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I have been a resident of Loudon for over 20 years.  I have to admit i was rather upset when the fountain and tree was removed as i felt this was a big part of our tradition.  However, after noticing the new construction taking place, i felt as though the town was doing it right and making it something we can be proud of.  However, I am not a construction engineer or anything like that, but why do we feel it was proper to put the flagpole right in front of the Welcome to Loudon sign?  Could they not have placed it on the side?  Directly behind it?  I know its petty, but you would think that if it was going to be done correctly, the sign wouldn't be obstructed.
TT Loudon 6/29/09

To Pinching Pennies

You are right LPD officers are some of the highest pd. But I think that is something our city should be proud of.  I wouldn’t put my life on the line for 50K .  They deserve at least that.  As far as the camera systems there was a good reason for that and it was actually for the public.  Why don’t you call the chief and ask him.  I am sure he would be more than happy to tell you.  You see LPD has nothing to hide, never has.  Chief Webb would gladly share any of his expenses and explanation of them to anyone who wanted to know.  They have enough cars for all full time officers and a few extras that are for part time officers, all of which are needed.  They use those everyday to protect and serve us.  They use those cars to pull over D.U.I.’s, they have some of the biggest arrest numbers in the state for their population and it is due to their efforts and hard work.  Instead of putting them down or questioning their every move maybe you and that city councilman should show them the respect they deserve.  Of course if you are anything like councilman Millsaps you don’t know what the word respect means.

Proud of LPD! 6/27/09

L.P.D was good to me but i have a great wife and two wonderful kids and  60+ hours a week between two jobs and 7 days a week was to much for us and i chose my family first.


To: Mr. Shawn Bivens
First of all, I never mentioned any one by name in my previous comments so unless you were familiar with the incident to which I referred, why would you think I was speaking of you?  But, since you have opened the door for discussion on this subject, why did you quit? Please do enlighten us all.
John Q.
Loudon County, Tennessee 6/24/09

I don't believe the veterans administration  was behind selling the flowers anyway.
my dad is a disabled veteran of world war 2.since his disability the VA has  taken care of him very well. medical coverage a pension, medical supplies .I cant see why the  people  selling the flowers can say that  they cant receive help from the v. a. when I know very well different. I am glad to see walmart stop solicitation. some kids tried to sell me a booklet of coupons for  15 dollars there. I wouldn't buy it. I did give them a donation, but I suspect the kids were just being used to  get  money   from  people. maybe all solicitors should have a road block on ft loudon  dam bridge, they  would have plenty of cars to  ask for donations while they  are  bottle necked up  waiting

false accusations

To JOHN Q who is ashamed to put his real name if you want to know why I chose to leave L.P.D just ask and I will tell you the truth and then you can tell the truth and quit making false accusations it had nothing to do with a party that is a lie.

shawn bivens 6/22/09

Residents of the 9th Judicial District have a serious problem with their District Attorney, Russ Johnson. Up until now it has been mostly just cronyism, taking care of friends or friends of friends. Cutting criminals incredible deals, expunging records and offering wonderful pleas mostly for petty crooks.

But now he has crossed an ominous line. He cuts a deal for five years probation for a man the Loudon County Sheriff's Department said committed murder. His underlings lay out a line of propaganda that was suppose to make the deal sound reasonable. Come to find out according to the family of the slain girl, many of the facts given by Johnson's office are now in doubt and if what they say is true Johnson and/or his employees have lied. See the knoxnews story.

This is serious. This is not justice. And to those of you who plan to vote Johnson out in the next election, that's a fine idea but he wont be back up for reelection till 2014. That's right, he's in for an eight year term.

Johnny Carson once said that the best place in America to get away with murder was Loudon County Tennessee. I guess we are just living up to our reputation with Russ Johnson's help.

I want to personally apologize to the deceased girls family for voting for Johnson. I wont make that mistake again.

Glen, Kingston Tennessee 6/27/09

Sour grapes? 

Not necessarily.  LPD enjoys spending money on new toys.  Some needed some not.  How many cars do they really need?  There is a lot of expense to maintaining these vehicles.  yes, the city does have its own garage but it still has to be paid for.  What about a Doyle Arp camera system at the police / fire department?  Why?  And yes i do know how much the LPD full time officers make.  It is actually quite impressive.  They are one of the highest paid police departments around. Many are making 50k+ a year with overtime no shabby.  Maybe Mr. city councilman has had enough of the erroneous spending.  Time are tough for all of us, and the money they are spending is TAXPAYER money.  Every agency in the state is having hard times and having to make budget cuts, why not James "Bear" Webb?

Pinching Pennies 6/18/09

Today, while at wal-mart in Lenoir City, I was speaking with the assistant manager in regards to an issue I had.  I then ask him why the veterans were not being allowed to sell there poppies.  He started out by saying that they do support the veterans and troops, but they had stopped all soliciting.  I told him that other stores were allowing it and he then said it was a store by store decision.  We'll see if they hold true when it comes time for girl scouts to sell there cookies, or at Christmas and no bell ringers. Wal-Mart has gotten way too big and forgotten the roots it was created on by the great Sam Walton.
taking my business elsewhere
Loudon 6/18/09

john Q

    Rumor has it that the same councilman had a Tim Guider Id card when he was arrested.  Kinda makes you think when you put two and two together.  James Webb withdrew from Metro narcotics when Aikens and Curtis were arrested.  Looks like the only way to get back at him is mess with is budget.  If the councilman had any morals or in the least bit had any remorse for his actions, he would had resigned when he was arrested. It is a shame  that a person of his character has been placed in a position to make decision for the good people of Loudon. He has voted time and time again to spend money of silly projects.  I guess this was his chance to give the police dept a hard time.  May Be he knows he is a 1 termer and is gonna get his punches in while he can.  I hope he knows that the Good people of Loudon have not forgot about his night on the town with his hooker. Sure would be nice to see the police video from that night.  John Q your not the only one that keeps up with these things. 

you got to be kidding 6/18/09

I thought FOP lodge was closed due to the fact that a member of the Sheriff Department was holding gun carry permit classes and charging a fee, and since the land is owned by TVA it is is supposed to be for nonprofit?  Didn't have much to do with complaints about noise, if that was the case it would of been closed years ago.
LC, Tennessee 6/18/09

Sour Grapes?
I recently read the news herald  article about the LPD budget request and the certain city council member that voted to reject it stating the department was over budget and using to much money from the general fund. 

I have a couple of questions for this city council member, first does this vote have anything to do with the fact that a family member quit because he couldn't  attend a new years eve party several years ago? Or are you confusing LPD with Knox City and still angry that you were arrested on the very night you were elected to the position that you now hold as a Loudon City council member for dui, possession of cocaine and let's see, oh yea you were also in the company of shall we say a lady of the evening? These are not rumors they are facts and regardless of how the charges were later "taken care of" these events were on the evening news and there was a paper trail left.

So Mr. city council man what is your real problem with the LPD budget?  And would you work for the salary the LPD or any other city or county police officer is expected to work for? I know I would not, police officers are one of the most under paid and under appreciated professions there is. They put there lives on the lines every day for others and people have nothing better to do than complain about how much they are paid? Yet, who are the first ones they call when something goes wrong or they need help? And officers are expected to just do the job and not complain and take whatever pay is given like any other job?

It isn't like any other job, for the most part when I go to my job in the morning I don't worry about whether or not I will come home in the afternoon. But, for police officers this is a concern in the back of their minds and it can happen here, it can happen anywhere. 

So to you Mr. city council man, I voted for you the last election but I will not make that mistake again.  The new year will bring a very big election to Loudon County and I hope a great many changes with it.  To Mr. Webb, the chief at LPD, I just say have faith and know that the citizens of Loudon are behind you and do appreciate the job that you and your department do and will support you  now and in the future.  And no, I am not a police officer or affiliated with any department but I do appreciate the job that all officers do.

Thank you for you time.
John Q. Public
Loudon County Tennessee 6/11/09

To former resident

And she was looking for  the GOSSIP what's up with that?
All we do is gossip!!!! 

Tisk 6/17/09

To former resident

it must have contaminated you before you left... cause looks who is talking.

Home In LC 6/15/09

As a former 911 employee, I can tell you this.  Things are NOT run the way they should be.  Mismanagement runs rampant.  If you take a look at the disciplinary records, you will see (if they don't disappear after this post) that the males that have been terminated or allowed to resign, or just down right quit because of fairness would have one heck of a sexual discrimination suit.  One wrong doing on a males part and they are out the door, while there are several females that have had numerous write ups, or should have for things that are just as bad. 

One long time employee had enough after a position came available for training officer.  The director for some reason felt it necessary for someone in Blount County to do interviews for the position.  Lets see, who should get the job....a several year employee who was a supervisor with a lot of experience...or a little over a year long employee who is the Directors friend (and female).  Guess who got it.  Not the male. 

Is making the 911 center pay for a stolen car that was entered improperly into NCIC not pretty bad, well not if your female, a little write up will do.  If an employee has a complaint about another employee, a written SIGNED complaint had to be filled out and was showed to the person it was against.  Also, public records can not be obtained for a fair price.  For 15 dollars per sheet of paper that it takes less than 5 minutes to search and print you can have all you want.  Or for 100 dollars you can have phone calls and radio traffic on DVD that pretty much makes itself. 

Why it is that you would want to replace experienced employees that it costs so much to train for one infraction because they are males and let females slide for similar things is beyond me.  It takes at least 6 months to thoroughly train a dispatcher just to be ready to work the radios and phones and at least a year to be proficient.  Look at the records, if they would let you and you will see that the males that have worked there since the current director stepped in are gone.  Any lawyers want to take on the 911 center for a sexual discrimination suit?  I'm game!

Not a female and no longer employed at 911 6/15/09

When I came across this blog, I was actually looking to see if the LC gossip paper was online.   I find this quite interesting.   Unfortunately, I lived in LC until I was 5 year's old and have had relatives there until just a few year's ago.   I'm so happy I didn't have to go through school in this nasty town.   Everyone there does nothing but gossip.   Do you people not have a life or perhaps gossip is your life.  
I have yet to meet anyone I actually like who lives in LC, TN.   Perhaps all of you have lived in the past and were sent to H*** a/k/a Lenoir City, TN.

Former resident 6/13/09

What the heck is going on in this county/city? Here is the latest going around town. employees of the 9-1-1 center are dropping like flies in a cooler,  two or three terminations as of recently, several written reprimands.  The terminations seem to have been just according to policy but they only apply to certain people. Employees have violated these policies both past and current and are only written up. why is this? Does the 9-1-1 director have a clue as to what is going on.

And what is the deal with city and county law enforcement having a " who has the biggest B _ _ _ s " competition. law enforcement departments should work together and have trust in one another. I feel it is time for James " Bear"  Webb to be replaced.

anyway, with all that is going on it appears that someone will wise up and put a stop to all this. more folks know more than what the leaders of Loudon City and the 9-1-1 center are aware of.
If you can shed more light on the subject please post. It needs to be brought out into the open.
Fed Up

Well mrs K. hats off to you for getting the (Firing) range, you hated so much, closed.  God help another gun battle goes on here and every time they miss they will be thinking of you.  I would vote for a temporary tax increase for anyone with a house as big as yours to pay for a new indoor range over your side of the lake and no I am not in law enforcement.

Berry T bird. 6/12/09

Apparently they do need HELP!!! If one calls in, they are hold FOREVER, and not once did I see them(employees) answer the phones nor did their phones ring. And you have a point, NO I wouldn't fit in because I WORK!!!! :)

LCUB wanna be 6/12/09

lcub wanna be

if you think you are going to tell on somebody for something.. dont waste your  time if u have a problem with the employees there.. just mail your payment in OR have them automatically deduct it from your account OR  pay the bill on line all three combined would be faster and easier and a lot less stress on you. they dont need any more help there anyway.

why would you want a job there? would u fit in with them?

Rate Payer 6/11/09

How does one get a job at LCUB?? On a recent trip to the branch office on Cedar Bluff Rd. I was amused. Walk in and straight ahead is a window that has 2 cups, with a woman eating food to where one can't even get anything in the window to pay a bill or anything. Then at the drive thru window, there's a woman dressed as though to be going out to the clubs and chopping gum, at the other window is another woman turned around talking to the drive thru woman (I guess making plans as to what club to hit first?). AND, in a room by herself is another woman reading a book... How much do they make?? I want a job there.

L CUB Want To Be 

Well Christmas came early this year didn't it?  Tim Brewster being arrested.
Elated 6/5/09

maybe  the probation officer will get probation.. then he can be his own probation officer. he can pay himself the  fee  for being on probation. then collect the  fee  for being a probation officer for  a probation officer. or if he doesn't pay himself he can issue a warrant for his own arrest for violating his own probation. then extend his probation for another year or so. then charge himself more fines for being on probation, etc and so forth and so on.

Circular logic 6/3/09

"Eliminate the volunteer Pre K program, An income based social program that has not worked. This is a 900k per year program that has been proven to have no lasting impact on the kids. It also displaces and reduces funding for older children.
Eliminate the school sponsored daycares. "
This quote is from your website.  I agree the Pre K program does not offer value.  I have read that the educational difference between students who attend and those who don't levels out after first grade.  Also it is NOT an income based program.  If it is, then how could the child of a teacher and a principal qualify?  Surely their combined income would disqualify them from a need based program.  It is a program for those who know somebody and is a waste of money and space.  If Pre K is such an important part of the education of our children, then let's have it Lottery funded like they do in Georgia.  It should not be a private daycare for a few families funded by the taxpayers.
I didn't know we had school sponsored daycares except for the one for the teachers' children in the trailer at Eaton. We have been told repeatedly that the school system is not paying for that. Although I have my doubts because it appears they are on the same utility lines.  If the school system budget is in fact paying dollars for daycares, it should stop immediately.  Why should we pay for daycare for some people and not for all?  I fear it is the same thing as the Pre K program; a 'who you know' deal.
I believe we have real needs in the education system in Loudon County but I also believe that we are wasting money on things that don't add value to the education of the children.

Education First 6/1/09

I recently received my monthly statement from Chase with a friendly notice that I have the flexibility to skip a payment.  I thought this was very shady and odd, considering how badly these giant banks are doing financially, surely they cannot have offered this to everyone; how on earth could they survive one month without this cash flow?  Anyway, a few days later I realized their motives for this scheme. They were simply buttering me up for their next letter to me – an interest rate increase from a somewhat reasonable fixed rate of 11.99% to a variable rate of prime plus 23.99%.  Not because of any late payments by me, or negative activity on my other accounts, but “in response to market conditions and to maintain profitability on your account.”  I did some research and found out that this has been going on for several months to hundreds of thousands of customers of most major banks.  I am a “new” Chase customer, a rollover from their WAMU purchase.  During this research, I came across a very helpful website ( ), maybe we can inundate our representatives and the credit card companies with complaints and make a difference before they put every household out of business.  Good luck to all.

Belligerent in LC 5/29/09

I was extremely saddened on a trip to Loudon today.  I was born and raised my entire childhood a few blocks from downtown. I remember vividly the evening walks holding my daddy's hand to the fountain downtown.  It had colored lights then and the colors would change. As a child I was in awe. The fountain is longer there. I found this out today. Removed to build what someone has determined to be appropriate for the "new" look of downtown no doubt. I bet that person doesn't even live in Loudon. I realize it wasn't the fancy waterfall fountain like the village has, but why couldn't it have been spruced up, why did it have to be removed? it was an important part of the history of Loudon.

Loudon Lost 5/27/09

Wait,  are these republican commissioners?  I think they need to change their party because big government is not the answer but if the prez can do it it doesn't surprise me these nitwits are trying it.  This wellness is a pure crock and those of you who think the county has the right to do this because they pay the bulk of the insurance should think twice.  Are you on welfare, do you get wic?  Would you like the county to make you take a drug test to get any county benefits? I for one would like to see you have to pee in a cup to throw your garbage away at the convenience center or maybe you should be charged by pound for the amount of garbage you throw away and give you a break on recyclables?  If they try it with the employees we the citizens are next.  Does anyone know mr wampler also does the insurance for LC and Loudon?  Do  you know he gets more money if the county goes with this? I know someone who is running against Nancy M and he will be out in full force in November.  Austin, the people are coming to join you and take this government back.  Keep the fight, those around you have an election to lose. 

Jim Joe Jaybird 5/24/09

Cissy Chapman wrote:

"I am  unceasingly amazed that the public never fails to scream "Dirty Politics!!" whenever changes are made that they don't understand-or don't want to understand because then they would have to find something else to gripe about."

Well, since we're all being "unceasingly amazed" here, I'll confess to a certain amazement that a person who has received a living from the labors of the "public" would hold that very public in such bitter and openly hostile contempt.

Maybe you're right Mrs. Chapman. Maybe the public is either stupid or obtuse as evidenced by their inability or unwillingness to share your confidence in the doings of their government.

On the other hand though, it is possible that you're wrong.

Maybe the public isn't stupid or obtuse.

Maybe the public has just been bitten often enough by the same pack of polyester-clad mongrels in their local government that they have developed a healthy mistrust as a perfectly natural adaptation.

That seems much less "amazing" to me than it apparently does to you. On the contrary, that adaptation seems entirely reasonable to me and it doesn't suggest even a hint of stupidity. It suggests instead a vital engagement in public affairs and let there be no doubt in anyone's mind: these are the affairs of the "public" - that unwashed, ignorant, complaining, griping proletariat that pays all the bills of government. You know ... the ones you so blithely insult and dismiss.

Joe Webb
Loudon, Tennessee 5/9/09

To the Observer:

That is the best idea I have heard in a long time! Maybe we could put that pork chop around Arp’s next since he was instrumental in doing his buddy Cunningham the favor to start with. 

jLo 5/9/09

Every year in Pamplona, Spain the residents release the bulls from the corrals and people race the bulls through the streets to the coliseum. The event attracts tourists from around the world and was made famous in an Ernest Hemingway novel.

I'm thinking that Loudon County animal shelter could have a "running of the pit bulls" event where the pit-bulls are released from the shelter and the members of the county commission that voted to house the dogs can race them back to their new home at the Blount animal shelter.

We could tie pork chops to the mayor or some of the commissioners to ensure a lively chase. The annual "Loudon running of the pit-bulls" event could generate much needed tourist dollars that could be used to help fund the school building program.

The Observer 5/7/09

Wow ..I didn't know 1st national bank needed a bailout. I have money in there.. I guess i need to get  it out if they have mismanaged it. If it is still there.

Dollar Bill 5/-/09

Understand that anyone that works at the LCSD would be labeled an advocate of Mr. Aikens and every time I went to the election office last election he was there hanging out.  We know Mrs. Harrison will do a good job and I hope she cuts all ties with the dept as I know we are glad she is getting out of the den.  You must understand how people would see it when someone from there gets a new position in the county.....Too bad though, she would make a nice secretary to the new sheriff next year.

BBTWOUIDJhf   4-30-09

I am  unceasingly amazed that the public never fails to scream "Dirty Politics!!" whenever changes are made that they don't understand-or don't want to understand because then they would have to find something else to gripe about. The political majority changed in Nashville which allows changes to an appointed position locally-not just Loudon County, but all local election commissions. Ms. Zehner, I am sure was aware of the possibility when she accepted the position; just as Susan Harrison is well aware. 

I have known Susan for many years & have had absolutely no reason to question her integrity or abilities.  If we all had her work ethic our county would be a far better environment.  She has never failed to go above and beyond in any task given her.  She previously worked for Lisa Niles in the General Sessions Clerk's office-no one questioned when she left for the Sheriff's  Department position-she was bettering herself monetarily & accepting new challenges.  While there she performed administrative duties  just as Frankie Shields before retiring.  Susan also maintained physical evidence for prosecution, carried blood alcohol tests, drugs, etc. to TBI Crime Lab, researched & filed TBI Disposition reports  & was Sex Offender clerk-meeting with offenders & keeping up with their residences, employment, etc. and  maintained the officer's personnel files (training, etc.) along with maintaining  & logging uniforms, handled seizure warrants for the State and  administratively assisted in auctions of seized property .  She  always gives  at least 10 hours work  in any given 8 hour day.


Susan  was outstanding in managing the Sheriff's Dept. Toys for Tots last Christmas, working many, many unpaid hours soliciting toys & funds to make sure no one was forgotten.  All this while being a wife to James and mother to 2 teenage boys at home,  their daughter, Ashley, being a practicing local attorney.  She is also church secretary, serving on numerous committees, and also participates in the Cancer Society  Relay For Life.  Did I mention she is also a marathon participant, having run in several marathons?  If she is not qualified  for the Election Commissioner or any position that requires hard work, dedication and the highest integrity of a totally unbiased person then I don't know who is. 
She did not actively seek out the position.  When we talked about it she told me she felt she could handle the job and would like to have it, but would not politically seek it.  She would pray about it, if it was meant to happen --it would.  I am very proud it did & Loudon County should be honored to have her.
Susan has political obligation to no one.. To whoever alluded to Tony Aikens having a pawn or the ability to manipulate Susan--you don't have a clue.  As I understand it, through the proverbial grapevine, Aikens was supporting someone other than Susan.
 Susan has lots of friend & family.  We all know her attributes.  Just give her time, you'll see, too.  For once, at least, the right choice was made.
Cissy Chapman 4/29/09

Well it seems congrats are in order. Congratulations Mr. Fred Nelson, you got the ones you wanted again.

Inside 4/27/09

Bus cameras had no video cards to record crash

How could this be?? at the greenback school meeting the transportation guy was asked about the camera not working or did not have any at the bus and he did not have an answer..  Now another bus without a camera..  What is going to take to make these public services do their job and make their employees do their job.. If my daughter is in a bus without a camera a big complaint will be going to their admin office.

keep it up

informed 4/27/09

To Concerned Supporter of Greenback School,
My name is Lisa Russell and I am the Greenback School Board Representative. I appreciate your concerns and would like to help address them. Please give me a call at 865-988-7939. I will of course protect your anonymity.
Lisa Russell 4/24/09

I wouldn't have expected the new election commission to appoint anyone else that didn't work at the sheriffs office.  Now Aikens has a true insider in the office, or does he???? 
Congrats on the new job Susan, cut your ties to the SO.

BBj 4/24/09

I have been reading this blog for awhile and although I am fairly new to this community it seems to be alot of shady dealings in this county.  I read that the general sessions judge is retiring and is being replaced by a "close personal friend" of the chief deputy? Now I read that the current administrator of elections was fired and replaced by a lady that is currently the secretary to the sheriff of the county?  So it seems that now the chief deputy and the sheriff have a monopoly on the entire Loudon County government from the court system to the election commission?  It seems this blog could be devoted entirely to the somewhat disreputable dealings of the Loudon County Sheriff and never run out of things to say.
Greenback TN. 4/23/09

Message to concerned parents of the students of Greenback School.  I have heard from teachers, students & others concerned that there are several areas of our facility that need immediate attention.  Most importantly the roof leaks.  My understanding is that Loudon County is spending good money for new equipment for several classrooms....that's great! Our Students Deserve It!  The equipment, whether it's current or new or even used,  is getting ruined quickly from the roof leaking?  Are the students getting wet? I know the equipment is getting wet! I know children are getting sick!  Are we appropriating the money wisely?  Shouldn't we be making sure that roofs are adequate to protect current & new equipment AND our kids BEFORE we spend hard earned, tax payer money or even Federal Funds & Grants on things that don't contribute to acedemic success?   Don't our students & Teachers deserve this consideration? I have supported a new facility for quite some time, but that seems to be in vain.

If our students, who are our future, are to continue to do what we expect of them, then why aren't we doing what they expect of us...providing a facility that they are proud of and that they can learn in safely & healthy? Get the building in the condition it needs to be in for them to achieve our expections and their pride!

Our kids deserve the most from us because they give us the most.  Look at the past test scores.  What other schools in Loudon County can achieve what our kids have done?!!!!!

Get our facility in the shape it needs to be in OR Build the new Building!!!

Concerned Supporter of Greenback Students!

More To Come! 4/23/09

i really don't understand "Disturbed Citizen's" problem, even though you cannot find the hiring policies for LCUB online they have shared most of those policies at one time or another with general public. Sometimes they only share one at a time and at other times a couple policies at a time are made public. Anyway, I compiled a list of the qualifications that have been made public so far that I am aware of, perhaps others may know of a few I missed along the way, if so please share.
1. Must be 18 years of age - except in the situation of summer jobs for the relatives of present employees.
2. Must have no experience or educational qualifications in the area in which they are applying.
3, Past employment records are of no concern.
4. All applications must be given to Mr. Nelson or the hiring offical by the applicant's family member or elected offical.
5. Applicant must be willing to not divulge how they "got the job".
6. If 2 or more applicants apply, they one with the most prominent family member wins, the others are to be ranked and placed on hold until next job becomes available.
7. If a very important person wants a member of their family hired and no positions are vacant, one must be created to fullfill the wishes of the requesting person.
8. All applications on file must be back dated to show a date prior to their employment.

L cub 4/19/09

 Has anyone else noted the disturbing hiring practices at LCUB?  I find it discouraging that the only applicants considered eligible and / or qualified for a position [most recently; Custodian, Telephone Operator & Customer Service Representative] must be related to someone already employed by the LCUB or related to someone on the City Council.
I checked on-line for the policies and procedures governing hiring practices and nepotism within our City. Sadly, no policies are included for public review. Surprisingly the federal government as well as the State of Tennessee have anti-nepotism laws in place. 
Why is it allowable for Freddy Nelson to exclude qualified citizens of our city from consideration for a position? The blatant discrimination against non-relative hiring is at least bewildering and at most alarming.  This tiresome trend in hiring not only needs to be addressed quickly it also needs to cease.
This is the 21st century, not the good ol’ boy days of the 1950's.  Post the policies and procedures on line outlining hiring practices, follow them and enforce them and give everyone an equal opportunity to be hired!!
Disturbed Citizen 4/18/09

Tellico Village commissioner Don Miller really has no use for the general public. He has made that clear time after time. But if you really needed any more evidence just read his comments in the News Herald. Last week in a story about commissioners using chat rooms to discuss public matters Miller was quoted as saying,

“As I understand it, its a chat room and county officials can talk with each other and public can access it and read all the messages but the public cannot interject with their own messages. Otherwise it would be almost useless,” Miller explained. 

If the paper quoted him correctly, he sees public comment as useless. Just think about that. An elected official who thinks public comment is useless. Miller is so out of touch with reality. Surely there is at least one real republican in Tellico Village who could actually represent the public and not just their own interests.

Gayle form the village 4/18/09

No one has mentioned that next May is a county wide election. Don't you suppose that could account for Don Miller's sudden change of heart on a big tax increase? But if you will notice he keeps saying no increase this year. He doesn't mention next year and the next and the next. Hopefully the voters will send a bunch of these joker's to the house and elect some people that will represent the people instead of their own interests. 

Looking forward to May 2010 4/13/09

What’s the big deal ? Everybody knows if you want to get elected in Loudon County you have to claim to be a Republican. Your qualifications and ability to do the job have nothing to do with it. All it takes is having the big R beside your name. I don’t know if any job is worth lowering your standards to that level.

“D” and proud in Loudon County 4/13/09

Ahhhh, gotta love those signs.  one of the most recent i have noticed is thanks to the state.  if you go from Loudon to Philadelphia, you will see an adopt a highway sign for the participant that reads "historic Loudon", coming from Philadelphia to Loudon the same sign reads "Histopic Loudon" .  They must have run out of r's

Bud 4/9/09

Is it just me or it the News Herald worthless. I called them asking them to do a story. The Honor Air program that send Veterans of WW 2 to Washington, DC to see the monuments: flew 2 Lenoir City men on the trip today. Its such an exciting trip for them I felt it should make the paper and people would love to hear some of there war stories! The man was not even aware what Honor Air was and after a brief explanation on my part told me to take a photo myself and if he ever needed that type of story he would run it!  Talk about lack of respect for our local veterans! I wont be wasting my 75 cents for a paper again! What do they consider good enough for a story ???  What good is a small town paper if it wont share events of the local who buy it!  Thanks
Very disappointed in Lenoir City! 4/9/09

i went by the liquor store sign and they  have fixed it. they got it right this time. also i read the column that venable wrote about people  in loudon not being able to spell correctly.. he used the spelling of loudoun as an example. his take is that is should have been spelled loudon. he should have studied history, the old english spelling is loudoun, surely a man of his education knows that guess is that he was  desperate for some evidence of our  idiocy and that was about all he could come up  with. also he pokes fun at the loudon county people for a sign reading "lenior" city.. surely he knows that  the state of tennessee actually printed that sign. whomever mr james hired to make the sign (my guess is sweetwater flea market) is the culprit in this case. it just shows you who these liquor people get to do their work for them. maybe even a mexican made the sign!!

A1 4/9/09

why did it take the police so long to  catch the kids.. out of 80 times seems like they would have a better average. good job ?yeah .. right

HS 4/9/09

Who says one man can't make a difference? God bless your heart Austin Shaver. I'm sure Don Miller will try to spin the idea of not raising taxes as his but we all know it was Austin who stuck his feet in the ground and refused to bend to the political machine. If it weren't for Austin I guarantee you Miller would have gotten his tax increase. He sure did the last two times.

Proud in second district 4/9/09

Did the Loudon County school board really need a letter from the attorney general telling them they couldn't give away money?


Billy Jim 4/9/09

"Police end string of Lenoir car burglaries"
 Good job police and let me say if you ever forget to tell your teenager that you are proud of them for making the right choices (I know I am guilty), read this then go and talk to them.
Mike B 4/7/09

I noticed no one has mentioned that Terry Vann was also at the republican Lincoln dinner. If I'm not mistaken Terry used to be one of the top officials in the Loudon County Democrat party. Hum. I wonder who invited him? Sounds like the dems are breaking to the republicans. Terry Vann Loudon County General Sessions Judge. Has a real ring to it doesn't it. Maybe he could do for the county what he's done for Lenoir City. Too late, Doyle Arp already did it.

Not In My County 4/7/09

"New taxes nixed: Miller suggests $20 million to start school building program"
“I’m pretty much convinced that no one on the commission will vote for a tax increase this year,” Miller said to the school board members during their retreat.
Wow, was that really that hard to come up with? I have a image of the "Wow I could've had a V8" commercial in my mind. "WHAP....Wow, we don't have to always raise taxes!" Hang in there Austin.
Mike B 4/7/09

Hwy 72 WINE AND "SPIRTS"? WHAT EXACTLY IS A SPIRT?  LOOKS TO ME LIKE THE SIGN MAKER ALREADY HAD TO MUCH TO DRINK.  I think next time some one needs to proof read the sign first.
spirt - the occurrence of a sudden discharge (as of liquid) spurt, squirt, jet outpouring, discharge, run - the pouring forth of a fluid.
disgusted in Loudon 4/3/09

Oh Joe. You are probably an outstanding lawyer but you completely missed the mark when it comes to party affiliation. Being a democrat or a republican is not like putting on or taking off a lapel pin. Your party affiliation tells people where your morals and core values lay.

For instance, if one claims to be a republican one would be stating that they believe in small government, low taxes, personal responsibility, that what makes this country great are the people not the government. This only applies to true republicans not RINOs (Republicans In Name Only).

If one claims to be a democrat one would be stating that they believe in mass government control, higher taxes, the the unbridled murder of unborn babies, the destruction of the traditional family structure for homosexual advancement.

In the position of judge, it is vitally important to know where one stands on many positions. Their decision making process will be entirely driven by their beliefs.

If Ms. Ledbetter seeks office as an independent and can so easily throw away or try to hide her life long party affiliation and her core values, what does that say about her commitment to her beliefs. There are times in life one must stand and be counted. Choosing no side is the weakest choice of all.

Loudon County Republican 4/3/09

Boy, Loudon is really getting into the big time. Taco Bell, McDonalds, KFC. Now a liquor store or two. My, My, My. What a utopia they are creating and the people of Loudon owe it all to those business wizards at city hall. I think the businesses in Loudon directly reflect the quality of the city officials. Just not sure which one of them would make the best Ronald McDonald.  Pick any one, their all clowns.

Sad In Loudon 4/2/09

Whether you are a Republican or Democrat has very little to do with the qualifications to be a good General Sessions Judge.  You want someone with experience and the demeanor to rationally decide each case before the Court. 

This is one of the reasons the other Judges is our district run as independents so as not to even give the appearance  favoritism
will be shown to parties before the Court that are members of his/her party. 

General Sessions Judges make difficult decisions on a daily basis.  Do you really think party affiliation comes into play when
deciding the fate of a juvenile who has a charge or which parent should be awarded custody in a divorce matter or any of the very difficult decisions made.

I have represented people for years in General Sessions and have never thought to ask my client or the opposing party  whether
they are a Democrat or a Republican. I've never seen another lawyer ask this question or use party affiliation in negotiations to settle a case.

This is truly one job that is elected where it does not matter which party you belong to.  What matters is the ability to do the job.  My
partial list of attributes that define ability would include: fairness, brains, work ethic, experience, broad exposure to the law, reputation in the legal community, reputation in the community, wisdom, whether the person is a hot head, etc.  You fill in the rest of the qualities you would like to see in the person that fills this position. 

I am a Republican and am eligible to run for Loudon County General Sessions Judge.  I am not running, but I would not ask for a single vote if I did run because I was a Republican.

Joe Ford 4/2/09

The below post is offensive and mean spirited.  The person makes an offensive  remark and then at the end points out he/she is making an offensive remark.



People should not be so hard on Lee Eblen Ledbetter, because from what I understand she has been in bed with the republicans for awhile.  Maybe not all of them, but one big enough to be counted as a bunch.  You know as well as anyone, everyone is your friend when you want or need something, how many people shook your hand when they running for office!
A true measure of a person is how they treat you after the fat lady has sung and the polls have closed. 
To Judge or not to Judge...I hope you noticed the double entendre?

LCA 4/2/09

Wait just a minute. Doesn't Lee Eblen Ledbetter work for Russ Johnson? So maybe Russ Johnson has turned democrat rather than her turning republican. Johnson was at the dinner too. I bet they both carry pictures in their pockets of Obama.

Not A Turn Coat 4/1/09

I can accept that, for whatever reason, valid or not, some people will never like Police Officers. But to take it out on a memorial to fallen Officers, that's just pathetic. This is like vandalizing a Military Memorial or one for nurses because you don't agree with their policies
PS - to my Law Enforcement brothers and sisters, I am *not* suggesting you get caught printing this picture out for future reference, at all.....
PPS - If anyone hears of an effort to go repair the Memorial, or if they ask for donations to help repair it, let me know, and I'll pass it along.
-Shawn 4/1/09
Roane man caught spray painting "DEAD PIGS" on police memorial

ROANE COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) – Roane County authorities have arrested a Harriman man for vandalizing the county’s Fallen Officers Memorial at River Front Park.

Harriman Police said a pair of officers approached Jerry M. Lemons, 61, on Sunday night while he was allegedly spray painting the words “DEAD PIGS” across the memorial. The memorial has been spray painted with those same words five times since it opened in September 2008, and Lemons has been caught once already vandalizing it on video.

During questioning, police say he admitted to vandalizing it several times in the last few months as a way to show how much he dislikes the memorial.

Lemons was later arrested on two counts of vandalism and booked into the Roane County Jail. Harriman Police officials said the case is now being reviewed by the Attorney General's Office and further charges are pending.

The Roane County Fallen Officer Memorial includes the names of 14 officers who were killed on duty or from on-duty related injuries. The oldest name on memorial is Kingston Town Marshall John M. Webster Jr., who was killed on duty in 1890 while trying to arrest a man for public intoxication.

Other names on the list include Deputy Bill Jones and his friend Mike Brown, who were gunned down during a shootout in 2006 while trying to take one of the Houston brothers into custody on an outstanding warrant, Wayne “Cotton” Morgan, a jailer who was fatally shot at the Roane County Courthouse in August 2005, and Matthew Rittenhouse, a Harriman Police officer who died in an duty automobile accident in 2004.

Damages to the memorial are estimated at more than $1,000. "


You said:

Given the options of,  To Tax Or Not To Tax, and given the public's clear opposition to higher taxes and given the fact that elected officials work for and represent the views of the tax payers, it's a mystery why all ten commissioners, the mayor, finance director, bookkeepers, custodians and everybody else isn't putting their heads together to figure out how to accomplish the desired goal without again punishing the tax payers.

I say:

  Perhaps the reason is that the developers have all left town and are not handing out money for favors anymore. Arp got told on and can no longer hand out tax breaks for kickbacks. Maybe Newman spent all of his money becoming a developer and his mortgages have come due.

Bottom line is that they spent all the tax dollars that they bled out of us before and now it’s time to refill those coffers.

I’m praying that they come up for reelection before anything is decided.

No new taxes! 4/1/09

Well, that explains a lot. I had the pleasure of attending the Loudon County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner Saturday night. There was a large crowd in attendance. Most all good republicans. But there was one glaring exception to the republican guest list. Far left wing, and life long democrat Lee Eblen Ledbetter was in attendance. Lots of people noticed her and had no idea why she would have been at a republican function. Now that I have read your story about the judge retiring it's all too clear. She is a lawyer and is planning to run for the judges office next year. Does Lee Eblen really think no one knows she is a dyed in the wool democrat? Or has she finally seen the light and turned from her wicked democrat ways? Come on Lee. You know we are smarter than that. Just because your president Obama was able to fool so many I doubt you can pull off the same trick. If your daddy, God rest his soul, knew you were rubbing elbows with all those republicans he would roll over in his grave.

You can take the liberal out of the democrat party but you can't take the democrat out liberal.

Loudon County republican 3/31/09

I was reading what “letter of the Law” wrote.  Here is the actual law for authorized emergency vehicles and it says no where in the law that the police vehicle has to be marked.  If that was the case then Law Enforcement in this state would not be able to drive unmarked vehicles.  I feel this is very misleading and it could cause someone to get in trouble if they went by what letter of the law has written.  

 55-8-108. Authorized emergency vehicles. —

(a)  The driver of an authorized emergency vehicle, when responding to an emergency call, or when in the pursuit of an actual or suspected violator of the law, or when responding to but not upon returning from a fire alarm, may exercise the privileges set forth in this section, but subject to the conditions stated in this section 

 (b)  (1)  A driver of an authorized emergency vehicle operating the vehicle in accordance with subsection (a) may:

  (A)  Park or stand, notwithstanding other provisions of this chapter that regulate parking or standing

 (B)  Proceed past a red or stop signal or stop sign, but only after slowing down as may be necessary for safe operation;

 (C)  Exceed the speed limits so long as life or property is not thereby endangered; and

  (D)  Disregard regulations governing direction of movement or turning in specified directions (2)  Subdivision (b)(1) shall not relieve the driver of an authorized emergency vehicle from the duty to drive with due regard for the safety of all persons, nor shall subdivision (b)(1) protect the driver from the consequences of the driver's own reckless disregard for the safety of others.

 (c)  (1)  The exemptions granted under subsection (b) to a driver of an authorized emergency vehicle shall only apply when the vehicle is making use of audible and visual signals meeting the requirements of the applicable laws of this state, except that while parked or standing, an authorized emergency vehicle shall only be required to make use of visual signals meeting the requirements of the applicable laws of this state.

 (2)  Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit the driver of an authorized emergency vehicle, while parked or standing, from making use of both audible and visual signals meeting the requirements of the applicable laws of this state, in the discretion of the driver.

(d)  An authorized emergency vehicle operated as a police vehicle may be equipped with or display a red light only in combination with a blue light visible from in front of the vehicle.

(e)  Notwithstanding the requirement of this section that drivers of authorized emergency vehicles exercise due regard for the safety of all persons, no municipality or county nor the state or any of its political subdivisions, nor their officers or employees, shall be liable for any injury proximately or indirectly caused to an actual or suspected violator of a law or ordinance who is fleeing pursuit by law enforcement personnel. The fact that law enforcement personnel pursue an actual or suspected violator of a law or ordinance who flees from pursuit shall not render the law enforcement personnel, or the employers of the law enforcement personnel, liable for injuries to a third party proximately caused by the fleeing party unless the conduct of the law enforcement personnel was negligent and that negligence was a proximate cause of the injuries to the third party.

[Acts 1955, ch. 329, § 7; T.C.A., § 59-808; Acts 1986, ch. 822, § 1; 1989, ch. 173, § 1; 2001, ch. 60, § 1.]


Food for thought 3/31/09

I called dept. of safety in Nashville and was told unless it is a marked police car you do not have to pull over at all and has no right to stop you. Also he should be terminated. To let them know if he was.
Letter of the law 3/30/09


Congratulations you proved your point and called attention to a problem that has obviously been going on for a while.

Sheriff Guider,

If you had apologized to NMN you could have rectified the situation and made a positive spin on it.  Then your department would have finally had something good said about it.  I know NMN and they would have gladly put another post to say that you took the time to call them and arrange an apology but once again you screwed up.  I am sure you will be around for quiet a while longer and that sucks for most of the citizens in this county but what a legacy you will be leaving.  It is not something I would be proud of yet we obviously do not have the same morals. 

Paul Curtis,

There are policeman that are role models and respectful human beings that genuinely love their job and then there are the ones that like having a badge and blue lights because it makes them feel better about themselves. You sir are the latter.  It has been proven over and over again that you believe it makes you a “man” and it does not.  Acting the way that you do makes you a sorry.  In my opinion you are a person who needs to belittle other people to make yourself feel better.  Having a badge, blue lights, and a gun does not mean that you are any better than anyone else and it does not mean that you have to treat people the way that you do.  My husband is a police officer and has been for 18 years and he treats people with respect.  He does not need that badge to make him a man his reputation and his word does that for him.  So you can pull people over for the heck of it, wear your John Gotti suits to court, and spike your hair all you want to but at the end of the day the only people that “like” you or are your “friends” are their because they think you can get them somewhere or do something for them and that is such a sad way to live your life.


One morning i was on my way to work. At the entrance to martel east  subdivision A car pulled out in  front of me.. it was either hit  it or go into the other  lane, so i did as any common sense person  would do i went  to the other lane. from  there i passed the car. I didn't blow the horn. didnt flip him off. I just figured no harm  no foul anybody can make a mistake. The car followed me all the way  to the dairy queen, at which time blue lights came on, he said he worked form loudon  county sheriffs office. At first  i thought he was going to  apologize for almost  causing a wreck. man was i mistaken. He said i was speeding down  martel road and asked me if i knew the speed limit, I said yes 35, but my transmission  don't shift out of 2nd gear  til i get faster than  that and  there were several  cars in front of me i was going no faster than  they were going.. he thought i was being sarcastic or something. Im convinced in my mind that the only reason  he didn't give me a ticket is that in court, i would have told that he almost  caused  me to wreck. In hindsight i wish i had tee boned him  right on  the  driver side door. If there is any justice in  this county at all ,the people will  vote in a  new sheriff next election, hopefully one with enough sense to hire people to work as deputies that do not act the way  the current ones act. word of advice. you cant fight the sheriffs office and win. In my opinion  we have the most  corrupt law enforcement in the state.                                 

speedy alka-seltzer   3/26/09                                                

Your car didn't look like a deer did it?  He's been known to crash into them.

MNM 3/26/09


I too had a similar experience. Some time ago. I got on interstate 75 at Sugarlimb. Shortly after I got on the interstate I noticed a large gold SUV following very closely behind me. At first I didn't think much about it. But then it got right on my bumper. I first  thought I would just hit the gas and run off and leave the tailgater. I drive a late model sports car that would easily out pace an SUV. I decided that might not be a good idea fearing I might get a ticket for speeding.

The tailgating went on for another mile or so, so I taped the brakes twice to let the SUV driver know I didn't appreciate his actions.

Almost immediately the SUV displayed interior blue lights. I first thought it was a hoax and was a bit afraid to pull over but I decided to stop. A large man dressed in civilian clothes walked up to my car and started cursing and screaming at me. He said he was a cop and could take me to jail. He was making all kinds of threats about searching my car and impounding it. I told him he was welcome to search all he wanted. He kept referring to it as my daddy's car which is wrong.

The man never identified himself or showed any identification and while I couldn't be absolutely positive, I'm sure I could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from the man.  He finally finished his rant and walked back to his car and pulled back onto the interstate like a madman.

I later found out from a friend who works for the sheriff's department that it was Paul Curtis. I started to file a complaint but I was told that it would be a waste of time that the sheriff wouldn't do anything about it and that Curtis would take it personal. Knowing I would be going that way most every day I decided I would just let it go. I didn't want to go through this every time I got on the interstate.

In my opinion there is something seriously wrong with Mr. Curtis. No rational police officer acts the way he did during a traffic stop. There were times during his attack that I actually feared Mr. Curtis was going to completely flip out. This officer is an accident waiting to happen. The sheriff better do something about this renegade officer before he hurts someone or someone hurts him.  I for one will not tolerate that kind of treatment again.

Dave 3/26/09

This morning while traveling to work a New model Bronze Chevrolet Tahoe or Suburban pulled out in front of me at this point I had to slam on my brakes…I lay on the horn and all of a sudden blue lights come on from inside the vehicle. At that point a white male wearing civilian clothing exits the vehicle and comes back to my car. He is agitated from me blowing my horn. He proceeds to say that I was speeding though has no proof of this (just what he thinks). I was very upset with this white male. He NEVER IDENTIFIED himself to me or that he was Police officer. I did some searching through other alias and found that this white male is a Paul Curtis and he works for the Loudon County Sheriffs Department. I have tried to contact the Sheriff on this matter today with no success. The people of Loudon County need to know about an unmarked vehicle that just randomly pulls people over.

NMN 3/25/09

Just a note of congratulations to Lynn Harrison as we knew him in the class of 1964 on his new appointment from Governor Bredesen .   We are very proud of him....
A Tallent- Class of 1964 3/24/09

It's a plane, It's a UFO, NO it's a Bird!!!

I was wondering why we haven't read any blogs about the county commissioners and the mayor flipping off cameras?  It appears the casual flipping of a "bird" to the camera is meant to be a slight scratch as to look as they are itching or adjusting of their glasses.  Don't beleive me look for yourself.

Pat hunter has taken many pictures of them and starting from the top  Marcus appears to be laughing and ever so elegantly flipping the camera off.
Next is a picture of the mayor looking at the camer and what is that propping his head up a bird?

Lastly is a picture of the mayor and Franke and I don't think it was an itch of his eyebrow,

Conspiracy theory or fact?  Let me know.

CPS    3-19-2009

All i can say is ha ha ha about Ed Bell not getting the nod for his liquor store. He worked so hard  to get the liquor voted in , now he should understand how the liquor crowd works, It couldn't have happened to a  worse person. IM GLAD THEY  EXCOMMUNICATED HIM  FROM  THE FLOCK . maybe he could try tot get a liquor store in  paint rock or   somewhere                               
the jackal 3/18/09

One little problem with the plan to fire Administrators, Its Illegal. They are County employees and don't make policy,and have to treat both parties alike, so the first and fourteenth Amendments say they can't be fired for the way they vote. See the attached site for a Supreme Court decision. One site shows the TCA' that describe their job. Title two covers elections.

Fair Play 3/17/09

Hey, whatever happened to the investigation into Arp giving all those tax breaks to his developer buddy? Has Russell Johnson stumped his toe and had to stop investigating? Does he REALLY think that we are going to forget? Maybe if restitution was made on those tax breaks we could afford to build all new schools?

Surely if we can arrest a teacher for being scared to report child abuse, we can do SOMETHING to a mayor for cheating us out of  public tax dollars? Maybe we should put Arp and Johnson on that same rail and ride them out of town? Personally I think feathers would look good on them.

Sick of corruption  3/11/09

I attended commission meetings faithfully for awhile, so I have seen first hand the shenanigans that Don Miller and some of the other commissioners pull.  This needing to raise taxes for school improvements is pure bull crap and I applaud Austin Shaver for saying so. My opinion is that county commission is feeling the pinch because Doyle Arp continues to spend like there is no tomorrow. Taxes need to be raised because they need more money to fill THEIR personal coffers. Too bad we can’t tar and feather them and ride them out of town on a rail like they deserve.

As to the Newsless Herald, maybe it should go with them. I quit wasting my money on it several months ago’

JoAnne  LC 3/10

LET me get this straight.. someone abused a kid and the woman  who reported it was arrested?? i agree that the teacher should not have been arrested. especially  when they  let a child molester off  with a suspended sentence. right when  you think  you have heard everything, the "law" in  this county does something else stupid. like barney fife on   the Andy Griffith show. even worse than  this  arrest  of the teacher, they let drug dealers go on a regular basis. i know of one punk that has been caught 3 times pushing dope on  people , yet he is still  free and walking  the streets .i guess if you pay a certain  lawyer in Loudon   to be your attorney  get by with  anything, some people whose worse crime is driving a  car illegally get  30 days in jail . yet sexual offenders and drug heads are  slapped on  probation ... i guess the probation  officers are some of "boss hogg's "in laws. i feel bad that a decent person  like Jonathan Sartin  arrested a woman  that  had the best  interest  of a kid in mind...  they will  probably punish her more than  the one who abused the kid.
the watchdog 3/6/09



If you are wondering why I am posting this then please read on.
This school was sued in 2006 by the ACLU for having a meet at the flag meeting where students would pray and thought the school was sponsoring it, a judge ruled against the ACLU morons.
  Now the children have their posters blotted out where they wrote "In God we trust".  The school did this because they are scared they will get sued again.  Our God is under attack and it is up to us Christians to stand together and fight back.  Tolerance is no longer an option, it is time they tolerate us.  A lawsuit is being files against the school by 10 parents because they feel their children's rights were violated, and they were.

I am writing them to complain that "In GOD we trust", is our nations motto and our children have rights to free speech too.

Lakeview Elementary School
6211 Saundersville Rd., Mount Juliet, TN
(615) 758-5619 FAX: (615) 758-5600
Principal: Stan Moss Email:
Vice Principal: Bertie Alligood Email: 

signed by a Christian 3/5/09

I attended the Loudon County commission meeting Monday night. I listened intently as Commissioner Austin Shaver presented his plan to fund the much needed and overdue building program for the Loudon County school system.
Mr. Shaver obviously had done his research on the project. He presented his proposal in clear and concise proportions with all the facts and figures clearly documented. Mr. Shaver's proposal would allow for up to 34 million dollars for the building plan with no property tax increase. His presentation was excellent.   
Unbelievably, no more had Mr. Shaver finished his proposal than Tellico Village commissioner, Don Miller, began to dispute Shaver's facts. Miller had no evidence to refute Shaver but he just could not believe Shaver was right. Miller has been calling for a twenty-five cent tax increase for the building plan. This is nothing new. Miller always wants to raise taxes. He feels Loudon County taxes are too low.
I suspect that one of the reasons Mr. Miller decided to move here from up north was the high taxes he had to pay there. Why does he now want to continue to raise our taxes?
I would call on all commissioners to give Mr. Shaver's proposal fair consideration. He seems to be the only commissioner that is even thinking about the tax payers and what another tax increase would do to us.
I applaud Austin Shaver and his continued dedication to the tax payers of Loudon County.

A Hopeful Tax Payer 3/3/09

I don't think the teacher should of been arrested. She did the right thing by reporting to her superiors. Maybe they should have contacted DCS! you can remain anonymous when u call DCS. Hope the child doesn't get abused again because of the publicity.
sherri 3/3/09

What is it with doctors and liquor stores? Doctor Barry Gordon spent his money and worked hard to get liquor stores in Loudon County now Dr. Sanabria wants to open a liquor store. I guess it's true, greed has no bounds.

Bob Bodine 3/2/09

First, do no harm. Those words are part of the Hippocratic oath taken by all doctors. Note that Dr. Sanabria, the eminent physician who decided that bus driver Vicki Lynn Kwasny was not addicted to pills or a danger to children, is one of those applying for a liquor license in Loudon. Dr. Sanabria is also "Health Director" of the Loudon County schools. Given his oath, I take it he will only be dispensing liquor for medicinal purposes.

Surprised 3/2/09

I  seem to remember a dr. with a  Vision  that made a quick was it 14 mill? that promised high paying jobs and more tax revenue for our co...So I guess there are not any foreclosures and no  unemployed in our co. Thanks dr., next time public tv cries for a hand out donate for all of us, will you? I guess the only way to make money in Loudon is have a construction co., relation, be from Knox be in the loop or have money and a VISION. THAT'S SAD. People go to the town meetings at least for your children and grand children forget tv for 1 night a month. Make them proud of you.
  Freedom isn't Free 3/2/09