Civil War Relics

Buttons are one of the best finds in this hobby.  I have found several hundred buttons over the years.  Below are photographs of what I consider to be some of my best button finds.  The number to the right of the description is the total number of that particular button that I have.  

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Relics Not For Sale

MVC-849S.JPG (48341 bytes) MVC-851S.JPG (52498 bytes) MVC-853S.JPG (41955 bytes) MVC-855S.JPG (45887 bytes)
CS Script I (6) CS Cast Block I (3) CS 2-Piece Block I (4) CS Tin Back Block I

MVC-857S.JPG (40466 bytes) MVC-859S.JPG (36997 bytes) MVC-861S.JPG (50955 bytes) MVC-863S.JPG (25473 bytes)
CS Script A CS Block A  South Carolina  Georgia

MVC-865S.JPG (34656 bytes) MVC-867S.JPG (28158 bytes) MVC-869S.JPG (40104 bytes) MVC-871S.JPG (47263 bytes)
Louisiana Virginia CS Drooped Wing Eagle CS Plain Pewter

MVC-873S.JPG (21819 bytes) MVC-875S.JPG (22626 bytes) MVC-878S.JPG (18907 bytes) MVC-880S.JPG (17867 bytes)
US Eagle I (17) US Eagle C (6) US Staff Officer (6) Maine

MVC-882S.JPG (16432 bytes) MVC-887S.JPG (22121 bytes) MVC-884S.JPG (22933 bytes) MVC-885S.JPG (21329 bytes)
New York Maryland Musicians Button with Thread

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