Statement Of Paula Lynn To Commission

My name is Paula Lynn and I AM a current resident of the 6th district in Loudon County.  I would also be interested in knowing each speaker’s residency tonight.  I believe that would be beneficial to the Commissioners so that appropriate weight could be applied to the comments that are given.  It is my personal belief that if you are not a resident of this county, you should have no say in how we elect to run our county government.  You did not vote in the elections and should attend this meeting as spectators only.  That’s just my personal belief, but I do not believe I stand alone.  As a matter of fact, I know I don’t.  I am outraged at individuals attempting to and I’m sure actually making contact with the OUR, the citizens of Loudon County’s, Commissioners, trying to change their mind when it comes to the passing of the Adequate Facilities Tax.  You will hear tonight from multiple representatives of the Home Builders Association along with the Realtors and developers who will be making an attempt to change your original vote.  For all Loudon County citizens, let me read you an excerpt taken from a document that was sent to Builders and Realtors in this area.  This was a “request for help” from President Dave Santi and Loudon Chapter Chairman, Patricia Shepherd, of the REALTORS association,  to defeat the Proposed Adequate Facilities Tax.  They explained that the first reading had passed and that the second reading must pass tonight with a 2/3 vote.  They held a “strategy planning meeting” on Friday, September, 22nd at Calhoun’s and these were their bullet items:

“Together, Builders and Realtors should:

  • Have a strong showing at the October 2nd meeting.
  • Make personal contact and telephone calls to all County Commissioners
  • Know and understand the reasons Builders and REALTORS are against this tax.
  • Have more press coverage in both the Loudon and Knoxville newspapers.”

How do you feel about that?? 

These are organizations that are made up of many people who don’t even live in Loudon County, trying to sway your vote.  The ones that do live in Loudon County must not have children that attend Loudon County Schools, because if they did, they would have no problem with this tax being implemented.  This tax is not the “end all – cure all” for funding the projects to relieve our overcrowding issue.  It is a fair and reasonable way to share the costs of new or upgraded school facilities and not create an unfair, inequitable burden on existing county residents.  It is a logical and effective mechanism that you can put in place tonight.


I currently serve as the Vice-President for the Highland Park PTO.  I see the effects of overcrowding.  I see the Kindergarten class being held in the Lunchroom until lunchtime and then they become ‘wanderers’, if you will.  I see the speech class that is held in an electrical closet.  They will be bringing in the glorified trailer also known as a learning cottage very soon, to get the children out of the lunchroom, but as you can see, we DO have an overcrowding problem.  There are other examples that I can give you, but my time is limited.  Ultimately, if the necessary planning had taken place and rezoning kept under control, we wouldn’t be in the mess that we are in today.  They have and continue to allow the rezoning of property that is located in these districts which makes overcrowding inevitable.  Of course, the developers and the crystal ball they must own that can see into the future, tells them that only older folks that don’t have children are going to buy homes in these subdivisions/ communities.  Please,you’re not that good. 

 So, let me just ask you to make the right decision for the citizens who put you in office.  Don’t be swayed by the greed of the people who are motivated more by their own net worth than by what is best for our county.  Vote ‘Yes’ for this tax and start helping your schools.


Thank You.