Do You Subscribe to Charter Communications?  Rate Increase Expected, Shortly!
By: Pat Hunter

At Friday’s May 11th Budget Committee meeting, Budget Chairman, Mayor Doyle Arp passed out copies of an email from Mr. Nick Pavlis, with some NOT so good news. Mr. Pavlis is the Director of Government Relations with Charter Communications, Loudon County’s cable provider.


Pavlis said that Loudon County cable customers face a rate increase in the near future after the completion of an audit. He also mentioned an estimated settlement of nearly $196,000 including interest. 


Last year the Budget Director reported some information to commissioners about the Cable Authority and some audit findings. As I recall, she did not give specific details because an audit was pending.


Mayor Arp gave copies to commissioners but he didn’t bother to hand out copies to the public. At my request one commissioner passed the Pavlis information so I could read it and snap a quick picture. If you are a cable customer as I am, you will find this rate increase a bit bothersome given the explanation.

Click here to view:     Pavlis Email                Proposed new cable rates


Budget Committee members
(Chairman – Mayor Doyle Arp, Commissioners: Nancy Marcus (Loudon), Chris Park (Eaton), Don Miller (Tellico Village), Bob Franke (Greenback) and guest comm. Wayne Gardin (Highland Park).


What do you get for Your Franchise Fees?

$190,000 yearly Franchise Fees go to County


Did you know that Charter collects a franchise fees from its county customers? This revenue ($190,000 yearly est.) in turns goes to Loudon County government coffers for county officials to spend! Given this fact, I think Loudon County commissioners should consider returning our money or find a way to offset the cable rate increase!


I also question the legality of collecting a franchise fee from patrons that have no say or representation; is that called taxation without representation?    


Loudon County Jail Certified


Mayor Doyle Arp eagerly announced after the budget meeting that he had just received word that the Loudon County Jail had just been certified. Apparently the jail passed state guidelines. The re-certification also gives the county the financial incentive to house state prisoners.