Adequate Schools Facilities Tax Passes

The long awaited and much debated Adequate Schools Facilities Tax passed on second reading at Monday's commission meeting. With the usual suspects in opposition, the house was packed. Developers turned out in force with there "NO AFT" stickers proudly displayed on their shirts. But this would not be a one sided battle. Several local residents of the east end of the county also turned out to voice their support to the new tax.

Paula Lynn spoke to the commission about the necessity to pass the tax and also asked that anyone speaking on the tax matter identify where they live to show that much of the opposition were not residents of Loudon County.

Kristy Ervin, a supporter of the tax, suggested to the commission that the tax was a good start, but that the commission needed to take some kind of action to bring control to the rampant development.

The lone hold out voting against the tax, was again, new fifth district commissioner, Chris Park. Park reading a mostly prepared statement raised many of the same objections as the developers. In the end all other commissioners including newly appointed commissioner Shirley Reno, voted to pass the tax.

Immediately after the vote, the developers gathered to plan their next move which appears to include legal action.

The commission will now have to work out the logistics of implementing the new tax.