Primary Elections

This year's elections will have more candidates vying for elected office than we have ever had before. 55 candidates have qualified to run for 18 positions in the various elections. The first of these elections will be the May 4th county primary.

The May 4th primary will include both a democrat and republican primary election. There are only 3 democrats running in the democrat primary. One in the mayor's race, one in the 2nd district commission race and one in the 6th district commission race. None face opposition from any other democrats and will automatically advance to the August general election.  

The republican primary is far different. There are 46 republicans competing in all 18 races. The republican winners of each race in May will advance to the August general election to face the democrat and/or independent challengers.

Unusual for Loudon County, there are 6 candidates running as independents. Independents are running in the five different races. One in the 1st district seat "B", one in the 2nd district seat "A" One each in 5th district seat "A" and "B" and two in the judge's race. Independent candidates are not included in either primary and will be on the August ballot. 

Only 3 candidates are unopposed. Those are 2nd district commission seat "B" held by Austin Shaver, 3rd district commission held by Bob Franke and 7th district commission held by Don Miller. 

It's important to understand that 11 of the 18 races will be decided in the May 4th primary elections since there are no democrats or independents in those 11 races. Those races that will be decided in May are County Commission 1st district seat "A", County Commission 4th district the Trustee, Sheriff, Circuit Court Clerk, County Court Clerk, Register Of Deeds and the Road Superintendent.

Regardless of your party affiliation, if you want a voice in the outcome of the above mentioned 11 elections, you will have to vote in the republican primary. If you choose to vote in the democrat primary, you will only be permitted to vote for the 3 unopposed democrats in their primary. Only one is a county wide race and the other two are district races.

The final outcome of the other 7 races will not be known till the August general election. Those races are County Mayor, 1st district commission seat "B", 2nd district commission seat "A", 5th district commission both seat "A" and "B", 6th district commission and the General Sessions Judge seat.

This election is shaping up to be a real slobber knocker.

Meet The Candidates

County Mayor

(D) Matt Brookshire
(R) Glen Hagerman, Jr.
 (R) Estelle Herron
  (R) Mark Matlock
(R) Van Shaver


(R) Steve Cook
(R) Tim Guider

(R) Mike Cartwright
(R) Sherri Colvard
(R) Lanita Drinnen
(R) Cheryl Howard
(R) George Miller
(R) Billy Pickel

Register Of Deeds

(R) Tracie Littleton
(R) Jennifer Gamble Jackson
Circuit Court Clerk

(R) Judy Hines
(R) Lisa Niles
County Court Clerk

(R) Nicholas Bradshaw
(R) Darlene Russell
(R) Angie Vittatoe
(R) Max Wilburn

Road Commissioner

(R) Sean Giles
(R) Gary Kinard
(R) Eddie Simpson

General Sessions Judge

(R) Rex Dale
(R) Robert Hinton
(I) Lee Ledbetter
(I) Mary K. Longworth
(R) Kimberlee Waterhouse


County Commission

1st District Seat A

(R) William Culvahouse
(R) Brian Jenkins
(R) Nancy Marcus
(R) Kevin Walker

1st District Seat B

(I) Sarah L. Daily
(R) David Meers

2nd District Seat A

(R) Frank Hahn
(I) Daryl  E. Miller
(D) Earlena Maples

2nd District Seat B

(R) Austin Shaver

3rd District

(R) Bob Franke

4th District

(R) Roy Bledsoe
(R) Gregory Hackney
(R) Mike Newman

5th District Seat A

 (I) Robert Dishner
(R) Harold Duff
(R) Teresa Karimian
5th District Seat B

(R) Bart Howell
(I) Pat Hunter
(R) Kenneth Shockley
(R) Sharon Yarbrough

6th District

(D) Wayne Gardin
(R) Steve Harrleson
(R) Dennis Moldenhauer

7th District

(R) Don Miller