Nickel & Dimed Update

Monday, I reported to you about a book being used as required reading at Lenoir City high School that at least some parents found objectionable. The book, Nickel And Dimed, contained a lot of profanity and other inappropriate content. I also reported that I had spoken with Ms. Barker, Director Of Lenoir Schools, about the book but had not heard back from her.

Early Tuesday morning, I did hear from Ms. Barker. She stated that she had read my report and was not happy about it. She stated that she had called me more than a week ago and left me a voicemail explaining that she had addressed the issue. Unfortunately, I never got that voicemail.

In a nutshell, Ms. Barker said she had discussed the book issue with the teacher who had required her students to read it. The teacher now realizes the book was inappropriate reading material and will no longer have it as required reading. Ms. Barker also said that if any student or parent ever feels any reading material is inappropriate, they may request an alternant option.

Ms. Barker also wanted to make it clear that if any student or parent ever had any issues with any of the schools curriculum, they should feel free to discuss the matter with their teachers, administrators or herself.

I, and I know some parents, are glad to know that Ms. Barker took such quick action to address the matter. However, one has to wonder how such a book was ever allowed to become high school reading material. But more alarming, why would any educator ever, ever think it was appropriate to put such a book into the hands and mind of a child?

The problems at LCHS may be larger than one vulgar book.