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Bayonet for 57 caliber rifle.  Bayonet's condition was so good that the "US" stamp is still clearly visible on the shaft.  

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Front and back of "Dial Calendar".  The reverse is a picture of George Washington sitting on a horse.  The writing on the picture says, "Born February 22, 1732 - Died December 14, 1799".  The Father of Our Country

MVC-823S.JPG (30388 bytes)

32 Caliber Single Shot pistol.  Still loaded.

MVC-826S.JPG (36525 bytes)

Soldier's pewter I.D. disk.  The only portion that is readable is Carlolisle, Ohio

MVC-827S.JPG (34056 bytes)

Award medal.  The ribbon around the medal says, "Cross of the Legion of Honor".

MVC-828S.JPG (31108 bytes)

Brass "Lieutenant" shoulder bar

MVC-829S.JPG (35768 bytes)

Hand-made brass star

MVC-830S.JPG (34029 bytes)

Hand-carved lead bird from bullet lead

MVC-831S.JPG (28833 bytes)

Excavated bullet with original cartridge paper still attached.

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