Re-Elect Bob Franke

My name is Bob Franke. I have been a Loudon County Commissioner representing the Third District in the Southeastern part of Loudon County since 2002.  Prior to that, I was retired from the Air Force/Air National Guard since 1996, after having served in the Military from 1959 until 1996.
 Having been on the Commission since 2002, I feel that a lot has been accomplished by Committee's that I have chaired or been on. The Capital Projects Committee, while I was chairman, initiated and saw through completion the following projects; a new Senior Citizen's Facility that is often toured by other Counties wanting to duplicate our success; a new Health Department Building to support those less fortunate and in need of medical services in our County; moved the Loudon County Library from the County Office building to a larger facility to better serve our citizens in the Loudon area; reviewed and brought the County into compliance with the (ADA) American's with Disability Act in all County facilities; built a new Convenience Center in Greenback to better serve our citizen's in the Southeastern parts of Loudon County that want to recycle and better protect our roadsides and environment.

In addition to those listed, I testified before the State Legislature as to the importance of a new Hospital in Loudon County, it was built in Lenoir City with new and state of the art medical equipment to better serve our citizens.
The largest issue that I have worked on since being elected to the Commission, is that of trying to get our School facilities in Loudon County updated, and brought up to the standards necessary for our students to be able to attend facilities that are conducive to a safe and healthy learning environment. Facilities that have the latest learning tools available, so that our students are very well prepared and ready to go on to institutions of higher learning, and not required to take courses to get them up to the level necessary in order to attend college.
I think these next four years will be crucial in the future of Loudon Counties education system, and it is imperative that we move forward to build facilities to accommodate our future generations in our learning centers. We must do this, and at the same time use sound fiscal discipline.

I greatly appreciate your past support and continue to humbly ask for your continued support.