LCPD Strikes Again

The Lenoir City Police Department seems determined to send a strong message to those who would drink and drive. For the second time in as many months, LCPD officers set up a DUI check point checking for drunk drivers. While a number of citations were issued, fortunately, this time no drunk drivers were arrested. LCPD  held a similar check point on Hwy. 321 just last month and just a couple of weeks ago, preformed an undercover alcohol sting citing six businesses for selling to under age customers. According to Chief Don White, more check points are planed in the near future.


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March 17, 2007 the Lenoir City Police Department conducted a three hour Sobriety Checkpoint on Adessa Boulevard in Lenoir City. Officers checked all 353 vehicles that passed through the checkpoint. During this checkpoint nine citations were issued including one for open alcohol in a motor vehicle. Officers also worked six hours of saturation enforcement over the 3/16-3/17 weekend and issued seven citations for various offenses.

Sgt. John M. Tinnel
Lenoir City Police Department