Jenkins Fills Assessor Position

Monday night, County Commissioners appointed Second District Commissioner, Chuck Jenkins to fill the unexpired term of Loudon County property assessor. The appointment will last until the August 08 general election.  Commissioners voted 5-4 for the Jenkins appointment. Voting for Commissioner Jenkins were Nancy Marcus, Bob Franke, Harold Duff, Wayne Gardin and Don Miller. Voting against the Jenkins was David Meers, Earlena Maples, Roy Bledsoe and Chris Park. The vote ended weeks of speculation as to who would fill the position. County Mayor Arp lobbied hot and heavy for his hand picked replacement, Jane Smith, who is currently employed in the assessor's office. Apparently Mr. Arp wanted desperately to maintain control of his former office.

The majority of commission refused to buckle under the relentless pressure brought to bear by the Mayor and his cronies, opting instead to make their decision based on what would be best for the County instead going along with the "good ol' boy" system. As the political machine worked overtime to try to derail the Jenkins appointment, the worst dirt they could dig up on Commissioner Jenkins was, that he and I were friends and if he got the job he would surely hire me to work in the assessor's office. I'm not sure what would be so bad about that, but let me set the record straight. I have a job. I am not looking for any other job. I will not be going to work for Assessor Jenkins. Let me qualify that by saying, if any body in County government needs any help short time or temporarily, I would be more than happy to lend a hand but I am not looking for a job.

Commissioner Jenkins will bring a level of professionalism, competency, integrity and honesty to office that's been lacking for years. Citizens can rest assured, they will no longer have to fear reprisals, retribution and unfair assessments so often carried out by the former assessor. Every property owner can expect to be treated fairly and with respect which will be such a refreshing change for that office. Chuck brings to the job years of management and public relations experience which will benefit every property owner in Loudon County. The only down side to Jenkins' appointment is, he had to resign his Commission seat to accept the position. He will be sorely missed as one of the senior leaders on the Commission.

I again commend the majority of Commission for refusing to give in to the political arm twisting they have all been subjected to, and making a sound business decision so often lacking in the political world.