School Zoning For County?

Seems like every few months, the Loudon County Board of Education presents another plan to address the supposed over crowding with in the school system.  THE BOE is now pondering yet another possible plan and according to a notation on the plan, it will only work with zoning. Meaning requiring students to attend certain schools. This plan does not address out of county students. With what seems to be an unending list of major problems for the Loudon County Board of Education, from renovations gone wild at LHS, to broken AC units at GBH and Eatons, requiring bus and school zone requirements to the mix could only be icing on the cake.

The latest five year plan which is estimated to cost $67,000,000.00 would include a new PreK-8 school at either the Sugar Limb or Hwy. 72 areas and other new buildings and upgrades. See below. The new plan does not utilize the 2 million dollar property purchased last year by the BOE. In addition the new plan suggest the possible need for a new county high school on the upper end of the county in the next 6-12 years. The new plan also makes plans for the expansion of Steekee Elementary. This after just last month, director of schools, Edward Headlee suggested closing the school.