Parents And Students Meet With Director

Nearly ninety parents and students met with Lenoir city Director of Schools, Wayne Miller Wednesday to show support for current Lenoir City boys basketball coach, Tony Williams. Word had gotten out the director might not be planning to recommend rehiring Williams for a forth year as teacher and coach at the school. Several parents and at least one student spoke in support of rehiring Mr. Williams. Miller spent a lot of time explaining the process and procedures involved in the rehiring process. Many of the parents expressed concerns about conflicting statements between BOE members and some of Miller's statements questioning whether board members do or do not vote on the rehires. Miller explained that the recommendations for rehire with tenure would be made by himself to the board and they would then vote to accept his recommendations. Miller also told the crowd that the board has never altered his recommendation.

Williams, a Lenoir City graduate himself who also teaches science, would be eligible for tenure if he receives a positive recommendation from Miller. Miller would not commit either way on Williams's future status. Wednesday's meeting stemmed  form an earlier meeting when a smaller number of parents were searching for ways to show their support for the coach. Many of the parents expressed their desire to the director to meet with the full board of education to show them their strong support for retaining Williams. Miller informed the group that the next meeting of the full board would be March 11th at 11:00 am prompting some complaints from parents for the inconvenient time of the meeting. The parents are planning to make arrangements to meet with the board.


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