When is a DUCK NOT a DUCK?


Your Right to Know and to Participate in the Planning Process!


On Wednesday July 11, 2007 at 12:30 pm, Loudon City’s Board of Zoning Appeal BZA will meet to determine if a proposed travel center is a permitted use under current zoning regulations. The meeting will be held at the Loudon City Utilities Board meeting room on Alma Place next to the Loudon City Post office. (Agenda below)


Pilot Oil proposes to build a travel center at the Hwy. 72 - I-75 Loudon exit. It’s our understanding that Pilot’s argument is that they are not a truck stop falling under the general description of “motor vehicle transportation” and planner Russ Newman will give his interpretation of the zoning regulations.    


Have you ever heard of the old "Duck "Rule, if it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, and it walks like a duck . . . chances are it's a duck even if you call it something else? No matter what it’s called, a travel center or truck stop, the daily traffic count speaks volumes with estimates of 425-450 cars and 300-350 trucks. Click here to view public records:

More information about proposed fuel center         Pictures                                                                


The business web link mentions that Pilot Oil is “the largest seller of over-the-road diesel fuel.” Whom do you think buys diesel fuel?


Truck stops are synonymous with complaints over noise and air pollution, crime, traffic, and congestion and safety issues. Paving a large parcel of land will likely add to storm drain and run-off concerns. Maybe, lest you think this project will bring good jobs to our area, taken from the Pilot Oil website, “…It’s also not easy maintaining a large national workforce of mainly minimum wage workers to keep stores clean and customer service high.” link to http://www.businesstn.com:80/reprints/pilot0805.html


We also have concerns about air quality and health issues such as adding more hazardous air pollutants (diesel emissions) since our county is in violation of Federal Clean Air Act regulations for ground level ozone and fine particle pollution. Lets not forget that Loudon County residents have serious respiratory illnesses as documented in our health assessment study conducted by state and federal agencies.

links: Health  http://www.ucsusa.org/assets/animation/toxicair_lung.swf

Diesel emissions



Pollution has no boundaries. Idling trucks burn enormous quantities of fuel. As you can see this is much more than just an economic development or zoning matter. Please take the time to attend this meeting or voice your concerns to Loudon City’s BZA members since they will have the final say about this matter. 


Thank you,


Pat Hunter

President, Clean Air Friends – Clean Air Kids, Inc.


For Questions or to share your Concerns

Contact List:


Russ Newman, Planning Director

Loudon County Office of Planning

274 Blair Bend Dr.

Loudon, TN  37774

Phone: 865.458.3880

Fax: 865. 458.3792

Email: russ_newman@bellsouth.net


 Loudon Regional Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals Members

Mr. Hamil Carey , Chairman
633 Fort Hill Drive
Loudon, TN  37774

Mr. Dennis Brennan, Vice-Chairman
138 Giffin Circle
Loudon, TN

Carlie McEachern, Secretary
1440 Roberson Springs Road
Loudon, TN  37774

Mr. Gene Gammons
Adroit Medical Systems
1146 Carding Machine Rd.
Loudon, TN  37774

Mr. Tommy Melton
806 Mulberry St
Loudon, TN  37774

Mr. Jimmy Greenway
1339 Roberson Springs Rd.
Loudon, TN  37774

Mr. Lewis Garner
704 Main Street
Loudon, TN

Mr. Ken Brewster
1042 Mulberry St.
Loudon, TN  37774

Amy Millsaps
445 Mason Lane
Loudon, TN  37774


Source: Loudon County Planning Office (Public Records)





Loudon City Utilities Board meeting room

JULY 11, 2007 (Wednesday)

12:30 PM

1.       Call to order


  1. Roll call


  1. Approval of minutes for the June 6, 2007 meeting


  1. Planned agenda items:


A.     Appeal of staff interpretation of permitted uses in C-4, Interchange Commercial District for location of Pilot Travel Center/Truckstop. Applicant: Pilot Travel Centers, LLC [07-05-114-RGZ-LO]


6.  Additional public comments


7.  Announcements and/or comments from the Board/Commission


8.  Adjournment