Claim disputed that $1.3M owed for work on golf course

A Florida contractor says he's owed nearly $1.3 million for work done at the Greg Norman-designed Tennessee National golf course, a claim disputed by the Loudon County development.

Mark Boutwell, owner of United Golf Construction in Polk City, Fla., was a prime contractor for the $500 million waterfront golfing community.

He said he has been unable to pay the more than half-a-dozen local businesses that he subcontracted with because he hasn't been able to collect the money from Tennessee National.

"They don't care whatsoever, and we did everything we could to make it the very best. It shouldn't be allowed," said Boutwell, who says he has worked on Greg Norman projects for 10 years.

Scott Pasolli, general manager of Tennessee National, said United Golf has been paid everything owed under the terms of the contract.

"Any notion by United Golf that suggests Tennessee National does not pay its bills is totally unfair and also portrays Tennessee National in a false light," Pasolli said.

Under the contract, Pasolli said United Golf has the right to go through an arbitration process to try to remedy the dispute.

"When he does, we will address those issues," Pasolli said.

Bob Kendrick of Loudon County Rentals said United Golf owes him between $14,000 and $15,000 for equipment rented.

"It's been over six months," Kendrick said. "My deal wasn't with Tennessee National. It was with him."

Kendrick has only owned the business for five years, and he said he has never been in a situation of this magnitude.

"It's enough to put a small business under," Kendrick said.

Tennessee National is part of a 1,700-unit waterfront residential community being developed by Medallist Development Inc., a Norman lead partnership, and Thunder Enterprises, which is headed by millionaire Chattanooga businessman John "Thunder" Thornton. Medallist is a joint venture of Norman's company, Great White Shark Enterprises, and Macquarie Bank, an Australian investment bank.