Brookshire On Review

In less than a month, it will be time once again for the residents of Lenoir City to choose who will be their mayor for another two years. Unlike his opponents, Mayor Matt Brookshire has a well established track record in the public eye. Some may feel he has done a good job, some may not but a review of his time as mayor is certainly a fair way to assess the job he has done.

To give all the credit or blame to Brookshire for actions the city has taken while he has been the mayor is not entirely fair. Rarely does the mayor even have a vote except in the case of a tie vote of the council and this hasn't happened very many times. So we can only consider his leadership for the direction the city has gone. As we review the last seven and a half years of the Brookshire administration, the voters can decide if they want two more years or not. It's up to you.

Maybe the biggest blunder of his career was the whole "redevelopment plan" back in 2006. Brookshire had proposed to to include a large area of down town and West Broadway in a scheme that would ultimately lead to developers taking private property. Very nearly cost him the 2006 election.

There was the temper tantrum he pitched on vice mayor Buddy Hines when he dared to question him on a plan to relocate city hall.

Brookshire, without council approval or knowledge, approved a $15,000.00 raise for city judge Terry Vann.

Brookshire and others worked hard to eliminate the elected treasurer/recorder position in favor of an appointed position.

Demolished the old A Street Apartments which lead to a law suit against the city.

Presided over two large property tax increases.

Obligated the city to pay millions of dollars for a new road for a developer.

Used condemnation or eminent domain on several private property owners.

Sold a historical lake front piece of former city property for $500.

Built a very nice walking trail which is now half closed due to poor planning.

Built a million dollar municipal swimming pool.

Extended the terms of all elected city officials by eighteen months.

Allowed city Judge Terry Vann to take over city court clerk.

Proposed to sell city hall to a bank.

Proposed to buy the old Rexall building for a new city hall.

As LCUB chairman, proposed to buy old Save-O-Lot Shopping Center.

As LCUB chairman, proposed to buy the First National Building.

And the list could go on and on and on. As the voters go to they polls they will have to decide who they want to lead the city for the next two years. The outcome will be interesting.