Please Send Money

On behalf of Loudon County Planner, Russ Newman, Doyle Arp sent a letter to Lenoir City Mayor Matt Brookshire asking the city to go ahead and send in their $21,000.00 payment to the planning office. Earlier this month, Lenoir City council voted to withdraw from an interlocal agreement to fund the planning office in favor of handling their own planning services. The city agreed to stay with Loudon County Planning through the end of this fiscal year, June 30th, 2009.

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Arp's letter insinuates that the financial troubles now faced by the planning office were caused by decisions of the Executive Planning Council, the body that controls the planning office, not over spending by planner Russ Newman. The letter does goes on to tell the city if they can't come up with the whole $21,000.00 at one time, they can send half now and half later.

The city has historically made their payment to the planning office at the end of the fiscal year and according to some city officials, that's when they plan to make the next payment. According to the letter, without the city's money the planning office will be broke by the end of January 2009.