the Downtown Spruce-up   Except for RE-DEVELOPMENT the DIRTY WORD!!!!!!!  There goes  our HISTORICAL ORIGINALITY  !!! Just New Plastic-Beaverboard painted  up FALSE store fronts that looks Historical ,  that  in fact ARE  Nothing But ARTIFICIAL .I don't see what is Appealing about these buildings myself! To me they are just a PROP in a Store Window. Nothing Original or AUTHENTIC!!!! OK Down to Business: This  Re-De-Vel Packet has Woke the Town up. I see Lenoir Citizens are Tough Willed and Minded like Myself !!! That's Good I see the POTENTIAL Here  the City can have! I have Talked with Kelli on Many Occasions. I'm not Quick to Judge and Observe things closely. I tried to cross Kelli up on my Questions and Comments ,she always would give the same answer for the second time  around asked Questions. Many of you Question her Credentials. I Admit she and Matt should of had a Debate ,But don't think Matt would attend ,instead send somebody else in his place! And On that note, I have talked with  Mike Lawson Thoroughly and found him to be actually very nice with the Warmest  Deepest Compassion and Love for  the Original Historical Lenoir City. In my Opinion he took the Bunt of the Criticism and Hostility that HE did not deserve; he was a Stand-in for Matt  and Perhaps  Apparently Mis-Lead on the Deal.  The Meeting on the Packet should of ONLY been held for Matt to of been there the whole time; START to FINISH!!! Honestly after Reading the PACKET on RE-DE-VELOPEMENT  I myself cannot TRUST Him after reading the packet word for word! Can You? I feel Kelli will make a Fine Mayor and I am Expecting the Town's People form Groups and Hold Meetings to get INVOLVED with City Improvements and City Government {as we need to take a Closer Look at who is doing What with our City and it's people }.  I know I am!  Get the Facts yourselves from the right Sources and Resources. Lenoir City has nice people in it. .Let's NOT Gripe But instead RECLAIM our City and Do Something about it!. My Spelling will be off on some words ,Sorry!  Please Carefully think about this for it is Serious Business You All.

Sincerely Yours, TRK 10/24/06

On the Nero update lets let the State Department decided if Mr. Nelson is telling the truth. During the city council meeting Shannon Littleton said that the fire Hydrant problem belong to LCUB! looks like Mayor Matt and Best bud Littleton are putting the blame on father-in-Law Nelson. Someone is responsible.
Greg-LC 10/24/06


I would like to address Bob from Lenoir City and Franklin from Tellico Village. You both have left some pretty negative comments recently on this site about Sheriff Guider and the Sheriff’s Dept. You both made comments about Sheriff Guider not ever being in the office or available for answering the phone. I have worked for Sheriff Guider for almost eleven years and I have always known him to return ALL messages that are left for him. Granted he may not be in the office when you have called, but he has many responsibilities that take him out of the office and sometimes out of the county. I know for a fact that Sheriff Guider puts more time in “at the office” than most people do on their jobs in addition to his duties outside the office. Sheriff Guider serves on several boards in the county such as the 911 board that require him to attend scheduled and unscheduled meetings. As far as Tony Aikens running the dept, this just is not true. Maybe neither of you understand what a Chief Deputy is. The purpose of the position is to aide the sheriff in running the dept. The Chief Deputy helps with the overload of phone calls, meetings, visitors and to occasionally make important decisions concerning the sheriff’s dept. There is no way I can convey to you how many of the aforementioned things happen in the course of any given day, but I assure you it keeps everyone pretty busy. Chief Aikens is second in the chain of command, but no major decisions are made without consulting with Sheriff Guider in advance. If you feel the need, you are welcome to check with other surrounding counties and verify why they have a Chief Deputy. There is no way ONE man can handle the amount of phone calls, meetings, appearances and community obligations that are required of any sheriff. As far as there being dirt in the Sheriff’s office, apparently Judge Scott saw those allegations for what they were… politically motivated actions from a desperate, self serving and now UNEMPLOYED District Attorney. Tim Guider is one of the most honest men I have ever encountered and I am confident that if he had felt that any of us that were indicted were guilty of any wrongdoings, we would not be currently employed here,. In closing, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if people knew all the facts before writing damaging or hurtful things about others.

Thank you…Captain Tony Arden, Loudon County Sheriff’s Dept.10/24/06


Kelli.  Why will you not answer the issues on this blog so that everyone will see your response?  We are just curious to see where you stand. 
Bob-Lenoir City 10/24/06

I noticed the discussion about who is running the sheriff's office. Why is it that you can not ever get in touch with the sheriff when you call his office. I didn't vote for Tony Aikens, Jimmy Davis or the secretary to be the sheriff and that's not who I want to talk to when I call his office. Tim, if you are going to be the sheriff fine. But if not step down and let someone who will answer my calls be the sheriff.

Franklin Tellico Village 10/23/06

Why hasn't the News Herald nor the News Sentinel nor any other media outlet has done any stories on the Loudon County School Board squandering nearly a million dollars of tax payers money. Did Shaver get it wrong or are the other medias just afraid to report the truth? I for one would sure like to hear more details about what happened in this shady deal. As a parent of a county school student I am furious about the waste of so much money when our schools need so much. If the story on this web site is true, somebody should be held accountable.

Susan, Loudon County 10/23/06

I just have to stick in my two cents worth on all this arguing- especially
after the News Herald letters to the editor this morning .I live in the
county- across the street from a property that I fought to keep in the
county because if developers were allowed to build it might have meant
eminent domain to widen the road. It has not been touched, except for
dumping trash since. I have complained to the mayor several times to no
avail. This redevelopment has nothing to do with blighted property- it has
to do with CONTROL. If you had gone to the workshop before the meeting, you
would have seen that Mayor Matt's plan is to make these properties come up
with a plan HE APPROVES. There was no sympathy shown for the less fortunate
and he said no grant money to help with repairs. But if you go to the site
mentioned a few comments earlier you will see there were many grants
and wanted to prey on the ones who could least afford to fight back.

Some of you seem to be living on a totally different planet. Just how many
of you ever go to a meeting? Have you even READ the redevelopment plan? Do
you bother to watch the city council and county commission meetings on TV? I
was just like a lot of you until this developer thing. Politics and
government were something to gripe about, but not anything I could change. I
still do not know that I can get a lot done, but I can at least educate
myself about what IS going on, and at least TRY to change things. I have
learned the hard way if some official says something to make sure he is
telling the truth about it. In the redevelopment case, Mayor Matt is a liar-
read the plan! Then read the interpretation of that plan done by the
attorney posted on this site. As for the slum lords, we HAVE laws not
enforced BY THE CITY- insist the city do it's job.

As for conflicts of interest, why is no one mentioning Eddie Simpson? He WAS
on the EDA board until he called Pat Phillips a liar, he sits on city
council, the planning commission, AND the utility board and is a developer
to boot. Shannon Littleton and Don White develop too and own plenty of
property downtown that will benefit from the mayors plan. How's that for
conflict of interest? Why isn't someone griping about that? Go check the
deeds yourself.

I'm sure that Ms. Watkins husband is aware of the chance his job will be
threatened and I hope if it ever comes up that he has the moxie to sue
because of it. I have never met her, but I do think she is going into this
for the right reasons- and not for power, money or control like Mayor Matt.
She cannot do worse for sure. Do not base your vote on what Mayor Matt says-
go look for yourself to see if he lies. That is what public records are for
and you have a right to look at anything your tax dollars pay for. I invite
each one to come to some of these meetings. Watch very carefully and I can
promise that over the course of time you will begin to realize many
officials are out for their own gain- not yours. If you do not like that
then try doing something about it like Ms. Watkins is trying.

What our city and county need the most is public participation and for us to
make the people we elect accountable. We are the employers because we pay
their salaries with our tax dollars. They should treat us with respect and
look to OUR interests- NOT THEIR OWN. If they cannot do so, we need to show
them the door, as any employer would. MAYOR Matt does not show respect for
anyone, desires to dictate his own plans, and lies constantly. He also
thinks county folks have no say in city affairs, which is ludicrous when the
city is IN the county and the affairs DO collide. The city has a chance to
do something about that, so do it.

JoAnne Turner- Loudon County 10/23/06

TO H. Clinton,
Your blog sounds more like it comes from the Nelson-Littleton-Brookshire Crew. Just a word of advice it's never good to start out calling the citizens homes nasty. After reading this blog I went to Mrs. Watkins web site and looked under contact information for a phone number, because I had been told that unlike the Mayor of our city, we could contact Mrs. Watkins directly. Sure enough I called 388-4226 and was told Mrs. Watkins would return my call. Guess what, unlike the Mayor she did. I asked Mrs. Watkins If she had threatened anyone's Job and she Said " no", I have not nor would I ever, that’s not what I am about and anyone that knows me knows I am not that kind of person. If people are saying that I have said I am after any ones job they are miss leading you. I would not make a statement like that. The Mayor seems to be doing enough of that on his on. I asked Mrs. Watkins if the only concern she has is the Redevelopment Plan. Her response to this was, no there is a long list of concerns. She went on to say, concerns such as 100+ Fire Hydrants not working properly, or not at all. I am concerned with the fact that our fire department is short handed and needs new equipment. I am concerned that our city sewer is over taxed. One of the major concerns I have is the fact that the Mayor is only worried about the cosmetics of our city. Our city must have a solid foundation before we move forward with growth. The last question I asked Mrs. Watkins had to do with Kathy Reed, I asked Mrs. Watkins who is Kathy Reed and is she really running for Mayor?  Kathy Reed is my campaign treasure and she is my aunt. Kathy is a strong person and will always fight for what she believes to be right. I do not always agree with her views. I can tell you this ,If anyone ever needed anything Kathy Reed would be there for them, whether she knows them or not. To answer your question I am the one running for Mayor , I am my own person and I will stand up for our city and what our citizens think would be best for our city. I would never put the financial welfare of my best friend or my relitives above the Citizens of Lenoir City.
I urge other people to do as I have and go straight to the source and ask Mrs. Watkins your Questions I am glad I did.
Ann.- Lenoir City 10/22/06

I love this blog thing. It gives us a great place to debate the issues with lots of other people in the community. I've have to take on the H. Clinton/ L.C. 10-21-06 blog. It's obvious that Clinton has a lot of inside info as do I. Let's hit it topic by topic.

"This is so crazy!!!! Fighting for Mayor of Lenoir City, TN... Everybody throwing blame to this one or that one." There is nothing crazy about fighting to determine the leadership of our community. Our elected officials are the ones who will ultimately determine the direction our city will go. Nothing could be more important than for those officials to reflect the views of the majority of their constituents. The credit or blame for the decisions made by those elected officials lies squarely with them.

"What if you would clean up your nasty looking homes down town?" The redevelopment plan has nothing to do with cleaning up nasty homes. That's what livability court is for. Redevelopment is about taking private property. Read the plan.

"The Sarten-Watkins crew is just blowing smoke up your butts to win an election!!!" The Sartin- Watkins crew have not influenced my thinking in the least. I know what I heard at the public meeting from Brookshire's own mouth. He specifically said that relocation would be necessary. He and the council went into this thing eyes wide open knowing exactly what they planned to do and I fully expect they will reinitiate the plan if reelected. The only way to make certain the redevelopment plan is stopped is to remove those who implemented it.

"The proposed plan was in deed an act for grant money for the city, which they received." The mayor and council were asked directly at the council meeting three days before the public meeting if grant money was available. Brookshire's answer was NO.

"I also, do not think it is very appropriate for the Sarten-Watkins crew to be going around telling those in City Hall "Who they are or are not going after "FOR THEIR CAREERS"." One thing that many do not understand is , in a political system such as Lenoir City's, the mayor has very little authority. It takes a majority of council to take any action pertaining to employees. I doubt seriously that anybody is threatening anybodies jobs. I have heard however, that city employees with Watkins signs on their property have been warned that they could be in trouble with certain city officials.

"Twenty years ago, this was a beautiful City.....   This City needs a "FACE LIFT, BAD" I'll go you one better, ten years ago this was a beautiful City and do you know who has been mayor for five of those ten years? The current mayor and council have all but destroyed the beauty of our city by selling out to the developers. The town does not only need a face lift, it very surely needs a three council and mayor seat lift.

"The lady that was discussed having 4 children" This one was too ridiculous to respond to.

"O.k. let’s talk about Mr. Trego’s rental property..  The top of the house was not condemned" Well explain this to me. How exactly does the city condemn just the basement of a house then threaten to begin demolition. Do you suppose they were going to tear down just the basement and just leave the rest of the house hanging on a sky hook? This fits right into the mayor and council's plans. They condemn a small portion of a property, or as you call it a crawl space, then tear down the whole property. Under this scenario, the city might condemn the gutters or the windows or maybe just the back porch then just tear down the whole place. I have heard that the city is trying to drop the case against the Trigo's.

"Would Kelli be running our City or Will it be Kathy Reed?" I don't know who Kathy Reed is, but I assume she must be a friend or relative of Ms. Watkins. If we are going to bring friends and family into the argument, one could also ask who is running the city now, Brookshire or his father in law Freddie Nelson,  Brookshire or Shannon Littleton, Brookshire or his other ten relatives that work for the city?

I don't personally know Mr. Brookshire or Ms. Watkins. Brookshire has already shown who and what he is all about. Ms. Watkins comes in with a clean slate. In two years time we will know a lot more about her. If she fails to live up to her commitments as has Brookshire, then she will have to answer to the voters as is Mr. Brookshire.

A Small Business Owner LC 10/22/06

This is so crazy!!!! Fighting for Mayor of Lenoir City, TN... Everybody throwing blame to this one or that one.. Hey what about you? What if you would clean up your nasty looking homes down town? What if people wanted to look towards the future, and not have to worry if their children or grand children are living in "FILTH"!!! What Mr. Brookshire is trying to do is implement the same as our surrounding counties who have by the way "CLEANED UP THEIR CITY" Go to Maryville, Sweetwater, just to name a few who have embarked on a re-development plan.. The City of Lenoir City has not embellished a plan as of today.. The Sarten-Watkins crew is just blowing smoke up your butts to win an election!!! The proposed plan was in deed an act for grant money for the city, which they received.  So, before casting any ballots, be prepared to vote for the more educated candidate.. I am not trying to sway people’s votes, just be realistic. And by all means look towards the future for our children & grandchildren..
I also, do not think it is very appropriate for the Sarten-Watkins crew to be going around telling those in City Hall "Who they are or are not going after "FOR THEIR CAREERES". This is playing with peoples families.. This is not just another JOB for people, they want to retire here, and if they get thrown out by a new Mayor for doing their Career and working for the City.. That is BULL!!!! If this is what our City will be coming to "WHAT A SHAME" "WHAT A SHAME ON CITY HALL" City jobs are good ones and to hold them over the heads of those who have them is WRONG.. Just As to LCUB.. Who are we to determine who gets hired there.. I am sure you could name a couple of people who work for City Hall or LCUB that you do not like.... Me too!! But they were hired.. Someone liked them.. Not for the Nepotism they were liked and felt they could do the best for that position.. Are we jealous they have the better place to work than others, or what..
Twenty years ago, this was a beautiful City.  People coming through our City wanted to stay, and most did.  Well, twenty years later, it has lost it's shine.. This City needs a "FACE LIFT, BAD"
Mr. Brookshire is trying to do that if the people would just let him.. Let's be proud of our City. Vann Shaver why don't you live in the city.. Do you want to live next to someone who won't mow their yard? Who are infested with termites and cockroaches.. I don't..
The lady that was discussed having 4 children and her husband in Iraq sited into Livability Court 2x's.. Her oldest son was 16.. Why is he not mowing and cleaning up the yard...  My father had to work, mow the yard and take care of his siblings when he was 10, or younger so his mother could work.. Our kids have it too easy these days..  When my sister and I were at a young age we were taught the value of cleaning the house.. We cleaned and our mother and father worked.. There is no excuse for not mowing your yard. There is also all kinds of grass cutter services these days.. Yes, it will cost for these services... It would probably be less than buying a lawn mower if you can't afford one, but it is better than throwing a tarp over the grass or having a goat to eat it.. Or there are probably some good neighbors who are willing to help out with the elderly.. Be neighborly.. My father works 10 hrs. 6 days a week and mows his and his neighbor’s yard.. This is by push mowing not riding!!!! There are people out there.
O.k. let’s talk about Mr. Trego’s rental property..  The top of the house was not condemned; it was only the basement apartment.  This was a house not intended to make separate living quarters out of a crawl space..  Mr. Trego was quoted that he would only rent to “SHORT PEOPLE” this sounds like discrimination to me.  If you are an average 5’5” person you could only pray to “GOD” that the person above you doesn’t have a bed time smoking habit, because if so you can kiss your butt “GOOD BYE.” You will never make it out alive.. You will “FRY!!!” How about just handing your money to Mr. Trego and walk away, at least you will still have your life. This place is nothing more than a death trap.. Mr. Trego would be willing to rent this apartment to any size for the $$$$$..
Consider yourself lucky to have lived and gotten out of there.
Do the right thing Vote for most qualified and most educated...

Would Kelli be running our City or Will it be Kathy Reed? Candidate is UNDER COVER!! Who is the real candidate Kathy or Kelli...
Thank you,
H. Clinton/ L.C. 10-21-06

Seems like mayor Matt is the one spreading false information and telling lie after lie!
Greg-L C 10/20/06

At the city workshop held before the redevelopment meeting at the church, Mayor Matt said that no grants were available to help the low-income
families repair their homes. I can't say that they WOULD have been approved.. but there most certainly WERE grants available. Check out the

Davis LC 10/19/06

I stopped reading the Lenoir City news paper a long time ago. There was never any real news in it and when there was a story worth reading, usually it was wrong. Then when they started constantly running their lift wing propaganda cartoons slamming conservatives, republicans and George Bush, that was it for me. It's a shame we don't have a real news paper in Loudon County.

While at the barber shop the other day and against my better judgment, I picked up a News Herald just to see if anything had chanced. Unsurprisingly some things don't change. More taxes, good ol boy politics, the sheriff wants more money, violence in school and an anti Bush cartoon. Pitiful

But the one article that I did bother to read was Mayor Brookshire's questionnaire. I just couldn't imagine anything he could say honestly that could persuade anyone to vote for him. So he didn't. He lied on every point. The biggest lie he told, and I quote "In four of those five years we did all of this WITHOUT a tax increase." That is a bold face lie. Brookshire and his council have raised our taxes twice in the last five years a total of nearly 20% and the city is still broke. Nothing he and his council have done has helped the city. Of course he got his father in law a nice big juicy LCUB promotion and the rest of the council have gotten lots of their friends and family LCUB jobs too.

He lied on his redevelopment plan, he lied on his eminent domain plan, he lied on tax increases, he lied about the sunshine law. Everybody knows that Brookshire and his council make all their deal behind closed doors. He lied growth and development. Brookshire and his council have given the city to the highest bidder. I don't know if we should even believe what he tells about his background.

What could possibly be in a man's mind and heart that he can so easily tell so many lies. Like the other blogger said, he thinks we are all seventh graders. Here's a news flash for you Mr. Brookshire, I'm not in the seventh grade, I'm not stupid and I won't be voting for you. I honestly believe Jr. Proaps would be better than Matt Brookshire but I will be voting for Ms. Watkins. I will also be voting for Buddy Hines, Mike Henline and David Martin. I say, out with all the bums. New blood might make a difference. I wish we could vote the other three out too. But we will have to wait another two years to get rid of them.

Thank you Mr. Shaver for providing this blog so I could vent. I feel better already.

James M. Life long resident Lenoir City 10/19/06

I have to respond to the blog posted by Jerry LC 10/16/06. Lenoir City has for years been infested by so called knowledgeable politicians and look where it's gotten us. I for one would prefer to have a mayor that has not been schooled in the fine art of politics but is honest and trustworthy and willing to put the citizens interests first. We have not had that in my life time. For me a college degree takes a back seat to business experience every time. Our current mayor, who is well on the way to destroying our city may have a degree, but in what? Middle School Education? How does that in any way qualify him to be mayor. He is a government employee. who is only required to work 200 days per year. He has absolutely no real world experience. I think Brookshire's main problem, is he sees all of us as his 7th graders and expects us to obey him like his students have to. We desperately need a change.

As far as to Ms. Watkins's husbands employment, which by the way is for Tim Guider not Tony Aikens, are you aware of the Brookshire family lineage at LCUB. There's you a conflict of interest.

Tommy J LC 10/18/06

Does anyone know when the wife of a certain Loudon County Sheriff Department deputy is going to be charged with embezzling  a substantial amount of  money from the  Loudon  Quarterback club? This has been going on for months and nothing has been mentioned of it in the paper and she has not been arrested.  In light of recent stories about the sheriff department it seems if you work there or have relatives that work there you are ABOVE the law.
Lenoir City 10/16/06

In response to a recent article I read in the News Herald, I saw that Kelli Watkins is running for mayor of Lenoir City.  It is my understanding that she is not a college graduate nor does she have ANY type of political experience.  I also read she is married to a Loudon County Sheriff Dept. deputy who is employed under the chief deputy Tony Aikens.  It would appear that this would be a conflict of interest, could it not?  After all Tony Aikens holds her husbands job in his hands and that would make one think that Mrs. Watkins could be swayed to vote the way Tony Aikens (who also happens to be vice-mayor of Lenoir City wanted her to? I know neither Mrs. Watkins or Mr. Brookshire but in a decision like electing a city leader I would hope that all voters take these concerns into consideration before just voting for the lesser of two evils.

Jerry LC 10/16/06

In Sunday/Mondays News Herald, Gene Hamby has an ad that states his Goals. Any one can see by his track record over the past Brookshire Dictatorship that controlled spending is not in their vocabulary. High Quality Schools that's a joke just compare the scores of other schools to Lenoir City Schools. Excellent City Services, who is he kidding! The services are far from Excellent, no fault of the workers who were just robbed of a large portion of their benefits , they need equipment that is up to the large demands of a fast growing city. Balanced Budget just go to city hall and ask to see the budget! Build a new fire hall, You know I being just a mere citizen would think that we would need to do a few other things such as FIX THE FIRE HYDRANTS THAT DON'T WORK !You know the ones that are painted BLACK. Walk out side and look at your hydrant if its green your safe if its BLACK well I don't think I would rest very well at night . There has been a fire hydrant changed in the past few months, it's the hydrant that is located close to the Mayors house. Why would we spend a million dollars on a swimming Pool when there are so many things that need to be fixed? Please keep all this in mind when you go to VOTE. 
Ashley LC 10/15/06

Dear Residents of Loudon County,
Recently I have been following the Lenoir City Election.  It is very interesting to see the comments that have been made on both sides of the fence when it comes to the Lenoir City Mayor election.  While I do not support some of Mayor Brookshire's decisions, I feel that "he" has done his job fairly well.  However I feel that some of the "old ways" in Lenoir City City Hall need to change.  On the flip side of the campaign, I have a hard time in putting faith in someone like Kelli Watkins.  While I do not challenge Mrs. Watkins good intensions, I just do not believe that she is qualified for the job. 
In the News Herald, both candidates answered some brief questions about their intensions.  When Mrs. Watkins was asked how she felt about the Lenoir City Redevelopment plans, she stated," Lenoir City's redevelopment plan is the major reason that I decided to run for mayor."  Mrs. Watkins went on to state how she felt about the issue.  This is not a reason that you run for the Mayor of a city.  Having a feeling about a certain issue, should be a small part of your campaign, not the main focus.  This answer shows a very weak campaign. 
 Another question that was asked was, "What is your stance on eminent domain?"  Mrs. Watkins said she favors continuing the kind of eminent domain for acquisition of land for roads, schools, hospitals, and similar public needs.  Lets say you are in favor of that kind of eminent domain, and found a piece of property like Dotsons for example. Lets say you thought that it would be a nice place for a fire department or a new city hall. Does that mean you would take it because it looked "trashy" and build a public building on it?  I believe that Mrs. Watkins and Mayor Brookshire's opinions do not differ as much as she would like you to believe.  Mayor Brookshire differs in the opinion that dilapidated property with an owner that will not try to fix it, even if help is offered, should be dealt with.  These kinds of property draw a bad crowd to a neighborhood as well as low property values to neighbors.  We all want a beautiful city that we can be proud of don't we?
Now we move on to the question of, "How do you feel about the compliance with the state Sunshine Law?"  Mrs. Watkins states, "The only way to do this is to implement a stiff fine for the violation of this law."  I don't think that fining the government for ignoring the Sunshine Law will help anything.  This kind of a notion would only make the tax payers pay for the fine and the lawyers that defend it.  As far as fining an individual that is elected into office for a violation such as this, I don't know if that is possible because of certain laws that protect elected officials. 
Yet another question was, "Are you in favor of allowing liquor stores in Lenoir City, and why or why not?"  Mrs. Watkins states, "I feel that package stores are an issue that all citizens need to decide on, whether it passes or not I will support the voters' decisions."  So you are a swing voter Mrs. Watkins?  Did you even answer the question?  Are you afraid to voice your true opinion as a politician? 
 And finally, "What is your background."  Mrs. Watkins states that she has lived here all of her life and she is married to a Loudon County K-9 Officer.  I think there is a conflict of interest here that needs to be mentioned.  Mrs. Watkins husband Michael, works under Chief Tony Aikens with the Loudon County Sheriff's Dept.  Tony Aikens is also the Vice Mayor of Lenoir City.  If Mr. Aikens wanted to persuade Mrs. Watkins in a vote or issue, it would be very easy to do with either a promotion or a threat of her husbands job. 
Again, I want to state the fact that I do not question Mrs. Watkins' good intensions about running for a public office. I simply do not feel that she is qualified for the job.  Mrs. Watkins does not show a strong campaign.  Mrs. Watkins is not clear about her positions.  Mrs. Watkins has not shown a strong background for "RUNNING A CITY!" 
I ask the voters of this fine city to pay attention to detail.  If you have a concern with the current mayor, go talk to him.  Do not be caught up in an emotional uproar and let us replace someone best qualified to do the job be replaced by any other name on the ballot.  I challenge Mrs. Watkins to answer these issues in a timely manner on this fine blog that Mr. Shaver was so kind to provide us.  Thank you all.
Bob - Lenoir City 10/15/06

On Arp trying to settle the lawsuit with Guider- when did he get a license
to practice law? I will agree with Maples- this suit is pure blackmail.
Doyle Arp got up at a commission meeting before he took office and said he
was the instigator (in the same speech he said something about not micro
managing). Now he wants to be the negotiator. If I were in the position to
do so, I would vote the county keep the suit and counter sue. Guider is not
even there to know how many calls come in most of the time. A good third are
people calling numerous times trying to get hold of him.

On the city elections-, you all have a chance to do what we( the county)
failed to do- get new blood. Living in the county, I cannot vote in the city
election, but am rooting for Kelly and Stephanie. What they lack in
political know-how can be easily learned. What we need is a GOOD OLE GIRL
system for a change, one without special interest or conflicts of interest!
John Harris is going to be so good for the city that he has taken public
comment off the planning commission agendas. Guess he does not care if we
like it or not.

Another interesting thing is the grant the city will soon be getting to
improve the sewer system. While I agree it is needed, do you know that there
is no plan for an environmental impact study? I guess the pollutants
migrating from the Car Works are not a concern- even in a 100-year-old flood
plain. Moreover, if people get sick from all that is stirred up- maybe they
can get a discount on the properties surrounding the area. Just in case
Mayor Matt loses and the redevelopment plan falls through.....

Just A. LC 10/15/06

If you have not read the article about the city condemning the Trigo property in today's News Herald, please get up and go read it! How many more  times are we going to let Brookshire get away with this?

Now he is threatening two women who live on hwy 70 to condemn their property, if they don't give to his demands. I am sure this too will be in the paper soon. Just think if he is not stopped, you could be next

Greg-LC 10/12/06

I would like to have been there when the guys were trying to come up with the message they wanted to put on the billboard to push the liquor store thing. You've got to admit, it had to be hard to write something that made any sense. Proof of that is what they came up with. Do the right thing, and even better, Let's keep up with our neighbors. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. That's one of the biggest problems Lenoir City officials have. They want to be like west Knoxville. Well, they've just about got us there. They have destroyed nearly everything good about our city. If I wanted to live in west Knoxville, I would move there. I for one plan to vote against all incumbents in the election. Then maybe they will all move to west Knoxville since they like chaos so much.

Martha LC 10/12/06

Citizens of Lenoir City,


If elected I intend  to heal the relationship between the Mayors office, City Hall and the citizens of Lenoir City by making city hall and the Mayors office citizen friendly (open door). Putting a stop to Mayor Brookshire’s Redevelopment Plan will be first on my agenda. We need to move forward with plans for Lenoir City that will benefit all the citizens and not just a select few. Mayor Brookshire states in the October 4th and 5th News Herald, “I don’t support taking people’s home and property.” I am asking the mayor if this statement is true, why would you develop a Redevelopment Plan that would allow this and are you not the one that chose the committee for your Redevelopment Plan? Mayor Brookshire also states “The public’s input is necessary in order for it to be successful, and in order for it to meet the goals of the community.” I am asking Mayor Brookshire whose goals are you concerned with. Most of the citizens knew nothing about your Redevelopment Plan, including your own city council and how it would allow the city to take property because of; 1.Vacant buildings, 2.Inadequate lot size, 3.Shape and 4. Inappropriate land uses.

On the issue of eminent domain Brookshire states in the same article, “I also believe that eminent domain should only be used for public projects, EXCEPT  those cases when it can be demonstrated that PRIVATE PROJECTS WOULD BENEFIT the neighboring properties and the existing property owners refuse to participate and /or improve his or her property.” Private projects as we all know will only benefit a select few. I will never agree to allow this to happen to the citizens of Lenoir City and I promise I will never take advantage of our citizens in such a sinister way. Elect me Kelli Sarten Watkins Mayor of Lenoir City and I will put YOUR city back in YOUR hands.

Thank you,

Kelli Sarten Watkins 10/11/06

Hiring Practices at LCUB

When is the last time you saw an ad that LCUB was hiring?
I had a conversation with an employee at KUB last week. This person told me
that no relative of his could work for KUB since he did. He also told me
that he had to sign a document stating that he was not related to anybody
else who worked there and if they (KUB) found out otherwise he would be
fired immediately.

Why does our city and LCUB not have the same policies in place? And another
thing why is the power board our city council? Shouldn't the power board be
made up of rate payers? I believe 70% of the revenues at LCUB come out of
Knox county. Just recently they added someone to the board from Knox County.
I do not believe Lenoir City Council should be the power board. Think about
it The Manager of LCUB is the Mayors Father IN LAW. Where else can this
happen except in Lenoir City?

And the assistant manager of LCUB Shannon Littleton how is he qualified to
be the assistant manager or city attorney for that matter? Has he ever
practiced law?

I always wondered why so many of my classmates wanted a job with LCUB when
they got out of school now I understand way, way, way above pay and
benefits! I guess if you are related to someone either on the city council
or power board or someone who works at LCUB they can get you in! I guess
nothing will change until KUB takes over LCUB
Remember a few years ago LCUB had a manager I can not remember his name
anyway the City Council ran him off because he would not tap dance with

Max    Lenoir City Loudon County USA 10/11/06

Watch out all you City employees Brookshire is on the war- path Seems he is threatening all City employees with punishment if they don't remove Kelli Sarten Watkins signs from their yards! Who does he Think he is!!? Go ahead and take them down but remember if you don't want two more years of this VOTE FOR KELLI SARTEN WATKINS.

One more thing MATT BROOKSHIRE WHERE IS YOUR BROTHER-IN-LAW that works for LCUB? On vacation? I think not.

A-LC. 10/11/06

Brookshire is such a liar.

Thomas 9/09/06

I just read Mayor Matt Brookshire's responses in the News Herald. It is obvious that he has no problem with bold face lying. But those of who have had to deal with him already knew that. How stupid does he think we are? He made himself very clear at the public meeting where he stands and what he plans to do to us. That is before he snuck out of the meeting. He didn't seem to be very interested in public input that night. I guess he also thinks we are too ignorant to read the paper too. Now he wants us to believe that he cares about the citizens. Of course he wants us to vote for him too. Any Lenoir City voter who would vote for Brookshire, Hamby or Williams deserves what they will do to them. I have told everybody I know to vote for Kelly Watkins. She has made it clear that she won't try to steal our property. Knowing what the mayor's intentions are if he gets reelected, makes this election very important. Please. Everybody get out there and vote this bunch of crooks out of office before they steal everybody's property.

Martin LC 10/9/06

Does the mayor (Brookshire) think we're STUPID?
Who does the mayor think he is kidding? How could he put in the paper that he does not agree with the redevelopment plan, its
HIS PLAN, He chose the committee we saw him say so on TV! I urge all citizens to go to city hall and ask to see the budget from July thru now. I sure do not call that a balanced budget, I call that broke and on the verge of having to get a loan. See for yourself, do not let Brookshire blow smoke (well you know). Seems to me he has not had the time to listen to us and now he expects us to listen to him, I say NO THANKS!
One more thing Mayor Brookshire should get a refresher course on the SUNSHINE LAW!
ASHLEY- LC 10/4/06

You've heard the joke, if it's on the internet it must be true. I'm one of those people who doesn't believe most of what I read on the web. When I read on this web site that Gordon Harless got a 10g raise and he was now making 50g per year, I knew this couldn't be true especially coming from Van Shaver. But you know, I called the county today and sure enough, it's the truth. I owe Van Shaver an apology. Being in the emergency response profession in Loudon County, I was absolutely floored to learn of Harless's pay. He is a nice guy but totally unqualified to be the management of anything. I don't know a single person in this business in Loudon County who has any confidence in his ability. The county is sure not getting it's moneys worth with this one. He has got to be kin to somebody. The commissioners should talk to some of us in the business if they want to know the real story.

Darrell Loudon 10/4/06


Politicians are like Dirty Diapers they need to be changed Often and for the same reasons!!!


I just can not keep my mouth shut any longer!!!  A $ 10,000 raise in one shot? What is wrong with our elected officials? What about 5%? If the EMA director was willing to work for $37,000 a few years ago why would he expect a $10,000 a year raise? Why would the commission think they should pay it? The raise I am sure does not include benefits ect.( Probly another 10k a year ) If the EMA director does not want to do the job for what is budgeted, let him resign and find someone who would like the pay and government benefits !!!! What type of background in Emergency Management does the EMA director have to have ? I might be interested in the position for $5,000 less!! As a county and city taxpayer looks like being a civil servant is where the real money is !!!

And how about Tim Guider and Lisa Niles suing the taxpayers ? The taxpayers elect the county commission to spend taxpayers money wisely and they sue the very taxpayers who put them in office? If the taxpayers had any backbone there would be a crowd of them waiting for them to arrive at work in the morning then tell them that their services are no longer needed. Let them go get a job out in the real world instead of some tit job soaking too much money off the taxpayers!! Has anyone looked at the average income in Lenoir City? Loudon County? I believe our elected officials, city and county, as well as employees at LCUB are all doing a lot better than the average taxpayer financially. I know they do not have to worry about a recession they still get paid! They do not have to worry about Health Insurance They still get paid!

Thank You VAN SHAVER for providing this forum so I could get this off my chest! I can say Van Shaver is the only honest Politician I have ever met!
He is for the people not just the interests of a few!!!  

Max  Lenoir City
Loudon County USA 9/28/06

I have a question and perhaps I am confused, hopefully someone can help me understand.
The Condemnation Plan
Question 1 - If Loudon County Commission passed a law that land could only be taken for public benefit (eminent domain) then how can Lenoir City do otherwise, we are located in Loudon County, or does the Loudon County Commission not mean Loudon County but only Loudon city??
Question 2 - How can the mayor and City Council create a committee that goes against the Charter of Lenoir City?? The charter states that unsafe structures may be condemned but does not state that property may be taken, it actually states that eminent domain exists, which provides taking only for the betterment of the community for public use ie schools, hospitals, roads, and such. Would there not need to be a charter amendment for this and if so would it not be necessary for that to be placed on the ballot at election?
Question 3 - It is my understanding that this redevelopment plan was passed to a committee that operates under the Lenoir City Housing Authority, if this is true the Housing Authority operates under the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Housing and Urban Development operates under the laws of Tennessee and the Federal Government which only allow the taking of property for public use, so..... is someone breaking the law here or do they think that the citizens will just roll over??
Last Question
Please read the following:
Does the Mayor think he can ignore the President of the United States??

Dale LC 9/28/06

I was so happy to see that the ladies Doyle Arp called the triple A club took legal action against the county. Who does he think he is to make such a  disrespectful statement about these ladies. I have never heard an elected official be so rude. Ms. Hunter and the other ladies have many times been the only people who seem to care what our officials are doing. I have never been active in government business but I have read for years their letters in the paper. Seeing the courage displayed by these ladies to take on the county, makes me ashamed that I haven't been more active in local politics. I want to thank the triple A club for standing up for all of us.

Robin Lenoir City 9/25/06

This is a message to ALL LOUDON COUNTY CITIZENS.
As you know, the first reading of the Adequate Facilities Tax, was passed by the County Commission at the last meeting.  All commissioners, with the exception of Chris Park, voted in favor of this tax.  The second reading will take place on Oct. 2nd at the next County Commission meeting.  It must pass by a 2/3 majority.  I urge Mr. Park to take a closer look at who is actually going to be paying this tax.  This tax will help generate funding to meet the increasing need for school facilities necessitated by new development and pending new developments in our county.  It is a fair and reasonable way to share the costs of new or upgraded school facilities while at the same time does not create an unfair, inequitable burden on existing county residents.  I have included some additional information on this tax at the bottom of this message. The main point of this message is to inform everyone in our county that there are groups that are currently rallying their forces to try to shift this next vote that must take place at the Oct. 2nd County Commission Meeting.  I have received extremely reliable information that a meeting has been called by the Home Builder Association this Friday at Calhouns in Lenoir City to rally all Builders and Realtors and encourage them to try to contact OUR County Commissioners and try to talk them out of voting in favor for this tax.  They are also going to be submitting articles to our News Herald along with the Knoxville newspapers.  They intend on having a strong showing at the October 2nd meeting.  
Let me just say that this infuriates me.  I have a big problem with people that don't even live in our county or have children attending our schools acting as if they should have some say in decisions that are made in our county.  Their greed is the only reason that they have any concern whatsoever about this tax being put into place.  This tax is a good thing.  It is not the complete answer to our problem of funding these projects that will address our overcrowding issues.  It is a very logical and effective mechanism that we can leverage to assist with our efforts.  I think it is about time our County Commission stood up and showed these people that they cannot come into our county and try to influence their votes.  Votes should not be based on anything these groups or organizations have to say.  They should be based on what the citizens of Loudon County want and nothing else.  I urge you to contact your County Commissioner and ask them to not waiver on their original decision and if you happen to be in Chris Park's district, urge him to vote in favor of the tax this time around.  Make the people of Loudon County proud and show the County Commissions in surrounding counties how it should be done.  Let's show our support at this meeting.  These meetings are held at the Courthouse Annex and usually start at 6:00 PM.  

Adequate Facilities Tax Info:
The tax would be $1.00 per square foot.  For example, if a new home is being built to provide 1,500 square feet of heated and cooled living space, then the per square foot tax would be imposed at the sale price of the house would increase by $1,500.    Developers would pass the cost of new home construction on to the home buyers.  So don't let all of their whining and crying make you think that they are the ones that are ultimately going to be paying for this. The decision to use this new system of local revenue is up to the county commissioners in fast-growing counties.  Those are defined as counties where the population increased by 20 percent in 10 years, or 9 percent in four years.  More information can be found on-line if you are interested.  

Thank You,
Paula , Lenoir City 9/22/06

What's going on with Brookshire's redevelopment plans? Is he hoping everybody will just forget about it till after the election? I don't think so. Even now I bet in his little liberal brain he is thinking about ways he can take someone else's property. I would implore every Lenoir City resident to remember that Brookshire and the city council wants to take your property.

Wayne Lenoir City 9/21/06

It didn't take long for Doyle Arp to show his true colors. A skunk can't hide his stripe. Those of us that know Arp the best aren't surprised at all by his actions and this won't be his last screw up. You can bet we're in for a lot of this same kind of stuff from him. Hopefully the AAA Club will keep us informed. Arp is an embarrassment to the entire county. With his stupid actions he has brought shame to all of us. I think he should resign.

Holmes Loudon 9/21/06

  Shame, Shame, Arp be thy Name!!!

 There was a full house at last night's special called meeting of the County Commission held at
Courthouse Annex. First up was the nomination for Russell Johnson's seat as state Representive.In
my opinion it appeared that this nomination had been rehearsed several times, and went off without
a hitch, as no one was brave enough to defy the powers that be by nominating an opponant.This was
clearly a "DONE DEAL".

 The second seat to be filled was Mayor Arp's former position as County Tax Assessor, and for once I
Was proud of our county commission. The vote was split, with Maples, Meers, Bledsoe and Chris
Park voting for Jane Smith. Marcus, Gardin, Franke and Duff voted for Jenkins, with Don Miller
breaking the tie.

This person does hope they were all aware of what was at stake. Had Smith been elected, our new
Hitler would have ruled the town, and micro managed both. The county I fear, would have lost
more than a few residents. We all know if you displease this county government, the tax man

 Thank you commission for standing up to the plate and protecting the public, and most especially
thank you for standing up to Hitler.

                                                        IN OTHER NEWS

  A county workshop followed the special called meeting, and I have to say I was sorely disappointed
with the turnout for that. It seems that when all the Wamplerites left, there was not much of a
crowd. Are the people in this county clueless as to what is going on, or do they not care that the new
county Mayor is trying to take away our freedom piece by piece?

 The biggest insult of all is that he called those ladies nosy, when it is the highest degree of nosiness
to demand to know what they want to view. Could it be that he wants to take out the crooking,
before they start looking?

 At any rate, the first to speak at the meeting last night had spoken before at the facilities tax
meeting. He had a couple of comments- the first being that he did not understand why citizens had
to speak first or last, as it made sense to him that the citizens commenting on an item at the time it
was discussed would make for a better continuity. That seems like a no brainer, but then
commission  sometimes has it's foggy moments.....He also remarked that he thought that the mayor
should be treating  the ladies wanting  public records with respect,  instead of calling them nosey.
Maybe we should elect this man for Mayor when Arp gets ousted for being stupid.

  The second man who spoke had no problem with telling the mayor what he wanted, but took issue
with the fact that he wanted to charge the 25.00 fee, as he figured he had already paid the fee when
he paid his taxes.

 The highlight of the night though, came with Arps bullying of a small eldery lady.  She arrived in
the pouring rain, to find the building was not handicap accessible, and had to be helped down the
steps, while all got soaked. Arp sat there and watched instead of getting the door.

 When it came time to speak, he was real generous about letting her stay in her seat. He gave her
five minutes to speak. She began by reading some of the law concerning public records and then
plainly told Arp he was breaking the law. At this time he rudely interrupted and told her that was
enough. There was no comment from Bledsoe- who usually intervenes. She reminded Arp, in a lady
like voice, that she was speaking and still had time, then began again. Although he was none too
pleased, he sat there as she took him to task. She said he had the people to thank for having his job,
and he better remember that, if he wanted to keep it. She ended with reminding him again his public
records policy was not only against the law, but wrong. Everyone applauded loudly.

 There were other issues discussed, but the only notable thing about those is that our county
planner does not seem to be fairing so well these days and is much less confident.  Maybe it is all the
midnight oil being burned at the Newman Realty and Development Company, or maybe it is the fact
that the cat has been let out of the bag, so to speak. I did notice that the commissioners were asking
questions now about properties being brought before them. Maybe conflicts of interest DO matter
after all~!

 Uh, but Mayor Hitler was not done yet! After much back peddling and double talking, no one today
knows if the mayors policy on public records has changed. The only thing we know for sure is that
he is either dumber than dirt, or crazy like a fox, because like Enron, at the end of the meeting he
directed commission, because of pending lawsuits, to shred the evidence of Sproul's invoice upon
adjournment. Now just how stupid can you get in public? 9/20/06

I read the article on Doyle Arp and his escapade to become the one and only decision maker for the county.  It sounds as if he is defying state standards and the rights of the people.  The citizens of Loudon County pay taxes for this county and should not have to pay to see public records.  In my opinion it is like telling citizens you have to pay a fee to vote because we need the money for the people working to make this possible.  It is unbelievable what he is already trying to do without any approval, and as of yet no politicians are standing up to really stop him.

Jeremy 9/17/06

After reading over the letters on your blog, I feel compelled to commit on the letter from Jeff. Although He makes a lot of good points that I agree on, one just stopped me in my tracks. I feel the way I read Mrs. Watkins Bio, she was not saying that her husband being a Loudon County Sheriff’s Deputy would make her any more qualified, she was just simply introducing herself to us. I would also like to thank Mr. Watkins for the job he does and tell him how much I appreciate the fact that every time he puts his uniform on and goes to work he puts his life on the line to protect us. Did any one ever tell you Mr. Jeff that a few bad apples don’t spoil the whole bunch. One more thing , I don’t believe I saw your name on any ballots. Maybe next time you should run.

GREG- Lenoir City 9/17/06

Dear Ms Niles:

During the county election season I remember hearing on the radio an ad for Martha Phillips - the Knox County Court Clerk who was running for reelection in spite of term limits.
Ms Phillips told voters she had run her office "at no cost to the taxpayers of Knox County".
I remember rolling my eyes and thinking: "Big deal?! Every court case involves filing fees and court costs assessed to someone! Isn't that how the court clerk's office is supposed to run?"
You see, I thought Martha Phillips was just bragging about having done what every court clerk in the state is expected to do.
But apparently that isn't the case. I see you have filed a lawsuit against the Loudon County Commission for more money to run your office.
If Knox County's Charter/term limits are upheld, Martha will soon be looking for another job.
Would it help you (and be cost-effective for the county) if the commission hired her as a consultant for your office?

David M Divelbiss
Lenoir City, TN 916/06

I just read the article about Russ Newman. If just one of the incidents I read is true, Russ Newman should be fired. That's not right for him to take advantage of people from his position. I hope who ever his boss is reads the story, and sends him back to Knoxville. This kind of stuff is just what you would expect from government officials.

David Loudon County 9/14/06

I thought there was an article written in the News Herald, in which Mayor Brookshire stated he was not putting out Political Signs this election. What happened Mayor ,change your mind or same old ,same old? Say one thing do another.

Greg- Lenoir City 9/12/06

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
This years elections have been a turning point in Loudon County and the cities there in.  The citizens have voted in the recent past, and will be asked to vote again soon.  I believe the Lenoir City election will be one of most interest.  Before we go out to vote, it is very important for us to accomplish several things. 

We need to take a look at the current administration.  Do you know your current Lenoir City Council?  If you have not met these individuals, I highly encourage you to attend a Lenoir City Council meeting.  Take the opportunity to meet and shake hands with your current elected officials.  Take the opportunity to thank them for the job that they have done, even if you don't care for their actions.  If you have an issue in the city, take the time to ask them.  If they do not have a direct answer or do not have the time to give you, that should tell you something.  Don't pay full attention to the rumors, Lord knows there are too many.  Do a little study on each official.  Where do they live?  What party do they affiliate with?  What organizations do they participate in?  Where do they attend church?  Where are they employed?  What business or property do they own? 

It is very important to realize the reason someone has or is running for a seat on the Lenoir City Council.  These small questions may answer the true reason.  For instance, if I owned a large development right outside of the city, would it not be to my advantage to be on the Council, so that I may be able to approve annexation more quickly and get city services?  If I were going to seek election for a bigger office, would it not make since to be a part of many organizations such as Shriner Clubs so that I may get a larger vote?  Or perhaps, I would join the largest church in Lenoir City so that I may carry many votes there?  Folks, Politics are dirty in every direction.  It takes a crook to beat a crook in many instances.  We need to be free moral agents.  We need to get up and seek the truth ourselves.  Pay attention to the news.  Participate in Blogs such as this. (thanks Van)  Question your elected officials. 

We are all human, and no one is better than you.  If one of these officials just so happens to be a Deputy Chief, do not be intimidated.  Remember, your tax dollars pay their salaries.  If the general public votes against these people, you have changed their fate, as well as the fate of Loudon County.  

Now I will say a little about the up and coming politicians of Loudon County.  I believe one of the best ways for the public to understand a politicians views is an open debate.  If you do not challenge your opponents to a debate, you are either scared or have something to hide.  I highly encourage all politicians to do so.  If you feel that you are qualified and sincere, you should be excited about the idea.  I feel that it is high time for the "Good ole Boy" system to be abolished.  I feel that the "I will pat your back if you pat mine" days should be over.  I believe that qualified employees should be hired by the city, not relatives.  For instance, take a look at the Lenoir City Hall employees.  How many work there that are related?  How about how many employees work at LCUB that are related?  How many business relationships are there between city employees and Lenoir City Council members outside of City Business?  Being related to or married to an official or employee is not a qualification for any city or county seat.  For instance, how would being married to a county sheriffs deputy better qualify you to be Mayor of Lenoir City?  It seems to me that the Loudon County Sheriffs Dept has enough problems of its own, so why would you want to put that on your resume? 

We need qualified candidates, ones that are not afraid to voice their opinions.  We need educated candidates.  We need experienced candidates.  One of the most dangerous things we could do is vote for the other guy because we don't like the current.  A wise man once said,"It is better to have the devil you know, than the devil you don't know."  Please, lets open our eyes.  Lets take advantage of our rights to vote and know the city and county business.  It is not supposed to be a big secret.  I urge you as the public to go out and look for the right people and the right votes.  We are all important, and everything you say and do will count in the long run!

Jeff - Lenoir City 9/10/06

Just a quick word or three.  The new web site is a definitely a good read.  I have been wondering why some need name recognition and some need money or promise of favoritism to get elected?  It does scare me of some those running for government.  The things that are being said about the conflicting interests with these members are true in my eyes, I mean how could they have the city's best interest in hand when they could possibly benefit?
Again, I am here to promote your next city council member, Stephanie Sharp!  She will bring honesty back in the office.  Stephanie is the right choice for Lenoir City.  "WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY!"
Derek/lc 9/19/06

I have lived in Lenoir City all my life and I can say I have never seen a worse group of elected officials in office as we have right now. What has happened to these people? It seems that the citizens are just nuisance that these high and mighty big shots have to tolerate. All they seem to be interested in is how they can use the city to get themselves ahead. It makes me sick. I have no respect for the mayor or any of the councilmen. How can these greedy sorry people keep getting elected? In the November election I will vote to get rid of all the incumbents. I would like more information on the other candidates. I have read her web site and the blogs and I will be voting for Ms. Sartin. I wish I could get more information on the other candidates. I would encourage all voters in Lenoir City to vote for anybody except the incumbents. Let's get this bunch of crooks out of office.

Allen Lenoir City 9/8/06



After reading Wednesdays / Thursday’s paper, I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Lawson and the Mayor have a hearing problem. The citizens of Lenoir City have not misunderstood anything about the redevelopment plan and I would like to hear from anyone that has changed their minds and are more open to the Ideal, because I can’t imagine anyone thinking it is a good ideal for the so called committee to be able to take their land. Maybe if the committee had been more forthcoming with the public about this plan from the beginning, there would not be so much distrust. If the paper that better explained the Lenoir City  Redevelopment proposal was not handed out , it would not be a proposal, it would be a law. We all know how that works, keep it quiet and push it through. I would like Mr. Lawson to tell us all what the false or misleading information on the paper was. I feel that the paper that was handed out served a GREAT JUSTICES, it gave the public the knowledge it needed to know. Seems to me that the only false and misleading information that the public is getting is coming from Mr. Lawson and the Mayor.


Ashley Lenoir City 9/7/06

Citizens Beware,
The Urban Redevelopment Team is on the loose.  Last week, I spied the lady from the committee snooping around where I live.  What gives them the right to try and intimidate myself and my family?  Of course, she looked at the other condemend properties around me.  How am I suppose to feel.  There has been a construction company with blue prints and looking over the old car works.  I do not feel safe!  Let's take a committee (with their same powers) and look over their property.  Who would they feel.
The arrogance this committee is giving us is disgusting.  Put them in our shoes and know what it is like to struggle without any means of help.  Remember the tragedy in Chicago for Labor day?  Things like that are going on right here in Lenoir City!  I know, I have been there and done that.  People lack respect for those who struggle.  Never giving any advice on how to help themselves.  Granted, I know all about the Good Samaratin.  They are a God Send.  They just cannot do it all.  People need help with their cars, transportation to work or even to find a job.!
I mean to rant!   Because everyone wants to turn a blind eye to what is going on in their community.  What happens when you can't even get help from your own church?  It is unfortunante that no one in government has to live like some of us.  If they have they forgotten how it is.  What our city needs is to elect someone who knows what it is like and can be that bridge that gap.  I know of one and she'll do the job well.
dks Lenoir city 9/7/06

Citizens of Lenoir City and Loudon County,


I am a county resident therefore I do not have a vote in the city election, but I do have a voice. I have been told by our present Mayor that he doesn’t care what I or other county residents have to say. While it is true I am not directly affected by the possibilities of the redevelopment proposal, or even the eminent domain factor that exists, I have family that are or could be, and I have the morals taught to me by my parents that tell me this is wrong.


Anyone who watched their parents work to provide a home for their families know the importance of having something that is yours, that as long as you make the payments, it will someday be free from debt and no one can take it away, unless of course you live in the city of Lenoir City.


Now I believe that this is a good forum to speak our minds, and I am so pleased that Van Shaver had the ability and intestinal fortitude to create such a place for us, however it is only reaching a limited amount of people, most of the elderly and the poor do not have computers and they know nothing of what is being said or done in our city.  Only what they read in the papers or hear from their friends.  They see that polite, clean cut, young man they call mayor and have no idea that it could be their home that they inherited from their parents, the only home they have ever known that he decides should be taken away from them and sold to a redeveloper friend for a substantial profit. They have no idea of the immorals that exists in our city government.


I urge everyone to talk to your elderly neighbors let them know what is happening and what his plans are for Lenoir City.  Tell them to tell their friends. Our elderly voters are a very large portion of the voting public and they can make the difference in the future of our town. I would urge all of those seeking a position in the upcoming election to seek out this particular group of people.


I don’t care what the mayor says, even though I am a county resident what he does affects me and other county residents as well as the city residents, it effects shopping, doctors, hospitals, post office, law enforcement, the town that is listed on my return address, everything we do could be effected. So if you are a county resident don’t you dare think that this is not your concern, it is, get out there tell others how you feel. Urge your family and friends who live in the city to vote and make the changes that our town needs to survive.


I hope that I can go to City Hall on Mayor Brookshire’s final day in office, park my car in the parking lot and wave bye to him forever as he drives away into the sunset.


Anyone care to join me???


Terry Lenoir City 9/4/06

Apparently someone has embezzled what could only be considered a substantial amount of money from one of our local little league programs. Even though the Lenoir City Police Department has been investigating the theft, I haven't seen anything in any of our news papers about this crime. This someone's spouse works for the Loudon County Sheriff's dept. Stealing from a little league program is bad, but this is not my main reason for writing to this blog. What really bothers me is that it seems that in Loudon County some people can get away with anything. That is if you know the right people. It's a shame that justice is dispensed in this county not based on what you did but who you know.

Don Loudon 9/2/06

Someone in government must be reading your Blog. I saw them mowing on Hwy
321 today. If they would just listen to the taxpayers about the important
issues, we might get some progress.
Larry W. from L.C. 8/30/06

To All,

  It just occurred to me that not all of you might know all the circumstances behind last Sundays News Herald story about the need to change the EDA’s status to a nongovernmental body. Since this may come before you in some near future agenda item, I’d like to tell you what it was all about, so you can base your decision on my side as well as Pat Phillips.

It would appear that I am that industrial spy the article refers to, since Holly Miller told me on our last visit that I was the first person to walk through the door and request public records since she came to work there three years ago. I do not think there has been a run for those records in the last couple of weeks, but then I could be wrong.

Seems Mr. Phillips is attempting to hide something in those files from the public. I dare say that by now all the good stuff will be gone anyway. Some of you may have to look up the codes concerning the public records act, but to my understanding, any record may be viewed by the public that has been paid for by taxpayer dollars, with a few exceptions for school records, adoption etc.  FINANCIAL records are covered under the public record law and that is what I asked for, along with the Carworks file. Maybe some one is in the market for a brown field and he is afraid I will find out whom?

At any rate, I am enclosing the complaint that I mailed on the 21st to Mayor Miller, which will very plainly tell you the rest of the story.

Before I leave you, I would like to add one thing. I am not sure who does the paychecks, but you might want to dock Mayor Miller and Attorney Sproul’s paycheck this week, as I think the only thing that they have worked at this whole week is hiding. I have not heard a word from Mayor Miller, although Harvey DID return my phone call of 12 days ago last night. I thought that I would return his in about two weeks- after I have seen my attorney. The complaint is below.

Know also that in some future meeting I will be addressing why the attorney is allowed to have so many conflicts of interests, so if someone would like to tell me that I’d like to hear why.

JoAnne Turne

August 20, 2006

Loudon County Mayor

100 River Rd., Room #106

Loudon, Tennessee

Subject: Complaints - Mr. Patrick Phillips, LCEDA Director and Ms. Holly  Miller, LCEDA Office Manager

Dear Mayor Miller,

I realize that you will shortly be leaving office, but I would much appreciate that YOU personally attend to this matter instead of leaving it for your new mayor elect, since you are also the Chairman of the Loudon County Economic Development Agency Board (LCEDA) Board. Consider this my formal complaints, and know that I do not intend to be ignored or put off.

On Thursday, August 17, 2006, I kept an appointment with the LCEDA office that I made on Monday to inspect public records. Although my tax dollars pay for the public offices of planning and economic development agency, I was instructed to use a worker’s desk and NOT allowed to use an unoccupied desk and chairs in an adjoining room. Shortly after arriving and asking why I could not use the adjoining room to view public records, Office Manager Ms. Miller’s behavior changed. She appeared to be hostile and annoyed, and asked us to hurry because she and others were going to close the office to the public during their lunch hour.

I was not told in advance and it was not posted in a prominent place that the office would close at 11:30 AM and would not be accessible to the public.  I tried to explain to her that I had made an appointment and I was willing to stay at the office with those that remained to “baby sit me” while she went to lunch. However, that was not acceptable to her.

Now I realize that both you and County Attorney Harvey Sproul were at a Chamber of Commerce meeting when I called, but I did leave messages at several places. I have yet to receive a call from either of you.

After we returned the office manager was still out of sorts and smarting off. The director then arrived and I requested to speak to him but he said that he was busy and did not have time. He did however have time to chat with the planner, Mr. Newman upstairs. I asked the office manager to tell him I requested that he sign a paper acknowledging that he would not allow me to view certain public records. When he would not do so, I asked someone to film that refusal since they had their camera with them.

Not long afterwards he, the EDA director came down the stairs and abruptly told us to leave- using the excuse that WE were disrupting work. He appeared to be very angry because he did not like me asking him to sign my paper stating that he had refused to allow me to view some of the public records previously requested.

Mr. Miller, I am appalled at the way we were treated- it was most unprofessional. I have no idea what the EDA Director thought to hide- my requests were very simple and had to do with old business. I can promise you this- I will NOT be treated like a thief, nor told that I am disrupting business for doing what I was told to do. The Office Manager was unprofessional and very belligerent to both Connie and I. I realize that you do business with these people, and I have no desire to anger you, but this is totally unacceptable. Maybe an investigation by financial auditors and an independent probe into activities of the LCEDA would be in order to find the reason why the EDA Director acted in that manner when requesting to view financial records, which should be readily available to the public - I’d be more than happy to see what I can do.

I doubt seriously that the business and industrial people are treated with such distain when they come in demanding his time and favor. I think in the world of law it could be called discrimination.

Just in case you are not aware of the laws concerning public records I am including a copy so that you will see that I had every right to be there and to view everything requested. Please tell County Attorney Harvey Sproul, as an officer of the court, to please advise Mr. Pat Phillips of the Open Records Law.

I requested financial records of the EDA and was told that there were none. I suppose I will have to inquire with the state as to the truth of that and request copies from them if I am not allowed to see the LCEDA’s public records.

I expect and demand an apology from Mr. Phillips and Ms. Miller- especially Ms. Miller. I expect that the next time I request to view public records I will be allowed to view all requested, and will be treated with courtesy and respect. I also want this complaint to be entered into both parties work record. If the county does not do so within seven days I intend to see an attorney, and we can air all our dirty laundry in court. You should also know that a good portion of this was taped, and will reflect badly on the county in open court.

In closing, please show me where in the minutes did Loudon County Commission submit a Resolution to the Mayor's office for Commission approval that allows non-constitutional offices could charge .25 per copy for records?

I am requesting a refund of $22.00 since the LCEDA charged three times more than what the UPS store charges for copies made by their UPS personnel. The LCEDA’s copying charges are outrageous considering my tax dollars have already paid for the paper, copying machine, personnel and benefits.

I do hope to hear from YOU soon,


JoAnne Turner 8/30/06

I must say I am am ready and anxiously awaiting the change of a lot of faces with our city government beginning with the mayor. I do live in the city and my vote will count. Your site speaks of distrust and I ask, how can we honestly feel anything else at this point. It seems to me that every action they (mayor's office and council) take has a personal agenda behind it and not the resident's better interest's. I am one of those residents who has been hoping SOMEONE - ANYONE would run for office against Matt Brookshire and I am very pleased to see that I will indeed have a useful place to cast my vote for the office of mayor in November.


I talked to single a single parent the other day who had been fined twice already this year for not keeping her yard mowed - now I agree she should keep her grass cut, but when I look around at our city's overgrown properties, I have to wonder what kind of a hypocrite would enforce that law - perhaps some city official might have instead asked the lady if there was something they could do to help her out - or at the least inquired why her grass wasn't cut, then they would have known she was a stroke victim and was unable to cut her grass any longer and that she had employeed a neighborhood student who was out of school for the summer that hadn't shown up yet. 


We welcome our out-of-town visitors on Highway 321 with grass taller than their motorhomes and garbage strolled alongside the roads, I guess the out-of-school-for-the-summer boy hadn't showed up there either. The medians on Highway 321 look as if we're waitng to have them bailed instead of mowing.  And if by chance a traveler needs directions, they can always stop at the visitor's center where the building is beautiful on the inside but the lawn looks as if it's a grown over vacant lot most of the time.


Another thing the mayor thinks makes our city look better is for all of the cars in front of people's homes to be parked with the flow of the traffic and if you don't - then a big yellow warning citation will be placed on your windshield.  Not only does Mr. Brookshire have the right to order the enforcement the parking law but now he has the right to deface your private property. The big yellow citation which is put on your windshield is held in place with glue that is almost impossible to remove.  I know because after parking in front of my home in the wrong direction for 23 years - I received such a citation. I'm not complaining about my warning - but I am furious that they can deface my property.  I bet if I left the mayor a note glued to the windshield of his big maroon SUV he would not be happy about it - actually I'd almost bet I'd receive a call from the city attorney.


And then there's the talk of the city being able to claim private properties for their own use - hey I have a great ideal, why don't the residents of  Lenoir City get together and decide that we need the homes and businesses of our city officials for parking garages or something - bet that wouldn't fly very well if it was a property belonging to one of them that WE wanted. I wonder if  Mr. Brookshire would like to let go of his home for post office parking, I understand he does live within walking distance and we've all heard about how the post office needs more parking - and of course I'm certain the city would pay him "fair market value."


As for the council, perhaps a change of faces would allow that body of public officials to make good decisions if the seats were filled with people who would actually think for themselves and consider the voters and the best interests of everyone when they make decisions that will affect all of us, not just their friends and relatives.  The purpose of a council is for different minds to bring different ideas to the table whereas a broader more complete survey of the issues can be made.  With the present council the "good ole boy network is alive and well."


It is past time for the citizens of Lenoir City to wake up and smell the coffee while they still have a kitchen that has not been claimed by eminent domain. 


Robert Lenoir City 8/28/06

Dear Citizens:

I campaigned for Matt Brookshire when he was first elected to the office of Mayor, and was thrilled to see a fresh new face associated with our City Government and the expectation of more positive change for our town. It wasn't long until Mr. Brookshire forgot all those ideals and promises he held for Lenoir City and put his office to the use of pursuing personal vendettas and securing family employment. It's not about what is good for Lenoir City anymore, it is about what is good for Matt Brookshire, and he doesn't care to flaunt it, I have heard him say many times in several different wordings what boils down to "I am the boss, don't question what I say or do"
He quickly forgot the people who put him in this office, in exchange for employment for family members, vendettas for those who oppose him, special favors for those who don't, and creation of kaos in City Government.
City Government is a joke at best, no one will speak against the Mayor if he says it, suggests it, or even acts like he likes it, they jump all over it. They are his 'yes men" and that alone is enough to make a billy goat puke.
Even at the City Council meetings when the general public is allowed to stand and speak on any of the issues at hand or concerns that they have, instead of seeing Mr. Brookshire and his jesters show respect for the citizen or concern for the issue, you will see them roll their eyes, poke each other and whisper and giggle like disrespectful school girls the entire time someone else is trying to speak. Then, when our wonderful Mayor has finished giggling with our City Attorney, he will interupt the citizen and envoke the time limit.  I myself have witnessed this. This is not acceptable behavior for elected public officials, it is time for us to take our town back and show Mr. Brookshire it is the people who is "Boss" not him, this is OUR town not his to do with as he pleases. I personally would like to see him prosecuted for his violation of the oath of office.
Here is a copy of the Oath of Office for the Mayor:
Section 8.
Oath of office. After certification of the election by the county election commission, persons elected to the office of council member shall take office upon taking the following oath of office: "I, , do solemnly swear that, as Mayor (or council member) of Lenoir City, I will faithfully and impartially, without fear or favor, discharge the duties imposed upon me by law, and by the ordinances and the charter of Lenoir City, to the best of my skill and ability, so help me God."

It's that "faithfully and inpartially, without fear or favor" part that should get them all in hot water, in my opinion.
Mr. Brookshire has lied to me and about me, so as far as I am concerned if the lady who owns the french poodle on 5th avenue puts his name on the ballot beside Matt Brookshire, the poodle will get my vote. Now can someone come up with a couple good beagles for City Council????
Thank you
William, Lenoir City  8/27/06

8/25/06 I've read in the paper and seen on the TV the Sheriff trying to justify the lawsuit he has brought against the County. Where does Tim Guider think the County gets it's money? Is he that ignorant of the facts? If what the commissioner said on TV about the sheriff's budget going up 90% in four or five years, then somebody needs to find out where all the money is going. The biggest reason the calls to the sheriff are up so much, is because you have to call four or five times to get hold of anybody besides the sheriff's secretary.

I think I voted for the wrong man. Posted by  Darrell  Loudon County

8/19/06 Does anybody actually know what the redevelopment plan proposed for down town Lenoir City is about? If you do, let us know.
Posted by  Connie J. Lenoir City