Liquor and Liars
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Why is it that those two words seem to go together so well? Liquor and liars, liquor and liars. They just seem to naturally roll together. Is it because so many people lie about drinking liquor? Or is it that so many liars like liquor? What ever the reason, both words automatically conjure negative thoughts.

Shortly after I posted the liquor petitions, it became obvious there was something wrong. There were some names on the petitions who I knew would have never  signed those petitions knowing their names would be used to have the question of liquor stores on the ballot of the upcoming election. I soon heard from several people, mostly elderly, who said the person asking them for their signatures lied to them. What they were told by the liquor solicitors was:

"If we don't get this liquor store vote on the ballot, the city council is going to let liquor stores come into the city."

This is of course is a total lie. Liquor and liars. Why do you suppose they feel they had to lie to people?

It is unfortunate that there are those among us, and you know who you are, who are so despicable, so pathetic, so greedy that they would go out to deceive some of the most trusting and vulnerable members of our community. It's a shame that no one in local government would care enough about the lies and deceit used to get the required signatures to place the matter on the ballot. If all the names were removed from the petitions who feel they were tricked into signing, our liquor trio wouldn't be this much closer to their liquor store dreams.


Lenoir City Liquor Petition Loudon Liquor Petition

Here's Another Argument Against Liquor Stores

Police investigate Claiborne double homicide
By Associated Press
September 28, 2006

CUMBERLAND GAP, Tenn. ó Authorities continued their investigation Thursday into a double homicide during an overnight armed robbery attempt at a liquor store near the Tennessee-Kentucky line.

An unidentified male and female employee were found dead Wednesday night in the Tunnel Two-Way Package Store in Cumberland Gap off Highway 58.

Claiborne County investigators believe the workers were killed sometime between 11:30 p.m. and midnight. Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agents are assisting in the case.

Sheriff David Ray told WATE-TV in Knoxville he is looking for people in Kentucky and Tennessee who may have seen something.

"You got two people dead and I donít know who did it," Ray said. "Iím begging for any help we can get."