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All the things that I have read on here about sheriff and chief are just a minor correct way of putting it! Five years ago things were not his bad at LCSD on the other hand now it's all out of control! Look at one factor one detective gets bumped out so another can have a good seat! Oh yeah then you got the good ole boy  system work in in our schools what do you do now, because now the so called fine one's (yeah right) are now working with our children! Everyone on here keeps saying call the feds in well what good will that do the chief will just pay some money or black male the crap out of them to keep there mouth shut! Now that is how the AIKENS POLICY WORKS!! The only way to make a change is in 2010 to vote for someone else regardless of who else runs, and just pray that things get better! Hopefully the new sheriff in town will come in and clean a little house!
The End....9/26/08


First let me thank you for this great site. Now everyone talks about the stink in Lenoir City, as in politics. Let's talk about the raw sewage smell coming from the treatment plant next to Yale. This is terrible. You should come down and have a picnic.
Next is the red light situation that maybe some have noticed. Since the gas prices have gone up I think someone has changed the timing on some traffic control. You have to sit for ever, even though no traffic is coming either direction. Is someone that sets the light controls also selling gasoline?
Lastly, why did people have a hard time over Joe Sims? He is/was a felon. I think Robert, Tooter, Robinette is an honest hard working individual. He tries to treat everyone fair in his business and I think he would be a great asset for you people in Lenoir City. I can't vote there.
So in closing please get rid of the raw sewage, set the traffic control, and elect a mayor that will work for you instead of himself. Thanks again for having this site.
Robert from Roane County    9/26/08

The residents on Welch Avenue in Loudon City are being invaded with water bugs because of the house at 1111 Welch Avenue. The residents are having to spray and bomb theirs houses because no one will do anything about the house that is causing the problem. Why will no one do anything? The proper people have been contacted including the city building inspector and still nothing has been done, why does our residents have to live with this problem and why sould they have to spend their money to protect their houses when the city should do its job and they would not have to deal with this?
Just wondering 9/26/08

This is in response to comments by: -they need help,
The escape of the inmate had nothing to do with how much money was spent on the jail for security.  The fact is that if the officers involved had been doing their jobs then it wouldn't have happened.  An inmate cannot walk out of that jail unless someone opens both a door and a gate for them to get out of.  The controls for this gate and door are in the control room of the jail, which is supposed to be monitored at all times by an officer and that officer is not supposed to open the door unless he/she knows who is at that door/gate wanting in or out of it.  IF the inmate was in fact in a holding cell there would be no issue because there would of been no escape.  And as for the LT. jail administrator, she herself was working one night long ago along with the 4th in command when an inmate escaped from the rec. yard of the jail, yet look where they are now, while another officer that  let an inmate walk out of the booking room was fired.   So it really doesn't matter what you do at the Loudon County Sheriff Department. it is all who you know and what secrets you keep.
I know how this works! 9/25/08

If the state is CRACKING down on those worthless parents, they need to do more than take their licensees. WOW !! that is really going to the extreme. I would say make them work.... Sitting in jail  is just fine with them. free meals and a bed and all the amenities of home. so are we (the taxes payers) going to keep paying for their up keep and keep racking up child support that WILL NEVER GET PAID!!!!
I am owed over ten thousand dollars for my child so what is the problem collecting it????????
The state is to busy with this election crap to care about the important stuff...
tell the system to start working for the children and not themselves... 9/25/08

I have a few  questions, maybe someone can answer?  Below is a quote from the newspaper article about the jail escape.
At the jail, a corrections officer removed Hayworth's ankle shackles and handcuffs after placing him in a holding cell in the booking room. When the officer turned his back to check on another inmate, Hayworth "darted behind the officer and out he went" through an open door, Guider said.
If Mr. Hayworth was in a HOLDING CELL,  how could he of darted behind the officer and escaped?  First of all, holding cells are locked from the outside and cannot be opened from inside, 2nd, there are cameras in the booking room and control room, sallyport and outside the jail, why was no one watching the cameras?  3rd, there is a gate and a door that you have to go through to get to the outside and they have to be opened from the control room, so how did someone open both doors and let a prisoner walk out and yet no one saw him?  I heard that Mr. Hayworth was sitting in the booking room unattended and that one of the officers opened the doors so the trustees could go outside and smoke and Mr. Hayworth just walked out the back door.  This scenerio makes more sense than the one in the paper.  Any comments on this from anyone? 
One who knows!!!! LC TN. 9/25/08

To the ones suspended,
Better go find another job because you know they will bend you over.  You made them look bad.  Never mind the policies or that the fence isn't high enough.  You can't punish metal.  If you ask me it isn't your fault and they should be held accountable too and why was the chief out in that area that day, I wonder if they suspended the new LT jail admin?  Don't think this would have happened with sharky?  But goes to show that they didn't spend enough money making the place more secure, probably shaved off 2 ft to the fence so the chief could have better office furniture?
-they need help 9/24/08

Does anyone know why some of our county officials are in Las Vegas?  Is this on our tax dollars?  How many officials are there and why?

Anonymous 9/23/08

I recently noticed those beautiful benches they put down Broadway in Lenoir City, who's idea do you think it was to put them in the middle of the sidewalk in front of the Roan State building. It seems that if I were in a wheelchair I would have a lawsuit against the city if my chair would happen to overturn while I fell off the curb trying to get around them, or does the City Government care about that, the taxpayers will pay for it I guess.

Anonymous 9/21/08

No we do not have a good choice for mayor, but if we elect a good city council, we can turn some things around, I believe.  There are 3 choices for city council and there are 8 that are running for these positions.  The mayor has no vote and if the city council works together, like they should, it would counteract a bad mayor.  The mayor is elected for 2 years.  The councilmen each serve a 4 year term.  The problem we have had in the past, is, the mayor has listened to some very bad advice and the council has gone along with him.  This needs to stop! The city council is the voice of this city.  You do not have to go along with a mayor that has no clue. Please start voting your true convictions and be honest.  You have made promises to us while you were going door to door.  Stick to what you told us when you asked for our votes.  We are going to try and change things at city hall by voting for you.  Please don't make fools of us by going against everything you said you would do when you were out there campaigning.  Remember we are watching you during all the important decisions you will make and every budget you will pass.  Four years will be here before you know it.  Just do what you promised or don't make promises to me while you are standing on my front porch asking me for my vote.  OK?  Thank you!
John Q Who Votes In Lenoir City 9/19/08

Just some info for those who may be interested.
According to the TVA website one of their press releases said this.
"The FCA for the three-month period of October through December is slightly more than four-tenths of a cent per kilowatt-hour, or 0.432 cents. The impact will vary across the Valley, but residential consumers can expect an increase ranging from about $3 to $6 in their monthly bills. "
now that is talking about the increase we HAVE NOT gotten yet, they are talking about beginning in October.  Now on another page it says to figure out what your cost should be multiply your used kilowatt hours by .00744. Mine comes out to be $28.98 and thats exactly what my bill shows. Now in October you  will have to multiply your used kilowatt hours by .01958 and that would be $78.70 (I am using the same kilowatt hours, just as an example) That is an increase of $49.72 NOT the $3 to $6 that they claim. And just for the record last year same time it was .00094 for a whooping total of $3.78.  That is a great big difference. That is an increase of $74.92!!!! This is just the TVA Fuel Cost Adjustment our utility costs are also scheduled to increase. I am not sure by how much but you can bet it will be felt.  Utilities UP, Gas UP
Groceries UP, Taxes UP, I am not certain how they expect the working people to survive.

A Rate payer 9/19/08

To Are Van's Facts important? 

  You’re darn tootin the facts are important. If that bothers some, you are either a part of the problem and don’t like being told on, or you are living in a different world than the rest of us. Maybe you prefer to not know. The solution is simple- don’t visit and enjoy those rose colored glasses. It IS still a free country. Personally I WANT to know what is going on so I can be a part of the solution. I don’t LIKE giving my money to crooks who cheat and lie to me. I like even less that they think they can get away with it and there is nothing we can do about it. Knowledge is power. I have to think that someday if we all try, we will bring them all to justice- or at the very least elect honest people who care about doing a good job.

  As for Tooter- I don’t know him- or his financial status, but my mama used to say if you lay down with dogs you get fleas. If that shoe fits………..

JoAnne Turner 9.19.08

To Are Van's Facts important? 

I sure think they are. If someone wants my vote I want to know who they run with and who they will be taking care of. Obviously Robinett will be taking care of Aikens and Vann. I appreciate Van letting us know the facts but the sad thing is we really have no good candidate for mayor.

Mad Mike 9/18/08

Has anyone heard a peep from the DA about the Raritygate investigation? Does he think if he puts this off long enough, we'll all just forget about it? That we'll forget about how Arp gave away more than a hundred thousand dollars in property tax breaks to his buddy Mike Ross in just the past three years? That all us peasants will forget how our appraisals shot up 15% to 20% in 2005, while the big wheels were laughing all the way to the bank?
Not a chance.
And why should it take the DA more than two months to figure out what Van Shaver and an investigative reporter for the News-Sentinel were able to piece together in just a few hours?  Can someone enlighten me?
--Just curious  9/18/08

All this pro-liquor talk coming from someone else whose own Loudon County sins were successfully hid from legal prosecution. You make me sick. Go ahead and move to Blount County!
I won't go into details, luckily for your sake, but I know that you must drink frequently in order to drown your memories of what it did to the one person who trusted you with everything. You be sure to remember every day, what you did --Just so happens that I know it is fact. I hope your conscience eats at you constantly day after day and you NEVER FORGET!! If you want to know what I'm talking about,-- ask her...but she'll never admit anything!

Van: An excellent article about Mr. Ross and the sneaky TRDA land swap. For those who didn't read it, a couple of years ago Ross deeded land to TRDA only to have them deed it right back to him in order to skirt county building code jurisdiction. Sure, it was a dirty deal, and I bet if you checked you might also find it was illegal. TRDA was set up to accept a one-time transfer of land from TVA.  I'll bet nothing in the state legislation authorizes them to acquire land from private owners. By the same token, as a public entity, TRDA cannot sell or give away land without putting it out for bid.  Did TRDA request bids on the land before deeding it back to Ross? Of course not.
If I'm wrong, Mr. Ross or Mr. Hammontree, please prove me wrong. Maybe the DA needs to add this one to his list of Rarity deals to investigate? 
--FedUp 9/18/08

Are Van's Facts important? 

I am not sure what you feel that you are accomplishing by bringing out a candidate's financial status in this election.  I do not feel that will determine how he runs the city as our "mayor"  Just because Robert Robinett has been in partnership (joint ventures), per say, with others in the city does not mean that he will allow that to influence him with his decisions. I feel that he will do what is right for Lenoir City.  I believe that Robert Robinett is our best candidate for "mayor".  That does not go to say that I do not like the other candidates..........but I feel that we need a change.  What business is it of yours to publish his personal finances......and then to say as you have ended the other opinions that you have........
     This information is not in support of any candidate or in opposition of any candidate.  These are just simply the facts.
If you want to give the city the facts, that is fine.  But give to them some information that will enable them to see what the candidates stand for in this election...........and not all of this garbage.

Anonymous 9/17/08

I'd like to know when we are getting our new Bridge going over the Dam to 321 ? Thank God the Huge Rancher type House that was floated down the streets of  Broadway that held up traffic  Tuesday afternoon didn't have to be carried over the bridge ! It'd fell through the bridge  for sure into the river renaming it a   House on/in the Lake  for sure giving the traffic going across the bridge a  new  splash exit off the old bridge! We Need  our New Bridge!
wanderin  in  Lenoir City 9/17/08

I think that this so call concerned county, needs to focus on the children in this county. They are being raped, sexualy assaulted beaten and abused. Left alone at home, while the so-called parents are out doing God only knows. The children are afraid and alone! It has been reported and reported, but, their cries and voices are dismissed, like the trash of yesterday..
help me save our future!!!!!
DJC 9/17/08

I don't live in Tellico Village, but I was born, raised and still live in Loudon County and I support the liquor stores in Loudon County.  And I think if you would go to any liquor store in Knox or Blount County and watch how much money is leaving our county, then you might stop and think again. And a lot of people that are opposing this in Loudon County will still go to Knox and Blount Counties to make their purchase because they are afraid they might be seen.
Stopping sales of liquor in this county is still not going to prevent liquor in the county.  And people from Loudon County  were purchasing liquor from other counties long before Tellico Village was ever thought of being in existence. 
As long as the school systems are in poor conditions, our local government throwing away  money  on expensive office construction and the list can go on, I think we need all help we can get.  So hey lets keep it here.  
Joanne Greenway  9/17/08

We made CNN for having the most stupid gas prices in history:


To Lu Lu

The proof is in the pudding.  Here is just a little of what I know.

On 5-5-2007 the sheriff's office held an auction at the justice center for 22 cars and trucks seized.  The vehicles were stored and pulled by the only wrecker service allowed to pull for seized cars (Moneymakers).  The cars were towed from Moneymakers to the justice center two or three at a time for 5 miles.  The storage is not supposed to be charged for seized vehicles.  The tow bill for this was $700.00 per car.  This can be confirmed by the Trustee's Office who handles the accounts for drug seizures (Estelle Herron).  Who audits or keeps check on drug accounts ?  No proof but rumor has it Aikens and a couple of other well known public officials and or attorney T. Scott may have a silent interest in the company.  Who Knows ?

More to Come 9-15-2008

To Lulu 9.13.08

You wrote the following:

<<<Please tell me how to do this. I've written the governor and other state officials until my fingers are raw. I¢ve even contacted an attorney who prosecutes people misusing federal grant money. The problem is they all want proof before they investigate.>>>

It can be discouraging. But the good news is that the deck is stakced against the crooks. They have to be 100% successful - which is against human nature. I'll explain why.

There is a former Roane County judge currently serving federal prison time. If our local Loudon County politicians were to contact him, he would tell them two things:

1. "You must cover your tracks", and;

2. "In doing so, you must bat one-thousand. If you strike out just one time, you're finished".

So, keep watching and talking about them. And keep complaining.

Try talking to federal agencies instead of the state. That's who put Roane County judge Thomas Austin in prison. That's also who rounded up the gang that was running Cocke County. That's who conducted the Tennessee Waltz sting. They actually enjoy doing their job.

Talking to the state may be futile. The problem you are complaining about infects the state level also.

David Divelbiss Lenoir City 9/15/08

Here's the plan. Tooter gets elected as mayor. Aikens gets reelected to council and is the highest vote getter which makes him vice-mayor. Robinett resigns. Aikens becomes mayor then appoints judge Terry Vann as manager of LCUB. Good plan. Problem is, Tony nor Toorter will be elected and Terry will probably be going to jail. Better plan.

YoYo 9/13/08

To Ron who said:

Wake up, people.  The way things are in Loudon County is NOT the way it is supposed to be.  Get some backbone and demand that all the charges be investigated by FEDERAL PROSECUTORS, not a well-connected local DA with a future and family to destroy. 

Please tell me how to do this. I’ve written the governor and other state officials until my fingers are raw. I’ve even contacted an attorney who prosecutes people misusing federal grant money. The problem is they all want proof before they investigate. How do you get proof when records are denied or in some cases completely changed at the county clerk’s office?

Lulu 9.13.08

I have to wonder if there is any reason for those of us who had to leave Loudon County to find good jobs have a reason to come back.  My last few trips home have led me to believe that crime and drugs are rampant, law enforcement is corrupt, and a mafia-type element controls politics.
Well, I could retire and come back home to enjoy the most beautiful place in America (and some of the best people anywhere), but why should I???  Do I want to be like Sheriff Buford Pusser and walk into a hornet's nest that everyone is turning a blind eye and deaf ear to??  I think not.
Wake up, people.  The way things are in Loudon County is NOT the way it is supposed to be.  Get some backbone and demand that all the charges be investigated by FEDERAL PROSECUTORS, not a well-connected local DA with a future and family to destroy. 
I've dealt with people like these before in my professional career and have had my life and my family's safety's not funny. 
DEMAND that the house be inspected and declared clean or dirty, but don't just let it simmer and become even more entrenched.

Ron 9/12/08

To Anonymous 9/11/08
Let's see. I pointed out facts and You are accusing me of passing judgment. This is an issue that has confused many people. On one hand, we are commanded by the Lord Jesus, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged” (Matthew 7:1). On the other hand, the Bible also exhorts us to beware of evildoers and false prophets and to avoid those who practice all kinds of evil. How are we to discern who these people are if we do not make some kind of judgment about them?

Christians are often accused of "judging" whenever they speak out against a sinful activity. However, that is not the meaning of the Scripture verses that state, "Do not judge." There is a righteous kind of judgment we are supposed to exercisewith careful discernment (John 7:24). When Jesus told us not to judge (Matthew 7:1), He was telling us not to judge hypocritically. Matthew 7:2-5 declares, "For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
As far as the Yankee comment. We had to fight the Japs, the Germans and the British, to keep our God fearing values and this country free and safe. Then they moved to the US ( primarily the north). Because they didn't like where they lived and what their country had become. Same holds true with the Village. All I am saying. If they want liquor stores. They should have them IN THE VILLAGE.
Just Wondering 9/12/08

To: Legal2judge
you seem to have a problem with talking out of both sides of your mouth, one blog you are saying things about a law suit that you have no idea of what you are talking about, and all the while condemning the sheriff and then you are on another one taking up for Aikens, so my question to you is which side is your bread buttered on?  Or do you just not have anything better to do between the 1st and 15th of the month while waiting on your gov't check.
just asking

Moe 9/12/08

Last year a local businessman who is also a part time deputy (go figure) was trying to relocate into a larger space. The build out bids for the larger space were coming in pretty high 60,000 plus. The businessman made a call to T. Scott Jones, T. Scott called Tooter, Tooter called the businessman and did the build out for 35,000. If people in this town don't think there's a reason a nobody like Tooter is running for mayor their wrong. It's a scam Tooter is just the face. Don't fall for the citizens, I don't care for Brookshire but if Tooter gets this were all in trouble!

ABC 9/11/08

Is there a reason that personal friends of Tony Aikens get to have emergency tags on their personal vehicles?  I mean why would someone that works at Club Tan need a E Tag, as far as I know she nor her husband are employed with and emergency agency that would require such, so is this another perk they give out?  I mean there are some of Chief Davis' friends that have fulltime FOP stars on there cars and they are no way associated, but then again maybe that is how he gets them to be friends.
curious 9/11/08

I grew up in LC and have always appreciated that until now. I cannot believe all the junk that is going on.  Someone needs to get enough gumption or intestinal fortitude to call in the Feds and clean house.  Surely there is someone who cares enough to get rid of all the corruption. This sounds like a really bad movie plot when I read about all the things that go on.  I still have ties to the area and could tell you a few things that I know specifically. The Sheriff Dept. is crooked as a " dog's hind leg"   They let drug dealers do deals on the street and do nothing. I know this for a fact since I saw 3 drug deals go down while driving around LC and when the authorities were told, they did nothing.  They did nothing when a druggie stole medicine from an elderly lady and sold it.   Somebody help get this mess cleared up. I keep praying that God will intervene and put these people where they need to be.  -- behind bars 
A LC 9/11/08

Reply to No Thanks 9/10/08

Could we  PLEASE......I am saying please leave Tony Aikens out of mix for at least one day or so. So what if T.Scott Jones was out campaigning?? I say more power to Tony....if you can afford to have friends campaign for you I say DO IT!!!
We seem to rehash ALOT on here that is common knowledge to most of Loudon County and beyond. What will we have to talk about after this election???????
Legal 2 Judge 9/11/08

Can anyone tell me why kathy proaps has anything to do with the school system?  Her husband is on the school board and if she receives money from the school system for anything then isn't that a violation of their nepotism policy?  I know she isn't the only one but I ask the school board members to please consider how unethical this is?  I know the other political leaders of the county could care less but we need to start clean somewhere and it should start with the new school board.  Don't make me regret my vote.
-Stacy 9/11/08

Just wondering 9/10/08

You are showing your lack of  smarts. before you were born the British Japan,. German's called us all Yankee's. get out a 4th grade history book if you can read also if you have a bible read the part about we are all brothers not to hate each other he will judge you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I bet you drink!!!

Anonymous 9/11/08

Did anybody else get a visit from attorney T. Scott Jones? Last Saturday Jones who has been the attorney of record for all of Tony Aikens indictments and most of the other sheriff deputies and wives who have been indicted or arrested showed up on my door step asking me to vote for Tony Aikens for city council. Go figure. A $300 an hour lawyer out campaigning for a $3 thug. I guess Jones has made a lot of money defending all the crooks at the sheriff's office. Just the fact Jones is out campaigning for him should tell you all you need to know about Aikens.

Three T's in a pod. Terry, Tony, Tooter.

No thanks 9/10/08

It looks like the Yankee's in Tellico Village want liquor stores in Lenoir City with 1425 signatures. They moved here, because they didn't like it up North with all the crime and problems these kind of things bring about. I say move back, or keep it in the Village!
Just Wondering. 9/10/08

Let's see...our D.A.G. is a crook, our county mayor is a crook, our Lenoir City mayor is a crook, the L.C.U.B. manager is a crook, the city judge is a crook, the sheriff and chief deputy are crooks, most of the developers are wonder our county is in the shape it's in!  They use our county, our city, and our tax dollars for their own personnel use!  Our county is being used as the crook's playground.  Too bad there is not a single honest and upstanding citizen that is running for Lenoir City mayor.  And the crimes against the citizens continue...

Tiny 9/9/08

John, you've got my vote. That's one. I'm ready for change.

Darla 9/6/08

Zeb: 9/5/08
Thank you for your input. In fact, thank you for presenting the perfect argument in my favor. If I have offended anyone in my challenge to make a change, then my point came across loud and clear. The power of the voter is proven at the polls and I look forward to seeing you there.
You also make another powerful point in my favor. You are correct in your assessment that I have not been in the community long. ( five years to be exact.). The irony of this fact is that the issue that presents itself as my biggest hurdle ( Not being from Loudon Co. and connected to the "Good Ol' Boy" network) seems to be the very thing that all of you want change in.
From a political agenda standpoint, don't expect me to "Blow Smoke" and stroke egos with idle commitment of what great things I'm going to do as a Councilman. I want all of YOU to tell ME what is is that you expect from me as an elected official. I'm working for YOU.
In Closing, the abrasive nature of my original blog was intended to jump start these discussions. Now that the motor is running, I invite each and everyone of you to contact me via email at or by phone at 389-2168. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss your concerns.
Jon Waliga 9/6/08

Early voting starts Oct. 15th. I urge everyone to get out to the polls and make this a record turn-out. I am planning on setting up a campaign booth at the Oct.11th street festival downtown. I invite everyone to stop by, ask questions, voice concerns, or just say hi.
Jon Waliga
Candidate for Lenoir City Council 9/5/08

In response to Mr. Waliga: 9/3/08

Your post confuses me. All in one breath you seem to be asking readers to vote for you and the other "new faces" running for Council; then you start psychoanalyzing and insulting the very people whose votes you need to get elected. ("Living with constant hatred and blame is nothing more than an excuse for not holding yourselves accountable for what you don't like about your life. ...stop sitting around complaining, sending useless blogs, and feeling sorry for yourselves. ..." etc...).  Real smart.

I'm sure you're a fine person, and might even make a fine councilman, but with that kind of political acumen, I suspect your political future just ended before it even started.
Some may wonder what kind of shape this city and county would be in without and all of us "complaining...useless" bloggers. Let me clue would be in a heckuva bigger mess than it is now. Who else is going to shine the spotlight into the dark, shadowy corners and smoke-filled rooms of local government?
Those of us who have lived here most, if not all, of our lives and love this community are sick to death of the corruption, the political favoritism, and the good ol' boy network that tries to run everything. If you can't relate to that, you either haven't been here very long, haven't been paying attention, or simply don't care. Many of us have felt disenfranchised for years -- and with good reason -- and this medium gives us a voice that helps level the  playing field just a tad. If that offends your sensibilities, may I suggest you go buy yourself an overpriced ad in the Newsless Herald and express your elitist opinions there, not here.
--Zeb 9/5/08

I cannot help but think that Arp is up to his old tricks- getting sick as he did with the public records case, to avoid answering to his dirty deeds. If he thinks he is going to find sympathy here, he had better think again. This time I want PROOF that he really IS sick, and I suggest that DAG Johnson demand the same.

No sympathy here 9.4.08

Living with constant hatred and blame is nothing more than an excuse for not holding yourselves accountable for what you don't like about your life. There are five new faces running for the City Council seats in the upcoming Nov. 4th election. This is YOUR time to "Man-Up" and change what you don't like about our city government, or, you can continue to sit around complaining, sending useless blogs, and feeling sorry for yourselves.

       Every single vote is an opportunity to enhance the future of our community, so, hit the polls hard this November.

Jon Waliga
Candidate For Lenoir City Council 9/3/08

I appreciate your comments.  I don't want Van's blog becoming the Chapman only site, but I would like to reply.  I believe there are things  going on in the offices of all elected officials that we would at one time or another disagree with.  I have spoken to the Sheriff & Chief Aikens about things I have heard concerning their department that I disagree with.  I work with them on a professional basis, but I spoke as a voting citizen.  I have done so with other officials, from the County Mayor on down. That & vote is about all I can do.
Regarding Jake-my belief is that we enter this world with a pre-determined by God amount of days to live.  I believe also that our environment & personal choices influence how we leave-we can shorten our days. God chose when to take Jake., but the Lenoir City political arena set the scenario.  God chose the time & place because He knew Jake couldn't take any more suffering. God is always in control, but He did not cause Jake to die. If that were so, defense attorneys wouldn't need much court time. God did it-not my innocent client!  I will not discuss religion or actual politics any further than that.
Nothing would make me happier than to know Joe Sims had changed, as long as he cannot forget what he caused.  My personal belief is that he, nor any other convicted felon, who abuse public trust for personal gain should ever be allowed to hold public office again. I do not hate Joe Sims.  I cannot forgive & forget though I have somewhat mellowed.  I still find his actions despicable & do not want him or anyone else to be in position to abuse public trust again, just because he can.
Cissy Chapman 9/3/08

Thank you, Wayne K, for your compassionate thoughts concerning Jake.  Jake's illnesses, for the last few months he was with LCPD, did keep him out of work & we certainly appreciated the concern & donations of sick time from the department.  However, let me share some information on Jake's medical condition.  The last year or so of his life Jake had diminished immune system which was due to not eating right, he couldn't sleep-all cause by the stress & pressure from the political scene at work. He suffered from very severe migraines and several bouts with pneumonia & bronchitis.  He went through all the allergy & environment test.  Doctors ruled them stress related; one doctor diagnosed cluster headaches-another form of migraine.  I can recall him attending appointments with at least 4 different neurologists, 1-cardiologist, a rheumatologist, an orthopedist and even a psychologist.  We spent several days at Duke Medical in Raleigh-Durhan, NC for evaluation.  Every doctor's opinion basically boiled down to stress related illness.  The first time he was Chief, the stress was virtually nonexistent. When  Joe Sims & his followers Don Pace, Buddy Hines & others ganged up & decided to take control of City Hall everything changed.  But not overnight.
The intimidated through & to the department was horrendous.  Questioning every action Jake took-even though it was procedure.  Outrageous complaints that never even occurred.  This went on constantly- all in an effort to make him leave.  The same tactics applied to the other 2 department heads they tried to fire.  As you know John R. Johnson was fired as street dept. supervisor, but David Denton survived for a time as Fire Chief.  I totally agree that the City needed a chief who was able to work everyday.  Had they left him alone he would have.  But the other 2 were not sick-they were doing their jobs, but they still  fired 1 & made them all suffer, too. And only for their own political agenda. Jake was a fighter-but they literally beat him down.  Jake was a good, honest, Christian man, but like all of us far from perfect. It still upsets me when I think of how they broke his spirit & how he suffered-physically & emotionally.  I want them to get a visual image of what I saw & experienced.  Jake standing-propping himself in the corner of a darkened bedroom, crying in pain from a headache with no relief-having just thrown his guts up-not questioning why, but asking God for relief..  He got his relief.  But Joe Sims & cronies put him & others through hell.  Just for their precious politics. It was so important to show the people who elected them "I can & I will, no matter the cost". Joe Sims does not deserve his citizenship rights restored ever.  It would take a lot of foolish voters to ever elect him to another office where he could do this again. I , too, have no political agenda, but common sense says this shouldn't happen again.
Again, thank you for your concern.  I appreciate it more than you know.
Cissy Chapman 9/3/08

I'm very aware Jake was working as a corrections officer  for Sheriff Guider when Jake died.  I was about 5 months after he was fired by the Sims regime.Jake was still being treated for his severe migraines & had no where near recovered from being fired for no legitimate reason.
I'll always blame Joe Sims for the way he treated everyone he tried to fire at the same time. It was unfounded & uncalled for. He should never be placed in a position to do that again to someone else.
Thanks so much for your interest, but I have quite a full life. I now have a beautiful grandson, also named Jake.
I have known you for many, many years & always tried to get along with you & your family.  You have often sought me out in difficult situations & to answer questions.  Since you left your job, does that me you & yours has more time to devote to investigating your "hidden valley" interests????

Sissy Chapman 9/3/08

I would like to know why the same thing is printed on your site day after day? i used to read it all the time but lately, it's the same old thing. a friend of mine had a wreck on tellico parkway. they both went to ut with broken backs. one of them may never walk again. you did'nt print it. she had no seat belt on. i think that could be a lesson to others about being safe in a car. about the politics in this county, you people dont stop to think that the "powers that be" are the same now as they were 25 years ago. get over it!!!!!  and why dont you show us some pics of the dead beat parents that refuse to pay their child support?? print something that matters to "the people" thank you, sha
sherri 9/3/08

Ms. Chapman, please accept my post in the spirit intended. I knew and counted your late husband a friend. No doubt the loss of his job and the political implications may very well have contributed to his untimely death through stress. But as you and I and others remember very well, Jake was a sick man. We all tried so hard to get him to seek more professional care for his intense illness usually attributed to severe migraines. But for what ever reason he seemed to feel he could handle it. Unfortunately in hindsight, his condition was far more critical than any of us realized.

His illness caused him to out of work a lot. If you will recall, a number of city employees even donated their sick time to him to help him out. The decisions of the council at the time may very well have had some political motives but the truth of the matter was, the city needed a chief of police that could be on duty. Was it fair for the council to fire him while he was sick? Probably not. But what else could they do? How long could they continue to have the office vacant?

I have no political agenda. I no longer live in Loudon County. I just wanted to say to you, you did all you could do. Even had Jake gotten a higher level of medical attention the outcome may have been the same. I continue to think of you and your family often.

Wayne K 9/2/08

In response to Mrs. Chapman,
i dont know how many of you know cissy chapman but i do know her and have for a long time.  she is saying that joe sims caused her husband to have a stroke and die.  who do you think jake was working for when he died.  it sure was not joe sims.  he was working for TIM GUIDER AND KING TUT ( AIKENS )  IN THE JAIL.  CISSY YOU KNOW THAT JAKE WORKED FOR THEM AT LEAST 6 MONTHS TO A YEAR AFTER HE LEFT THE CITY.  SO YOU TELL US HOW JOE SIMS CAUSED HIM TO HAVE A STROKE!!!!!
joe sims has paid his dues.  HAVE YOU CISSY? 
more later,
lost and found 9/2/08

In response to Mrs. Chapman,
Thank you for posting your information, we all need to know as much as we can, obviously this was written before he was removed from the ballot.  I thank you for the service you provide to the county and i am glad we can give our opinions about people but I feel that I must respond .
If you think Joe Sims was bad then you apparently have been in the dark as to the chief that works there and his employee the sheriff. I know things that have happened that doesn't even hold a candle to gambling or payoffs.
 I know you would feel some hatred to him for blaming the death of your husband on him but we are taught, well some of us, that God has that control no one here on earth can take someone home.  The current Lenoir city administration is run in a similar way as to how you described it back then.  Those as dept heads are there because someone wanted them there not because they are qualified.  Politics is such and it is going to take a genuine person to go in there and clean it up.  I know not when that will happen but I know Joe has changed his life from those days, he has learned his lesson and is remorseful for what has happened, but we cannot change the past, only look into the future.  I personally hope to see him clear his name and run for county mayor in 2010. 
-a close friend 9/1/08

All of you need to go buy gas.
They are evacuating the oil platforms in the ocean, and shutting down some of the refineries near New Orleans. You all remember what happened last time, and the prices still have not gone down.
-Shawn 9/1/08

I have several questions to pose to Cissy Chapman and others who are the powers that be.......And Cissy you are "A POWER THAT BE"...whether or not you will admit to it is a totally different story!! I know you want everyone to think that you are a regular citizen...and that is GREAT! But several of us that KNOW you know different...or have to do any business with you on a regular basis.
I completely understand the stance that she is taking against Joe Sims....But I would like to know have you EVER said....."Well, Because I can...." You need to think REALLY hard about your answer. You seem too quick to judge others that will test you....or go up against you might be a better phrase.
The Dark Clouds that haunt this county start at the Justice Center and seems to be like a vortex that just sucks anything into its path....That means good people too!!
It seems to me if you and any other people in the POWER that BE positions, that don't like what is going on would start by leading by example. "Lead and they will follow!!"
Or Maybe our town needs to think about this old saying......."A true test of character in a what that person does when they think no one is looking." I believe this has become some of the politicians motto!!!!!!!
I believe that people go into political office to change things.....but somehow get side tracked on the way!!!
My last question for Cissy and any others .....Are your hands as clean as you think?? You have never used a position of power to gain or get even with anyone?? Think hard before you answer. Because I know the answers!!!!!!
Legal 2 Judge 9/1/08