Oh NO, Oh NO, Oh NO - Tradition is Dead in Loudon County! 

By: Pat Hunter

Loudon County commissioners held their first workshop in their newly renovated meeting room at the county office building. Commissioners were also served a nice meal in the new lounge. Toward the end of the Jan. 28th workshop meeting, Mayor Arp made an announcement and then asked questions. Arp said that for years a court officer would stand up at meetings and declare that the county court was now in session. He explained how Loudon County was no longer a county court and that Loudon County was one of just a few counties that still practiced that tradition.

Arp’s newest decree, NO more “Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oh yes”

It’s been a long-standing tradition for an officer, Sheriff Tim Guider, to open county court now county commission meetings, with the proclamation of Oh yes, oh yes, Oh yes; county court is now in session; but Arp said, no more!

Sheriff Tim Guider does not attend commission meetings on a regular basis opting to send sheriff personnel in his place. When Sheriff Guider doesn’t show up for a meeting, sheriff personnel are on the clock at taxpayer expense. Arp’s solution is to save cost on personnel time and eliminate the tradition of “Hearyea” and “Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oh Yes.” The duties of Pledge of Allegiance and prayer will be passed to commissioners who will alternate and/or assign duties if they desire to others, such as pastors or others in the community.

According to Mayor Arp, a Special Called meeting was held but an officer was not present. He and Chairman Roy Bledsoe decided to proceed with the meeting, nevertheless. The next day, Arp looked into the legality and he couldn’t find anyone that still did the “oh yes.” What was the cost of legal just so Mayor Arp could share his latest pearls of wisdom?

As commissioners sat in their new roomy surroundings with their expensive furniture and plush high-back chairs, Commissioner Nancy Marcus inquired, so you're asking us to stop the “Oh yesing” and Mayor Arp replied I will stop the “Oh yesing.” Commissioner Don Miller thought it sounded kind of “classy” as he laughed. Commissioner Duff said that he liked hearing, oh yes!

Anyone like Mayor Arp, who likes to spend taxpayer money on lavish ornate columns and expensive renovations isn’t serious about saving money. It sounds like Mayor Arp wants to mold Loudon County into what he thinks it should be, long-standing traditions not being one!