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To Joe the Plumber,
Within 15 minutes of the report that the Bowens had been tied up and their vehicle stolen, WNOX, WIVK announced the report.  Also, Channels 6, 8, and 10 had the info on their website within 30 minutes.  All three stations also reported on their respective newscasts at the regularly aired time.
The Knoxville News Sentinel also had something on their website later and published an article in the news paper.
WIVK and WNOX repeated the broadcast of the vehicle that was stolen, asking everyone to help look for it.
The Loudon County 911 center did a very good job of getting the information to the various media outlets as quickly as they could once they received all the information.  The information was distributed within 30 minutes to all surrounding media and law enforcement agencies.
I listen to the scanner continously and heard the call.  About 15-20 minutes later, WIVK broadcast the alert on their station.
I believe the sheriff's department and 911 dispatchers did a very good job of sending the information to the news media, however since it occurred after the noon TV news, they were not able to do anything until early afternoon.  But, WNOX and WIVK did an excellent job of broadcasting and rebroadcasting the vehicle description several times an hour as soon as they received the information.
David 10/29/08

To not curious anymore,
Welcome to the club. Now you  know why nobody  like cops. They  cannot help  but spout off to the very ppl  that  pay their wages thru tax money. All for not doing anything more than asking a  question. In my opinion it is a cops nature to bully people  around. because they  have a gun  and a  badge pinned on  them  they feel like they  are a breed above the rest  of us. I have seen   many follow the same road, they eventually end up like Joe Sims did. There was a time when  law officers were looked up to as someone who protects the public,
That time has long past. Just be lucky you weren't handcuffed and pistol whipped. or something seized and sold and the money  disappear forever!!!

Joe Clyde 10/29/08

seems to me like when a person  resigns,, quits ..or "retires" from  a job then  that  person should stop  worrying about who gets the job after them.. how that person  does the job.. and anything to do with the job.. i know  when i have quit jobs before.. that's exactly what i did "QUIT "worrying about it altogether. it has been in her own  words over a year. and we still  are hearing about meeting,, threats, and what happened when she was the clerk.. NOBODY CARES, take a vacation move on with your life try to enjoy something. get a hobby. try  to help some of the people you once took  money from

Let it Go loui 10/28/08

To: Disappointed parent 10/27/08
When it is positively determined who knew of this bus driver's drug problem and allowed her to transport children anyway, you have every right to appear before the Loudon County Grand Jury to press for indictment(s).
Under Tennessee law, any citizen who requests an audience with the Grand Jury must be granted it. You must contact the District Attorney General's office only for scheduling - not for permission.
If the DAG's office doesn't give you the appearance you request, sue him. Your statutory rights have been violated.
Dave Divelbiss
Lenoir City 10/28/08

Billy I appreciate your time in answering my question but not your rude comment at the end.  Obviously if I had wanted to take the time to research the answer to my question I would not have had to ask you for the answer.  You want to give out your information for people to contact you but them you are rude to them when they do.  I never accused you of anything or LPD.  I simply asked a question because I was not aware of when you worked together.  Obviously this is a sore spot and I am SO sorry to have rubbed it!!  You want to tell me that I should do something better with my time, what are you doing right now?  Reading my comment! 

Not curious anymore! 10/28/08

Did anyone else see the Knoxville paper Saturday???? Quoting Ron Cronan (of LCUB) paying $165.00 per ticket for a concert?????Now, according to Ron, he's management at LCUB,,, soooooooooo, did he pay that $330.00 or did LCUB??? And earlier there was a comment about how much the office personnel make at LCUB,, I know for a fact, over $20.00 per hour and the majority have NO formal education.

Rate Payer 10/28/08

To Just Curious 10/24/08,

                           The Loudon County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit assists Loudon City Police Department as well as other departments in East Tennessee all the time! The Loudon City Police Department has a very good K9 handler and K9, but there are times when their K9 team may be out of service, training, off duty, or tied up on another call. There are times when more then one K9 Team is needed, or a K9 team trained in a different area then Patrol. K9 Draga and I have assisted LPD on several different occasions. Draga and I have been called to LPD to assist in locating a lost child, and drug detection. Draga is trained as a utility K9; she is trained in search and rescue, civil tracking, evidence recovery, drug detection and other functions that do not involve criminal apprehension. The other LCSD K9 Teams have been called to assist LPD with drug detection, tracking criminal suspects, and other patrol K9 needs. Just recently Draga and I assisted LPD with drug detection the resulted in the arrest of 2 drug offenders and the seizure of a vehicle and US Currency. This could not have happened if it was not for the use of a K9. The Loudon City Police Department also assists the 9th Drug Task Force with interstate interdiction on I-75 in Loudon County. Draga and I have assisted LPD officers including their K9 officer with drug detection during these times as well. Now on the other side of the coin the LPD assist the LCSD on several occasions when our K9’s are unavailable.  If you would take the time to research your question before posting on this web site you could have saved time and energy for something more productive!   

    Once again if anyone has questions feel free to contact me at 865-988-2346 or @ 110 Franklin Estates Lane Greenback Tn. 37742. Email: . You can also contact the Loudon County Sheriff's Office @ 865-986-4823 and they will be glad to page me with your number.  

Billy Hall 10/27/08

I have a question, and I think this is the proper place to pose it so....  if I leave my 7 year old in a daycare and the daycare transports him to and from school. Lots of working parents do this. But on this particular morning when the daycare worker gets in the van she is stopped at a roadblock and is found to be under the influence of alcohol/drugs. She is arrested. The daycare owner is questioned and admits that she knew the worker had an alcohol problem but let her transport the children anyway. DHS swoops in and suspends the license of the daycare owner, because she was responsible for the care of those children. She is also arrested.  Now here is the question:
Why is Loudon County NOT in deep doodoo for this busdriver???, she was their employee and they knew of the problem yet did nothing. Loudon County School System is the same as any other business and should be held accountable.

Disappointed parent 10/27/08

you all should give Cissy Chapman a break. she is a good person.. very fair .. unlike  a lot of others in a  position of authority.. find someone else's character to  try to destroy

CC 10/25/08

I have a question for Billy Hall.  In your posting you said that you and your K-9 work with Loudon city on a regular basis.  I would like to know when. Don’t they have their own K-9 unit?   I understand that Loudon city would do what was needed for their citizens but I do not recall them needing assistance from the LCSD K-9 units on a regular basis. 

Just Curious 10/24/08

Mike, I found the following info at click on connect then click on faq.

From what I gather they cant force you to pay a $500.00 yearly fee. In knox county non members pay $1200.00 per hour per vehicle. Just think about it. your home is on fire two trucks are their for two hours=$4800.00 bill after losing your home.

What does my fire membership cover?
Your fire membership covers all responses to your home by Rural/Metro Fire Department – including First Responder medical services provided by firefighters – whether for a false alarm or actual emergency. (Emergencies involving hazardous materials may incur an extra charge.)

A non-member would be billed for fire department response at the rate of $1,200 per hour, per vehicle.

Non-subscriber fees can cost as much as 10 years worth of membership costs, and typically are not fully covered by homeowner’s insurance.

David Colvard

Loudon, TN 10/23/08

I am so happy that Bobby Johnson, Jr. Found out the truth about what Judge Terry Vann did to convince the council that he knew all about the law concerning his appointment of a city court clerk.  That wasn't his first time to visit city council concerning an out and out lie.  As you recall, he came to city hall and with a report calling for my resignation and announcing to the world that I had not done my job of collecting fines and cost for the Lenoir City Court.  I will go further to tell the public that I was called into Dale Hurst office one day to discuss what he said would be a great deal for me.  I had a clerk in my office that was giving me all kinds of problems.  I will not go into that because there is no need.  The deal was that I resign and let her have my job as the court clerk then I would be done with my problem.  I told him no because the city charter would not let that happen.  It plainly stated in the charter that I would be the city court clerk and that I had taken a oath to uphold the charter. 

The next couple of weeks were a terror for me at city hall.  I was cursed and threatened in my office by a city official. I was told I would be picked up by the police and taken to jail if I did not sit in court with the city judge. Judge Vann came to city council and publicly embarrassed me by telling a lie and stating that he had a report that proved that I did not collect fines and cost in my office.  No one saw that report including me.  The report was produced in my office by the clerks that were appointed by Judge Vann and Mayor Brookshire.  I  asked the same clerks to do me the same copy and they refused. One of the clerks that had nothing to do with the mutiny ran the report but was about $200,000 off in the amount that the judge produced.  That report was for 10 years and not 5 years told by Judge Vann at council that night.  It was a false report and a lie. I even asked the mayor to have the office audited when I retired but he refused.

Then after more than a year we had Cissy Chapman still coming on the blog stating that I did not send abstracts of record to the state for cancellations of drivers license for unpaid fines.  Another lie.  Any clerk that ever worked in that office can tell you that we did our job sending these abstracts out.  Enough about the past, I am just so glad that Bobby Johnson, Jr. Will  have a clear path to perform the job he was elected to do.  Without further interference from other elected officials, I think he will do well. Bobby, you are elected to your office by the people and you answer to a lot of people to do that job.  The present administration's excuse to change the charter was that you have no one to answer to.  Well, I am one to tell you that there are a whole slew of citizens that you will answer to that will depend on you.  Also, you will have an annual audit every year. Sometimes you just might have a visit from the comptroller's office because of wrong doing of other public officials because you are the record keeper for the city.  You are accountable to so many people and you hold the most important job in the city. 

Treat everyone fairly and my advice to you would be the same that I was given to me a long time ago by my father, the late Curtis A. Williams, Sr.   He told me to always have a smile for everyone.  Treat people with respect and care.  Go out of your way to help people and love doing it.  My dad was everything he told me to be and he was a real public servant and enjoyed every second of it.  I congratulate you Bobby.  It will be a hard job but there is no doubt in my mind that you can do this.  Hang tough and stand strong.   

Thanks for listening to me.
Debbie Cook
Chief Deputy Clerk-1977-1995
Retired City Recorder-Treasurer 1995-2007

In reply to Robert 10/22/08:

It is common practice for employers to pay for continuing education credits to maintain a professional license. Nobody said they were paying for his "higher education". You need the credits to maintain your license to do your job.

My company employs licensed engineers. Yes, we pay for time and expenses to obtain continuing education credits.  Of course, it has to reasonable. I could spend $20 for an hour credit online or spend thousands traveling to a far off seminar. I fear that oversight may not be in place in this case, however.

My only reservation is if Judge Vann is still practicing law outside of his city duties (I don't know if he is or not).  In that case, I don't think the city should pay for all the expenses for his continuing ed.

Bill 10/23/08

My comment concerns your article " The Judge was Wrong"
I feel that the city Judge and the City Attorney should both be relieved of their City positions. Not only did the Judge propose this the City Attorney argued for it, citing code and all that crap. When anyone could look at the code and come to the same conclusion that it is NOT what they want us to believe. They are either extremely incompetent, extremely stupid, or extremely devious, or I suppose all three could apply. Either way they need to be gone. Now even going further than that, our council is chocked full of educated businessmen, and you would think that one of them would have had the guts to challenge this, but did they, no. They went along with it knowing it couldn't/wouldn't fly if challenged. Thank you Bobby for being smarter than the whole lot of them.

Tim 10/23/08

I want to say good luck to all the candidates it has been great going by and seeing all of you, looks like a good time has been had by all and I would have to say that I am just sorry that I fell for the wooden box. lol.  In spite of all the bad flyers and the bad blogs it looks like this could be a great race after all.  Look forward to seeing you all at the poles Nov. 4th.  I would also like to encourage voters to get out and meet your candidates and find out what they stand for instead of just reading blogs about them.  This is a perfect time right now during early voting to ask questions and meet them face to face.  It was even good to see you there Van, and oh by the way can I get someone to tell me where I can get a "vote YES for liquor stores sign or shirt?  If so please let me know.
LStandford lc 10/23/08

In response to the "Squeezing the Squad" story, can they REALLY, and I mean REALLY, make me pay $500 for fire protection? I mean what if I just say screw it, let it burn? I think our Rescue Squad is as fine as can be and I feel adequately protected with these fine people on the job. I'll go on record as stating that if Chris Park and Harold Duff votes for this I'll campaign against them both next election, and I voted for them both this past one.
Mike Bluford
Eatons Crossroads
5th District 2/22/08

Well... Mr. Waliga   you are neither for or against Judge Vann's pay??  Isn't that the problem with most of our politicians today, that cant take a stand and stick with it??  I am totally against his pay. While I agree with you that there is possibly more hours spent than just those in court I do not agree with the raises he has gotten. His work hours did not increase 173% but his pay did. He took the job at the pay rate it was and understandably he could hope to get a raise over the period of years but a 173% increase... get real. He could always quit if he didn't agree with the pay or felt it took too much of his time.  I would also like to know who write the paychecks for him, I mean physically inputs the data for the checks to be written?  Whomever is responsible for this and Judge Vann should be prosecuted for theft, they are giving him 15,000 unauthorized dollars per year, and he is taking it. He knows that his raise should have been approved by the commission it was not. He is a Judge and knows the law. "Matt the Brat" does not have the authority to hand out our dollars at will, it must be approved. He should have to pay it all back. 

If Mr. Waliga is already wishy washy and upholding the fine Judge of our city I know for a fact that I do NOT want him on the council

BO 10/22/08

I am going to respond to this as it got under my skin a little bit.

First let me say that I am an advocate of complete transparency when it  comes to government finances and I am in no way supporting or condemning  the pay raises given to Judge Vann for his services, however, no one can conclude that the time spent by Judge Vann in performing his judicial duties is limited to his time in court. There is time spent in preparation for court, the review and signing off of court documents, municipal consultation, and continuing education to maintain his license
to practice.

I would think that, if you researched this a little, you would see that the hours actually spent on judicial responsibilities by Judge Vann
average closer to 10 hours per week. Taking that into consideration, the hourly rate is closer to $100 / hour not $530. I don't know of many attorneys or judges that work for this rate.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for assuring that the city cut down on excess spending and I think that there is some waste out there that
needs to be addressed, however, when weighing the value of someone's salary we need not put our thumb on the scale for the sake of political bashing. We get plenty of that from all of our media sources.

Jon W. Waliga
Candidate for Lenoir City Council 1/21/08

My direct question is why in the world should I as a tax payer pay for this mans "continuing education to maintain his license to practice"? Nobody MADE that man choose that career. Therefore he should pay for his own "continuing education to maintain his license to practice" out of his OWN pocket if that is the career that he chooses to keep. Maybe I should come to you and Judge Vann and ask both of you to pay for a higher education for myself that I would dearly love but can not afford? I can just bet that would fly as well as an airplane with out wings.

Robert 10/22/08

First let me say that I am an advocate of complete transparency when it comes to government finances and I am in no way supporting or condemning the pay raises given to Judge Vann for his services, however, no one can conclude that the time spent by Judge Vann in performing his judicial duties is limited to his time in court. There is time spent in preparation for court, the review and signing off of court documents, municipal consultation, and continuing education to maintain his license to practice.
     I would think that, if you researched this a little, you would see that the hours actually spent on judicial responsibilities by Judge Vann average closer to 10 hours per week. Taking that into consideration, the hourly rate is closer to $100 / hour not $530. I don't know of many attorneys or judges that work for this rate.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for assuring that the city cut down on excess spending and I think that there is some waste out there that needs to be addressed, however, when weighing the value of someone's salary we need not put our thumb on the scale for the sake of political bashing. We get plenty of that from all of our media sources.
Jon W. Waliga
Candidate for Lenoir City Council 1/21/08

Ms Cissy Chapman:
I first want to say that I’m proud to say Debbie Cook is my best friend and she would never ask me to tell untruths. As a matter of fact, if I were a dishonest person, I would no longer be her best friend. This is the truest example that I can give for a person that is meant to be a public official. She is honest and would never stand for anything dishonest going on in her office. I was the network administrator on contract for the City of Lenoir City for over 12 years. For several years the girls in Debbie’s office would ask me if we could find a program for the abstract of record that we would send to the state to report moving traffic violations to the department of safety. I found a program so we could get those reports on the computer because they hated to hand write them. There were so many and it took hours of fixing the forms to be sent into the state. Even though it took several years to get the computer company to do this form, we finally were able to do the abstract of record on the computer. It took numerous times to get the form lined up correctly. Because it was so much trouble I would ask whoever was responsible for doing this job for Lenoir City if they did run the state reports. The answer was yes. They would do this twice a month because there were so many and hard to print on the printer we had to use at that time. Debbie would oversee the work done in her office and if anything wasn’t being done she would correct this and make sure the clerks were doing their jobs. Debbie would also check for accuracy and if these reports were complete. I can say that she had the most honest office in the state of Tennessee. Whenever, I was working in another city office, if we had a question about anything concerning the city recorders office, I would call Debbie for the correct answer. Your complaint about her having a computer in her home was raised on another blog. You have the City Administrator’s Internet services being paid by the city. You have the fire chief and deputy chief with computers in their homes, you have the recreation director with a computer in his home. Then you have several with laptops. Debbie Cook did not request her computer. The city insisted she get a computer for her home because she was at city hall at 1 and 2 in the morning working on books. They were afraid for her safety. You have a lot to learn and I wouldn’t be spouting off about things that you hear from the two people that told the most lies about her. Debbie was a true and honest elected official and one of the most respected city recorder/clerks in the state. She is still being asked to come to their annual meetings. We will be attending the Finance Officer’s meeting at the end of the month. She was invited to attend even though she has no reason to be there. That is what I know about Debbie Cook and there are more people that agree with me than the few in that office that made things so hard for her. You lost a good one when she retired.
Wanda Ellis
Maryville, Tennessee 10/20/08

Way to get em Debbie, Have you thought of running for Mayor in 4?
-No reply 10/19/08

To Cissy Chapman:
I will sit here and let you know Ms. Chapman that every moving violation charge was sent to the State of Tennessee Department of Safety for non payment of fines or not coming to court.  You are a liar. I did my job were you doing yours when I saw you out shopping in Knoxville the other day during work hours?  Oh, you must have been on vacation. I am tired of you and the rest of your bunch getting on the Internet and telling outright lies about me. You should be ashamed.  Just like the rest of those at city hall, you have fallen into the same category.  Dishonest, money hungry, mean, and hurtful and you do not care about anyone but your selfish self.  Everyone knows about what you and the rest have done so do not come on this blog and spout your lies. No one believes or cares about you.  I now wish I had not felt so sorry for you and your family a few years back.  I wasted two weeks of sick time so that you would have a paycheck.  Stupid me.  That was the only mistake I made.
Thank you
Debbie Cook

Am I the only one that noticed that Russ Johnson's big press release didn't even mention Doyle Arp's name? I guess that's a pretty good indication who Russ is working for. With all the problems surrounding Mike Ross I'm sure Johnson would really like to bring him down and in the same process give Arp a free pass. It is just so disappointing to see just how corrupt our whole judicial system has become.  I really thought Johnson would be different. I was wrong. He is as bad as the rest of them.

Robert J. 10/18/08

ABC wrote "Change is coming, maybe not this election but it's coming."
     Why not this election? It's predicted that the voter turnout for this election will exceed any in history. We have 8 candidates running for 3 Council Seats and 3 candidates running in the Mayoral Race. If everyone wants this change so much, there's no better opportunity than this election so, if you actually do want this change, I suggest that you spread the word to all of your friends and loved ones, hit the polls and make it happen.
    I will also suggest that everyone read the questionnaire responses in Thursday's News-Herald. I promise that it will shed new light on the contrast between what we now have and what we could have, as far as leadership, if we'll just get out there and make it happen.
Jon W. Waliga
Candidate for Lenoir City Council 10/17/08

I am compelled to respond to David Divelbiss comments regarding the Lenoir City & Loudon County uncollected fines/costs, warrants & mittimus.  I've worked in the court system for a number of years-yes, both for Lenoir City Court & General Sessions Court as judicial commissioner.  In GS Court it's my responsibility to issue the capias warrants (for failure to appear in court) & also for FTA at arraignment in both courts.  A mittimus is a form sent to the jail which along with the criminal warrant holds that defendant unless/until bond is made.  I believe Mr. Divelbiss is referring to a Capias or FTA when he writes about a "mittimus warrant". He alludes to Judge Vann being wrong concerning the uncollected fines/costs for LC City Court.  Although LC City court does have concurrent General Sessions jurisdiction (can hold same court as Loudon Co. GS Court), until Judge Vann began hearing other types of criminal charges; i.e.drug charges, criminal trespass, reckless endangerment, etc., most cases were small triable offenses and moving traffic violations. 

I feel confident that most uncollected fines/costs are from failures to appear in traffic court or just simply not paying the same.  That could have been remedied years ago had the previous officeholder set as priority to send unpaid moving traffic violations into the state department of safety which would have automatically suspended the drivers license of the offender  Notice must be sent to the state within 3 months.  In order to be re-instated the offender must pay outstanding citations, a re-instatement fee & possibly be retested.  The  treasurer/recorder chose not to send to the state. That explains the uncollected majority & lack of suspended licenses for repeat offenders. The present appointed court clerk at LC Court is doing a great job trying to collect unpaid fines/costs. She's made tremendous progress. General Sessions has software that reports traffic offenses  directly to the department of safety. Mrs. Jackson told me last week her office is checking into similar software.  The Police Department & the Sheriff's Department are not responsible to collect outstanding monies owed the courts.  That's ridiculous to even imply that they could.  It's up to the court.   LCSD does transport offenders back to the county for FTAs & Violations of Probation, & outstanding charges, but not "mittimus warrants". 
At present LC City Court does not hear DUI cases, but could.  It would present a staffing & logistical problems such as holding cells, etc & possibly a need for supervised probation offices. The quote from Mrs. Cook said that the "most expensive fines/costs the city would have would add up to $250."  Judge Vann hears drug charges where for a simple possession  the state mandated fine only is $250.  Court costs are same as GS Court & would be about $500-$600 for an approximate total of $850. That was established several years back & does not include ordered drug fund contributions to LCPD. City court does send cases to the Loudon Co. Criminal Court, waived as felony  or after preliminary hearing. Also the public must keep in mind that most of the fines/costs minus clerk fees goes back to the state; it is not retained locally. Hope this will clear up any misconceptions.
Cissy Chapman
Judicial Commissioner

It's obvious that some of you just don't get it. I have no knowledge of what goes on in your local government but what ever it is IS the business of every citizen. You can not compare the actions of private businesses and private citizens to the actions of government employees. Big difference. Government officials and employees are paid by the tax dollars from the residents. This absolutely gives the every resident the right, no, the obligation to ask questions about the activities of any and all government employees. And if wrong doing is suspected or found to demand action. We are the employers, they all work for us.

Don B. 10/16/08

In response to Lstanford 10/12/08

I made the comment about the local businessmen to show the connection between T. Scott Jones, Tony Akins, Tooter and the LCSD. Tooter didn't do this as a favor he did it because he was more or less told to. Tooter is now running for mayor of Lenoir City and T. Scott Jones is campaigning for Tony Akins. Does something not seem a little off to you? If you want to live your life with your head stuck in the sand go right ahead that's what's wrong with this county today. People don't' want to get involved, they believe everything their told and they aren't open when someone tries to shed some light on the situation. You keep your head stuck in the sand and let the people who care about Lenoir City do the fighting. Thanks to Van and this site the citizens are more informed. Change is coming, change is coming, maybe not this election but it is coming.
ABC 10/16/08

I sure didn't mean to cause such a stir. I just simply stated what I saw. I didn't make any accusations of any kind. Is this how bad things have gotten? Ask a simple question and get accused of all kinds of things. No wonder so many people have suspicions of our officials.

Broadway Betty 10/14/08

Regarding Van's Brookshire On Review article, there's one thing I thought was noticeably missing. Matt Brookshire evidently doesn't care for the city charter he swears to uphold when he takes that oath of office.
Every two-year term we now get a few more proposed "charter amendments" thrown at us, and are given a plethora of reasons why we should approve them. In fact, in his last two-year term he tried to get his two-year terms changed to four-year terms.
He takes an oath to uphold the charter, not to try and rewrite it.
If he doesn't like what it says he needs to walk away from taking that oath.
David Divelbiss Lenoir City 10/14/08

Broadway betty....keep up the work.  I don't think you made any accusations just an observation and wanted an answer from a citizen for something you didn't know. But instead you were called a liar and a downright horrible citizen for monitoring the police.  I don't think you said anything about their professionalism or how appreciative you are for protecting you from harm but I am sure you are.  I think these two that replied have no idea themselves that it is the right of every citizen to scrutinize those who work for us.  So to you two bloggers you can stick it, I am a citizen and as long as you are getting my tax money, I will observe, tape, and record everything these employees of MINE, and every citizen of the county, does if I choose to.  I pay their salary so that gives me and Broadway Betty the right to gripe, complain and most definitely question everyone's actions that gets money from me. 
It would have been good enough to say he was picking the car up to take it to a public function where pictures would be taken and it would look better to have a marked car but instead you decide to try to spin gold out of a turd.  But better luck next time.  Oh and smile for the camera.
-A close friend 10/13/08

Thanks D Divelbiss, will do> Appreciate that.

RBB 10/13/08

Area out of touch with mainstream America

I have lived in East Tennessee my entire life, and it never ceases to amaze me how out of touch with mainstream America this part of the country seems.

Most of what I read and hear in the workplace, papers and radio is severely slanted against Democrats.

All everybody talks about is Barack Obama being a Muslim or not wearing a flag pin. I hear that the world will come to an end if we give gays rights.

I hear that it is perfectly logical to teach Bible stories in science class.

I hear that liberals hate America and should move to another country.

This is exactly what the right-wing demagogues want people to talk about so people won't focus on the real issues - like $4 gas and no plan to implement alternative energy.

Issues like unemployment and the worst market crisis since the depression.

Issues like 4,200 dead in Iraq and $500 billion spent and counting.

Issues like conservatives ignoring global warming and stem-cell research.

Issues like cronyism and scandals at all levels of government, especially in the Republican Party.

Well, I have had enough.

I love my fellow Tennesseans, so I really wish they would shut up about Obama's flag pin and look at the real issues.

Wake up and smell reality.

It's time for positive change in America, and it will take all of us to make America a better place.

I don't care who you vote for, just vote on the real issues.

See you Nov. 4.

Lee Rader Lenoir City 10/12/08

This is to miss Broadway Betty,
Once again another person butting into someone's business that you obviously have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, so I'll fill you in with what little information that I know is true.
First of all deputy chief Akiens has been with the county for 17 years and in law enforcement supervision and management for longer, so if he wants' to come get in a deputy's car he has the authority. And by the way, where's the photo??

Anyway the deputy you are speaking of has been driving an unmarked car similar in color to chief Aikens assigned unmarked patrol car.

Also if you must know, in order for chief Akiens to do his job and make sure his officers are doing their assignments, yes he may get a patrol car and show up on calls, or just patrol and watch everyone's work habits, it's hard to blend in when everyone knows what you drive on a regular basis. Maybe if you think about it, all they are trying to do is keep our county safe!!
He does care about the county and the sheriff's dept., and he cares about how everyone does their job. That's part of the job, that's the hours after the regular 40 a week, not to mention all of the call out time and constant phone calls relating to office business. Just pick up a scanner and you will hear most of the administrative officers working after hours of nine to five.
So I really don't believe you have seen what you are claiming. but I have seen plenty of good from all of the department, I just don't follow them around with a camera.
I would love to see you put your life on the line 24/7, because that is what all law enforcement is about 365 days a year everyday and every night!! You are not a police officer/sheriff deputy 9-5 Monday thru Friday.

I can sleep in peace knowing we have the men and woman who have made this decision to protect and serve the people, me and even unappreciative citizens like YOU !!!

I hope you really think about what you write next time, you never know you may have a emergency and chief Akiens show up in a patrol car. (THEN YOU WOULD FEEL REALLY GUILTY. OR MAYBE NOT)
Hope all have a great day, and thank you Van for standing firm on your ethics of this website, hopefully it will stop some of the nonsense and rumors that are just plain LIES.
Thank you,
Loudon County Citizen 10/12/08

In reply to Broadway Betty 10/9/08

Did you ever think that he might need a marked police car instead of an unmarked one?  Maybe if you had a job then you would not have the time to sit and stare.
And with all that is happening in the world and around our town everyone seems to be so concerned with all this other stuff.  A daycare had children in danger with people doing drugs, we have a historical presidential election that could possibly change the world we live in.  A young lady was raped and killed in a near by town which we all at one point or another travel, and not one post has been to say we need to pray for that family or that money has been raised to send to them to help with there expenses.  Meth has virtually taken over our state and country, we have soldiers over seas, the list can go on and on and on, but yet everyone still is sooooo concerned with only one aspect of life and that is the happenings of Loudon County sheriff's department. 

I am sure that the Sheriff would welcome anyone of you to come and sit and observe the happenings of everyday life there when you can tear yourselves away from your postings.  Or instead of tearing these officers down the next time you see one thank them for putting there lives on the line for you with little pay or respect.  You would definitely stop them long enough to ask to get out of a ticket or to help reduce a charge against you if you had one.

I mean why are we not posting about real issues.  As a parent the daycare endangering children outraged me, not whether or not Tony Aikens whom last time I looked was an employee authorized to drive a marked police car was driving one or not.  Let's start tearing to shreds all the business' from A to Z in this town if that is what is going to happen on here.  I am sure there is enough dirt to be shoveled in this town besides the LCSD. 

I am sure that people have been fired unfairly or had their wives arrested or been accused of in moral acts at other establishments in this town.  So why aren't we seeing those people on here?  you know why, because people want to gripe about things that are none of their business in the first place.  If we are going to crucify people on here let's put everyone on here.  For example let's start blogging about the people who are arrested for drugs, child neglect, or domestic assault.  Let's start throwing those people under the bus, because they are the ones that deserve it-not one line of employees which if looked into most of you have either been arrested by or given a ticket to by one of them and you feel this is the best way to retaliate.  I have had more tickets than I care to count and not one of those were not unjust they were all my fault.

Why has no one mentioned on here about the bus driver that endangered children last week?  If you want to go on a witch hunt on someone let's start with her.  She should be hanging from the tallest tree in this town for that.  She has a responsibility to carry children safely to and from school and did not fulfill that obligation, so where is the post about that?

Why was a post on here about a local business owner getting help from a friend on a bid a big huge scandal on here?  If you had a friend who could help you then you would let them-no different just because they have affiliations with the Sheriff's office-just a friend helping a friend, just like one would help you move or give you a couch to sleep on if you needed it.
I want to close by applauding Billy Hall for standing up for himself, maybe the others that are bashed on here should do the same thing and maybe just maybe it would stop.

Thank you
Lstandford Lenoir City, TN 10/12/08

To: RBB 10/908
You asked: <<Does anyone know of an attorney in Knoxville that DOES NOT have a CONFLICT of interest with LCUB?>>   
When I faced Shannon Littleton in court I did pretty well with Paul McLemore as my attorney. We prevailed. Contact him and ask.
Dave Divelbiss
Lenoir City 10/11/08

I've noticed something odd. I live in the west Broadway area. There is a county deputy who lives near by. Ever so often Chief Deputy, Tony Aikens, comes by the deputies house in his unmarked Crown Vic and leaves it and gets in deputies marked police car (photos attached) and goes somewhere. In a while he comes back gets back in his unmarked car and leaves. Not sure what that's all about but seems a bit odd.

Broadway Betty 10/9/08

Does anyone know of an attorney in Knoxville that DOES NOT have a CONFLICT of interest with LCUB>>>>?????????????????????????????? If so let me know,,,,I can't seem to find one

RBB 10/908

I too would like to thank Ms. Zehner for trying to save the tax payer's money. She is certainly an exception when it comes to government officials.

As for the News Herald. RIP

Valerie 10/8/08

I applaud Dana Zaner for saving money – other leaders should follow suit!!!!!!!!! 

Betty 10/7/08

 I have told my wife, family, and friends not to respond to the post involving the Sheriff’s Office or myself due to the fact that the people who are posting comments are mostly disgruntled ex employees and current employees of the sheriff’s dept., politically motivated fools, convicted criminals , and or just plain stupid people who have nothing better to do then hide behind a computer and post lies! Notice that I said mostly, some of the people that have written in, and even signed their correct name, seem to be well informed and took the time to seek the truth before writing in. To those few weather I agree with what you posted or not I respect you and your comments and encourage you to continue to stand up for what you believe in even if it is the un popular thing to do!

 Now it is time for me to respond to the bloggers who feel the need to post comments that are unfounded, untrue, and just plain lies involving myself and activities of the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office involving the Narcotics Unit and or myself! Lets start with gi jane!  You are a liar, and the FACTS prove it! You stated that LCSD can’t get involved with the 9th drug task force because they will not work with me. Since Russ Johnson has taken over and even while McCluen was DA I have worked with the 9th DTF.  Do you remember the 200 pounds of marijuana that was found on I-75 that involved the 9th and myself. How about the Gomes case the 9th DTF just wrapped up! The LCSD Narcotics Unit including myself aided several times in that case. The 9th DTF did and outstanding job and involved several different agency’s including the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office. I continually receive and exchange tips, leads, information about ongoing cases with the 9th DTF.  The LCSD’s K9 unit aides the 9th DTF with the use of our K9’s  this includes K9 Draga and myself.  9th DTF agents and I have investigated and deconstructed meth labs together. Don’t just take my word look at the court records, news paper articles and or call Russ Johnson, Steve Cook,  John Sanchez, or anyone who works for the 9th DTF. As for Lenoir City and Loudon City the LCSD Narcotics Unit including myself works with both departments regularly.   

Now to the F.B.I.! LCSD currently has a narcotics officer assigned full time to the HIDTA Task Force.(Paul Curtis) This task force is made up of several surrounding agencies including LCSD and headed up by the F.B.I. and D.E.A . I have personally worked with the task force on cases that I have developed and took to the task force for assistance in investigating and prosecuting on a federal  level! The LCSD Narcotics Unit is constantly involved with the task force and investigations in and around Loudon County.  As for your statements about harassing people to get a few marijuana seeds, talking bad to your relative! Why don’t you tell the whole story? Since being Sgt. Of the LCSD Narcotics Unit the Unit has seized more drugs, arrested and convicted more drug offenders, created more drug awareness programs for schools and the citizens of Loudon County, and seized and been awarded more assets then ever before! Don’t believe me check the court records, talk with the DA’s Office, call the State of Tennessee and ask for the TIBERS report and see for your self. gi jane if you can’t tell the truth the don’t speak.

To the other bloggers who have posted comments about the LCSD Narcotics Unit and or myself.

  It has been posted that I fail to work 40 hours a week. ANOTHER LIE! I am a salary employee ad only get paid for 40 hours a week. Since Jan 1 of 2008 I have taken two vacations one for 4 days when I got married, and just 4 weeks ago I secluded a week off. During that week off I worked 32 hours, I was called out several times, made several undercover drug buys, performed a drug sweep with my K9 partner at Greenback High school with the another LCSD K9 team,  and appeared in court. This does not include the drug fund audits, surveillance reports, weekly activity reports, case files, and other work I take home and work on while I am off!  Over the past 3 weeks I have worked a total of 222 hours. My average work week is 50 to 60 hours a week.  Come ride along with me for a week and see for your self just what I do and how much I work!

 There have been post reporting I am picking on Hispanics, let me assure you that could not be further from the truth! Look at the public records in the courts and see for yourself. I don’t care if your white, black, green, yellow, rich, poor, politically  connected, famous, or from another planet, if you are a drug offender or breaking the law I will my job and put you in jail.

 The comments about being accused of assault and misconduct involving Greg Berry a convicted drug offender! Just as every person I arrest you are innocent until proven guilty I went to trial I testified and I fought to prove my innocence! No one has posted comments about all the witnesses who were proven to be lying.  Even the victim told 3 different stories of what happened, I was one of the few who told the truth as to what happened. No one heard about Scott McCulen sending a T.B.I. agent to the Sheriff’s Office just prior to my arrest advising me that if I would come talk to the DA I would not have any problems. ( I still have the recording of this offer). If I had done what I was accused of how come there has been no civil suit. Post are being made that T Scott was my Atty. Not true I had my own atty who came to me on his own and offered his services, I have the atty bill to prove it! If anyone knows were Greg Berry is you may want to tell him to turn himself in he has another warrant out for his arrest!

 I have worked hard to get were I am and I have sacrificed a lot to do the right thing and be the best Officer I can be! I have put my life on the line several times, been shot in the head, lost friends, drug down the road, hit by fleeing vehicles, arrested on false accusations, and the list goes on and on but I still fight for the citizens of Loudon County! I will not allow the criminals, liars, and cowards to keep me from doing my job!

  I am tired of lies and people who continue to mislead and make reckless unfounded statements involving LCSD Narcotics and me!  I know this is going to start a frenzy of post about me! People will continue to tell lies, make reckless unfounded statements and hide behind their computer scared to sign their name but at some point in time you have to stand up for your self and let the people know who you are and what you stand for! I an no different the 99% of the Law Enforcement Officer in Loudon County. I assure you that each and every Officer has and will make  sacrifices to protect and serve  the citizens of Loudon County! I have only commented on things that involved me personally and I have not told you about all the other hard working Law Enforcement Officers in Loudon County who work long hours for little or no pay, who endure the pressures of being a Officer. I speak for myself only!!!   I have not accomplished the things I have spoken about by myself  but I do not want to  pull those officers and other people into the fire!  If you have a question feel free to call me 865-988-2346 I have nothing to hide!

Billy Hall 110 Franklin Estates Lane Greenback Tennessee.

 P.S. Scott McCluen may be out there but at least he signed his name and for that and that only I respect him!

Well, it has been awhile since I talked to you bloggers.  A close friend of mine confirms business is as usual at the Loudon Sheriff's department.
Special agent Curtis got a $50,000 SUV, 2006 model, just not good enough (great on gas).
Sgt. Hall continues to harass people to get a few marijuana seeds.  He even talked to a relative of mine like she was dirt, just because of  where she was.  Thought it was a free country.  He then had the nerve to ask her to help him.  Are you kidding me?
I also see that Detective White got moved to the school (without) his approval.  I guess he must have had to (Just Say No).  Meanwhile you have more people not coming to work or doing their job.
Chief Davis is still being Jimmy.  Taking off every other day, bringing Aikens coffee, and suspending employees with no merit.
By the way, the only reason the deputies got suspended is because they messed up a good story for Sheriff Aikens.  Could've had a good story if not for the escapee.  The same guy ran from him and got away.  Can you suspend yourself?
I will bet you people that you won't see, not one supervisor car at the sheriff's department before 9:00 a.m. or after 2:00 p.m.  You will not see the sheriff's car there after 2:00 p.m. because that is when he comes in.  Davis, Aikens, and Arden do come by to say hi.
If you ask anyone in the sheriff's department and wouldn't mention their name, 90% of them want Aikens and Davis gone because they know if they are still there during election season, they are out of a job because sheriff #2, Guider will get creamed in 2010.
It's going to be funny when the chosen few are looking for jobs and find out that they're not that great.  Enjoy for now!
I will go on to say that Loudon City and Lenoir City are making great progress with the war on drugs with the 9th DTF.  Loudon County can't get involved because they will not work with Billy Hall.  The sheriff knows this but will not change the situation.
The FBI does help out sometimes with Billy and Paul on their coat tails.  Maybe the Feds can get a big seizure and Billy Hall can get him $50,000 gas hog (with Paul Curtis' approval).
2010 will change all of this mess.
G.I. Jane