Children, Families, Fans Evacuated from Greenback School Gym, After Gas Leak Detected!

By Pat Hunter

Youth recreation basketball games are normally held in a safe, fun environment, but this may not always be the case. Youth basketball began 8:30 A.M. Saturday Jan. 26th, at the Greenback School Gym. Between 12:00 - 1:00 P.M., high concentrations of gas fumes were detected in a Greenback School classroom. The classroom is about 200- 300’ from the Gym. Fire personnel took quick measures, once the potential hazard was detected.


Fire personnel and police, quickly evacuated the Greenback School Gym as a precaution because of high concentrations of gas fumes in a classroom close to the Gym. Everyone in the gym was immediately evacuated to the outside, to ensure the safety of children, parents and fans. Fire personnel opened the windows in the classroom and used fans to expel the fumes from the room. Two fire trucks and one police car were at the Greenback School during this latest incident. I shudder to think what could have happened had Fire Personnel not been on hand!


The Greenback School is currently under fire watch as required by the State Fire Marshall’s office because of the numerous life safety issues and problems.


Parents Fearful of Children's Safety, While Politicians Drag Feet!


Gas leaks are a serious fire safety hazard. Understandably, parents are very upset and fearful for the safety of their children because this is not the only incidence of gas leaks reported at the Greenback School. This appears to be the third gas leak so far in a matter of months. This is an enormous liability issue. 


The Loudon County School Board has a responsibility to ensure that all life safety issues are properly and promptly addressed so students have a safe environment until a new school is built.


Greenback parents continue to await approval by Loudon County Commissioners, for a new Greenback School. The Greenback School has been at the heart of controversy because of the condition of this aging neglected school building and its numerous life safety deficiencies.