Letters: Oct. 15 Knoxnews

Public records should be open to the people. I find it appalling that a public official who was elected to office would take it upon himself to deny the public the right to monitor and track the workings of government. The audacity to suggest that public records requests be made in writing or even that those asking for these records be required to identify themselves is wrong.

I recently moved to Knoxville from Florida, and I have found nothing to cause me regret in making this move. However, I must state that Florida operates all of its government and public business in the sunshine, and it is all open for any person who requests information. There is a nominal fee for extensive records requests.

I might add that I am a former public official who dealt with public records requests and do have some knowledge in this area. If I were a citizen living in Loudon County, I would be circulating a petition for the recall of Mayor Doyle Arp.