The Replacement

The Loudon County Commission is set to discuss the replacement for the assessors office at tonight's commission workshop. (8/22/11) At some point in the near future, commissioners will name a replacement who will fill the position till next years regular election for the office. Seems there is no shortage of possible candidates hoping to gain the temporary appointment.

A host of potential appointees names have been suggested. Unbelievably, some have suggested giving the job back to former assessor, Doyle Arp. Just imagine that, after all we now know about what took place while Arp held the office before.

Of course, there are probably some in the assessor's office who may be interested in the position.

Mr. Arp's wife still works in the assessor's office. Then there's the chief deputy of the office, Ms. Jane Smith, who served in that capacity under both Arp and the late Chuck Jenkins.  Back in 2006 after Arp had been elected as mayor and commission was considering a replacement for the assessor's office, Arp was asked if Ms. Smith could do the job to which Arp responded, "you better believe it, I taught her everything she knows." Not sure anybody would want that endorsement now. Jenkins was appointed to the position in 2006.

Mike Campbell, a local realtor and property appraiser has been suggested and shown interest along with a local retired banker and other current county employees. The list gets longer and longer.

Commissioners are faced with a tough decision and almost without fail will be accused of "good ol boy politics" no matter who gets the appointment. The thought being who ever gets the appointment would have an advantage in next year's election.

However, commissioner's may have one other option. They could appoint someone who is qualified but has no interest in running for the job in the next election. That would leave all those who want to run for the office on even ground come election time then it would be up to the voters to decide who they want in the assessor's office.

The workshop is scheduled for tonight, 8/22/11 6:00 at the county office building.