Board Of Ed Budget Request's Top $5.3 Mil.

With the 06-07 fiscal year winding down, the budgeting process for all county departments is just getting under way. This includes the Loudon County Board Of Education. At a recent BOE budget meeting, board member were presented with the 07-08 budget requests totaling $5,379,024.00. This comes on the heels of the PBA study citing far lower growth projections than had previously been predicted by the BOE. Last years record $33,500,441.00 budget will close out June 30. Click Here For Budget Request. (PDF)

This is the first budget request submitted to the budget committee and will surely have some of the requests cut before being submitted to county commission. The bulk of the requests are for salaries, raises, increase in benefits and at least 25-30 new employees. The Loudon County Board Of Education currently employees 618 employees. This includes approximately 372 teachers and 120 assistants.  Click here For List. (PDF) Other notable items in the request include $475,824.00 for 10 additional portable buildings but just $5,000.00 for books and $40,000.00 for grounds maintenance at North Middle and Eatons.

The budgeting process will be ongoing for the next few months.