Sweet Bippy

At last Monday's commission meeting, I was heartened to hear Commissioner Nancy Marcus state that her reason for increasing the employee insurance costs, was to save the county money. Unfortunately Commissioner Marcus' words ring hollow when looking at the overall county commission's actions for the last year. The commission has been on a bit of a spending spree of sorts. Hundreds of thousands spent to remodel and secure the county building, creating positions, giving large raises for some employees and themselves, lap top computers for commissioners, contracting thousands of dollars in work that was formerly preformed by county employees and so on and so on.

Ms. Marcus was sent out as a political sacrificial lamb by her leader Mr. Arp. Arp went so far as to vote for the insurance increase in the budget meeting, I'm sure giving Nancy the confidence that he would add his political clout and backing to her position at the meeting. Unfortunately for her, Mr. Arp sat silently apparently fearing the retribution of the angry employees attending the meeting.

When Arp finally did screw up the courage to speak, it was only to defend his actions of using county equipment, employees and material to distribute Ms. Marcus' lengthy News Herald editorial with the employee pay checks.

Cost cutting and saving money can not be selective but must apply to all aspects of government.