Steekee Elementary To Close?

In an email addressed to Loudon County Board of Education chairman, Larry Bass and copied to the rest of the board members, Loudon County superintendent, Edward Headlee is recommending the closure of Steekee Elementary School. According to Heedlee's email Steekee is currently with out a principal or assistant principal and this would be the best time ever to close the facility. Heedlee also goes on to give his recommendations on how the process should transpire.

The BOE had planed to possibly discuss the matter at a special called meeting Tuesday night but decided against it after a larger than expected crowd showed up at the meeting.

In 2003, Steekee Elementary received national recognition as a Blue Ribbon School for it's superior academic accomplishments.

See letter below.

From: Edward Headlee
Sent: Tue 7/17/2007 8:04 AM
To: Larry D Bass; Bobby Johnson, Jr.; Newman Scott; Nancy Paule; Leroy Tate
Cc: Bill Marcus; Larry Proaps; Steve Harrelson; Walker Freddie Gene; June Klinstiver
Subject: Capital Projects Committee - July 17th


            The Judge has determined that the trial will go into the evening (7:00 – 7:30 P.M.) today.  There, I will miss this evening’s meetings at Loudon Elementary.  I have spoken with Jason briefly about the building program and other possibilities.  I wanted to put forth some “ideas” to the committee, but I am asking that you “lay them on the table” for the committee to consider

Since Steekee Elementary currently has neither a principal nor an assistant principal, would the committee consider the possibility of closing Steekee and merging it with Loudon Elementary?  If that it to ever be considered, there will never be a more likely time than now.  If that is seriously considered, my recommendation would be to have Jason Vance selected a strong assistant principal to serve at Steekee until the building program combined the two.  You can discuss that possibility with Jason this evening.

  Jason and I discussed the possibility of adding onto both Loudon Elementary and Fort Loudoun instead of combining the two into one building.  He seemed to like that idea.  We also talked briefly about doing what was done at Eaton/North Middle – add onto Fort Loudoun to move the 5th grade and expand Loudon Elementary to house grades PreK- 4.

            Good luck this evening!