We Were Mislead

"We were mislead by 911, I want it to end. I feel we have not had a fair shake with truthfulness." These were statements made by sheriff Tim Guider at Monday's commission meeting. The commission was presented with a possible settlement agreement that would end the legal action brought by the Sheriff after the budget committee refused to grant all the Sheriff's demands in the previous budget process.

The Sheriff stated that he was mislead by 911 on the number of and increase of calls he had previously reported to the commission prompting the need for additional money and manpower. The Sheriff was to check with his attorney Tuesday, and if all goes well, he has agreed to settle the law suit if the commission agrees to provide his department with one more new police cruiser. All but one commissioner voted to settle the suit for the additional car. Commissioner Maples, voting NO, raised concerns about the process that brought the commission to this point. She was not happy that the Sheriff had put them in this position. While other commissioners voted for the settlement several echoed the concerns raised by commissioner Maples. The general consensus of the commission was, in the long run it would be cheaper to settle than to continue to incur additional legal fees. All legal fees generated by the lawsuit by both the Sheriff and the county will be paid by the tax payers.