Double Talk

News Herald 2/16/05: Brookshire
"Relocation would be a necessary component." (of redevelopment) "It would be one of the more difficult parts of the program." "If the city has to relocate someone as part of the redevelopment, they are required to find equal or better housing for the individual."

News Herald 10/04/06: Brookshire
"I do not support taking people’s homes and property. I do not support using redevelopment as a threat to people, nor as a way to scare people."

So, which is it Mayor? Are you for condemnation of private property? Are you against condemnation of private property? Did you actually vote for it before you voted against?

The great thing about liberal politicians is, if they don't like reality, they just make up their own. Mayor Brookshire is a master of this ploy. I think he honestly believes if he pretends he had nothing to do with the Lenoir City redevelopment plan and if he just keeps saying that to us and himself, it will come true. To ignore the facts, does not change the facts.

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, Brookshire never dreamed "his" vision of how Lenoir City and it's citizens should look and live and "his" plan to achieve that goal would ever backfire like it has. As do all liberals, Brookshire really believes he knows what's best for everybody and what's worse, he can't imagine that everybody doesn't think he knows what's best for them. Now that his "Big Plan" has tanked, he wants to put as much distance between himself and his plan as possible from now till the election. Unfortunately for the mayor, most people don't quickly forget threats of loosing their property to the government.

As I read Brookshire's response to the News Herald's questions to the candidates, I couldn't believe what I was reading. For a minute, I thought I was reading the wrong candidate article. It sounded like Brookshire had turned into one of those raving conservative republicans. Then I got to the part where he slipped and let his true colors fly. Read this part very carefully.

What is your stance on eminent domain?

It is my opinion that eminent domain shouldn’t be used unless all other options have been tried, and they have failed. If used at all, it should be as a last resort. I also believe that eminent domain should only be used for public projects, except in those cases when it can be demonstrated that a private project would benefit the neighboring properties and the existing property owner refuses to participate and/or improve his or her property.

Translation: If we, the city government want your property and we believe it would benefit a developer and you won't agree with whatever deal we give you, we will take your property and you can't stop us.

Make no mistake, the current Lenoir City redevelopment plan initiated by the mayor and council is about condemning and taking private property for private development and if reelected he and they will move forward with those plans.

Mayor Brookshire and his council have been on a steady, constant march to bring order and discipline to what they see as their subjects. From which way your parked car points, to the height of your grass and in some instances what color you can paint your house. This is government out of control but you the voters can put a stop to this madness in the up coming election.

If given another term, Brookshire and his boys may decide everyone should dress like him.

In fairness to equal time, click here to read Mayoral candidate, Kelly Watkins' response to the News Herald's questions to the candidates