Suit Settled, $39,000.00

The years long law suit brought by Lenoir City against a local property owner appears to be about over. At a special called meeting Monday, council voted to settle the long running law suit against George Sarten stemming from the city's attempt to his property for a portion of the city's walking trail.

The city had originally attempted to take the property by condemnation for a section of phase two of the walking trail. The whole matter finally came to a head when Circuit Court Judge Simmons ruled the trail closed due to dangerous conditions along the trail at Sarten's property.

The city agreed to pay Sarten $39,000.00 for a permanent easement through the property and all legal fees incurred by Sarten due to the city's suit. The city also must construct a retaining wall to protect the trail at the base of the hill. The cost of the retaining wall is unknown. The city is also considering legal action against the engineering firm, Barge Waggoner, that designed the trail.