Vaping II

Almost a month ago, I wrote a little story about a new thing I was toying with, vaping. That's what they call smoking the electronic cigarettes. Since there's no tobacco, no fire and no smoke but just vapor, it's called vaping.

Last month when I wrote about vaping, I had just started using the e-cigs with absolutely no intent to stop smoking. My nephew had gotten me interested after he starting using them. In fact, he had quit smoking tobacco cigarettes shortly after he started using the e-cigs. Like I said, I never intended to stop smoking.  But I'm happy to say after forty years of smoking, I'm now smoke free.

My Stopped Smoking Banner

The more I used the e-cig, the less I wanted to smoke a real cigarette. In fact, in just about a week or so, I couldn't even smoke a real cig anymore. They were too harsh and tasted terrible. I can't say for sure that I will never smoke tobacco again but as of right now, I have no desire to go back. Besides myself and my nephew, I know others that have also given up real cigs for vaping.

The health benefits are already obvious to me not to mention the cost savings and Sarah says I don't stink any more or at least I don't smell like cigarettes. Just google "vaping" and you can read all about it. I have no idea if vaping would work for everyone but it has sure worked for me. Let me give you the information on the best way to get vaping.   

You could do like me and experiment with the store brands but I would suggest that you go the Mike's Electronic Cigarettes on Hwy. 321 if you want to get started right. He's got all the stuff you need. His store is at 516 Hwy. 321. He's right between Shubert's Motors and the Line-X shop. He's in the same shop as Smoky Mountain Beads, Crystals & More. You can visit his facebook page here.

E-cigs are not sold as a smoking sensation product but an alternative. There's no smell, no fire and the cost to vape is way, way less than smoking. Besides regular tobacco flavors, you can get every flavor under the sun. Chocolate, vanilla, Dr. Pepper, Red Bull and on and on.

Even if you have no desire to stop smoking or even cut back, you should give the e-cigs a try. you might me surprised how it works out.