They Are Not My Blogs attempts to bring news and information to the local community, many times stories that you will never read any where else. I also try to provide other areas of local interest The most the visited area of the site is the blog page. I know there are those out there who absolutely hate the blog and for obvious reasons. I know it bothers some that I allow anonymous posts on the blog.

If a post comes in that I know to be true, I will post it. If a blog comes in and it is ones opinion of an issue, I will post it. If a blog comes in with direct accusations of some illicit or illegal activity and is accompanied by documentation, I will post it. If a post is incorrect and offensive to someone and they want it removed, I will remove it. Generally, the blog page is for the public to inform, be informed or just to vent frustrations.

I do not write the blogs. I know there are some who want to believe that I do, but I do not. I think the reason some want to believe I write the blogs is to avoid facing the fact that there are lots of people out there who really know what's going on. In eight months, I have received more than 500 posts. Many were not posted for reasons listed above. Some were dandy's and if true, WOW.

I recently came across another blog site that took me to task for my site.

You gotta love it. Elmer Fudd challenging others to take off their masks. I checked the phone book and didn't find one single Elmer Fudd in Lenoir City.

If I have something to say, it will be on the front page. I will leave the blogging to others who really know what's going on around the county.