Love her or hate her, agree with her or disagree, no one has been watching local government longer or more closely than local activist, Pat Hunter. She easily has more information, knowledge and history on the activities of all of the local governments. Ms. Hunter has a wealth info that can be of interest to the public. With that in mind, I have asked Pat to share some matters of interest. Ms. Hunter will be contributing articles of interest on a regular basis. So welcome to

The Hunter's Corner

Arp’s Newest Decree

Greenback Evacuated, Again

Race For Next Codes Enforcement Officer, Field Narrowed To 6!

Money Woes Discussed-Gatlinburg Retreat Planned

If  You Want To Spend Money, Spend It on schools!

NO Daytime Commission Meetings!

Politics vs. Stewardship County Assets

County Must Serve Disabled And Comply With Law 

Building Inspector Wanted- Insider or Outsider? 

Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts

Why Hide Changes To Employee  Handbook?

While County Children do without,  Mayor Arp’s Palace gets Regal Columns, Crowning Touch!

NO Tax Bail Out – NO Free Ride! 

Lenoir City Planning Officials Approve $2 Million Bond & Break Own Rules 

For Members Only -  Lenoir City Must Decide!

YOU be the Judge - Did County Officials Break Sunshine Law by not giving Proper Notice?

Arp Wants BOE Out of County Office Building

PROGRESS, is that What its Called?

There's Strength in Numbers!

Democracy or Banana Republic?

Stay Informed on Important Issues…

No Laughing Matter…

When is a DUCK NOT a DUCK?

Tribute to Larry Bandy

Mayor Arp’s Copy Fee Proposal Goes To Court!

Budget Committee Recommends

Do You Subscribe to Charter Communications?  Rate Increase Expected, Shortly!

The High Cost of PORK BARREL

Taking the word Public out of Public Participation!

How YOUR Loudon County Commissioners Actions May IMPACT YOU!  


Pat Hunter In The News
$600,000 in County Public Monies - A Non-Profit’s Request;
Loudon City Vandalism – A big Problem that’s Growing
No SUNSHINE in Backroom!

No Paper Trail 
De Ja Vu- Sweetheart land deals