Knoxville News Sentinel Local Stories

80-year-old Loudon woman dies from wreck injuries 2/15/07

Man Accused In Shootings Out Of Hospital 1/29/07

Short-Term Deal To Use Loudon Facilities 1/15/07

Theft From Bank Leads To Jail Time 1/15/07

Council Workshop to Tackle Burning Questions 1/6/07

Making Meetings Public-Friendly 12/30/06

Claim disputed that $1.3M owed for work on golf course 12/22/06

Council Ponies Up $$ for Water 12/22/06

Lenoir City Residents See Effects Of Growth 12/22/06

Air Quality Group Begins Quarterly Night Meetings 12/09/06

Task Force to Tackle Ash Problem 12/09/06

Hospital Getting A Signal On 321 12/01/06

Garbage Truck Trashes Overpass 11/29/06

Joint Venture Reaps First Product 11/28/06

Contract To Help Finance New Pipes, Tank 11/27/06

Town Creek Project A Tribute To Thinking Big 11/27/06

Two Die in Loudon County Wreck 11/18/06

Hines, Henline Gear Up for Council  11/18/06

Concerns About Loudon Land Sale Are Unfounded 11/4/06

Lenoir City Not Unique in Hydrant Problem 11/3/06

Weak Hydrants Pose Health, Safety Hazard 10/28/06

Tennessee National 10/25/06

20-year-old Loudon man was killed Sunday 10/23/06

Public Records Should Be Open 10/16/06

Impact Fees 10/16/06

Loudon school facilities tax OK'd 10/3/06

Four Rumored for Jenkins’ Seat, So Far 9/26/06

Pleas For The Trees 9/23/06

LCUB Will Work With Residents On Tree Cutting 9/21/06

Loudon, Lenoir City May End Football Rivalry 9/16/06

2 Men Charged In 2005 Slaying 9/15/06

Homebuilders oppose new fee  9/13/06

Loudon County mayor takes aim at nuisance requests  9/12/06

Putting the ‘Public’ Back Into Public Records  9/8/06

Loudon 4 Year Old Dies In Accident 9/8/06

Rommel Hightower of Lenoir City 9/5/06

The Rev. J. Bazzel Mull 9/5/06

LCUB Raises New Sewer Fees 8/25/06

Local Convicted In Bus Crash 8/24/06

Greg Norman will be on hand 8/22/06

Leftover Political Signs 8/20/06

3 Seek Mayor’s Seat 8/18/06

TVA Land Use Policy 8/17/06

Creekwood Park 8/15/06

Lawsuit Threat Sparks Pay Raise Hikes  8/14/06

County Nixes Building Tax – For Now  8/14/06

Yacht builder a boost to Loudon  8/14/06