School Boards Hear Real Numbers

The long awaited and much anticipated report on the entire Loudon County/Lenoir City school's future growth rates and needs is out of the box and some board members aren't happy. Maybe the three biggest bomb shells in the report were, that the only recommendation for a new school was in Greenback, that there are currently 600 out of county students in the two systems and that the only way the county could fund the needed improvements was to raise property taxes.

Aside from recommending many facility improvements and upgrades, the only recommendations for additional facilities, was wing expansions for Fort Loudon Middle, Loudon Elementary, and Highland Park. The biggy was the recommendation for a new school for Greenback, not due to over capacity but due to the poor physical condition of the facility. The total projected cost for all improvements would be $47,557,500.00.

The report researched and developed by Partnership for Education Facilities Assessment (PEFA) at a cost not to exceed $53,000.00, showed a far lower growth rate and facilities needs than had previously been reported by the school board. Even using an accelerated projections scenario, the numbers are not nearly a dire as had been thought. The all encompassing comprehensive report was to be objective without bias and without political considerations.

The two boards and the governing bodies will now have to come to terms with the findings and plan accordingly. Anyone who has any interest in the school systems should definitely visit the web site and read the entire report. Click Here For Report.

Below are just a few of examples of some of the reports.    Click for report.