Liquor And Liars Part III
Who's Paying The Bills?

You've Got to Spend Money To Make Money

I know there are some who aren't always sure that I know what I'm talking about. But most of the time I will never publish anything unless I have facts to back up the story.

I have been reporting about the on going saga of out liquor loving trio, Ed Bell, Dr. Barry Gordon and John Tuck,  working hard to get the liquor store referendum passed so they can start making mo money.  
(Liquor And Liars and Liquor and Liars The Deceit Continues).

If there was any doubt in anyone's mind who stands to gain the most from liquor stores in Loudon County, take a look at the copies of the financial statement filed with the Loudon County Election's office. Each of the three liquor heads have spent $8,000.00 each attempting to achieve their greedy goal. In fact they are the only contributors to the cause. Of course $24,000.00 is a drop in the bucket compared to the profits they will be able to rake in if they can just get the voters to do what they call "do the right thing." Remember this, not one of the three liquor heads lives in Lenoir City or Loudon, yet that's where they want to peddle their fire water. If the liquor boys were really so concerned about the financial welfare of Lenoir City and Loudon, they could have just given that $24,000.00 to the cities and gone to Knoxville and opened a liquor store.

It has been said, your money goes where your heart is. I guess this means our greedy trio's hearts are in a liquor bottle.

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