Cops-Lenoir City Style

Taking advantage of the Governor's Highway Safety grant program, Lenoir City Police Department staged a massive DUI check point on Hwy. 321. With temperatures below freezing, full time, part time and reserves took part in the two hour four lane check point. A number of citations were issued for various violations and one drunk driver was removed from the streets after a short chase when the drunk attempted to flee the check point.

Near the end of the program, a call was dispatched of a possible 10-49 driver (drunk) on 321. Minutes later, the described vehicle rolled up to the south bound check point. The driver who was obviously inebriated, was told to pull to the side of the road. Instead of heading the officers instructions, the driver chose to flee the scene in his Dodge Dakota. He Chose poorly.

With no less that a dozen officers on hand and about that many cruisers, the fleeing drunk was quickly apprehended just a short distance away in the Long Silvers parking lot.

All in all the check point was a success. Chief Don White stated that he plans to have more of these DUI checks in the future. Final count for the DUI check point: 1082 vehicles passed through the Sobriety Checkpoint and officers checked 225 of them with one DUI arrest.

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