How Much Are Those Copies?

Along with their latest pay checks, most if not all county employees received a little something extra in the envelope. No, it wasn't extra money but a complete copy of Commissioner Nancy Marcus' recent News Herald editorial  explaining why she felt county employees should pay higher health insurance premiums. This in it's self is curious. Who requested and who approved the inclusion of the editorial with the pay checks and why?

But the bigger story is who paid for all those copies? With all the crying Mr. Arp has done about the cost of making copies for the public, taking employees from their regular duties, even dragging the county through a long and expensive lawsuit to get his way, we can only assume that someone paid for the copies and the employee's time spent making the copies and stuffing them in the envelopes.

It's hard to imagine that any employee took it on themselves to include the editorial in with the checks. In fact a number of employees stated that they had contacted the accounting department to inquire about the editorial and were told that Mr. Arp was the one who had directed the Marcus memoir be placed in the envelopes. So was he trying to promote Commissioner Marcus' position on the insurance cost increase? Or was he trying to undermine her? County Commission will be voting on the insurance issue at Monday's commission meeting 9/10/07.

The copies were made on county paper, printed with a county copier and assembled by county employees on county time at the direction of the county mayor. Should we assume Arp held himself to the same standards as the public and paid for those copies himself? I bet not.

Mr. Arp has once again shown his unprofessional tendencies and that he has no qualms about using his position to promote his agendas or to hurt others.