$138-Million School Plan OKd
By: Mary Hinds
Source: Loudon County News-Herald

$90 Million Plan for Loudon Schools OK'd
Hugh G. Willett
News Sentinel/knoxnews.com
Friday, November 2, 2007

$144 Million Price Tag, For School Buildings 

BY Pat Hunter

How is it that three different, independent and relatively intelligent reporters attended the same meeting, heard the same discussions, recorded the same votes and came out of the meeting with such different understandings of just how much money the Loudon County Board Of Education is asking the commission to provide for their long range building plan?

Maybe it's some kind of new math being taught in public school where close counts. What's a hundred million dollars give or take a few million. Or it could be that the BOE it's self doesn't have a clue what they're asking for. The proposed plan that had been released about a week ago did not contain any financial information. The dollars were applied at Thursday's BOE meeting just shortly before the board voted for approval of the plan.

In a report released by the BOE central office Friday morning reflecting the votes of the previous night's meeting, yet another total emerges. This report was different than the adopted proposal at the Thursday night meeting. Some items approved at Thursday's meeting were not reflected of the Friday report.

Confused yet? It starts to be easier now to understand why there could be so much confusion with the numbers. Apparently the BOE chose to ignore the in-depth report prepared last year by MPC  and just reach into thin air and pull out numbers. If the BOE thinks the county commission will buy into another pie in the sky proposal, they may get a rude awakening. Once again the Loudon County Board Of Education has gone to the well of common since and pulled out a bucket of empty.