Smack Down
Voter Style

Any way you slice it or dice it, Lenoir City mayor Matt Brookshire and pals got a smack down of WWF proportions in Thursday's election. The rat pack, in a roll of the dice winner take all came up short, way short, in their plans to take over city hall.

Banking on the voters not being smart enough to see through their dirty little plot, Brookshire's plans were dashed when the voters overwhelmingly rejected the charter change that would have laid the city check book in his hands. By an 80% margin, 727 to 178, the voters told Brookshire to keep his hands out of their pockets. You see Matt, the commoners are a lot smarter than you thought.

The blow away loss for Brookshire's plan has even greater meaning than just the preservation of the one hundred year old charter. The 80% rejection of the Brookshire authored charter change is a sure sign that Brookshire is in his last few weeks as Lenoir City mayor. The voters sent a clear loud message that they don't trust Brookshire or his minions. It's inconceivable that these same voters will return to the polls in November and elect a person that they clearly have no trust or confidence in.

Brookshire's elimination as mayor will cause an immediate domino effect that could finally start the cleaning process at city hall. Matt had better get his job lined up at LCUB. November is coming fast.